A story about a woman confused and hurting. Her sexuality can't be contained in the narrow parameters people set for her.
Warning There are no dicks in this story. That's just the way it turned out. Just girls and vegetables. The story is based on a very troubled, narcissistic nymphomaniac I knew very well. She did me great harm, but she couldn't help it. The details have been so changed that I'm not posting this in the true story genre. But, I will say, owed to that girl. I don't hold it against you, and you know who you are. Maybe, one day I can figure out how to write it as a true story without giving anyone away.

Also contains Female/Teen Female

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Quieting the Storms for Katie
Katie Walse stood breathless grasping the fat, bumpy cucumber. Why am I like this? Katie wasn't sure what launched her mind into this frenzy of perverted thinking. It might have been the bulge in that guy's pants, or the way he stared at her ass? Perhaps, it was the way the warm summer breeze slipped under her skirt and fondled her bald vagina as she entered the Walmart? Or, it might just be the shape of the cucumber her fingers now molested.

Katie imagined what nasty things she could do right there. Katie's eyes saw a fat carrot, but her memory saw the first thing other than her fingers, that had penetrated her pussy. Katie's eleven year old friend had watched in horror, as Katie made the carrot disappear inside her body.

Katie's eyes left the carrots and passed the butternut squash pile. She pictured her ass lowering towards that huge phallic object, while people pointed and gasped at her nasty act. I want to be as nasty as I can be. Why?

Katie spent at least ten minutes touching all the different penis shaped vegetables, looking for the perfect one for her hole. In her short skirt and missing panties, she could so easily impale herself with her fake cock of choice, right there in the store.

At different times during Katie's life, she could have easily been classified a nymphomaniac because of her actions. The truth was, she was doing the only thing that gave her peace. Even if it was only temporary peace, it allowed her to feel okay for a time. Unfortunately, those periods of peace had been shrinking over the years.

Katie glanced around looking for people in the produce section. Her legs trembled with the thought of shoving a fat vegetable inside her cunt. Cunt was Katie's favorite word for her vagina. Unlike most of the woman she knew, she referred to it as a cunt. The nastiest way she could describe her needy hole. She loved to hear herself say that word. Cunt! Fill my cunt! Lick my cunt, bitch. Conflict reared its ugly head once again. Why do I have to act like this? What the fuck is wrong with me?

Katie's mind drifted off, trying to recall when her body's needs started running her life. Her mind zoomed to her backyard in Pleasant Valley, Georgia, when she was seven. She stood over a sprinkler on a one hundred degree day. The memory of it caused her knees to feel weak and her juices to flow abundantly with her lust.

The sprinkler slowly rotated left to right, shooting two dozen jets of water from its shiny metal rod. It slowly inched up towards the sky. Katie stood over it giggling, while she waited to be cooled off. The inside of her left calf sent its goose bumps above the skin's surface, as the cold water blasted against her hot flesh. Several jets of water were sending a cooling sting up the inside of her leg. The cold water sizzled against Katie's burning, hot skin. Her whole body reacted with a tremble at the devastating contrast between the freezing cold water and the blazing heat of the August day. But, her left inner thigh was sending crazy signals as the water seemed to drill into her skin. Those signals registered deep below Katie's belly.

Katie wanted to move away from the torturous streams of cold water approaching her crotch, but found herself frozen in place. For a split second, three beams of water violated the space between her legs. The same place her mother told her should never be touched. Katie had been given the talk about what to do if anyone ever tried to touch her there. She had also been scolded a few times for touching herself there. "That's a dirty place Katie. You go to the potty from there! You never put your fingers or anything else there, unless you're wiping after you go potty."

Her mother's words haunted her as the water penetrated both her dirty places and made her feel really funny. Her legs almost stopped working for that split second when the prickly cold went between them. One jet of water had actually hit her, "number two hole."

Katie didn't remember her right leg being treated to the cooling joy, she was too focused on the return of the water to the straight up position. The second time the naughty water invaded her two holes, Katie tried to follow it, but it escaped down her left leg. Katie didn't understand what was happening to her insides, but she knew what felt good, and that's what she felt inside, good. She anticipated the third return of her new friend, the kind of friend she was supposed to tell her parents about right away. She squatted down closer to greet it.

Katie bent her legs and lowered her butt as the water ascended toward her juvenile crotch. When the shiny metal thing was shooting its water straight up, Katie's legs were spread and the streams went between her puffy flesh. She followed the streams as far as she could without falling over, keeping them hitting her right where it felt best. What was happening in her tummy was beyond her ability understand. But, when the feelings reached their maximum potential, Katie started to pee. Having no other release, it was the only way her body knew how to express its pleasure.

"Katie, what are you doing? Are you going potty?" Kimmy's voice drew Katie back from the place she didn't know how to explain. Her body had taken her over, and she couldn't make it do anything except enjoy the funny feeling. If she had been in the road and a speeding car was approaching, she wouldn't have been able to move. Not if it meant she had to leave that feeling.

"Kimmy, stand over here with me. You have got to feel this, it feels so strange and tingly. It's good!" Even though she was able to get her friend over the water with her, Kimmy didn't feel anything except cold water. Even Katie only felt a nice feeling between her legs. It just wasn't the same.

The two girls played under the sprinkler for a long time that day. However, Katie never forgot the nice feeling she had when the water invaded her private space.

Katie's mission the next day, was a reunion with the friend that made her shiver and pee. She squatted over the sprinkle, but it wouldn't come again. Finally, in frustration she took her bathing suit off and let the water shoot against her naked crotch. It was even better than the day before. She wanted to sit on top of the sprinkler and stay there forever.

"Katie! what are you doing?" Her mother's voice sent a clear message, one that should have invoked immediate fear in her daughter. However, even a speeding car wouldn't have made Katie move, not by her own willpower. Her mother yanked her up by her arm and pulled her away from the shooting water.

Eighteen years later, Katie still enjoys the sparks that shoot through her fleshy butt tissue when a hand slaps her ass. That day, the first time her dad's firm hand impacted with her bare wet ass cheeks, electric pulses shoot deep inside Katie's body. The second stinging blow sent her over the edge. Finishing what had started ten feet away, when her new friend had touched her where nobody was supposed to touch her. The third sharp slapping sound was followed by the sound of Katie's pee hitting the floor.

Katie looked across the apple bin at the lady standing just on the other side of it. Katie smiled at her imagining the look on her face, if she saw the twelve inch, English, cucumber punishing her wet cunt. The nasty freak side of her brain was wagging war against her heart's desire to be a normal married woman. Why am I like this? How come I can't be normal like my friends?

Katie often had remorse about the way her life was going. The feelings had been exacerbated by going to Kimmy's wedding last week. However, remorse was never enough to make her change. That is, if she could actually change. She wondered if maybe this was her lot in life? Some people are made for marriage, and some to be sexual deviants. That's what my mother said I was, a deviant. Katie's tormenting thoughts fled as her hands gripped the long cucumber, and she imagined it penetrating her hot hole, right there in the store. A sigh escaped her lips at the image.

Katie was supposed to go to Kimmy's wedding with Richard, but she went alone instead. She and Richard had dated for six months before she agreed to move in with him. After a year, they had been talking about getting married. Katie's life seemed as normal as it had ever been. She loved Richard more than anyone she had ever loved, and was sure that love would always be enough. He was so good for her and to her. She was sure he was going to ask her to marry him soon, and she would say yes. Finally, all her inner disorder would be settled.

The early fascination with her sexuality had created some gray areas for Katie, but still the dark clouds only lurked on the horizon. That is, until that day she crossed the proverbial line in the sand. The storm clouds of inner conflict pushed in that day, when she was fifteen years of age.

Kimmy's hands came around Katie's back and touched her breast as she hugged her. The two girls embraced, or really Kimmy squeezed Katie in a bear hug with her arms around Katie's fifteen year old chest.

"It's so good to see you, I missed you. How was your trip?" Kimmy fired all her excited questions at once, while holding her best friend. Katie gleamed knowing her friend was so excited to see her after her long family vacation. They rarely spent time away from each other, but when they did it normally wasn't for more than a week. This time, Katie had been gone for almost four weeks. The two girls had a long standing friendship that had only grown closer over the years. They were so close they weren't even sure when they had become friends.

Long after their reunion that day, Katie still couldn't shake the feeling her friend's hand had left on her tit. Was it because she wanted to feel me up and chickened out, or was it just a chance touch? But, if it was by chance why did she hold me so long?

Five minutes later, Kimmy's tits passed over Katie's arm. First the right, then the left. Katie was sure Kimmy must have wanted her to feel her swollen chest. Maybe, they've just grown so fast these past weeks, that she doesn't realize they're getting in the way? Katie had noticed as soon as she saw her friend that day, that her breasts were growing freakishly large for her age. But thought, maybe she was just jealous because hers were smaller?

Kimmy stepped up to Katie's side and whispered in her ear. Kimmy's words tickled Katie's ear and her hard nipple pressed into Katie's arm. Katie thought that Kimmy couldn't be so unaware of her mammary glands that she would let them fondle her arm. Why is she touching me with those things? Why do they feel so nice?

"Kimmy, do you realize your tits are too big?" Before Katie finished her question, she placed a hand on each of her best friend's breast. "Way more than a handful!" Katie said, still holding on to Kimmy's tits. "By the time school starts again, you're going to have bigger tits than Karen 'tits' Zimmer."

Kimmy smiled ahead of her next words, "at least I'm not a carpenter's dream!"

Katie looked curiously at her friend, still holding her breasts. Kimmy laughed out loud, placed her own hands on Katie's chest and said, "flat as board and easy to screw!"

"You bitch! You know I'm not easy." Katie spoke those words as she squeezed her fingers on both large tits, making a honk, honk sound effect.

The two girls stood chest to chest, looking into each other's eyes, "Are you really jealous of them?" Kimmy asked, looking down at Katie's comparatively flat chest. "You know yours are going to grow, your mom is huge, right?"

Kimmy's hands took hold of her two ample tits and squeezed them together. With a self-conscious look, she asked, "do I look like a freak? They don't fit any of my bras anymore. You have got to see them."

With that, Kimmy closed her bedroom door and lifted her tight teeshirt over her head. Katie watched her sexy friend's flat stomach come into view, followed quickly by her packed bra. Kimmy's tan upper chest was severely contrasted by her extremely pale tit flesh, which was squeezing out the top of her plain white bra. Her teen appropriate bra was being taxed almost to a breaking point, trying to hold back Kimmy's overflowing chest.

Katie's eyes bulged from her head as much as Kimmy's tits were bulging from her bra, as her friend unhooked the stretched strap. With a silent flopping sound, her massive jugs fell to their comfortable place on Kimmy's body. The very dark brown rings around the nipples glared against the white flesh around them. Gradually, their color lightened as their height increased at the center. But, the very center was as dark as the outer edge. The highest point was a full inch higher than the outer edge and looked ready to feed a sucking child.

"My god Kimmy, what happen to them? They are, well, they're gorgeous! It's unbelievable how they grew this summer. What does your boyfriend think?"

Katie had seen Kimmy completely nude many times, but for some reason this time it was making her uncomfortable. Not embarrassed, but concerned about how she felt a need to touch her friend's nude flesh.

Stepping closer to her friend, Kimmy asked, "do you really think they look good?" They now stood so close only a piece of paper could pass between them. Katie wanted to pull away when her chest almost made contact with Kimmy's protruding nipples. She wanted to hold Kimmy's chest and taste her sexy nipples. Why am I having these feelings?

Katie wished they were her own, so she could taste them anytime she wanted to. With her knees trembling, she allowed her chest to touch Kimmy's. We're touching! This is wrong, beyond anything I have done wrong.

Without either girl speaking a word or knowing who initiated the contact, Katie's lips softly pressed against Kimmy's face, just below her eye. Kimmy's cheek bone rose with her smile, and her nipples pressed against Katie's body. Katie's lips accidentally released a soft sigh.

As Katie tenderly kissed the end of Kimmy's little button nose, she felt a sensation on her own nose. Kissing Kimmy's other cheek had the same effect, so she placed her lips to Kimmy's lips. It's like kissing myself. She thought, as her tongue tip lightly touched Kimmy's lower lip. Kimmy's tongue tip met Katie's between their lips. Kimmy's piercing green eyes sent the clear message. Both girls understood they had started something neither girl would be able to stop.

Katie moved her tongue around in Kimmy's mouth, and Kimmy's in hers. Suddenly, Katie realized her friend knew exactly how she liked to be kissed. She also knew exactly how Kimmy liked to be kissed. It was a perfect kiss. Each girls' mouth knew exactly what the others needed, and exactly when. Their lips and tongues worked in perfect unison, while their hearts pounded in rhythm.

Katie's pussy instantly soaked the crotch of her panties as her fingers fondled Kimmy's erect tit top. What am I doing? Do I really want to do this with a girl? What will my boyfriend think if he finds out? All of Katie's questions went unspoken as she lowered her head to Kimmy's breast. While still trying to answer her own questions, Katie's lips tasted her friend's breast crown. All of her concerns evaporated as quickly as her saliva evaporated from Kimmy's amazing nipple. Katie took the second nipple into her mouth, each of her hands worked from under the base of Kimmy's tits out toward their tops. I wonder if mine taste this good? She thought, as her mouth savored the soft flesh. Katie's own nipples tingled as if her lips were sending a message to them. Katie's lips smiled, now knowing what her nipples already knew about being sucked.

Katie forgot her friend was even there while she seduced her defenseless chest. She found herself doing everything to Kimmy's nipples that she would want done to her own.

The two girls didn't have to speak a word, their minds and their bodies acted as one. Kimmy eased back slowly towards her bed, Katie's sucking lips following along. Kimmy sat down without breaking the union between Katie's mouths and her tit. Then she laid back, releasing a wonderful sigh of pleasure as her head found her pillow.

Katie licked circles from the outer dark ring inward towards the high point. Then, she took Kimmy's nipple between her teeth and stretched it out. Her aroused state caused her to bite harder than was appropriate and her friend moaned loudly, but neither girl said a word.

With one foot still on the floor, Katie put her knee on the bed between Kimmy's legs. While sucking as much tit inside her mouth as she possibly could, Katie moved her knee right up against Kimmy's crotch. Katie felt the burning heat through her pants as Kimmy plowed against the welcomed leg. Katie sucked and bit on her friend's chest in a wild frenzy, as Kimmy's body rocked on the bed.

Katie pushed all of Kimmy's chest meat together. When both nipples met, she took both into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. She held both nipples in her teeth, batting them with the tip of her tongue, while forcing her knee tight against Kimmy's crotch. Katie punished Kimmy's nipples while her friend drove her soaking wet pussy against Katie's leg. Finally, with a loud groan, Kimmy clamped her legs tight together on Katie's leg. She took hold of her friend's hair and smashing her face into her chest. "I'm, I'm, oh god Katie, I!" Kimmy's cries were too loud for their surrounding, but neither girl noticed.

To Katie's amazement, her cunt flooded her pants with a powerful orgasm at the same instant that her friend's body thrashed on the bed. It was like she had been doing herself and enjoyed it as much as Kimmy had. Her own tits tingled as if they had been bitten and sucked.

At the sound of Kimmy's mother ascending the stairs, Katie kissed her best friend, forcing her tongue deep in her mouth. Then, she handed her a shirt. Both girls look in amazement at the red bite and suck marks on Kimmy's tits. Kimmy quickly pulled the shirt on. Katie sat on Kimmy and covered the huge wet spot on her pants with a pillow, just in time. "Come in mom, everything is fine. We were just goofing around." Both girls still breathing heavy with red faces and burning crotches, convinced Kimmy's mom it was just horse play.

Now a beautiful twenty five year old woman, Katie Walse, still couldn't reconcile with her true inner desires. Although, Katie and Kimmy had indulged themselves a few more times throughout high school and college, they both had boyfriends, and neither would even admit to being bi-sexual. All these years Katie burned inside for something more, but never quenched the fire. Her mother's own words forced her in a direction away from what might fill her emptiness. "Katie, you are a sexual deviant. You will burn in hell for acting on those desires!"

Her mother had spoken those words during the conversations that followed her mother's discovery. Her mother had walked in on her while she laid spread eagle on her bed, convulsing in an orgasm. Kimmy's hungry mouth devouring her pussy. The two sixteen year old girls were turned into paranoid heterosexuals, with an inner urning that would never be satisfied. Every time Katie scum to her true passion, she would plunge for a few weeks into self torment and fear. When the conflict in her head reached the verge of self-destruction, she went on a sex binge. The likes of which would make, 'Insatiable' look like a love story. Even though her parents didn't know anything about this, she felt satisfied that she wasn't a "lezbo." After all, she didn't want to burn in hell or make her parents have to hide their face in shame. Sure, if I fuck the whole football team that's okay, but eat one pussy, and they'll throw me out of the family.

Richard made everything seem okay. She loved him, he satisfied her, and they could marry. Finally, there would be no question in anybody's mind, except maybe Katie.

Katie would have never done anything to hurt Richard. That is, if she could have prevented it. She still has nightmares about that night and the look he had on his face is seared in her mind.

Katie didn't plan it, she didn't even want it to happen, but it did. It was beyond Richard's ability to forgive, forget or even comprehend. Katie had fought against her thoughts that night, but her resolve had been weakened.

Jessica's 36'DD breast bumped against Katie's arm as it passed by. Is she doing that on purpose? Is she trying to seduce me? Katie thought that the night of the day Kimmy announced her upcoming wedding date. Katie had been genuinely happy for her best friend, who seemed to have all of her confusion resolved. A flood of emotions swirled all that day as the two friends chattered with excited talk of the upcoming event. Katie loved her friend deeply and resolved to be the greatest Bridesmaid ever.

Jessica, who had perceived Katie's anxiety level that night, offered to help her relax. The eager teenager, with all her spunk and determination, couldn't be brushed off. So, for ten minutes she had been massaging Katie's shoulders and stirring her hidden passion. Now, her warm chest rested on Katie's shoulders. Katie's heart started pounding from the emotions set ablaze by the beautiful teenager's touch. There were so many wonderful memories of Kimmy flooding through Katie's mind. Katie took a deep breath, prepared to push back from the table and leave Jessica far behind.

Suddenly, Jessica's hands slipped under Katie's long, silky black hair. She raised it off her neck and kissed Katie on her neck. Katie was taken off guard by the teenager's sudden advances and fought her off, without making a move. She knew she should have jumped to her feet, but she tilted her head forward giving the young girl's lips a larger area to work.

Jessica's long blond hair draped over Katie's right shoulder, hanging past her chest. Katie's fingers stretched a curly lock of hair and then she watched it spring back. Jessica's lips and tongue worked their way around the left side of Katie's neck. Jessica's right hand held Katie's hair in a bunch on top of her head, while her left hand held Katie's right breast.

Jessica's lips kissed behind Katie's left ear, then nibbled her ear lobe. She breathed a soft breath in Katie's ear as her tongue darted inside. A moan resonated in Katie's throat as she turned her head left in a jerking motion. The two girls were now face to face. Jessica's huge hazel eyes filled with teenage lust looked into the sparkling blue green eyes of a terrified Katie.I can't do this, I'm not going to do this!

Jessica's lips moved towards Katie's eye, causing it to close. Jessica's soft lips tenderly kissed the closed eye. Then, she kissed her eye brow, the bridge of her nose and the tip of her slender nose. Right before Jessica's lips found Katie's, Katie's finger moved between them. With her finger against Jessica's lips, Katie spoke, "we, I can't do this. This is wrong."

Jessica responded by taking the finger into her mouth. Katie just stared at the mouth sodomizing her finger. She lost all will to resist. Jessica's lips slowly moved around on Katie's finger, while her tongue massaged the tip. Katie eased her wet finger from the sucking lips. Seductively, Katie's finger tip moistened Jessica's round teenage lips. While she traced them, Jessica's tongue tip flicked at the passing finger.

Jessica's lips finally joined Katie's, and the two girls shared a kiss with a finger still in their mouth. Each girls' tongue explored the other's mouth. Jessica's hand moved under Katie's shirt, released the front clasp of her bra and touched her bare flesh. Katie's heart thumped as her juices poured into her panties.

Katie burst to her feet and spun around to face Jessica. Placing her hands on Jessica's shoulders, she spoke slow, steady words, "are you sure you want this? This is wrong, verywrong!"

Jessica's eyes spoke her silent answer. She stepped towards Katie, who had no power to resist the young girl's advances. Katie's arms circled Jessica's neck and Jessica's arms circled Katie's waist. Jessica's lips moved towards Katie's lips, turned right and grazing her cheek. Jessica's youthful skin rubbed against Katie's cheek as her lips found rest at the opening of Katie's ear. With a tiny breath of air, "it's okay Katie, Richard will never know about this. I love you. I need you to do this with me. Please."

Katie melted in the puddle of emotions that flooded her heart, as her panties flooded in a puddle of her female juices. Her knees quivered as her nervous hands took both sides of Jessica's head into their grasp. Katie tenderly pushed Jessica's natural curls back past her ears. Her thumbs moved from Jessica's soft jaw line, over her cheeks, back to her ears. Katie turned her head slightly and moved her lips to Jessica's lips. The two girls kissed so passionately for the next five minutes, that they were both approaching an orgasm before they guided each other to the bedroom.

They undressed each other in a slow, methodical scene of beautiful passion. Never touching the other's flesh, until each had carefully stripped away every stitch of material between them. They stood facing each other in their naked glory, each looking over the other and drinking in their sculpted figures.

Twenty five year old Katie, stood five inches taller with a true hour glass figure. Her slender waist line flared out to her proud hips and rounded ass. Katie's medium, C cup tits stood at attention, still as firm as they were ten years earlier. Pink candy corn shaped nipples reached for attention.

Jessica's skin was perfectly smooth and tight, as only a teenager can have it. Her chest hung down from the sheer mass of it, but it still maintained an amazing firmness. Her huge dark nipples could only be compared to a light house summoning all approacher's attention and drawing them in.

Jessica's tight stomach and tiny waist only drew more attention to her glorious melons. However, even with all the beauty above the waist, Katie couldn't miss the pure blondness of her curly pubic hair. It sat atop an exaggerated mound of flesh. Jessica's flat stomach made the rise up her young heap of baby fat stand out as much as her chest stood out.

A spark flashed between their lips as they were about to kiss. It left a sting on Katie's bottom lip, but Jessica's wet tongue tip came to heal the sting. The tender crease on her stinging lip made her legs turn to rubber, and the two girls melted into a pile of human flesh on the bed.

Katie tasted her young lovers sweet pussy juice off her finger and shared it with Jessica's lips. Then Jessica removed her two fingers from Katie's pussy and brought them between their faces. Both girls stretched their tongues out to taste the tangy juice. They licked all around the two digits. Two tongues colliding, flicking and creasing the other as each savored the sweet taste.

Jessica swung her hanging flesh over Katie's face and Katie eagerly sucked it inside her mouth. Hum, nothing tastes as good as a young girl. Her mind clearly remembering her best friend and the first time she tasted Kimmy's nipple. She wanted to shed a tear for the lose of her best friend to marriage, but Jessica's loving compassion forbid it. Katie took Jessica's nipple between her teeth and bit down until the girl squeaked in pain.

Jessica returned the nipple treatment to her older lover, sending a shape pain shooting through her whole tit. Jessica's teeth held the nipple tight and stretched it until Katie's whole tit was elongated. When her teeth released and Katie's tit snapped back, Katie flip Jessica over, rolling on top of her.

Katie kissed, nibbled and chewed her way down the young flesh until her nose rested in the curly hair of her pubic mound. Katie took in a deep breath through her nose and exhaled through her mouth, blowing a cooling stream of air across Jessica's swollen clitoris. Jessica's back arched and her legs squeezed the body between them as she moaned loudly.

Katie's tongue darted against the bud before the first wave of pleasure even ran its course. As a result, the inexperienced girl blasted off into a powerful orgasm. Jessica's hands and legs both seized Katie's head, but Katie knew better than to let the girl off easy. She forced her finger deep into the spasming hole and battered her exploding clit with her tongue. Jessica screamed, thrashed and pulled Katie's hair while her body shook out of control. Her orgasm was the kind that makes a woman faith or blackout.

When the girl's body stopped trembling, Katie slithered up it. She allowed her skin time to rejoice every inch of the way as it was massaged by Jessica's perfect texture. When they met face to face again, they shared a kiss laced with pussy juice. Jessica's lips broke the kiss, "Katie, I love you so much. I'm sorry I have been teasing you for the last week. I just knew we were going to make love, I could feel it. I felt it inside the first time I saw you."

Katie knelt over Jessica's face, waiting for the youngster to taste her cunt. Jessica's tongue parted Katie's pussy lips and sank into her body. Katie licked her own lips tasting pussy and imagining she was eating herself. Jessica's inexperience didn't stop her from knowing exactly what a girl's pussy needed, she drew Katie within reach of an explosive orgasm in minutes.

Katie held Jessica by the hair on the sides of her head, while fucking her mouth with her cunt. Poor Jessica, she had no idea that much fluid could pour out of another girl. She almost choked on the flood of Katie cum that poured into her mouth. Katie gave the girl no chance for air while her body used the girl's face.

Finally, Katie uncovered the impaled face and let the young girl breathe. Then, she cleaned Jessica's face and neck with her tongue. By the time she finished, Jessica was breathing hard, and ready for more.

Not knowing how many hours or how many orgasms had passed, Jessica sat on Katie's face. She rode it while fondling her own tits. "What the fuck are you doing?" Richard's words boomed through the room.

Katie's heart stopped for a second, but not her tongue. And, Jessica's thrusting hips never missed a beat. Jessica's orgasm was more important than anything else at that second. So, Richard had to endure seeing his baby sister ride his girlfriend's face, with brazen disregard for his shock.

When Jessica finally fell in a heap on top of her first female lover, she was breathless. She couldn't even speak to mount a defense or explanation for her shocked brother. Katie hid in shame between Jessica's legs as long as she could, knowing there weren't any words that were going to make this right.

Even Jessica's begging couldn't sway her brother. She explained how she started it and wanted it, but there was no changing his mind. "I can't marry a woman without enough self-control to reject the advances of a teenage girl. My baby sister, how could you?"

As Katie waited at the register, one part of her was extremely embarrassed as the attractive lady at the register lifted the cucumber by the end that had been inside Katie. Why couldn't I have at least put it in a bag? What if she smells my... The other part of Katie felt tranquility in the storm. Her nasty behavior allowed her to forget her life. She smirked knowing that something that had violated her cunt a few minutes ago, was now in that lady's hand. I'm such a nasty slut, I should get therapy.

Katie sat in her car outside the Walmart pondering what she could do next. She was considering pissing outside the car, hoping someone would be watching her on surveillance camera. Her phone rang, "Hi, Jessica! I can't believe it's you. Yes, sure, I'll be there in an hour." A smile and a peace settled over the disturbed lady's face.


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Young girls call them pussies,I love my cunt!


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I enjoyed this story...Well written.
It brought back memories when my g/f and I were exploring.


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Very well written. The conflict and struggle is what made this story. I'm not usually one much for tragedies (which this certainly was), but it was hot all the way through. I've known a person or two like you describe, and it usually doesn't end well. I hope the inspiration for this story makes out better.

Some readers were confused by the flashbacks? Really? Mmmkay. They worked fine for me, and were part of what made this story interesting. 9/10

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intense story, very erotic, very very good. three thumbs up ;-)


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"If you wanted to tell a story of young teen girls, why would you give one huge tits that would make her look older? I don't get it"
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