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A principal realized one day that he was not making as much money as he wanted to, so he decided to open a whore house. He decided to use people that were around him on his other job. He used janitors, students, and teachers. When the whorehouse opened and people started to come frequently he noticed that everyone wanted to go to the third floor where the teachers were. He even offered the people extra time with the men or women on the first and second floor but they all wanted to wait for the teachers. The principal decided to find out why everyone wanted the teachers so he started to investigate.
He went to the first floor where the janitors rooms were and he listened at the door. All he heard was, I'm going to get my money halfway did your job." He then went to the second floor where the students were and he listened. All he heard was, "Now what am I supposed to do again?" He finally got to the third floor and he listened at the teachers door. And this is what he heard: "We are going to do this over and over again until you get this right!!!"
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