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This is my first attempt at writing this kind of storie. Any critisism is welcome. This storie isn't filled with sex scenes, but it has some. This is part 1. If you would like a part 2, please let me know
John Andrews had never been a very outgoing or extroverted person, even as a child. He did not have dozens of friends, as many of the other kids at his school, had. What he did have was a small, closely knit group of friends, consisting of himself, two boys, and a girl. They were inseparable. They would normally hang out in Ashley Powell’s tree house, which they dubbed their secret clubhouse, and stay up all night playing all kinds of games, telling ghost stories, and the like.

John had been content as a child, never really knowing sadness or fear. But this all changed in 2000, when he was 11 years old. His mother woke him at around half past 2 in the morning, crying.
“What is wrong, mommy?” John asks at the site of his mother’s tears.
“Mrs. Powell jus called. Ashley was in a car accident” his mother told him, a fresh wave of tears exploding from his face. Ashley had been on her way back home from the airport with her father after going to visit her sick grandfather in Texas, only being able to get seats on the Red Eye back to LA.
“What? But she’s okay, right mommy?” John almost screams, his heart pounding in his through.
“I’m so sorry baby! They rushed her to the hospital, but she died a mile before reaching it. Ashley’s daddy is in the hospital, with only minor bruises. The doctors say he can go home in the morning”.
The driver in the other car was a normal guy, not drunk, speeding or driving recklessly. He was just on his way home from work, finishing graveyard shift, falling asleep at the wheel, running a red light, hitting Mr. Powell’s car on the passenger side, where little Ashley had been sitting.

John had never known grief such as this in his short life, and refused to eat for days afterwards his friend’s untimely death, and cried himself to sleep most evenings. John and his family went to Ashley’s funeral and paid their respects to the grieving Powell family.

Ever since John tried his best to avoid his friends, not being able to face them with Ashley absent. John had known Ashley the longest of his friends, seeing as they were next door neighbors, and his parents was best friends with the Powell family. John had always loved Ashley, even though he didn’t really realize it.

To his parents’ dismay, and his relief, his father got transferred to New York by his work, and they moved in the August in 2000. He couldn’t take not being able to see his best friend every morning as they went to school on the bus.

John had struggled to make friends after the incident, and mostly kept to himself at school. He had a couple of casual guy friends, but no girls. It wasn’t that he was unattractive as a youth, or girls found him dull, but he shied away from girls as a reflex, fearing closeness with a girl.

This went on, until John went to New York State University. Suddenly he was alone, living in an apartment building, in a small one room apartment. It was a very nice apartment in a student’s standards, his parent buying only quality. But John had been lonely. For the first time in his life he didn’t have anybody to talk to, and desired a friend. Little did he know that he would be facing his fear very soon…

John was an attractive man, with short light brown hair, sea blue eyes, and well built. He wasn’t adorned with a six pack or bulging muscles, but he had broad shoulders, and well built legs from his days as a track athlete at school. He was an easy going guy, and had a striking smile. He had been told he was by handsome by many girls, but his shyness forbade him to listen.

He was on his way to class one morning, and hurried to the elevator, seeing the doors closing. “Hold the door please!” he called, and saw the doors stopping, and slowly rolling open. He entered the small elevator, and inside he saw the one opening the doors for him. He was awestruck! She was wearing a very tight fitting, light blue jean, a tight black sports top, and an unzipped black sweater. She had reading glasses on top of her head, and she was hurriedly scanning notes, no doubt on her way to write a test of some kind. She looked up at him, and smiled. She had piercing brown eyes, which caused John’s stomach to make an involuntary leap. She had a-bit-longer-than shoulder length dark brown hair, with blonde streaks.

He shyly smiled back, an averted his eyes to the floor, not wanting to start a conversation that moment, especially with a girls such as this, which was obviously in a league far above of his own. Then he saw them. The two most beautiful feet he had ever seen in his life. They weren’t small or anything, but something about them made him sweat. She was wearing flip flops, and only the front parts of her feet were visibly underneath her long jeans. She had black paint on her toe nails, and a silver ring on her left foot’s middle toe. The black was something John never really had eyes for, but on this exquisite female, he couldn’t imagine it looking any better on any other woman. The black softened the image of a ‘study only’ girl John got when he first saw her.

He started to feel uncomfortable, feeling her eyes on him, and feeling guilty at not being able to stop staring at her feet, and his mind being penetrated by thought he had never had. He so badly wanted to caress her feet, run his hands over them…

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden load crash, the lights in the elevator suddenly going off, and the distinct knowledge that ht elevator has stopped moving.

“Ah shit!” his beautiful co-traveler exclaimed, “I’m going to be late for my calculus test!”
He looked up at her, seeing her annoyance in the semi dark elevator, and kindly said “Don’t worry. I’m sure your lecturer will understand. After all you have a witness that this happened.”
“I hope so. I just don’t hope this doesn’t take too long! I’m not a very big fan of elevators as it is” she sighed.
“I have never seen you before. Were you visiting somebody in the building today?” he asks her.
“No I live on floor 7, same as you. I almost think I live three doors away from you. Have you never noticed me?” she asks, with just a hint of disappointment in her voice, “we have been living on the same floor for about 4 months now…”
John was very happy that the elevator was rather dark; else she would clearly have noticed his embarrassment.
“I’m sorry. I’m not really a sociable person. I tend not to notice people. I’m usually in my own little world.”
“Well my name is Leanne. Leanne Daniels. What’s yours, my almost neighbor?” she asked, with a smile.
“It is very nice to meet you Leanne. My name is John Andrews” he said shyly. John was in no way uninterested in girls, but he had very little experience in interacting with females since Ashley.
“It’s nice to meet you too, John. Are you a freshman as well?”
“Yup. Studying Law… What’s your major?” he asks, slowly getting more comfortable speaking to this lovely young lady.
“I’m studying Chemical Engineering” she said, laughing as she saw the very familiar perplexed look on John’s face, as if saying “Why on earth would you want to study that???”
“So where are you from, Mr. Andrews?” she asks.
“I’m originally from LA, but we moved here when I was 11 years old. Have been living in New York ever since. What about you?”
“I’m from a small little town in Arkansas that you have never heard of before”, she said smiling, knowingly.
“Small town girl, are you? Tell me about your town”, he said, getting comfortable on the floor, so near to those gorgeous feet.

She sat down as well, preparing for a long wait in this dark elevator. They started talking, as if they were life-long friends, sharing their dreams and heartbreaks, including John telling her about his friend, Ashley. For the first time he did not feel a stabbing pain in his heart when he talked about this sore subject. He could not believe how comfortable he felt with Leanne, whom he only met a few minutes ago. They sat and talked for hours, never bothering to press the emergency button, Leanne’s missed test all but forgotten. Three hours after the elevator broke down, the lights went on, and the doors slid open on the sixth floor.

“Well my classes are all finished for today” John said, “do you have any left?”
“No I only had the one test today. Shall we take the elevator back up to the 7th floor?” she asks with a grin, already walking to the staircase just to the right of the elevator, followed by John.

When they got on the 7th floor, John’s door was the 5th one on the left from the elevator, and Leanne’s was the 2nd on the right. She stopped in front of her door, and said “Well this is me. It was really nice to meet you Mr. Andrews. I hope you have a very nice day. I’ll see you around”, and surprised him by jumping him, pulling him into a tight hug.
“It was nice to meet you too, Leanne. I hope next time we see each other, it will be under better circumstances” he said, smiling.

She unlocked her door, opened it, step inside, turn around and gave him a small wink, followed by a grin, and said “Cheers”, and closed the door. John walked to his door, opened it, went inside, and silently closed the door behind him. He walked to his room, sat down on his bed, his peculiar meeting of Leanne flashing through his mind. He couldn’t believe that they have been living on the same floor for 4 months, and he has never seen her before. Another thing that he couldn’t forget was the disappointed tone in her voice when she asked him if he had never seen her before. He couldn’t stop wondering if it was because she was used to being noticed, which wouldn’t surprise him at all, if he imagines her body and face again, or was she disappointed for some other reason? But what could it be? No. It must be because she is used to males noticing her. And surely even some females’ attention as well…

That night, after a quick microwave dinner and watching a bit of TV, he crawled into bed, and dreamt of Leanne. Dreamt of seeing her again, getting to know her better, and for a reason that was lost to him, at least for now, he dreamt of caressing her feet, running his fingers over her black tipped toes, slowly licking them, sucking on her big toe softly…

The next morning John awoke after about 10 hours of sleep, but felt as if he hadn’t slept at all, and instantly realized he had one of the biggest hard-ons he had ever had. He didn’t have the longest penis that he had ever heard of, measuring in at around 7 inches, but it was the girth of his penis that he was proud of, knowing that most girls agree that the thickness was just as, if not more, important that the length. He got up, and took a cold shower, not in the mood to masturbate, even though he was horny as hell.

“Thank goodness it’s Saturday”, he thought, not having to go to class, or study. He was planning on going down to the track on campus, doing a couple of laps, and finishing with a pair of 100m sprints, as he always did on Saturday mornings. His plans were shattered when he heard a soft knock on his door. His heart suddenly started pounding, and although a lot of the guys that’s in his class stopped by over the weekends to talk about the newest work, he was praying that it wasn’t any of them. He only wanted to see one person that day: Leanne.

He walked to the door, his heart racing, not looking through the peep-hole as he always does. He put his hand on the door knob, taking a few deep, calming breaths, and slowly turned the handle. He opened the door slowly, and his breath was knocked away. There stood Leanne, grinning at him, and again he was awestruck. She was wearing a short denim skirt, black flip flops that matched her toe nails, and a shocking pink tank top.

“Hi neighbor” she said, and nearly tackled him once again by one of her hugs. She glanced down, and said “wow nice outfit. I hope you weren’t planning on going out like that?”

He quickly looked down, and realized that he was still only in a towel wrapped around his waist. He smiled and laughed “No you just caught me right after my shower. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back. He closed the door behind her, and started towards his bedroom, when he heard a crash, and swung around. He saw Leanne sitting on the floor, obviously in pain, holding her ankle. She had tripped over the corner of the rug in front of the door, as so many other first time visitors to his apartment had done.

He rushed to her, and asked concerned “Are you okay Leanne? I’m sorry I keep forgetting to warn people about that stupid rug.”
“I’m okay” she said, trying to look tough, her pain apparent. “I think I sprained my ankle.”
“Here, let me see” he said, helping her up, letting her sit on a chair, and sitting on a chair opposite her. He put her foot between her legs, and ran his hands over her foot. He ran his thumb over her ankle, and a small cry escaped her lips. “I’m sorry, but let me see if I can’t rub it better for you. I don’t think you sprained it; it would have started swelling up already. I think you only turned it.”
“If you’re sure, go ahead” she said, smiling.

He slowly and gently continued rubbing the tender flesh, and at first Leanne was looking like she was being tortured, but she started to relax, the pain subsiding. John lost himself, and started rubbing the rest of her foot, running his fingers over her toes, and in between them, and over her toe ring. John was so drawn into rubbing Leanne’s feet, that he never realized his penis started getting harder and harder, and this Leanne did notice. She smiled, feeling complimented, while still enjoying Johns touch on her feet, her feet never being touched before. She slowly lifted her other foot, without John realizing, and putting it underneath his towel. She ran her foot across his upper thigh, and up towards his bulging crotch.

He stopped rubbing her foot, and stared her in her eyes, seeing her smiling, but this was a smile he had never seen on Leanne’s lips. He did not say anything, and he knew he didn’t have to. Her foot reached his crotch, and softly ran up his balls, and over the length of his engorged cock. This was the first time John had ever felt a touch on his penis other than his own, and although this was her foot, he knew it felt a thousand times better then when he touched himself.

For the first time he really examined her body. Her soft, smooth, long legs, he couldn’t help but peer underneath her pitched up skirt. He could just see the thin piece of material covering Leanne’s pussy, and he could clearly see it was drenched. He looked further, up her stomach, seeing her gorgeous breasts, estimating them to be 36c, and noticing her nipples was hard as little diamonds, standing proudly through her top. He looked in her eyes, and where there is usually a friendly smile, all he could see in her eyes was want and lust.

She continued to run her foot up and down his hard cock, and she told undid his towel with her other foot. He let the towel fall to the floor, and watched with his mouth hanging open as her other foot also went to his penis. She put his hard meat between her lovely feet, running them up and down, and he was in heaven. He could clearly feel every movement her luscious feet made, every time one of her nails would softly brush against his cock’s tip, bolts of electricity would surge through his body, causing him to spasm in ecstasy. She moved her feet up and down his cock slowly at first, slowly building up speed, John having the feeling that masturbation will never satisfy him after this again. She started to really pick up pace, and he could already feel his balls start to tighten, cursing himself for skipping masturbation in the shower. He knew if he hadn’t done so, he would have been able to hold it longer. But this was irrelevant to him. He had never felt anything such as this in his life. He had never known a woman’s feet could be used as a sex toy, and here he was, sitting on a chair in his apartment, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, sitting opposite him, her amazing feet gliding up and down his swollen cock. He looked into her eyes, and she stared back at him, lust in her eyes. She slowly and seductively liked her lips, which nearly drove John past the point of no return. Still her feet moved faster, not faltering even once, and John knew it would be over soon…

He wanted nothing more to see this woman’s amazing feet covered in his white juice, and he knew it wouldn’t be long until his dream would get fulfilled. He started to moan softly, his hips bucking, trying to thrust along with Leanne’s graceful movement, and with one large moan escaping his lips, he exploded, his orgasm rocking him, making his entire body shudder, his seed shooting from his penis, covering her feet, some even hitting her upper legs breasts. She smiled as he sat there, breathing loudly, his stomach muscles contracting every few seconds, while her amazing feet slowly ran across his penis, her toes softly caressing his head. She released his penis, and put her cum covered feet on the ground, and waited for him to meet her gaze. When he looked her in her eyes, she said “I hope you enjoyed your footjob John. I could tell in the elevator you have a foot fetish when you couldn’t stop staring at my feet…”, and smiled at him, still with the lust in her eyes. “Come on big boy, it’s my turn now”, and with that she turned around and headed for his bedroom. He saw her take off her top, the sunlight from his curtain less bedroom falling on her bare upper body, her skin glistening like that of a goddess.

John quickly stood up, and walked after Leanne into the bedroom. She swung around, planting a passionate kiss on his lips. Her hand encircling his neck, his arm around her naked waist. She parted her lips slowly, her tongue softly caressing John’s. She breaks off the kiss, and begins to undo her loosen the belt holding her short skirt in place. John stood there, mesmerized by what he saw, only being able to think “This is going to be some weekend!”


Would anyone like a part 2?

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2011-10-29 20:58:01
from skilganon: no i did not copy this story. this story is my original work, which was inspired by a very special girl.

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you have copied this story

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More i want to know what happens in that bedroom. I won't lie i love feet and i want to read more


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Great story!.. Introduced the characters very well! love the foot fetish i must say i have teh same fetish :)


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excellent foot fetish story, as I too

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