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Dr Claw captures Penny and gets his revenge
Lets face it we all had this fanasy of Penny being captured and tortured by Dr. Claw. Here is my fanasy I hope you like it because it is my first story.

Penny ran in the rain towards an old and seemingly empty building. If her intel was right this was Dr. Claw's hideout and secret labatory. She was ready to fishish this by herself. No had known she was gone, not uncle Gadget or Brain. She was 14 and ready to finish this herself. Even if she got in trouble she had her watch communicator and her trusted computer book. She was ready for whatever Dr Claw could throw at her and this battle would end this night forever.

Penny ran to the door for shelter from the rain. She sighed because the rain had tightned the top she was wearing causing pressure on her breasts. They were overally big for a girl her age at a DD which caused her alot of gawking and catcalls at school. How she hated boys so imature and with a never ending sex drive. No boy would enter her until she was married. She fixed her top and pulled her jacket tighter, Her cargo pants were completly wet and dripping from the rain. Once she finished fixing her outfit she nodded for it was time to begin.

She used her computer book to unlock the door and she snuck in. The building was dark an empty just as her intel said it would be. Acording to her sources Dr Claw was developing new robitics systems for some sort of secret project. She had to uncover the mystery and stop him for good. She turned and traveled down the hall silently unaware she was being watched. A small hidden camera provided live feed to a small computer sitting on a desk. Behind the desk was a man hidden in shadows, slowly stroking his cat with a metal claw. He spoke with a voice that sounded like it belonged to the devil himself. "Soon she will have sprung my trap and I will finally have my revenge." Penny found a door labled "robitics" so she entered silently. Inside were a bunch of strange looking machines. Some appeared to be rod shaped devices, others had metal wires and others seemed to be sharp knives. She didn't know what Dr Claw as planning but she had to stop it. She saw one machine that looked like a hammer and she pressed the button. The hammer came down hard on her head and knocked her out cold.

She awoke later with a sore head and in a daze. The room she was in was completly dark except for the light that surounded her. She suddenly became aware of herself and became scared for she was being suspended in mid air by wires attached to her hands and feet. She could hear a mans slow breathing. "Show yourself!" she called out in anger. "Ah your awake at last now the fun can begin." the devilish voice said. She knew that voice it was Dr Claw. "Why don't you show your ugly face you bastered?" she called out in anger again. Into the light that iluminated her came a metal hand followed by a face. Penny screamed in terror for ugly was an understatement. He face was full of bumps and cuts, and his eyes were full of rage and evil, he was a human monster. "Please let me go I'll leave you alone" she pleaded. "Go I think not. Your gonna pay for everytime you deafeated me. Your gonna pay for every humaliaton ten fold. I have a whole slew of horrible things I'm gonna do to you. You will scream, you will beg, you will call for help but nothing will work." Penny's eyes widened with excitment, she could call for help. She reached her finger down to her wrist but her watch was gone. "Looking for this?" Dr Claw asked as he held up her watch. With a smile he crushed it with his bear hands. "And this is your computer book, it's caused me a lot of trouble over the years." He smiled and crushed it under his feet. Penny shook in fear, she could not call for help and no one knew where she was, she was helpless."

Dr Claw ran his finger over her body as she wimpered. He reached down and felt her breasts. "Humm looks like the pills I slipped you worked." Penny became afraid and confused. "You see I've had mad agents infiltrate your home and replaced all your vitimans with body inhancing pills making your body fill out and become perfect much quicker then nature intends." Penny quivered at the thought of mad agents in her home. "Your probaly wondering why I didn't just poision you. I wanted revenge, and just killing you wasn't going to be enough. I had to torture you to make you feel the pain I have felt. But enough talk I have waited 4 years for this and I'm not going to wait a second longer." He cracked his iron fingers and formed a fist. Penny knew what was coming but had no way to stop it. He punched her as hard as he could in the stomch and she let out a burst of air. The wind was knocked out of her and she couldnt breathe but he wouldn't stop. He kept beating her leaving several bruises and bloody spots all over your body. Finally he stopped so she could catch her breath. "" Dr Claw smiled "Oh no we have only just begun." He pressed a switch and the room was iluminated with red light. Penny looked around in awe at the mass of machines that surronded them. Now she understood what they were for. She was about to exsperience suffering like never before.

Dr Claw's ugly faced smiled like a child in a toy store. "Oh what shall I do first humm let's see those cloaths have to go." He picked up a control panel and pressed a small button. A machine started blowing incredibly hot air on her making her sweat but her cloaths were shrinking. Her cloaths became tighter and tighter on her skin pressing against her body. Penny tried to stay strong as her body was being compressed and she managed to keep quiet and not scream. The claoths began to rip and fell off and she stood suspended in the air completly naked.. "I noticed you didn't scream, I'm glad. i knew you were tough and thats why it will be so much fun to watch you break right before me eyes for I have so much worse planned for you. Now lets bring on some more pain." He hit another swich and a large whip cracked her back hard. She let out a wimper but not a scream. "These whips are specially designed to cause extreme pain without breaking the skin. I want you perfect until the time is right." The whips contined to crack against her causing her more and more pain but she did not scream she had too much pride to give him the satasfaction.

"That a girl tough to the end but I will break you. Lets see what your personal file that i made says." Dr Claw began punching stuff in on his computer and brought up her file. "14 years old.....attends elementrty school yadda yadda yadda, wants to be a nurse so she can help suffering people oh please I can't wait to break you. Ah heres something I can use, is afraid of spiders." He pressed a button and a cage came out of his desk containing 5 very large turanchulas. Penny flinched at the sight of them. Dr claw picked up one and let it out of the cage. "Beautiful I engerineed them to obay my every command by thought. Now lets see what you fear!" He tossed the tank on her and the spiders crawled all over her body. She held her mouth tight and let out muffled screams as the spiders crawled all over her body. One of the spiders crawled into her ass crack well another attacked her clit with it's pincers. Two of them crawled all over her breasts. Penny continued to protest and make inner screams of agony. "What is that I can't hear you, lets open that mouth." The 5th spider crawled upto her mouth and with suprising strength opened it with it's legs. Penny summoned all the will she could and suppressed her scream. Dr Claw became angry and the spider went into her mouth and travaled down her throat. She screamed rapidly but none of them escaped her mouth. Dr Claw sighed and all the spiders came back to their cage.

"You are much stronger then I imagained but I will make you scream and beg that I swear to you. Theres something else in your file I found intresting. You do not want to have sex till marraige and have never even masterbated." Dr Claw went over to her and felt her pussy lips. He slowly slipt his finger in and felt around. Penny cringed at the new sensation she was exsperiencing. Dr Claw removed his finger. "Tight as a child oh this will be fun." He went back and pressed another button and the floor beanth her opened to reveal a massive dildo. It was 15 inches in length and 10 inches in width. Penny squirmed and tried to close her legs but Dr Claw moved the wires so her legs were wide open and over her head. Another press of a button and the dildo vibrated wildly and slowly made it's way upto her pussy. It reached her pussy lips and made a huge thrust into her vaginia. Penny's eyes widened and her mouth was forced open and she let out a scream that filled the entire room. Dr Claw smiled he had at last made her scream but she was still not broken. Again and again the dildo penerated her deeper and deeper, making blood flow from her vagina. She continued to scream and pant uncontrolably begging Dr. Claw to stop it. Dr claw would not stop and he activated anoth dildo this one about 12 inches and 6 inches wide and that one began pounding her ass.

He watched as she was being double penetrated and enjoyed her screams in what they reperesnted but grew tired on the shill sound on his ears. He actived another dildo that forced it way down her throat causing her to gag. All 3 machines continued to pound her and both Penny and Dr Claw knew she couldn't take any more so each machne thrusted as hard as possible going in the full length. Penny screamed as loud as she could and her pussy quirted juice every where. The machines retracted and went into their origional places. Penny hung there with her head low and vagina and ass bleeding. Dr Claw went over to her and forced her to look at him. "You deserved that, every last bit. But your not finished you will exsperince more than humanly possible to handel." He rubbed her pussy and licked the juices from his fingers then forced her to suck her own juices."Ew stop that tastes gross." Dr Claw smiled because he knew what would come next.

He had the wires lower her to the ground and small clamps went over her legs forcing her on her knees. He placed a small eletrical device in her mouth. "If you clamp down this will deliever an eletric shock twice that of a stun gun. Penny was confused why wouldn't he want her to clamp her mouth down. Dr Claw unzipped his pants unvaling his 13 inch penis. Penny looked at it in fear. "Now your gonna suck this and if you try anything the eletric shock will be the least of your worries." She nodded and opened her mouth wide. He placed the penis in her mouth and she obidently sucked it. Everything in her being wanted her to stop but the fear of pain kept her going. She sucked longer and deeper swirling her tounge around the shaft. Dr Claw smiled and let out a huge load in her mouth. She made to spit it all out but Dr Claw grabbed her throat. "Swollow it all or I'll kill you." She nodded and gulped it all down. "Good girl your becoming a good little bitch but I'm not looking for a lover I'm looking for revenge."

He raised her back into the air and looked at her body. "Your a mess I'm not going to fuck you like that." He grabbed two hoses and shoved one in her pussy and one up her ass. He turned a tap and boiling hot water shot up inside her. He turned her upside down and put a butt plug in her ass and a diddo in her pussy keeping in the water. "Now well your cleaning I'm going to exsplain some things to you." He picked up a large spiked paddle. "You have time and time again put a stop to my plans but that is no longer the case." He took the paddle and smacked her stomch which left a bruise but no cuts. "When I am finished with you I'm going after the world and you won't stop me." He smacked her hot ass as hard as he could causing her to scream in pain. He came up behind her and pushed the plug in deeper and began soflty talking in her ear. "I'm going to kill your uncle and before he dies I'm going to tell him what I did to his neice. How I broke her mind and body and made her suffer."

He pulled the plug and dildo out and made the machine put her in a chair. The chair clamped her hands and feet and spread them wide. Dr claw went up to her and felt her pussy lips which were wet in anticipation. He smiled and shoved his member inside of her. She screamed at first but got used to the rythem and moaned softly. "Ha look at the great Penny now actually enjoying being fucked." He turned her over and fucked her up the ass. Penny resisted but slowly began to love the sensation. Dr Claw played with her clit and she moaned with estacy. Together the two of them reached a large climax and came everywhere.

Penny turned to Dr Claw. Oh god that was good, I never imagained want it so much. Please let's work together, I'll be your little sex slave and you can do whatever you want to me whenever you want." Dr Claw smiled and felt her face. "That does sound tempting my darling." Pennys eyes widened with passion and lust but then the wires snappeed back into place holding her upright. "But I told you I'm not looking for a lover I'm looking for revenge." Suddenly dozens of sharp knives and drills appeared around her. "No please I'll do anything you want please." Dr Claw smiled "All I wanna hear from you is your aganising cries of pain and death." Penny's face filled with fear as the drills turned on and the inched closer to her. "No please someone help, Brain, Uncle Gadget, Cheif Quimby some please help me. Dr Claw smiled and turned out the door "I've got a world to claim." He closed the door as the insturments entered Penny causing a scream that could be heard thorught the building but no one else in the world could hear.

The End

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2013-09-29 03:25:23
Terrible spelling errors! Too fast and unrealistic.

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2012-08-30 23:39:31
Horrible just. Horrible nice imagination though I mean 10 inches wide come on.

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2011-10-04 02:00:46
All of that was, well.. eh. Too many errors, It went way too fast, unrealistic... Like why the hell would she sneak out anyway, thinking she could do something when she's only 14? That was silly. A complete waste of time. I mean, you got a good imagination and you have the potential to be a writer, but that was just... Silly.

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2011-09-19 02:53:29
Come on, people. 16 inches long. 10 inches wide? 12 inches long, 6 inches wide? And she's only 15? Right.


2010-03-23 04:36:58
inspector gadget was a favorite cartoon. kewl story

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