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Joe's feelings change and he has one goal in mind. Will Susan help him reach it?
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My Neighbor's Incest Part VII

Even weeks after watching Jasmin's sexual exploits with Stacy, I could still get hard in a second picturing the two teenage goddesses in Jasmin's backyard. I had watched while Jasmin turned the prudish, do-gooder into a smolder ball of carnal fire. Stacy, who had probably never made it past second base with a boy, got clobbered out of the ballpark on the tongue of her girlfriend. She went from prude, to spread eagle on a lawn chair, forcing her snatch into Jasmin's face. I masturbated regularly playing the images over in my mind. Occasionally, I would switch up and think on the mother of the sexual corrupter. Jasmin's mother must have cloned her rather than given birth to her. The thirty something year old sex machine, turned my normal teenage boy's life into a mental and emotion catastrophe. Not to mention a sexual free-for-all.

One morning not long after Jasmin and Stacy consummated their girl on girl relationship, Jasmin saw me at my locker. I was already late for English because I forgot my book and had to go get it. Jasmin trapped me between her and my locker. It quickly became clear that Susan had told her about my spy center in the attic. After her teeth released my ear, in her way too sexy voice, Jasmin said, "So, did you enjoy the show? Did you get off watching Stacy get naked? You little pervert. If you play your cards right, maybe I can set it up so you can join us next time." With that, she shoved her hand down the front of my pants and took my cock in her grip."You bad boy, no underwear. I should yank this fat pole out right here and suck you off." She whispered in my ear while tugging on my cock.

"Remember, this is our little secret. Nobody can know." With that, Jasmin took off and left me even later for English, with a hardon. I hate going to class with a boner!

As I sat in my English class, I thought there was no way once you went Jasmin, you'd ever go Joe the freshman. But, I could dream and dream I did. Twenty minutes into class I was trying to figure out how I could unload my balls in my pants without making a scene.

Two months later, there had been no three some, Jasmin, Mrs. Davis and worst of all no Susan. I had hardly seen Susan since school started. Granted, we were all busy with school and sports, but I suspected something else was going on. I suspected Susan's mother was trying to keep her daughter a virgin for a while longer. I had seen plenty of Jasmin at school. She had taken me under her wing, sort of her little freshman boy toy, project. It was making me more popular, but wasn't doing anything to satisfy my needs.

The dry spell not only allowed my hand and cock to return to their best friend status, but it had also opened my eyes to a few things. The swell of emotions and confusion that had mounted after the day with Mrs. Davis, had subsided. My heart was better able to analyze how it felt, without my little brain clouding the view. When the smoke cleared, the one thing left was Susan and my feelings for her. I missed her company. Each day that passed it had become more clear that I wanted her to be my girlfriend. I still didn't know how that could be, but I wanted to figure it out. I wanted to sit and listen to her young rambling and excited talk. I wanted to see her more than just for five minutes in the driveway or out the window as she walked from the mail box to the house.

Two months ago I had fulfilled my every wild sexual fantasy, now I needed a reality check. This reality came in the form of a few things that troubled me. I didn't know if it was jealousy or what, but the thought of Mr. Davis doing anything to Susan made me furious. I started having dreams about that day I saw him feeding his cum to his wife and daughter. In my dreams, I would jump over or run through the fence and start beating on him. Then, I'd wake up in a sweat, never knowing what happened. Like a running dream, when you can't go anywhere. I thought about it all the time, wondering what happened on their trip and what is going on over at their house, right now. I even felt bad for Jasmin, wondering if she really enjoyed it. At first in the frenzy of lust, it was exciting, but now it just didn't seem okay.

Maybe it was just from being separated from Susan or maybe I was in love with her. How could I tell, I'm fourteen!

Thursday afternoon, just one more day of school before the weekend! Phew. But, right now I was off to the most likely school event for me to miss!

Holy mackerel, look at those shorts! If I knew that's what the girls' volley ball team wore, I would have been here sooner. Wow.

I asked Susan, "When did your sister start playing sports?" She told me ever since Jasmin started hanging out with Stacy, she had turned into a jock. um, they both seem to be affecting each other. Or, should that be infecting?

My school was playing against Royal Academy and Susan asked me to meet her at the game. Her mother agreed it would be okay for her to walk to the high school from the middle school. That is, as long as she rode home with Stacy and Jasmin. I didn't want to have anything to do with a girls' volley ball game, except I'd see Susan. Once I saw the uniforms, I was very happy. The shorts were nothing short of erotic! Hooters girls, look out!

Both teams had black skin tight shorts that seemed to be spandex. The shorts hardly covered their cheeks and in some cases didn't. That was evident by many girls having to extract material from their cracks after every play. Our team had their yellow and black shirts tied at the bottom around their waist. The other team wore red and green shirts tucked in. Either way, tits protruding and asses shaking on every play! I thought I had gone to high school heaven.

Jasmin's ass took center stage for my school. Her round cheeks and extremely deep ass channel, swallowed up her shorts. Her sexy ass flesh constantly sneaking a peek from under the bottom of her shorts. The whole front row crouched down on the serve. Hands on their knees, asses stuck out behind them. Before one serve, Stacy was in the second row and Jasmin was in the front. Stacy slapped Jasmin's ass as they got ready for the play. That seemed to be a common practice among the girls, but Stacy's slap wasn't an encouraging gesture. When Stacy's hand made contact, it could be heard over all the noise in the gym. Jasmin popped up with her nipples standing at attention. She smiled one of her sinister smiles at Stacy. My balls also smiled.

The serve resulted in a return that Stacy setup Jasmin on. She leaped and spiked the ball in the face of the blond on the other side. The sheer fact that my gorgeous neighbor jumped and killed the ball like that was hot enough. But, when Stacy and Jasmin celebrated with a chest to chest jump, my mind exploded with images. Like a porn movie, the two girls started doing each other right in front of their teammates. Then the whole team joins in an all girl orgy. That is until I join in.

My erotic fantasy was interrupted by Susan's voice, "Come with me." As much as I didn't want to miss one second of the action, I actually didn't even know who was winning. I followed my young friend, who after all was the reason I came.

"Where can we go?" Susan's question surprised me, because she was leading the way. I wondered what she had in mind. I didn't want to make a huge assumption, so I turned down the empty hallway and stopped in front of a classroom doorway. There is a deep alcove in front of each classroom door. This allowed us to not be seen, unless someone walked right past.

"This is my math class. I have math third period." I felt proud in a way. Being a big freshman was nothing, except if you are talking to a middle school student.

"Joe, I think I'm going to fail math, but maybe you can tutor me? Maybe, then my mother will let me see more of you." When Susan spoke those words, it confirmed what I had suspected.

"So, your mother is trying to keep you away from me?" When I said that, Susan's face changed to one of someone caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

"Joe, I didn't mean to say that, and I don't know. Well, it just seems like she is, but I don't know. She hasn't said anything to me. But, if you help me pass math, then maybe she'll give me more freedom with you." Susan's voice trailed off, like she had already said too much.

I looked Susan over carefully and was reminded of everything beautiful I liked about her. Then we locked eyes, and I remembered what I loved about her most. Her eyes penetrated my heart and swallowed me whole. While deep in a Susan trance, I suddenly felt self-conscious. Here I was in my high school with a seventh grader. What if one of my friends sees me? What if anyone sees me?

"So, you suck at math? Do you know the square root of 69?" I changed the subject in my own mind by asking Susan a stupid question. She gave me her best, "I'm a blond" look, then slapped me.

"I don't suck at math! I'm just having some trouble. And, I have no idea!" I smiled at her vim and vigor attitude.

"It's eight something!" I didn't even care that she didn't get my joke or even know it was a joke. I was just happy to be standing that close to her.

I abandon all concerns for what anyone might think and kissed her without giving any warning. I hadn't given any thought to what her reaction might be. She might have a boyfriend by now, or not be interest anymore? It has been over two months.

Her mouth open to my tongue without any hesitation and her arms latched around my neck. She pulled herself up closer and kissed me deeper. It was clear we both had been experiencing the same void. I grasped her with both hands on her butt and lifted her off the floor. "I love you!"

We had both spontaneously blurted out the same confession of our true feelings. I smiled until my face hurt and kissed her again. I was pretty sure that all my confusion had been lifted and my true feelings had finally completely surfaced. Even though I never expected to say it, I was glad I had. I was also relieved she did the same, or I would have been left feeling very stupid.

Things were getting pretty heated between us when I realized we were actually standing in the hallway at school. I had my hand under her shirt and was playing with her tiny breast mound and her fascinating nipple. It fit perfectly between my fingers and rose as I fondled it. My mouth was watering, but I knew this wasn't the right place.

We both stepped back two feet and tried to act normal when we heard someone walking towards us. Shit, it's a teacher.

"You can't be down here. Either in the gym, or outside!" Mrs. Beck was firm, but not mean as she spoke.

As much as I had been interested in the erotic game, I didn't even hesitate as I went past the gym and out the front door. We sat next to each other on the short wall that ran the length of the front of the school. Neither of us spoke. I knew I was considering my feelings and the declaration of my love. I suspected Susan was also contemplating the same. What did this mean for us now? I was sure I had some ideas about what it should mean, but I didn't know if I should assume anything. How do I tell her I don't want her to be with her father?

"Susan, Joe." We both started speaking again at the same time. I waited a second. "Joe, I don't know how to say this, but let me try. I, well, okay here it is. I don't want you and Jasmin to, well you know what I mean? Don't you?"

"Susan, are you saying you want to be together? You know, me and you? Boyfriend and girlfriend?" I felt like a complete jackass as I tried to express myself. Probably, exactly the way a teenage boy should feel the first time he tries to establish a relationship with a girl. I guess because we had already done so much together, I expected to be exempt from this awkward moment. Now, I sat in a deafening silence waiting for her response.

"Well, yes that's what I mean. We are going to have to start over, you know? I have changed a lot since the trip to my aunt's house. I know we never got to talk about that, but we will. For now all I'm saying is, please try and forget everything you know. And, Jasmin. Well, we'll have to talk more about that."

"Okay, so when do you want to start learning the square root of sixty nine?" It helped me to lighten the mood with a joke that was only a joke for me.

The one corner of Susan's mouth curled up and one eye squinted. Then, suddenly her mouth fell wide open and her eyes popped out. "Oh, you!" Was followed by several smacks on my shoulder.

"Is that all you think about?" Susan asked with a look of concern that quickly faded to playful joy. She wasn't waiting for any answer, she already knew.

We agreed that next Monday and Wednesday, I would help her at my house after school. "As long as your mother is home, I don't think my mother will have an issue with me coming over." Susan's words held a hint of uncertainty. I guess I understood Mrs. Davis' concerns, especially after our last conversation. Not sure I can call her panting words during sex a conversation, but I got the message. She got knocked up at fifteen.

People started coming out of the school, which was a good indication the games were over. I had such a sense of joy in my heart that even knowing our time was quickly coming to an end couldn't quench it. I couldn't wait until next Monday! Susan's first math lesson.

Susan kissed me unexpectedly and said, "I have to go find my sister." She seemed to have the same stupid smile on her face that I had on mine, and a spring in her step as she started towards the school.

"Oh, tomorrow night I'm sleeping over at Mary's house. Maybe you can walk me there?" Susan asked, knowing I was going to say yes. I can't promise you'll get there on time.

"Okay, that sounds good. What time do you want to go?" I was already thinking of a place we could detour on the way.

"I have to be there at seven, so maybe six?" Susan smiled with the same knowing look I had on my face. It's only fifteen minutes to Mary's house, and if we cut through the woods, only five minutes. That is if we don't get lost.

"Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your pussy flow?" My rhyme earned me a slap from my giddy girlfriend, when we met in front of my house.

It had been a full day of smiling, following the wonderful time I had with Susan at school yesterday. Knowing she shared my feelings gave me a sense of peace. I still was going to have to deal with the problems that might come up when someone found out she was my girlfriend. Also, her mother obviously had an issue and my parents would also. I guess we'd have to do our best to act like good friends.

I hit Susan in the arm and pushed her in the direction we needed to go. At that point, I realized I was acting like a goofy kid with a crush. How appropriate for a change. "Come on slow poke." I pulled her by the arm, wanting to get away from our houses, so I could kiss her.

Once we were well out of view, I took Susan's hand and held it. I couldn't think of anything except how much I wanted to pull her close and kiss her face. "Let's stop over there and talk for a while." My statement was more of a question, because I wasn't sure Susan wanted to go in the woods and have me messing her clothes up before she got to her friend's house.

"No, we can't do that you pervert. We have to get to Mary's house." Susan's words made one thing clear, she knew what I had on my mind. But, we still had plenty of time.

"We have an hour to kill before we have to be there. Don't we?" My question was filled with the great disappointment I suddenly realized.

"Well, actually Joe, there has been a small change of plans. I need you to come to Mary's house with me. Not all night, just for a while. I'll explain it later." Susan seemed to be intentionally leaving out details because she didn't want me to be fully aware of what she was asking me to do.

"I don't..." Susan cut me off before I could express my concerns about going to hangout with her girlfriend, when all I wanted to do was grope her and swap spit until the last minute.

"I promise, it's not going to be bad. As a matter of fact, you're going to have a good time!" Her words had a certain, that's final, tone. So, I started trying to imagine what a horrible time of show and tell I was in for. Susan was going to be showing off her fourteen year old boyfriend, to her thirteen year old friend.

I knew of Mary from school, but never really got to know her well. She moved here from New York City, about five years ago. Kids would joke with her and say she must have really moved here from Italy. She is, let's say, very Italian. Her parents don't even speak English, or at least that's what kids say. I don't know that, but she has a strong accent. Then again, there are very few Italian people around here, so what do I know.

I know this, her jet black hair makes her stand out. Not to mention her gland problem. Well, that's what me and my friends call it when a girl has bigger tits than she should. I remember the first time I saw Mary, I thought she was twelve. Then, later found out she was only eight! This might not be so bad after all.

I was hoping to have an hour before dropping Susan off at Mary's house to spend getting a feel for this girlfriend, boyfriend thing. I guess I will, just without all the kissing and fondling.

When the door opened to Mary's house, I wanted to run. Two girls stood in the foyer, giggling like preschoolers on energy drink! "Come in, quick. I don't want my neighbors to see I am having friends in the house when my parents are gone." Mary said, before closing the door.

I looked at Susan like, what did you get me into? Susan returned a look. What was that, an if you love me, you'll do anything for me, look? I was so unsure about how to proceed with this dating situation. It would be challenging enough just having my first girlfriend. But, I had my first girlfriend, she was too young, not to mention I had a three some with her and her sister. Oh, and I fucked her mother twice. Now I am being lured into the home of a girl I don't know, while her parents are not home. What if her dad comes home shouting in Italian and kills me? Then, buries me in the backyard and nobody ever sees me again.

Okay, so that's over the top, but still this is not what I signed up for when I agreed to come with Susan.

Mary and Sandra led the way to the family room, where I saw yet another girl. "This is Jane." Mary blurted out pointing to her friend before plopping down on the couch next to her. Jane, forced a fake smile and then looked back down at her lap. Shy probably isn't a strong enough word to describe Jane, but I don't know any better word. Sandra sat in the lounge chair across the room, while I stood there surveying the situation. What is this about? What do twelve and thirteen year old girls do at a get together? What should I do? I looked at Susan for help, but she flopped next to Mary and started talking.

When I looked at Sandra again, she was staring right at me. Realizing she had been caught, she turned away. Sandra's face was very sweet looking. Her chubby cheeks and large dimples when she smiled made her stand out. Unfortunately, her extra hundred pounds, made it hard to notice her natural beauty. I wonder if she has one of those gland problems, or if she just eats too much?

I felt like a naked boy at a nun convention standing there. Susan had started whispering in Mary's ear, Jane was still looking down, while I stood in front of a very chubby girl who seemed to be undressing me with her eyes.

Mary leaped from the couch, "let's play a game!" As she bounded across the room to the closet, Susan got up and stood next to me.

"I'll explain all this later, but for now just play the game, please." Susan's breath in my ear made my heart race. The kiss that followed made my cock swell. I agreed to whatever.

Mary returned from the closet with a multicolored cardboard game spinner. It looked to me to be from Shoots and Ladders or Candy Land. I was glad she didn't have the whole game with her as she instructed all of us to sit on the floor around the short glass table. Mary cleared all the magazines and books, then placed the square spinner in the center of the table. "I don't have a bottle, so we'll have to use this." Mary's words flashed repeatedly in my mind.

Spin the bottle! I never played the game, but from what I had heard, it usually involved kissing the person the bottle pointed to. I kept myself from yelling jackpot, but that's what wanted to come out. I'm going to watch girls kiss each other!

Mary explained, "You spin this arrow, then whoever it points to, you have to kiss."

Jane looked like the pig before a luau as she crossed her legs on the floor. She still hadn't spoken one word, and I was sure she wasn't going to be kissing anyone. Jane was Susan's age, but she looked younger. Her skinny frame lacked any curves and her short brown hair, with bangs straight across the front, gave her a tomboy look. She looked terrified and I was sure she was going to run from the room before one kiss was had.

Susan said, "okay, I go first." Her spin of the arrow was no spin at all. She turned the arrow to point straight at me. Then, turned her head and locked lips with me, despite the protests of the other girls. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and put my hand behind her head. This only last a second, as the shouting from the other two girls made it clear they wanted to play too. Jane of course had no comment.

Mary spun next and after several rotations the arrow pointed at Jane. Mary was sitting right next to Jane, so before she knew what happened, Mary leaned in and planted one on her cheek. The extremely vocal lip smack, caused Jane to wipe her face and glare at her overly excited Italian friend.

Then, hefty Sandra gave it a spin. Her eyes looking at the arrow then at me. She seemed to be using her eyes to try and guide the arrow to my position. A look of disappointment grabbed her face as the arrow found rest between Jane and Mary. "You're closer." Sandra said as she assaulted the other side of Jane's unsuspecting face.

What should I do if I get someone other than Susan? I had started out this game imagining Jasmin and Stacy passionately making out. Now, I realized it was a game of pecks on the cheek, followed by me having to figure out how to kiss a girl, in front of my girlfriend. Why would Susan put me in this predicament? Is it a test, or does she really want me to kiss her friends?

The arrow pointed straight at Sandra. I stood because she was all the way across the table. She stood and we leaned towards each other. My lips were going straight at hers, but our noses hit together first. The kiss had to be the most awkward unsatisfying kiss the girl had ever had. That is if she had ever kissed a boy.

Susan spun the arrow this time, but stop it at me again. This time before we could kiss, Mary grabbed her. "No you don't. You have got to play fair. Let me help you." Mary spun the spinner for Susan.

After whirling around fifty times, before it stopped on Mary. It was a closed mouth kiss for sure, but it was still lips to lips. My cock started to grow instantly. Images of the two girls making out floated through my mind. Should I be thinking things like that about my girlfriend?

Jane and Sandra both seemed to notice the length and nature of the kiss. Jane's mouth was even hanging open. "What are you staring for, that's how the game is played." Mary said as she flicked the arrow again for herself.

Mary looked a little too excited as she hopped to her feet and leaned over Susan. I glanced down at Susan as my head moved towards the stunning darked skinned girl. Susan's look was nothing short of sheer joy. She obviously was enjoying seeing me squirm. This time, I titled my head to avoid another nose disaster. With her dark eyes wide open, staring straight into mine, Mary's over sized lips met mine. Before I could pull back, she had her hand behind my head and her tongue exploring my mouth. I sort of resisted, but the girl's ability to make my mouth rejoice, was too much.

"Get a room!" Sandra's voice broke off the kiss, but from the look on all their faces, it was clear they all want to say it.

Susan whispered in my ear after I sat back down. "Make sure you give Jane a kiss like that if you get a chance." I looked at her with a huge question mark on my face. I was hoping she would realize I had no idea what was going on here.

I moved next to Jane, who never even acknowledged that the arrow had stopped on her. She sat silent, looking down. I had to lean under her face and turn up to find her lips. I placed my lips softly over hers and held them there. Her lips were moist and felt nice on mine. She wasn't pulling away or turning, even after a few second of lip to lip contact.

As I placed my hand on the back of her neck, I let the tip of my tongue wet the space between her bottom lip and her top lip. To my surprise, the girl's mouth opened and freely welcomed my tongue. Her tongue was hot to the touch as my tongue strolled around her mouth. Her mouth opened wider and as her passion seemed to have been tapped into. Her tongue burst into my mouth, wandered around and then retreated. I shoved my tongue back in her mouth, and she closed her lips on my tongue, sucking it into her mouth.

"You two need to use my room?" Mary's sarcastic question made her point, and I reluctantly pulled my tongue from the sucking lips. I thought I might have even seen a smile from plain Jane, the shy, silent one.

When I stood and turned, I looked at Susan to see if I had done what she wanted, or was she going to kill me for making out with Jane. Susan's expression seemed to be one of approval, but what do I really know about reading a girl? I might be in trouble tomorrow.

After a couple more rounds of meaningless pecks on the cheek, by the girls only, everyone was getting bored. "Hey, let's play strip poker!" My outburst was in a tone that could have been serious or with a laugh, I could claim it was a joke. I really wasn't serious, but if there was the remotest chance that someone might go for it, I wanted to say it.

Susan looked at me without making a sound. Jane of course looked at her legs and gave not indication that she even heard me. Mary and Sandra, on the other hand, both said, "okay." It was a hesitant response, but still a positive one.

"I'll deal! And, nobody can go add any clothing!" I didn't plan on cheating, but I was going to make sure nobody else did.

"No fair!" Jane finally spoke. I looked to see she had shorts and a shirt on. No socks or shoes. Me and Susan, we both still had our shoes on.

Mary was the first to lose a hand and a shoe. On the second hand, I felt a tiny speck of remorse as Mary took off her other shoe. If I was a respectable person, I guess I would have told everyone that three of a kind, beat two pairs. However, I wanted to see Mary more than plain Jane, heavy Sandra or Susan. I wanted to know how much was wonder bra and how much was sweater meat.

Susan was the first one to lose a vital part of her wardrobe. I watched like it was the first time as she lifted her shirt. Her cherry red nipples puffed up in the cooler air. I must have been staring at them or drooling, because everyone yelled, "Deal!" at the same time. I couldn't wait until we finally made love. I wanted to taste every inch of her body. I wanted to spend hours exploring every single part of her flesh.

When Mary removed her shirt, she had no bra at all. To my amazement, Mary's excessively large thirteen year old breasts stood straight out without support. The wonder was the natural state of her beautiful mounds. More than I could fit in one hand. The girl's tits grew out of her naturally dark, smooth skin. They rose straight up, taut right to their amazing tips. Her nipples were the size of a fifty cent piece and almost black. Not that I had seen many, but I had never seen nipples that different.

Now my dick was hard as hell, and I realized I only had pants and underwear left. I better start cheating or these girls are going to get an eye full. Susan motioned with her eyes toward my swollen lap and smiled knowingly.

Mary was down to only her panties and sexy pink panties, they were. My heart was beating so hard I expected Susan to hear it. Sandra still had her bra and panties left. Even with just a bra, I still couldn't tell how much of her giant chest was fat and how much was tit. Jane, who started with the least, somehow still had her shorts on. Her chest was completely flat, except for two raisin sized nipples. She was motionless with her arms folded across her chest.

After Susan lost the next hand, she stood ready to drop her pants. I looked on like I was watching her undress for me and me alone. I knew one day she would do that, and we would finally do it. I think I might have moaned as the pale white folds of her pussy lips came into view.

"You're not wearing underwear!" Sandra's words made it clear why Susan looked more nervous than I would have expected her to be, before she started lowering her pants.

"That way I can have sex faster!" Susan was obviously trying to throw everyone in a direction other than her lack of proper dress code.

"You did it already!" Sandra's shocked tone indicated she didn't know Susan as well as the other girls.

"No! I was joking." Susan continued removing her pants.

"That way I can have sex faster!" I wanted to say something, instead I watched silently. I drank in every inch of her body. Her peach fuzz had become much more pronounced over the past few months. It was a work of art the way her two smooth flaps touched together to conceal the entrance to her most valuable treasure. As she sat back down and crossed her legs, I stared at her body painting a mental image to use later. It felt different now seeing her naked, now she was my girlfriend. I love her and she loves me.

Drats, there goes my pants! I knew as I lowered my pants, my tool was going to be hard to miss. I was just wondering if someone would point it out, or would they just pretend they didn't notice?

"Wow, are you happy to see me?" It figures it would be my girlfriend to make a comment that was sure to open the door for more. I got the feeling, she was trying to impress her friends.

I sat back down with my erection trying to rip through my bloomers. I'm glad I wore clean underwear without holes today. I glanced at Susan in her naked glory. Her almost invisible pubic hair led my eyes to her sealed entrance way. It was beautiful.

Everyone was nude except me and Mary, we both had our underwear. It was the final hand to declare the winner. I didn't mind them seeing my dick, but I sure wanted to see what kind of treasure was hidden behind those pink panties. Who buys their kid panties like that anyway?

"You lose, drop those undies!" When Mary finally wiggled out of her fabulous pink panties, she did it in the most seductive way she could manage. Mary's thick black pubic hair stood out as that of a woman's. Not even just compared to all the bald mounds surrounding her, she truly had a full head of pussy hairy. Her body standing there in front of me made my cock start to throb again. I stood to declare my victory and pull my pants on, while memorizing the sexy foreigner.

The distinct sound of my swollen rod slapping against my stomach followed Susan's hand yanking my underwear down. That sound was quickly followed by a few giggles, wows and an oh my god. I didn't recover from the shock for so long that it didn't make sense to try and pull them back up. I just stood there with my pride and joy hanging out for all to see. I gave Susan my best, "I'm going to kill you" glare.

Susan wrapped her tiny hand around my dick and smiled as she tried to impress her friends. She was acting her age, except in a totally not age appropriate way. After a few comments, I started to recover my clothes. "I bet I can!" Susan's words followed something Mary said, but I wasn't sure what it was. Mary's hairy mound pushed forward as she placed her hands on her hips. "Prove it!"

"All right, but what will you give me?" Susan now was obviously trying to impress her friends. But, it seemed I was going to be the beneficiary of this debate.

"I'll give you a dollar!" Mary informed Susan of the prize for doing something she would do without reward.

I watched Sandra and Jane's faces as Susan took my dick head between her lips. The two girls were without a doubt in shock. Their mouths hanging open, probably imagining they were doing it. I saw Jane's tongue run across both her lips like she was lubricating them for something. It was strange how the girl who couldn't look a boy in the eyes, was staring at my cock, salivating.

I looked down into Susan's eyes as she stuffed a few inches inside her mouth. I knew very well she would take all of it, I just hoped she would make it last. Mary's face was right next to Susan's and her mouth was also wide open. Sandra watched in utter marvel of what was actually happening before her eyes. Jane looked like she was gagging as Susan's nose met my pubic hair.

"Let me try, I bet I can do that too!" Mary's request almost made my balls eject their contents right then. It seemed this contest had become about everything except me, because Susan didn't even consult me before agreeing. "I know you can't, so what do I get then?"

My cock shined with Susan's mouth juice as Mary's terrified face approached it. Sandra was obviously just trying to figure out why she was friends with these two sluts. Jane stared in amazement while Mary's lips tasted my bulbous dick head.

She tentatively licked around the head a few times, taking it in and out of her mouth. Then she started the descent down my flesh tube. Her mouth felt completely different to my cock, not better, not worse, just different. It was hot and wet, and the entrance to her throat was tight.

Susan watched on just inches from Mary's mouth, as if she were the official judge in a very important tournament. Susan's hand moved to the back of Mary's head to try and assist her with the last few inches. Mary's gagging throat muscles were clamping down on the most sensitive part of my cock as Susan tried to force the rest inside her head.

With a gag, choke, and cough Mary said, "I can't do it!" Before she finished speaking my balls jerked and my cum flew. It was probably the hardest single blast of ball juice I had ever shot, and it looked like it must have put Mary's eye out. She grabbed her eye while turning her head and my second load of steaming seed shot right in her ear! Then a third trail of white fluid glared as it covered the girl's black hair.

Susan quickly seized my dick and took it inside her sweet little mouth. She finished milking my rod and swallowed with a smile of happy satisfaction. I wasn't sure this was the best way to prove her superiority, but I sure enjoyed it.

"Who wants to have sex?" My words were immediately followed by a slapping hand on my stomach. "I was just joking, I have got to go home anyway."

I helped Susan to her feet and pulled her nude flesh against mine. I kissed her with her soft skin press against my body. My cock was pressed into her pubic area. Like it knew how close it was to her hole, it tried to inflate. I looked her in the eyes and said, "Only with you." I kissed her again and got dressed.

I laid in my bed that night with my eyes wide open, as was my brain. I thought I knew I loved Susan. [i/"Only with you."[/i] My words were heart felt when I spoke them. But, why was I thinking about Mary's body? I tried to convince myself it was normal, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking I wasn't normal. Maybe after such a wild start at such a young age, I was doomed? What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall over at Mary's house right now. I imagined everything they had to talk about.

"Math class is in session. So, what was that all about the other night?" That was the first math question I had a couple of days later sitting at my kitchen table.

"I'm sorry. It was never supposed to go like that." Yes, it went terribly wrong. Not! I kept my comments to myself waiting for the rest of the story.

"All we had planned was some kind of kissing game, so we could get you to kiss Jane. It was Mary's fault everything went so far." Hum, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. "Jane is so shy around boys, we were afraid she would end up turning into a lezbo. We figured if she was forced to kiss you, it might help her get over it."

"I got a news flash for you, that girl has much experience kissing. I don't know if it's boys or girls she's kissing, but that girl knew a lot about kissing!" I'm not a kissing expert, but even I knew there was no way Jane would kiss like Jasmin the first time she kissed.

I stood behind Susan's chair and took her nicely forming chest into my hands while kissing her neck. "She kissed almost as good as you," I whispered in Susan's ear.

"Will you stop it! Your mother might come in here!" Susan swatted at me.

"I wonder who she's been practicing on? Oh, speaking of practice, how are you able to do what you do so well?" I spoke softly and without too much information in case there was a spy near by.

I motioned indicating something going in my mouth when Susan looked at me like she didn't get my meaning. "Oh, I started with a banana after that thing with Jasmin I told you about. Me and her would have competitions and I just learned to not gag. A banana isn't nearly as easy because it's rough at first. So, your smooth banana goes right down." My banana wanted to burst from its peel after hearing that.

I dragged Chiquita the banana slayer from her chair and headed towards the bathroom. Her struggle was minimal as was my concern for what should be my greatest fear, my mother. I closed and locked the door behind us. Susan sat on the counter with her legs opened to allow me to step between them. I started kissing her.

It was amazing how steaming hot our passion could get in an instant of kissing. I grabbed behind her butt and pulled her crotch to the edge, up against my hard cock. Only her plaid school skorts and my khaki pants separated us from sex. My encased erection ground up against Susan's pelvic bone as I tried to rip through all layers of material and penetrate my love inside her body.

Susan rotated her hips to allow my grinding cock to better service her sensitive bud and within a few minutes, she clamped down tight with her arms and legs. Her orgasm was obvious from the soaking wet fabric between us. "We better get out of here before your mother starts looking for us. I'm supposed to be learning math anyway!"

I begged with my eyes but me and my unsatisfied dick left the bathroom. "Joe, how many times do I have to tell you, I'm not ready? I told you I'm different now than during the summer." Susan's words were soft but stern as we entered the kitchen. Probably a million if that's how long it takes. I knew I was wearing her down, and I wasn't going to give up easy.

The next three math sessions went about the same as the first. Not much math, and plenty of grinding on Susan's body and her resolve. I knew I could eat her pussy, get a hand job or even a blow job, but all I wanted was to get between her legs. It felt so natural to be between her legs. Every time, I would hump her like I was fucking her and she would cum, soaking her clothes.

"Joe, I have to run to the store. You two behave while I'm gone." We will, like animals. "Sure mom, don't forget the Gatorade."

"Susan, please! You know I love you." I really didn't want to have to rush, but after weeks of trying, I was so frustrated I would settle for whatever time we had.

Susan's clothing came off without a sound from her terrified lips. She stood motionless while I removed my pants and underwear. My erection was probably as hard as it had ever been, I hoped it wouldn't go off without warning like a cocked revolver. "Susan, I love you, it's okay." My most reassuring voice and my hands guided Susan's body to the bed. I was so fucken nervous and excited, I thought my heart was going to explode.

Susan's legs bent at the knees, hung from the end of my bed as I moved between them. I laid on top of her like this with clothes on so many times, but now feeling my penis against her soft fuzz and my balls resting at the top of her pussy channel, was indescribable. I knew we were both soon going to be very different.

Even if there was time for foreplay, I don't think it would have consisted of much more. I kissed my pale faced trembling girlfriend. I gently moved my cock between our flesh, now trembling myself, knowing this was it. I was going to make love for the first time. Not sex, but make love to this fragile, sensitive creature.

With my feet on the floor, I opened her soft flaps and position my purple head against her wet flesh. It was so hot it should have seared my skin. I looked into her eyes giving her one last chance to back out. Even though that would have killed me, I wanted her to want this as much as me.

"Be careful." Susan's trembling voice said go ahead, but her face read uncertainty. I pushed my dick forward with as much self-control as I could. Nothing happened. I pushed a little harder and my brain center was surrounded by a wonderful wave of sensation. My whole body responded to the most powerful feeling I had ever experienced. Susan's body also responded, but not the same way. Her face grimaced and her legs tried to close. I remained motionless with my dick head still inside her body.

"Are you okay? Should I stop?" I would have stopped, but I was praying I wouldn't have to.

"No, go ahead. I want to make love." Susan sounded sure, but I wasn't convinced when I pushed a little bit more cock into her tiny hole. Her face screamed, "ouch!" I paused again and looked down at her stretched red flesh as it held my cock. The shock waves of pleasure flowing from the part of my rod that was surrounded by Susan's hot flesh, were pleading with my brain to force more inside. However, my heart wouldn't allow me to hurt her more than was necessary.

I laid on top of Susan's body and gentle moved my dick around, but not deeper. Susan clung to my back and opened her legs wider. I arched my back to give her a little more of my dick and she opened her legs even wider. "Go ahead Joe, take my virginity."

With my arms under Susan's back, my hands gripping her shoulders, I pulled myself up and deeper inside the tight virgin hole. There was a slight resistance, followed by a girl's cry in my ear. It wasn't a scream of pain, more like a whimper from a wounded animal. I had about three quarters of me inside Susan, and I slowly worked it in and out. I had to fight my bodies urges to shove it in as deep and as fast as I could. It was like there was some chemical released by the walls of Susan's vagina to my cock. The substance rocketed through my whole body on my nervous system, causing me to want to fuck without concern until I emptied my seed. Must be some kind of reproduction genetics built in to make sure the human race survived.

Susan held me in a bear hug with her legs now open as wide as they could go. Her soft vocal sounds seemed to be of pleasure, or at least not of pain. I increased my speed even though I knew that meant I couldn't last but a few more second. It felt so good that I wanted it to last forever, but there was no use fighting it, my body had control of my mind.

I froze, leaped to my feet and ran around in circles. "It's my mother, it's my mother!" I stammered as I dressed and collected Susan's clothes at the same time. Shoving Susan and her clothes into the bathroom I ran to the front door. She must have gone to the store right down the street.

Thank you God for Gatorade. That's all I could think as I opened the door for my struggling mother, as she carried a case of Gatorade with some other stuff piled on top. "It's about time." Was all my mother said as I took the case from her.

I wanted to cry with the realization of what had just happened. I wonder if that can count as only half our first time? "Where is Susan?" My mother asked as she put the few items from the top of the pile away.

"She went to the bathroom." I hoped my words didn't sound as pitiful as they felt. I turned to see Susan coming into the room with a "questioning" look. Like she was trying to figure out if it was safe. I looked back at her with the biggest "I'm sorry" look I could manage. My face still probably told the real story of how wonderfully horrible I felt. Am I cursed with the plaque of interrupted enjoyment?

As soon as my mother left the room, we wrapped our arms around each other and pledged our love that had been multiplied a thousand times. Even as an incomplete act, it was still making love, and it had made our love almost unbearable. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know she would be so quick," Susan motioned for me to stop talking and kissed me again. "Joe, it was wonderful. I love you so much." Susan left a little while later without her virginity or a math lesson.

My parents must have thought I was on drugs watching me the rest of the evening. I stared into my room looking at the ruffled bed covers and the indentation our bodies had left. Then I turned around and walked straight into the corner of the wall, knocking myself the rest of the way senseless. My mother asked if I was all right, but I don't think she believed my answer.

Finally, after dinner and some TV I started to come down to earth. I decided to get ready for bed and went to take a shower. I took off my pants and then my underwear. My heart stopped for a split second as the material peeled away from the dry blood on my cock! I looked at the inside of my underwear, and they were covered with blood. Shit, I'm going to have to throw these away or my mother will see them when she does laundry. I knew about this sort of thing, but I had never thought about it today. Susan's blood was all over my dick. Somehow, I figured the carrots or something would have taken care of Susan's cherry before now. It didn't make the first time better or worse, just messier.

I hid my under shorts in my room until I could get rid of them. I laid in bed remembering the great feeling and the shock when my mother came home. I was disappointed, but that tiny emotion was crushed by the love that pounded in my heart. I knew we would get another chance and that made me smile. I couldn't wait!

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