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Amy's door, down the hallway, closed just as I opened my own. Mother
slipped past me looking tired but pleased, she turned in my door and
wrapped her arms about my neck and brought her lips to my own. After
a passionate sloppy but short kiss, "If you need anything Liam, you
know where to find me my love?"

I smiled, knowing how much pleasure we had found in our relationship
and was happy enough from this fact that my guilt had been all but
dissolved with our mutual lust. I groped one of her generous breasts
above her thin shirt and she groaned with renewed desire, her eyes
starting to glaze over in that now familiar way.

"Anything Liam - I mean it! And any time okay?"

"Okay mom - go to bed you sexy wench!"

Mother giggled and turned on her bare feet and walked down the hall on
her toes - her strong calves bunching up delightfully on her curvy
bare legs - her face looking over her shoulder to see if I liked what
I saw. A parting smile told me she had seen my gaze and was pleased
with it.

Mother's door to her room shut behind her leaving me alone in the
short hallway. I strode the few feet to Amy's door and opened it
without knocking. Her face jerked to the opened door angrily,
standing before her closet folding clothing.

"What do you want Liam?"

"You have been spying on me Amy."

She put the hanger with the ironed piece of clothing carefully into
her closet before turning towards me with hands sternly on her hips.
"You are fucking our mother."

We starred each other down but I now held the upper hand - and it was
all Gerald's doing. "Jealous Amy?"

Her face turned a bright red before she sputtered, "You're sick Liam -
she is, like, a thousand years old?" She looked disgusted at me, only
making me angrier.

I just crossed my arms upon my chest and smirked, "So when I'm feeling
horny, who should I come see... you?"

It was like a light switch being turned on, all sweetness and smiles.
Her body posture changed, softened, moved so that it was modelled
perfectly. With a soft soothing voice, "I could make you very happy

I didn't doubt it - but I could never forget that beneath the sexy
body before me was a cold hearted bitch. Even mother had revealed
that she and her eldest daughter had a splitting of ways long ago -
something I would have thought impossible for her to do with any of
her children.

"Tomorrow you can come with me to Gerald's house."

Her face showed a spark of annoyance but she quickly covered it up.
"What about tonight Liam," her face took on a prepared naughty look,
"your bed or mine?"

I dropped my folded arms and yawned, "Yours Amy - I'll be in my own."
Turning quickly I strode from that room with a angry growl of
frustration behind me, a pillow just missed my head as I closed my
eldest sisters door.




The steam from the shower was almost too thick to see as I slipped
into the bathroom that next morning. When I slipped the curtain over
the tub to the side, Lisa jerked in surprise - quickly softening when
she realized who it was. "Liam, you scared me."

My twelve year old sister stood there naked and wet, seemingly
unconcerned about her nudity before me. I stepped into the shower and
slipped my hands about her waist, drawing her to me. I felt her body
quiver at my touch, her face registering surprise and delight. When
my lips found hers, she kissed me back awkwardly but with hunger.

When our lips parted, her head tilted back to look up into my eyes,
hers filled with acceptance and innocence. Good god what was I doing?
"I thought I would join you this morning sis."

She smiled widely, "I would like that very much Liam."

Again we kissed, my hands slipping down to her thin hard bottom,
pulling her hairless crotch into my thigh. She was already moaning
into my open lips as my tongue slipped past her teeth. Her pelvis was
already grinding upon my thigh muscle, her strong buttocks quivering
and dancing in my hands.

Before this went further than I intended I pulled away, her mouth
still open breathless, her eyes wide and accepting. She was young,
obviously, but there were hints of the beginning of puberty - small
bumps upon her chest, her hips broadening. My heart was beating
rather quickly and to calm it down I took the cake of soap from the
dish and handed it to my sister.

She blinked about three times and then grinned hugely, her hands
sudsing up before slowly caressing every centimetre of my body. I
mean she did a slow gentle massage of my flesh, from between my toes
to my chin - I have never been cleaner. She was enjoying this
intimacy - her eyes devouring every part of me, her hands touching
everything intimately again and again. She was like a child in a
candy store I thought with a wide smile.

When her hands finally reached my cock, it being left wisely until
last, it rose naturally, strong and proud. Lisa gasped as it rose
quickly in her hands, her eyes wide as saucers as she continued to
pump, a groan of pleasure escaping me and she smiled with the
knowledge of giving me pleasure.

"Don't stop Lisa."

She pumped and pumped, almost naturally, her hands covered in suds as
my hips began to thrust. I let myself go, wanting to finish like
this, and without a word of warning began to pump within her hands.
The first blast upon her chin, the rest jerked off onto the top of her
thighs where she knelt before me.

She was speechless as I gently lifted her by holding beneath her
armpits. My kiss this time was less rushed but just as passionate.
"Thank you Lisa - that felt great!"

My youngest sister was practically glowing with pleasure.


It was the third outfit she had put on as she stood impatiently by my
chair as I ate the last mouthful of toast. Lisa was watching her two
siblings with silent interest. Mother had ate long ago and moved
efficiently about the kitchen, watching the game play out between her
two oldest children with a barely contained smirk.

"Is that the sluttiest you got Amy?"

My oldest sister was fuming with anger and in truth looked incredibly
trashy in her tight very short skirt, impossibly high heels, a thin
sleeveless shirt that was buttoned nearly to her navel, exposing small
firm curvature of her breasts. "I don't know what you expect Liam but
I can give a shit if..."

I pretended not to hear and turned to Lisa, "What do you think sis, is
she sexy enough?"

Amy looked furious at being ignored, even more so that I was asking a
twelve year old this question. Lisa looked our sister up and down
with a critical eye, "A little too skinny to be sexy I think."

Amy blurted out in anger, "What the fuck would you know about being
sexy you little...!"

"Mother, what do you think?" I was still ignoring my eldest sibling,
knowing this just infuriated her more.

Mother walked up behind her daughter while drying her hands on her
dish towel, her face concentrating upon her daughter as if she were
looking at a used car she was about to purchase. "She does have nice
legs Liam, though Lisa is right, a little thin."

Amy was about to burst into another of her foul-mouthed responses when
I held my hand for her to stay silent as I watched mother squat down
behind her daughter. The position surprised Amy as well and she
looked over her shoulder nervously at her mom. Lisa, on the other
hand, stole a quick look up her mother's mid-thigh skirt, the
thigh-high stockings and the bare crotch that was exposed in this new

Amy suddenly tensed as mothers hands rose and pushed the short hem of
the tight tanned skirt to mid-hip - exposing the trimmed pussy, while
mother probably had an eyeful of bare ass.


All of us ignored Amy while mother looked over her oldest daughters
slight hips to see the sparkle of interest in my eye, that was all she
needed to continue. "No panties - another check-mark for being

Lisa and I watched from the front of our older sister as our mother's
hand slipped up between those thin sculptured thighs, a finger slowly
disappearing into the younger body almost with ease.

"She is wet Liam - she seems to enjoy being treated as a slut, another
obvious mark in 'slut' favour." Mother stood back up and laughed
quietly to herself, washing her hand in the sink on the counter.

"You can lower your skirt Amy." Amy shook her head as if to clear the
cobwebs, she rushed to lower her manicured loins.

I stood and took my cereal bowl to the sink and gave it to mom - who
smiled a thank-you and then set it into the water filled sink. I took
her into my arms and kissed her passionately if quickly. Then I
leaned over and whispered so only she could hear, "I never knew you
were into girls mom?"

Mother's eyes sparkled when I looked back to her face, "You never
asked Liam." I laughed in response, already thinking about the

I went over to Lisa and bent over to kiss her just as passionately as
I had mom. Mom watched smiling with love in her eyes while Amy balked
at this new intimacy and an obvious new rival to my affection. I left
Lisa breathless and smiling also with love.

After a quick instruction, Amy followed three paces behind me as I
walked the two blocks to Gerald's place. Without looking I knew her
to be furious as well as humiliated.

Theresa answered the door wearing a see-through silk teddy, waving us
in before striding on her heels to the adjoining living room. Gerald
sat reading a magazine while his naked thirteen year-old sister Sara
knelt before him, sucking his hard cock. His mother whispered
something into his ear and stood by his side as his face rose and
barely noticed me but looked at my slutty-dressed sister.

Behind me a whisper, "I don't like it here Liam, lets go please?"
Evidently her anger had been replaced by fear - but she didn't move
from her three step position behind me.

"Is she as good as she looks Liam?" If his eyes had teeth, I fear Amy
would be half devoured already.

I strode the rest of the way into the living room and sat down across
from my friend. "I don't know yet, I've been busy with mom and Lisa."

Amy's face turned red at this - she knew what was going on in our
house and could not help but feel third best.

I ordered my sister in a stern voice, "Come here and take off your
clothing Amy."

"Have her keep the heels on Liam."

I nodded and my sister saw the seriousness in my eye and strode in,
her hands already reaching for her skimpy clothing, her face looking
scared. I was enjoying this, I thought maliciously - the years of
abuse from my elder sibling enough for my dominant position to enjoy
this moment.

With so few covers, she was soon naked on her high heels - her stance
holding nothing in common to the woman that posed seductively for me
last night. Amy looked almost tiny in comparison.

Sara was kneeling on the floor facing my sister, obviously been
dismissed from her work. Gerald was sitting glaring hungrily at the
woman before him, one of his hands seemingly forgotten as sit moved
behind his mother's wide ass.

"She is hot Liam."

"Nothing to compare against Christine - too skinny." Amy stood with
head downcast, as not even hearing us.

"She has a model's body - long and thin, but still very sexy."

I just shrugged in response. It was no doubt that my sister was
attractive - but now that I've tasted other fruit, I no longer was so
hungry that even my bitchy sister would suffice.

Gerald was leering hungrily never-the-less, "I will trade you Sara for
Lisa?" His eyes never left the naked form of my sister.

"No trade."

My best friends eyes came up dangerously and I rushed to continue,
"Because I came here to give her too you as a gift."

The anger quickly disappeared, replaced by the ever-normal amusement,
"You still pissed at her Liam?"

I shrugged, "She treated me like dirt since I can remember."

Gerald nodded. If anyone could understand, it was my best buddy since
childhood. Hell, he was often the brunt of Amy's disgust and anger -
her whip of a tongue. "Best revenge is to turn them into
multi-orgasmic sluts Liam."

He wasn't joking, Gerald was deadly serious.

"Look at my mother here," Theresa who smiled dumbly down at her son as
he openly fondled her big ass, "how many times did mom yell at us,
ground me for any offence? Now look at her, I can make her scream in
orgasm again and again until she begs for me to stop. Thats power
Liam and she knows who is in charge now. You have to train Amy to
know who is in charge."

Amy was looking at me in a silent plea. "What did you have in mind?"

Gerald smiled widely.


In less than ten minutes Amy was kneeling awkwardly upon the floor,
her shoulders and chest touching the rough carpet as her hands were
stretched outside her body, bound wrist to ankle. Her thin hard ass
was raised high up and she was quite defenceless.

Sara stood back up from behind the woman and nodded to her older
brother, "She is ready master." Seems he likes his sister to be his
slave as well, I thought without humour.

Theresa moved into position and uncurled the long thick belt next to
her. Gerald, who had not moved, nodded to his mother to proceed. I
watched in fascination as the belt whistled through the air and struck
my sisters raised pale ass so that her body jerked and her mouth
opened in a scream. My buddy looked up into my eyes, "Do you want me
to make her enjoy", the belt struck again and of course it was quickly
followed by my sisters scream, "the fuck Liam?"

I knew what he was asking, that Amy had been conditioned to enjoy and
respond sexually to me - but not him. What he was asking for was part
of the reason I had initiated this encounter. "Not this time Gerald."

My buddy laughed maliciously before his eyes followed the belting
going on before us. Amy's thin pale smooth boy-like ass was soon a
mess of bright red hot flesh. Her face, pressed sideways against the
floor, was facing me - covered in tears and saliva, looking horrified
and in misery.

After approximately twenty strikes of the belt Gerald held his hand up
and Theresa immediately stepped back out of the way. I watched my
buddy get up from his spot on the couch, kneel down behind my sister
and aim his hard cock. Amy let out another scream as the penis
penetrated her lubricated rectum, quickly applied by Sara a few
moments before. Gerald held onto the thin hips and ground himself
inside my sisters ass.

"Fucking hell she is tight Liam!"

My sister was looking at me in misery, pleading with me silently.

I sat in silence, forcing myself to watch every insane second, hating
myself, hating her. She was anally raped for a good long time,
sobbing as her body was jerking to the teenage thrusts behind her.
Theresa, Sara and myself all watched in silence - our thoughts our

Then Gerald gasped and held himself inside my sisters ass hole,
gasping out, "I'm coming buddy - I'm filling the slut up!"

And then he was stumbling wearily back to the couch, his mother
rushing to get a warm wet cloth to clean her son's soiled cock. Sara
also slipped out, coming back a few seconds after her mother with a
couple towels and some cream. First she washed the gap between my
sisters thin ass cheeks before gently applying the cream to her abused
flesh so that it shone a bright red. And only then, with the wave of
his hand for a command, did Sara untied my sisters ankles and wrists.

Gerald and I watched as his sister helped mine back into her slutty
clothing while the latter sobbed and cried to herself continuously.

I left a few minutes later, after a handshake with Gerald - both of us
smirking at the other. I strode home, my sister three paces behind
me, crying the whole time - acting subservient as if for the first
time in her life.


As soon as the door was closed Amy fell to her knees and pressed her
lips against the top of my sneakers, kissing them shamelessly. Her
sobbing was louder.

My strong self-confident sister was reduced to this and I felt
miserable. It had been necessary for our families survival - an
offering to the beast outside our door. And as it had to be one of
the girls in my family, there was no doubt that it should be Amy. My
bitchy older sister who looked at me as if I were an inconvenience in
her life was reduced to this miserable point.

Her face tilted upwards me and looked pitiful, "I'm so sorry Liam... I
promise to do better from now on!"

There was one last act in this play that I had concocted late last
evening. The house was empty - mother being at work, Lisa at school.
Walking to Gerald's house I did not know how I could do it - if it was
even possible.

But as I watched my sister getting whipped, anally raped, my cock had
hardened. I tried to figure out why and the closest I had come was
not that I enjoyed my sisters misery but I had enjoyed the control of
the thing, bringing her to this state simply because I had thought to
do so.

She watched without surprise as I opened my jeans to free my hard
teenage cock. Nor did she resist as I reached forward to draw her
face in. Amy was knowledgeable enough to know what was expected, her
lips wrapping firmly about my cock as her face began to move up and
down, side to side.

It took me totally by surprise, being the best oral sex I had yet
received. Sure it was missing mother's mix of love but it countered
that with technique and experience. I was soon breathless and moaning
with delight, pumping my hips frantically against her face.

Amy sucked me like a professional until she was swallowing my seed,
missing not a drop. And then it was over and I stood back to pull my
jeans back up. "Go get cleaned up and then stay in your room until

With tears still in her eyes, Amy rushed from the hallway of our house
to do as commanded. I turned and contemplated my morning with my two
sisters as I strolled back to school - a contented smile upon my face.


I looked at the girls in my school differently, the teachers were
ignored but studied - I could have any one of them. I contemplated
each for their attributes - the chubby, the thin, short and tall. It
was lunch and I went to the guys gym locker room finding what had been
the main topic of conversation throughout the whole school.

Christine, the hottest thing in the school - curves, large firm
breasts, face to die for - was kneeling naked in the guys shower, a
circle of guys around her. Her face, breasts, shoulders, hair and
even the top of her thighs where she knelt, was covered in sperm. A
skinny junior was pumping his bare ass, pushing his thin little cock
out of the tireless mouth of the seventeen year-old. Guys, and a
mixture of girls, all round watched and howled with delight. I saw
more than one camera capturing the moment.

When the skinny guy groaned, Christine pulled out and aimed the
circumcised head at her face, looking up she smiled just as the dick
in her hand began to jerk out its contents onto her already covered

Jane slipped through the loud pleased crowd to stand beside me, "How
many is that?"

Jane looked at Christine sadly, whom was looking around for another
victim, "Seventeen so far today."

Three more before the afternoon classes started. A big fat guy came
up pushing his pants down around his ankles, Christine did not

"I hope, for her sake, she learns something."

Jane nodded in agreement and shivered in barely contained fear.


Lisa was delighted when I drew her to my lap and began to kiss her
lips passionately. Mother sat down beside us and asked half
humorously, "Do you think she will poison us?"

I ignored the jab. Amy was cooking supper for us tonight and was
doing it rather dutifully - as opposite as that is to her personality.

In a couple moments I came up for air, Lisa out of breath herself and
looking almost feverish. Gently I pushed her to the opposite side
where mother sat, whom I turned to and pulled half ways over my lap -
our lips met and she moaned with pleasure at the attention.

Our kiss lasted rather long, my hand beneath her skirt, her
stocking-clad knees wide, as I pumped in and out of her already-wet
sex. It was the moaning of my youngest sister that broke the moment
for me, opening my eyes to see my sister whimpering and humping a
small couch pillow desperately.

Mom spoke first, her eyes looking at the same sight as my own, "Oh the
poor dear is horny Liam."

Lisa looked from mother to me and then to my hand disappearing beneath
our mother's skirt, her eyes looking half-wild. "Perhaps we should
give her something to turn her on mother?"

Mom gave me a playful look, "What did you have in mind my love?"

"Nothing too crazy mom - why don't you push that skirt to your waist
and come here and sit on my cock?"

Mother could barely contain her joy, "I would love to honey!" She
rushed to comply.

I looked at my desperately humping young sister, "Take your clothing
off Lisa." She did so, whimpering in need and without taking her eyes
from our mother who was aiming my cock upwards.

Mother pierced herself and cried out with pleasure, her head falling
back on her shoulders as my hands held her about the waist so she
could not fall. God was she wet.

Lisa's body was unencumbered now - her legs widely spread and her
hands working on her pink hairless sex, which was rather wet and
excited by the look of things.

Mother was bouncing up and down wildly - her pleasure having taken
over from the rest of her senses. Mom orgasmed once before I did -
jerking in my arms, screaming out with unrestrained pleasure before my
hands restarted her movements. My own orgasmed finally occurred
seconds before mother's second - and Lisa's first - the three of us
loudly giving tribute to the ancient gods of sex, in the most loud and
obnoxious way.

Mom rolled off my lap, not caring that her sex was gaping open or that
my seed was dribbling out. Lisa sat panting, her eyes still feasting
on all that she could survey.

"What do think Lisa - about our sexy mother?"

Lisa spoke breathlessly, "She is beautiful!"

Mother glowed with pride at the compliment. I laughed in agreement
adding, "She is also very wet." Lisa looked from her mother's gaping
red swollen sex to my glistening half-hard cock. "Would you do
something for me Lisa?"

She did not hesitate, "Of course Liam!"

"Crawl over here and lick my cock clean - our mother has left such a

In answer Lisa rushed to comply, our mother smiling lovingly as her
daughter stuck her little tongue daintily upon her brother's dripping
shaft. After that first touch, Lisa seemed to have discovered that it
was not so scary after all and began to lavishly lick up and down my
cock - removing all of mother's discharge while replacing it with her

I had to gently push my sister away from my cock else I believe she
would have licked me until midnight. Removing the remainder of my
clothing, I grasped my sisters hand and dragged her to the kitchen for
supper - which had to be served soon. Mother was left on her own,
removing all but her stockings to follow us moments later.


In the dark that night Mother whispered, "At least it was edible."

I laughed, "Barely." Amy had fried up some grilled cheese and heated
up some pea soup from a can. The bread was almost black and the soup
was barely lukewarm.

Mother laughed with me. "Well, whatever you did with Amy after you
left the house with her this morning changed her for the better."

I thought this was mother's way of asking where we had gone, what had
happened. But I was in no mood to relive that hour or so of this day.
"What do you think about what we did with Lisa before supper mom?"

"I think Lisa is the luckiest girl alive to have a brother who loves
her so much."

"I almost asked her to lick you clean mom."

Mother giggled, squirmed against me and pressed her bare loins into my
thigh. "I would have liked that!"

"I can tell!" We both laughed.

The silence lasted about five minutes, neither of us moving but just
holding the other, "Mom, have you ever tried anal sex?"

"I haven't, no. But I have thought about it."

"You mean when you masturbate?"

I knew mother smiled, though, of course, I couldn't see her. "Yes.
It is one of my prime erogenous zones." Revelations like this no
longer surprised me.

"Dad never...?"

"We didn't do a lot of things Liam." Her voice held little in the way
of humour and was rather cold. She seemed to realize whom she was
speaking to and followed up diplomatically, "I always thought it was a
little kinky and never thought it possible outside fantasy."

"Kinky? You mean like having sex with your son?"

Mom laughed lightly and kissed my nipple, "Naughty boy! After having
you inside me, I guess there is not much else that could top that on
the kinky scale is there?"

More silence before mother asked, "Would you like to... you know, fuck
my ass Liam?" She squirmed again.

"I would like that very much mother."

She sighed and pressed her warm moist loins against my thigh, "When?"

I laughed and patted her bottom, "Go to sleep mother!"




I awoke spooning my mother, my cock hard and pressed between the
cheeks of her ass. Still half asleep I simply moved my hips and felt
it gently ease itself into my mother's slumbering body. I woke
rapidly at that point, moving slowly in and out of my mom's cunt -
still lubricated from our fun the night before.

I didn't realize she was awake until she turned her head over her
shoulder to french kiss me, her ass beginning to thrust back into my
hips. It was a lengthy lazy fuck - our minds coming awake after our
bodies were already in motion. The room echoed with the sloppy sounds
of our soft bodies classing again and again - of a very wet sex being
invaded by a hungry cock. I deposited my sperm within my mothers sex
with a gasp - her climax, as usual, timed seconds behind my pleasure.

Laying in a lazy state I watched my mother's curvy body wearily slip
off the bed and move towards her private bathroom, a parting smile and
a wink. Minutes later, hearing the shower running, I left her room -
completely naked and uncaring.

Walking past the hallway bathroom I see my youngest sister Lisa
sitting naked on the edge of the tub, looking anxiously towards me -
her eyes drawn to my soft hanging soiled member. "Lisa, would you go
and join mother in her shower - tell her I sent you."

Lisa stood quickly, "Sure Liam." I watched the tight boy-like ass
walk away, towards our mother's room with a sigh of regret.

Amy looked up at me as I strode into her room, she only acknowledged
my presence with a single raised eyebrow.

"You are skipping school again today."

Amy looked frustrated, crossing her arms over her tee-shirt, and
waiting impatiently.

"Lisa will be staying with you. I want you to be nice to her today
and I would like you to give some lessons on being sexy." Lisa had
always been a tomboy.

Amy looked disappointed and maybe a little bored, "Turn her in to
another one of your sex toys?"

I took a breath before my anger rose - Amy always had the ability to
make me mad. "How does your ass feel today Amy?"

She suddenly turned white and her hands dropped to her sides, her eyes
suddenly looking at the floor between us. "Sore."

"Think about it Amy - I wasn't mad at you yesterday?"

A loud nervous swallow, "I'll do anything Liam, I promise."

I nodded, "Of course you will - because you too are one of my 'sex
toys' and don't you ever forget it."

She nodded fearfully in response.


I went to school and, perhaps because I, avoided the gym showers at
noon, it was a quiet uneventful day. I even walked back home without
any strange confrontation.

Of course the day was far from normal - how it started out, my
anticipation on returning to my home.

Mom wasn't back from work when I got home from school but Amy came
striding up to me as I was taking off my boots. "Well, I did the best
I can with what I had to work with." This was about Lisa of course.
"She is very excited to show off a little for you Liam?"

"That would be great - how about telling her I will be in the living

Amy simply nodded and disappeared back to her bedroom. I sat in the
living room after getting a bottle of water and sat back with my feet
crossed before me. I could get to like this lifestyle!

Lisa came striding into the room on her stocking covered feet looking
like something out of a perverts wet dream. Her thin boy-like body
was encased in sheer white lace lingerie that hid nothing. Her strong
legs with thigh high stockings, the thong almost transparent so that
her hairless sex was visible, a belly button length chemise could not
hide the fact that her dark brown nipples were puffy with adolescent

After a lengthy pause, one where I had little doubt that my mouth hung
open, Amy just had to break the spell, "She would be wearing heels but
she couldn't take a step with them on."

Lisa didn't even seem to hear her older sister. I just asked, "Where
did the lingerie come from Amy?"

"Mom left us her credit card so we went shopping this morning."

Even the way Lisa was standing suggested that she was more aware of
her body, of what it was doing to me. "You did a great job Amy -
really! Lisa, you look fabulous!"

Lisa's smile couldn't be wider. Amy, on the other hand, practically
scowled her disgust - was she being jealous of the attention I was
given our youngest sibling?

Standing a little too anxiously, I grabbed Lisa's hand and half
dragged her giggling the whole time up to mom's room. Once there I
threw her on the bed and playfully thumped my chest pretending I was a
caveman - Lisa was red of face and laughing with joy and nervousness
even as her knees spread widely. My clothes went flying in all
directions before I found myself on my stomach between my sister's
thin small thighs.

With a sparkle in her eyes, Lisa watched me gently ease the thong to
one side before leaning in and kissing her little hairless cunt. It
was was beautiful so delicate and so fucking sexy that I was humping
into the bed with desire as I began to lick deeper into the groove, it
flowering open naturally to expose the pink petals beneath, the thick
juice quickly coating everything including my chin and lips.

My sister was whimpering uncontrollably at my actions, her back arched
high while her strong youthful legs jerked in the air above my head.

It was my first taste of pussy and I loved it!

Lisa came in a violent explosion of jerking muscles and sweaty flesh,
her screams of pleasure echoing through my skull. Only after her
descent did I sit up, one hand holding my dripping throbbing member
while looking down at that so little hole I had suddenly become so
intimate with.

I was not a cavemen at all, crawling around to the top of the bed, I
helped my weary but pleased sister onto her side and drew her willing
lips to my cock. She took it amateurishly, nervously - moving her
face and lips only when I took the initiative to shove my hips back
and forth. Her eyes were looking up at me as if waiting for direction
in this act, to help her pleasure me. So I grasped her small cute
face and grunted for her to suck even as my hips slammed in and out of
her mouth. I was rough but I was so passionate, so fucking turned on.

Then I was jerking within that warm moist sucking mouth and Lisa was
gagging as my seed hit the back of her throat - I pulled out even as I
continued to pump and jerk in climax, the proof of my pleasure ending
up on the flesh of my sisters wide-eyed pleased face.


Lisa was a gushing bundle of joy all through supper and into the early
evening. As Amy served the food mom prepared, not being allowed to
sit and eat with us, the three of us talked.

I was more than a little embarrassed to hear Lisa tell mom, in all its
gory details, about receiving her first oral climax. Mom, played it
up - asking when I would go down on her! This banter lasted even as
the three of us left Amy to clean up the kitchen and to eat, mom and
Lisa chatting animately as they moved ahead of me towards mom's

We playfully and lazily kissed each other - the girls enjoying my
reaction. Our clothing just seemed to disappear - so that all three
of us were seated on the bed still kissing, touching each other's
intimate parts. Patiently each of the girls took turns sucking my
hard cock, mother and daughter playfully and selflessly sharing. Then
Lisa and I took one nipple each - sucking mother's teats as if there
was milk within them. Lots of moaning, lots of saliva and cunt cream
covered our flesh.

Mother positioned Lisa upon her back, legs wide and had me kneel
between - using her hand to carefully position my cock along the
length of the twelve year-old cunt. It did not do much for me, but
Lisa was the first of the night to orgasm, mother kissing her
daughters lips, sucking on those small puffy nipples as I dry humped
my sister.

We lay on either side of her and lavished kisses and tenderness as the
young thing recovered - love in her eyes.

Mother playfully mounted me - her sex far from playful as it was so
hot it practically scalded me. Lisa slipped down and watched as
mother pleasured herself upon her brothers cock while I spent my time
sucking on those dangling teats. Mother continued like this for some
minutes, taking her time and fucking herself to orgasm. My sister and
I merely spectators to this fantastic sight.

Lisa pushed our exhausted mother onto her back and as I proceeded to
lick our mother rather energetically - as if hungry for the cream that
only our mother had. Mother awoke from her daze enough to smile as I
mounted her chest, pressing those great big tits together and fucking
them. Soon Lisa had abandoned her mom's sex to kiss our mother,
playfully licking at the moving head of my cock. It became a game, to
try and get a kiss or touch wash in before it disappeared into the
soft flesh of our mother's breasts.

My orgasm finally came and I allowed it to pump out to coat mothers
upper chest, her chin and around her lips. I lay back weary and
watched as Lisa licked our mother clean, the two of them sharing my
seed by sucking on the others tongues.

Our lazy sexy evening came to a close and I fell asleep between the
two most beautiful girls in the world.




The day started off as normal as I could ask for, at least in this new
life of mine. Lisa was sucking me nice and slowly - while mother lay
in my arms and gently kissed my face and lips. I simply lay like
this, spoilt beyond words until I began to climax - most of which was
captured in my sister's hungry mouth.

Mother accompanied me into her shower and washed me - my hardness
returning long enough to fuck her against the shower wall for a
moment. Teasing her by withdrawing - both of us unsatisfied.

Lisa and Amy shared the breakfast duties and even my eldest sister was
in a good mood as we ate our first meal of the day.


Jane found me before the second class of the day to tell me to meet
Gerald outside at noon. She looked tired and I realized she too may
have had a late night last night - knowing that it could not have been
as playful and endearing as my night with Lisa and mom. What lewd
acts had she been forced to do?

This just reaffirmed my belief that my decision to assume control of
mother and my sisters was justified.

Gerald was again driving his mother's car when I came out of the
school - he seemed strangely serious. "Where are we going?"

"You'll see." He seemed intent on driving and I did not see the need
to bother him with questions.

We stopped in back of our families church - an old building with an
ancient graveyard out back. "Come on Liam." I followed Gerald not up
to the church but to the back door of the adjoining home - the
pastor's place.

In another life time Gerald and I used to discuss the merits or lack
thereof of all the neighbourhood ladies. One of our favourite MILFs
was the pastors well rounded huge-titted wife.

The very same one that answered the door, "Gerald? Liam? Its a
school day is there anything wrong?" The typical answer of a wife and

"Aren't you going to let us in?"

She blinked twice before stepping aside, "Of course, please come in."

Perhaps I didn't know the full extent of what was about to happen but
I did know that Gerald was adding another notch to his harem. Feeling
like I was striding through quicksand I followed my friend into the
house, feeling nothing but guilt for what was about to happen.

The door closed behind me.

"Would either of you boys like something to drink?" Ever the polite
wife of the pastor.

Instead Gerald came up behind the middle-aged woman and wrapped his
hands around her torso, trapping her arms against her as his hands
each held a huge covered tit.

"My god - Gerald - what are you doing?"

She seemed more shocked than anything, she was not even trying to
struggle as yet. Gerald just ignored her though, confident even now,
of his power to control. "I have always loved your big fat tits
Melissa!" He shoved her towards the kitchen table and bent her over
it - there were tears in hear eyes now but she wasn't struggling.
Then Gerald stood up taking his hands from the scared woman and
smirked at me. At this point I knew she was already under my friends
power - else she would done something to get away from our aggressive

"Tell me Melissa, does your husband the pastor like to fuck you?"

She simply let out a loud sob and hid her face in her hands - still
bent over the table.

"Tell us - when was the last time the old man fucked that sweet body
of yours?"

A sniffle and then her voice, considerably tinier than I ever remember
it, "Three months ago."

"Three months! Good god - is he gay? If you were my wife Melissa,
you would get stuffed at least once a day."

She stiffened at this - or perhaps it was Gerald's hand now patting
her big round ass raised up towards us. "The pastor believes marital
relations are to reproduce not for pleasure."

Gerald was laughing silently, winking at me. "What do you believe

She was silent before Gerald's two hands began to ease her skirt up
her full shapely thighs. "I enjoy sex but I know its a sin!" She was
crying loudly now even as the back of her ass was exposed - covered as
it was by white panty and tan hose.

"Yes, I suppose it is a sin - but you can't control yourself can you
Melissa - you love a good hard cock don't you?"

She was sobbing into her hands as Gerald tucked her skirt up around
her waist, his fingers digging into the elastic waistband of her

"It just makes it more pleasurable if its a sin right? A hard young
cock throbbing because it wants you Melissa. I want you Melissa and
my cock is hard!"

I thought I heard a stifled mixed with the misery of the thirty nine
year old woman.

The panty hose was tight but Gerald was able to drag it to the woman's
knees. He then reached up and hooked his fingers into her panties.
She broke out, begging loudly, "Please stop - this is wrong - I am

Gerald just laughed that evil malicious laugh and yanked the cotton
panty down to mid-thigh - exposing the pale smooth flesh of Melissa's
ass. After noticing how white the flesh was or how nicely rounded it
was, I was hit by the smell coming from the woman - she was in heat,
practically bubbling with lust.

My friend pried apart that generous round ass, exposing the winking
wrinkled dark anus, the wet hair beneath that could not hide the pink
petals flowering from the full lipped slit. From where I stood,
nearly two meters away, it was obvious that the woman was very

"Its a sin!" She wailed.

"The old cunt loves this shit - right Melissa?"

"No! This is wrong - its evil!"

"And thats why it turns you on right - because it is a sin?" His
finger slipped into her vagina and was easily sucked in. "Fuck buddy,
she is as tight as my sister but as hot and wet as my mom!"

Melissa grunted thrust her hips back as the finger moved in and out of
her hot dripping sex. She was sobbing even louder now and I wondered
if it was guilt rather than fear?

Gerald just chuckled as he opened his jeans and pulled out his hard
cock. He aimed and shoved forwards with his hips and as he sunk deep
within the mature beautiful woman she let out a loud scream as the
climax shot through her.

Even Gerald looked surprised, shooting me a wink, "The old cunt has a
god damned hair trigger!" He began to vigorously fuck the thirty-nine
year old as she came to life yet again, grunting at each of her
rapists thrusts.

When she came yet again barely three minutes later Gerald pulled out
of her in mock disgust, "Fuck me this is too easy!" He roughly pulled
the woman off the table and shoved her to her knees before me, "Suck
my buddy good slut!"

She looked from Gerald to my face, horrified, "No please - I've
never... its a sin, its wrong!"

Gerald reached down to his open pants and withdrew the belt he wore,
the woman did not even seem to know what was coming until the leather
beat down upon her sweater covered back. The tears started again
after the shriek of pain.

"Do what I say bitch!" Two more strikes and she was pressed into my
thighs, clinging to me and jerked with each strike.

Only at the point Gerald's hand rose for another strike did her
trembling hands raise to my pants, opening them awkwardly. It was
enough to pause in her torment, she looking over her shoulder
nervously as she drew my hard penis out.

I am so pathetic - as disgusted and scared as I was, my dick was hard
watching this humiliation of a respected wife and mother in our town.
She took it with a disgusted look upon her face, clenching her eyes as
her lips touched me. Only after the head was within her mouth did she
earnestly start to suck - as if trying to get the seed that it
contained out of it. Surely she had no experience in her oral work
but she was certainly enthusiastic. Melissa did not even move her
head, probably not even thinking about it, until I started to shove my
hips back and forth - fucking her face forcibly.

I was looking down at the tear streaked attractive fleshy face, my
hard dick moving in and out of her stretched lips and realized I was
really enjoying myself. And that scared me!

Gerald caught my attention and asked, "Want to do a sandwich?"

Having no idea what he meant I just nodded dumbly.

Gerald grabbed the thick naturally curly head of hair, which was
always pulled back into a strict bun, so that her mouth was pulled
from my cock. She screamed as Gerald half dragged her through her own
small home to her bedroom, separated from her husbands. Gerald threw
her onto her immaculate hard wood flooring and ordered her to strip.
She was crying again, pulling off her clothing with trembling hands -
though I could see the moisture of her pleasure coating the inside of
her fleshy soft pale thighs and knew Gerald had really did a number on
this woman.

My buddy disappeared and came back just as the mother of two pulled
off her big ugly bra revealing the large and sexy breasts of our
teenage fantasies. Both of us unconsciously whistled appraisingly -
they were by far the biggest tits we have ever seen. I caught
Melissa's approving smile at our response before she submerged it
beneath her outer misery-filled shell.

Gerald stepped up and forced the woman over the metal framed end of
her bed, her ass high and her head pressed into the mattress. Those
great big breasts flopping around deliciously, practically hanging
past her chin as she bent forwards at the waist.

He took a tube of something and squirted a large amount of jelly
between the cheeks of her sexy ass before reaching between to massage
it into her tiny wrinkled anus. She was sobbing and begging again but
reached around herself to hold her own ass cheeks wide when Gerald
barked at her to do so.

Satisfied after some lengthy minutes Gerald stood up and again
inserted himself into the woman's juicy tight cunt - both of them
moaning with pleasure. He fucked her vigorously and just as her
pleasure was mounting he pulled out and pressed firmly but patiently
against that tiny donut hole until the head of his dick slipped in.

Melissa's moans of pleasure turned into hissing of pain, her hands
letting go of her own ass cheeks finally as she clawed at the top of
her bed. "Stop... oh god it hurts... please god save me...!"

Gerald barely moved for some minutes until he began to move steadily
in and out of that tiny tight hole - so that her rectum clung to him
at each withdraw. Melissa's pain-filled hissing had slowly changed to
her, now, familiar sounds of pleasure - moaning passionately as she
was properly buggered.

My buddy turned to me finally and hissed, "Get naked - you got to get
a piece of this Liam!"

I did, removing my open clothing - standing there stroking my
painfully hard cock.

"Go lay on her bed - I've got a plan."

I did as instructed, no idea where this was going.

Gerald suddenly withdrew from the woman's ass and she surprised me by
grasping in loss, whimpering like a dog for more. With a loud slap on
her big pale ass Gerald ordered, "Go and mount Liam slut."

She looked at her sodomizer in fear before fumbling onto the bed,
holding my cock high before descending. Already prepared it was an
easy fit - snug certainly and very hot and very wet.

Gerald climbed up onto the bed and ordered, "Now don't move!"

She was watching him over her shoulder in fear, leaving those huge
dangling tits just above my eyes - my hands finding them as soft and
warm as I had envisioned.

I felt the press of something long the lower length of my shaft and
was surprised to realize that Gerald had again entered the woman's ass
hole. Melissa on the other hand was grunting like a pig, breathing
heavily as if there was not enough air, and looking wide eyed at
nothing as if amazed.

What then occurred was something I had never imagined doing -
something so kinky that I wondered where Gerald had thought of it.
"Like your double penetration bitch?" She was too far gone, her eyes
unfocused and her mind unreachable. The mother of two and the wife of
the respected and honoured pastor of our own church was humping her
hips up and down and side to side as the two hard teenage cocks moved
within her.

I bit and chewed and sucked at those wide hard nipples and she did not
seem to notice - so far gone in her lust-filled world that I felt more
a spectator than a participant. Within minutes of our three-way
joining she was screaming and jerking between us - climaxing

Gerald and I did not relent - this rape was not about her but him. Or
us if my friend was in a generous mood that day. Five more minutes
she was again screaming in passion as her orgasm shot through her in
waves, her body now slick with sweat, her face and neck red with

Then my buddy was grunting and with a loud bear-like groan I felt his
cock jerking against my own - the thin wall separating could not
disguise his climax. He withdrew and dropped onto a hard chair before
the woman's cosmetic table.

"Fuck her good Liam! She will never be able to stand her old man
after today."

I rolled Melissa over onto her back and her eyes settled on me, trying
to focus and nearly failing. I fucked her hard and fast, her heels
locked behind my thighs, her big fat tits rolling around her chest as
if a small boat in high seas. My lips met hers and she kissed me
back, almost frantically, desperately.

Then I was filling her with my seed and she started to jerk with yet
another climax barely a second later.

It was over and I collapsed upon the warm sweaty soft flesh beneath
me, she looking as if she had passed out - lifeless. After minutes of
lying like this I rolled off, hearing the thirty nine year old snoring
softly in her sleep. Had her life ever contained so much erotic
pleasure? I sincerely doubt it.


The living room contained a smirking Gerald, watching a naked young
boy and girl eating each other out in the middle of the floor. I saw
that it was Melissa's thirteen year old twins.

My buddy smirked at my entrance, "You would never have guessed - the
good pastor's kids had been playing doctor for months. And Billy here
likes watching mommy's big titties move around on her chest."

I watched the sight sickened - haven't we done enough damage to this
family already?

Gerald was laying back, still naked, stroking his half hard dick
unconsciously. "She coming out Liam?"

"Asleep and snoring actually."

Another malicious burst of laughter. "Billy? Stop it kids."

The two looked up, lower faces both covered in saliva. They were
smiling happily - a sight to haunt my nightmares forever.

"Billy - your mom just had sex with Liam and I and is in her room
sleeping it off. You didn't know your mom was such a slut did you?"

"No sir." 'Sir', Gerald was only a couple years older than the twins.

"Well I'm giving her to you Billy because I like you." The boys eyes
widened in surprised delight. "She'll never say 'no' to you and she
will never try to stop you from doing anything you want with her. I
just fucked your mom up the ass and she loved it - but she'll never
admit it."

Billy nodded dumbly, his sister looking between her twin and Gerald.

"Go to her room and give her a good hard fuck okay boy?"

"Yes sir." Billy practically jumped up off the floor and ran out of
the room in his excitement.

"Amanda honey, come here." The girl blushed but crawled towards
Gerald who spread his knees and drew the thirteen year old face to his
half hard soiled cock. The young thing made a disgusted face,
probably at the smell of her mothers ass on it, before opening her
mouth and taking the head of the mind controller past her lips.

Gerald looked up at me and smirked, "I may like old pussy but I also
like tight new pussy too!" A good belly laugh. "Why not take
Amanda's virgin ass with that monster you have while I take her cunt?"

My head was nodding negatively before I even responded, "Na, I wanna
save some for home." What did he mean by my 'monster'?

Gerald smirked and nodded in understanding.

In another part of the house the volume rose from the mother and son
fucking - her familiar moans of pleasure, the bed I had not noticed
was squeaking rapidly. The young boy was giving it to his mom

"I'm going to stick around for the Pastor to get home."

I was surprised and did not try to hide it, "Isn't that dangerous?"

"You're forgetting buddy - I have nothing to fear from anyone. No, I
think the Pastor will have to start paying me from the weekly
donations from Sunday." I was shocked - was there no limit to his
evil? "I will make him think it hush money - to keep the secret of
his slut wife a secret and to pay for the use of his young daughter

The evil laugh echoed in my head all the way home.


Mother slipped into her own bed next to me - wearing nothing but I
could imagine she was smiling. "I bought some KY today my love - I
would love to get fucked up the ass by you tonight!" She said this
playfully, suggestively - but I was in no mood.

"Not tonight mom."

My voice must have been enough to freeze her mood - realizing that the
man she wanted to make happy most in the world was in a negative frame
of mind this night. She stiffened at my short comment and asked
carefully, "Would you rather I call Lisa for you Liam?"

"No mom - I am just tired okay?"

A few heartbeats of silence before her body slipped against my own,
"Of course my love."

She was asleep in no time while my mind replayed this last week over
and over.




That morning I awoke mother by slipping above her, my cock finding her
sex unready but not impossible to enter. She awoke with me slowly
fucking her - our lips joining as we coupled slowly and almost
desperately. It lasted a good long while and mother was out of breath
and sweaty from her pleasure by the time I emptied my nuts into her

To thank me she slipped down to my waist and licked my slippery soft
cock clean before giggling like a girl and slipping into her private

Today was the big day of the show and for some reason it scared me.
Lisa wold do anything I asked of her, Gerald and seen to that. But I
cared for my younger sister and did not want her in the clutches of
that crazed evil prick. What demented things would he cook up for our
sisters while they lay together?

Lisa awaited me in the bathroom - smiling lovingly as she slipped into
the hot shower with me, washing me with a tender touch. I hated for
her to be hurt - she was so innocent, so trusting and so sexy. That
could all be ruined today by my best friend.

I thanked my sister with a long passionate kiss that left her
breathless and weak in the knees - silently telling her how much I
cared for her.


Amy handed me the phone and sat back down at the table, it was Gerald,
"I changed my mind buddy - why don't we do a 'mom' thing today?"

"'Mom thing'?" A hand clenched my gut and twisted.

Three sets of eyes looked at me, mother's looking almost fearful. She
alone knew what was planned for today - knew how much I feared Gerald.

"Ya, have her dress in something sexy. I have it all planned. See
you at one!" The phone went dead and I hung ours up feeling like I
should cry.

"One this afternoon mom - you should wear something sexy." She lost
all colour in her face at my words. Amy didn't seem to care. While
Lisa looked from mom and I, knowing something was wrong but not having
any idea what it was.


Theresa answered the door dressed in her Sunday best - but with subtle
differences. An extra two buttons of her top was open, the skirt
shorter than propriety dictated and the movement of her bosom
suggested no harness.

"Oh Liam - please come in! You too Emily - my goodness, you look

Mom wore heels, skirt and a loose blouse with thigh high stockings and
nothing else beneath. From experience, I expected her not to be
dressed for very long. She was practically morose as she followed me
into the house.

I followed Gerald's evil laugh to the living room to find him talking
to Melissa and Janet. Two other moms that I was familiar with.
Melissa looked nervous and Janet looked almost bored - distant.

Theresa strode back to the couch and sat next to her grinning son, his
hand quickly finding her nylon covered thigh beneath the short hem of
her skirt. "This is going to be a blast isn't it buddy?"

I looked at each of the four attractively, if a little suggestively,
dressed middle-aged mothers and wives. "I think its going to be very

He smirked and nodded, his hand slipping up beneath his mother's short
skirt, her knees opening effortlessly and without pause, the elastic
tops of her stocking tops visible.

"Liam, would you turn the stereo on buddy? I've got a little idea."

I did as directed, no idea what was about to happy - wishing my mom
wasn't here. Loud hip hop music began to beat through the room and
Gerald did the white-man-under-bite and bobbed his head. Mother
caught my eye and she looked terrified, almost sick looking.

"Okay ladies - I would like each of you to pair up and get on the
floor and start dancing together." Melissa and my mom looked
nervously at each other while Theresa stood up and took Janet's hand
and lead her to the open area before the fireplace. Mom and the
pastors wife nodded at each other and met in the same area. All four
ladies reached for the other, a little awkwardly as they all went for
the ladies position in the dance - which was solved by Theresa and
Janet who simply wrapped their arms about the other, one high the
other low, while mom and Melissa took the more formal position with
Melissa taking the male classic position. It was soon obvious that
none of the ladies had any idea how to dance to this hard rhythmic

I looked at Gerald to see his frustration upon his face, he too had
realized the same as I. "Perhaps some different music?"

His face brightened, "Good idea buddy!"

I squatted next to the stereo and found some old music - some 50's
kroner. It was soon obvious by watching the movements of the four
ladies that they could find the beat of this music much easier.
Theresa and Janet were soon in a hot passionate kiss, both sets of
hands fondling the others generous ass. Mother and Melissa were both
red in the face and often looked from the passionately kissing women
to each other. They were the new girls at this party - having never
experienced the debauchery of Gerald's little get together.

It was Melissa that started it - tentatively kissing my mothers
familiar lips, mother sighing in resignation returned it. They
certainly were not nearly as passionate as their neighbours - it was
almost tender, and to me, sexier to watch.

Several songs in Gerald took everyone's attention by clapping his
hands, "Find us something a bit livelier will you Liam? Okay cunts,
now its time for each of you to give is a little solo show. Emily
you're first - the others sit on that far couch and wait."

I found a pop station on the stereo, pumping out 90's lighter flare.
Mom stood looking terrified, looking at her peers to me but ignoring

Gerald was becoming impatient, "Move that big ass Emily!"

She sighed deeply and then began to sway her hips around in a gentle
sweep, her heels shuffling upon the floor to the beat, her shoulders
rocking so that her breasts swayed upon her chest. She looked rather
sexy to my eye but Gerald blurted out after only one song, "Stop!
You're next Melissa."

The pastors wife got up with tears in her eyes, her husband often
preached about the evils of dancing and of the evil influence of
modern music. Her movements were forced and less than appealing.

Looking at Gerald I was surprised to find him smirking until I
realized that he liked the fact that the woman was humiliated.

But it was not to last, only the one song in Gerald again barked,
"Your turn Janet."

This short chubby forty four year old woman had no shame, her wide
round hips bouncing wildly as she grabbed and shook her big tits, she
humped her hips as if fucking the air - she was wild and I knew this
was what Gerald had been looking for. She continued to dance to song
after song until she was nearly breathless and was covered in sweat.

Gerald finally stopped her performance by clapping which I joined.

Theresa was next and danced two songs, trying to be as wild and
provocative as Janet but failed miserably. At least to me. Looking
at Gerald I could see the desire in his eyes as he watched his mom
lewdly perform for him.

Soon it was over and I turned the stereo off - all four ladies were
lined up before the fireplace. With a command all four middle-aged
women awkwardly removed their skirts, while still standing in their
various height heels. Only Jane had not worn hose of any kind.
Melissa was the only one wearing a panty. The bottoms of blouses and
sweaters hid most everything but it also hid nothing - with a bark
each held these to mid-waist exposing themselves from the waist down.

"Lose the panty Melissa." Gerald looked disappointed and Melissa
rushed to comply with fear in in her eyes. "All of you now turn
around and face the wall, feet together and don't move."

Gerald looked to me and smirked.

Four middle aged asses, all generous in their proportions but all
different in its own individual way. I've seen each ass at various
times, sometimes even compared with another, younger, bottom - but
never thought of all four at the same time. Melissa easily had the
best ass - round and soft looking but without any extra fat, no hair
between the cheeks of her ass, no stretch marks. My mom, surprisingly
enough, had the next best ass. Gerald's mom Theresa was the bottom of
my personal list, having a sprout of hair between her cheeks, was
loose and flabby looking.

"See a winner?"

I nodded with my chin.

He nodded in agreement. "Okay cunts, off with the tops and turn
around when you are done."

While the bottoms were different for the others, the breasts were even
more so. Gerald barked and the three ladies bra's fell to the floor,
my mother being the only one unencumbered.

Melissa again won this contest - her large breasts were unblemished,
hanging to perfection with the wide nipple still pointed north of the
floor. Janet surprised me, her breasts were obviously the firmest of
the middle-age teats. Theresa again came in an obvious last but I had
my suspicions that Gerald's sick lusts clouded him to this fact.

He nodded and I agree - the winner without a doubt.

This time all four were spread out upon the floor on their backs -
holding their legs behind the knees, they spread their thighs to
expose their sex region. Mother and Melissa red of face, looking
rather nervous in this exposed position.

Gerald came off his seat and strode between each of the ladies one at
a time. Then he did it again, this time to reach down to stroke the
slits from tip to tail - of the four ladies, only my mother reacted
with anything resembling the opposite of pleasure - each of the others
having been conditioned for his use already.

My best friend stood back and without consulting me nodded to my mom
to indicate a winner. I was strangely proud.

The next event was a little strange - when Gerald attached a six inch
long cock shaped dildo that had a wide base that was firmly attached
to the white wall of his living room - about knee height.

He just nodded at his mom and she moved to kneel on the floor before
this obscene contraption poking out from the wall, reached around to
find it with her hand, she wiggled backwards upon her knees until she
had the head of it spreading the lips of her sex. For the next
several minutes she almost violently shoved herself against the wall
piercing her sex with this thick cock - her voluptuous form bouncing
wildly to her movements, the sounds of her sex echoing loudly at each
thrust. I looked around the room to see Gerald smiling proudly,
Melissa and Janet with a hand each between their own thighs slowly
masturbating themselves, but mother looking from me back to Theresa
with something resembling horror.

Shuffling on the couch I came closer to my mom without anyone looking
away from the show the old chubby woman was putting on, I leaned
sideways to whisper, "Touch yourself to get ready mom." Her eyes
blazed in a second of anger before she gulped and nodded - realizing
as I did that things would be worse if she was not wet, if she did not
perform to the minimal expectations set out by my buddy watching his
mom across from me. Mom had told me she trusted me and I felt guilty
that she was here, at how powerless I truly felt.

The exhausted sweaty woman could barely crawl away when she was
finally done had screamed out her climax. Gerald beckoned for his mom
to come and sit on his lap as Janet moved to replace Theresa on the
contraption. Before she could seat herself into the saddle Gerald
playfully spoke up, "Each of you will have to clean it before your
show." Janet looked up in confusion at Gerald who sighed at the
frustration at having to repeat himself, "Lick the cock clean before
fucking it."

Janet barely acknowledged the statement but immediately turned around
and went down on the average sized cock - sucking it clean as if it
were a live man. Only then did she turn around and mount it with ease
- soon she too was bouncing wildly against it. It took considerably
less time than Theresa but I must admit that I spent most of my time
watching my mom watch Gerald's neighbour while gently masturbating and
preparing herself.

Melissa was crying as she licked the cock clean, her tongue lapping as
if it were a Popsicle. When she fucked it she went for long slow
withdraws before shoving herself back to slap violently against the
wall. Every few strokes she would stop with the cock deep within her
to wiggle her hips, her moans of pleasure turning guttural each time.
All the eyes in the room were watching the attractive thirty nine year
old mom and wife bring herself off with surprising skill.

My mom was last, trembling as she sucked the cock clean before
mounting it. She looked at me nervously one last time before closing
her eyes to concentrate. I will admit that I probably did not blink
the whole time, my cock hard in my pants as I watched my mother bring
herself off. Having learnt from watching Melissa, mother went for
long slow strokes, her sexy body rocking and swaying to some hidden
beat, those big breasts with her nipples nearly grazing the floor.
Mother was breathing heavily with her mouth wide, her hips
accelerating with each thrust until all could hear the loud wet sounds
echoing from her fuck.

When it was over my weary mom crawled to kneel at my feet, her head
upon my knees while Theresa returned to the fake cock to clean my
mother's juices from it with rather sloppy sucking movements.

Gerald called a break - his mother and Janet going to the kitchen as
was obviously planned, while the rest of us made our way to the
dinning room. We at cold cuts, olives, buns and cheese in near
silence. Me, I rather enjoyed sitting with the four naked middle aged
women in this near-domestic scene.

We again returned to the living room a half hour later and Gerald
asked his mother to choose one of the other ladies. She chose my mom.
"Make love." Was the only command and Theresa, having experience,
took my mother to the space between the two couches and drew her to
the floor together. For a long while the two kissed passionately,
mother almost looking forced, hands stroking and petting the other,
lips finding the soft flesh of the neck or the wrinkled hard nipples.
Soon they were on the floor with, Theresa's face between my mothers
soft thighs, lapping at her sex. Gerald's mom continued to take the
lead, controlling everything until the two were in a sexy sixty-nine -
with my mom on the top. My mom climaxed when Theresa was sucking on
her clitoris and had two fingers in her anus. But the show did not
stop there, my weary mother lay on the floor on her back while Theresa
rode her face bringing herself off with my mothers face and tongue.

Gerald's only comment, "Nice!"

Melissa and Janet were next - Janet having to do all the work as
Melissa was nearly comatose with her response but Janet was able to
force a climax for herself. The two disengaged and Gerald sighed in
disappointment, Melissa had failed to climax.

The next event, and that was what it was, was carefully choreographed
with my mom and Melissa bound wrist to ankle upon the floor, upon
their shoulders and knees. Theresa and Janet slipped on their harness
so that the large obscene cocks pointed outwards from their crotch.
Gerald stated the rules - the first bound slut to climax would win for
the couple.

Theresa wasted no time and shoved her cock into my mom without any
pause, grasping mom's soft hips, began to pound her hard and fast -
mother grunting like an animal.

Janet went a different route - slipping down to lick and kiss the
anus, the vagina lower down. Then she came back up and knelt before
the nervous face so that Melissa was soon sucking on the big fake
cock, covering it in saliva in the process. Janet then moved back
around and eased it into the pastors wife and began to slowly ease
back and forth within the sexy voluptuous body. One thumb slipped
into the anus before her and the other grasped the thick head of hair
like a reign.

Soon the room was filled with the exaggerated sounds of fucking - wet
juicy cunts sloshing with the rubber cocks moving in and out, panting
and deep breathing of the fuckers, grunts and moans from the fucked.
It was a sight that I could not help but admirer - the voluptuous
flesh rocking like an ocean with wild sexy movements.

In no time at all Melissa began to scream with lust, clenching and
jerking as her climax took her over the edge of insanity.


Theresa pulled her cock from my weary mother and all but Melissa
turned their heads to see what the 'prize' would be.

Gerald looking disappointed at his mother explained the next scene in
our debauchery. Mother and Theresa stood facing the fireplace, bent
over to grasp their own ankles - wide soft asses facing their son's.
Melissa, having slowly recovered, and Janet stood to the side of each
of these bottoms holding a ping-pong paddle.

"In time ladies!" Gerald began a slow torturous count and the paddles
flew - the wide asses splatting violently, soon turning a bright red
and the ladies screamed out in pain. It was at this point that I
became very agitated - watching mother endure this painful
humiliation. Melissa probably finished first because she had not
climaxed from before right?

Finally it was over - the count of forty complete - the bottom flesh
well abused for both ladies. They were ordered to stay in this
position even though both were sobbing loudly. Melissa and Janet then
coated each anus with lubricant before inserting an odd looking

Mother and Theresa grunted as the butt plug was forced into their
rectum - a meter long mane of hair hanging from the end of the object
still visible between the cheeks of their abused bottoms.

Theresa ran to her son and fell prostate at his feet - mother came to
me and did the same, her lips kissing the top of my bare feet. Gerald
motioned Melissa over to his chair and she came willingly, straddling
my best friends lap so that his hard cock disappeared into her soft
supple flesh.

Janet came to me and did the same without a word of instruction and as
soon as I felt the woman seated upon my throne, i felt mother's lips
take one of my balls into her mouth.

I must admit that this whole affair - watching the four sets of middle
aged mothers humiliate themselves - had excited me tremendously.
Within only a few strokes I was gasping to contain the inevitable - my
seed flooding into the chubby woman's cunt. I sat gasping as Janet
slipped off my lap and sat beside me - mother moving upon her knees to
paste her mouth to Janet's gaping cunt. I watched intrigued as my mom
sucked out my cream from that raw-looking wet flowered open vagina and
only looked up at me when she was done - coming over to lay her head
on my knee, her eyes looking sad and tried.

I watched my buddy Gerald fuck the sexy Melissa for a moment before
pulling her ass off so his mom could suck his cock before reinserting
into the pastor's wife. This went on for nearly two more minutes
after I had completed before he coated his mom's face with her

Both of us sat in silence - just smiling and nodding at the other.
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