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Our firststory. Hpoe you like.
To John, Kathy was perfect. At 5’3” and 230lbs, Kathy looked as good as the day they married 30 years ago. Kathy’s hair is brown with just a little gray, which Kathy hides whenever she can. Her hair is just long enough to frame her beautiful face. Kathy has an amazing mouth and she knows how to use it on all parts of his body. Kathy’s 42D tits are the joy of his life, and they drive John wild whenever Kathy gets them out for a good sucking. Her pussy is good looking, neat, and well trimmed, ready to be eaten or fucked any time. In addition, Kathy’s ass is to die for, round, tight and ready for cock anytime. Kathy is so perfect that he took her virginity, and John has not fucked anybody else.

John is nothing special. When they first met, John was athletic, and had a full head of hair. However, the years have been kinder to Kathy then John. At 5’11” and 265lbs, John has a middle that looks better on a plumber then a runner, and what hair John has left is all gray. His dick is average, about 6”-6 1/2”, but they both learned a long time ago that you do not need a large cock to keep Kathy happy, just know what to do with it.

Over 30 years they have tried all most everything two people can do sexually, blowjob, pussy licking, 69, toys, light bondage, anal (both him fucking her ass, and her fucking him with a strap on), and every position of straight sex you can think of. They are open to almost anything, and if not for a fear of disease, would be doing all the other wild things they have heard and read about.

One night, after a great round of sex, while coming down from their orgasms, they were talking about what would be the perfect fuck. As they talked, they caressed and fondled each other and both got hot all over again. John moved up and Kathy took him into her mouth and began to suck their mixed cum from his dick. John placed his tongue on Kathy’s clit and sealed his lips around her cunt. John then licked Kathy’s clit gently, while sucking cum from her pussy. After Kathy came hard and flooded his mouth with her sweet juices, John removed his cock from Kathy’s hot mouth, turned her on all fours, and put it in Kathy’s sopping wet pussy. John fucked her hard for as long as he could last, and shot what seemed like a gallon of cum deep into her sucking cunt.

The next day they both wrote down what they wanted as the perfect fuck, and gave them to each other. The idea was that each would make the other’s perfect fuck happen within the next two weeks. This is what happened:

Kathy’s Perfect Fuck

John is working late again, and Kathy is horny as hell. She knows that he will be home soon, but decides to start without John. Kathy goes up to the bedroom and leaves the door open. Kathy gets comfortable in bed and gets out her favorite toys, the rabbit vibrator, and the glass dildo. Kathy rubs the dildo up and down her cunt opening to warm it up, and get her juices running. Kathy then picks up the rabbit vibe and turns it on. Kathy places it on her clit and moans loudly. As the vibrator stimulates Kathy’s clit and causes her pussy juice to flow, Kathy picks up the glass dildo and puts it deep into her cunt. As her cunt cream flows down the dildo and covers her hand, Kathy pulls the dildo out of her pussy and rubs it around her asshole.

After lubing her asshole several times, Kathy puts the shaft of the vibrator into her sopping wet cunt, and at the same time pushes the dildo into her wet and waiting ass. As the rabbit ears of the vibrator hit her clit, her pussy and ass both squeeze the hard shafts as Kathy’s first orgasm hits her hard. The orgasm feels so good that Kathy screams at the top of her lungs, and does not see or hear John come into the bedroom.
As Kathy comes down from her orgasm, she sees John standing there rubbing his dick through his pants. Kathy gives John a wicked smile and commands him to get undressed. Until John is completely naked, Kathy lightly plays with her cunt. John sees the cum from Kathy’s orgasm running out of her pussy and flowing over her asshole, which is opening and closing like a sucking mouth. When he is undressed, Kathy tells John to get in bed and suck her tits.

John smiles as he grabs onto those 42Ds, one in each hand, and squeezes them without touching the nipples. Kathy moans as she plunges the vibrator back into her pussy and reminds John she said suck, not play. He puts the left nipple into his mouth and begins to suck, as the nipple grows harder in his mouth. As Kathy moans louder, John lets the nipple pop out of his mouth and quickly does the same to the right nipple. While Kathy is fucking herself with the vibe, John opens his mouth wide, tries his best to put the whole tit into his mouth, and sucks hard. Kathy holds his head on her tit and tells him to suck harder as her next orgasm hits. her cum flows out of her cunt, around the vibrator, and covers her hand, John sucks as hard as he can, knowing that it will bruise, but also knowing that the harder he sucks the better Kathy’s orgasm will be.

After her orgasm passes, Kathy lets go of his head and tells him to clean up the cunt cream from her pussy and ass. John smiles as he gets between her legs, because he knows that nothing tastes better than her cunt juice. Since Kathy has just had two powerful orgasms John licks out her pussy first and stays away from Kathy’s clit, he knows that Kathy will let him know when she is ready for more. After going as deep into her delicious cunt as he could, John tongued her ass cheeks, moving closer and closer to her beautiful asshole. As his tongue touched Kathy’s perfect asshole, her ass would jump off the bed. While holding onto Kathy’s hips to keep her in place, John plunged his tongue into her backdoor, getting every drop of her cum juice he could reach.

As John came up for air, Kathy grabbed his head and pushed it back into her cunt, commanding him to make her cum. John put his lips around Kathy’s clit and gently sucked it into his mouth. He sucked on Kathy’s clit as if it were a tiny dick, and at the same time moved his tongue left to right on her clit. Kathy held onto his head to keep it in contact with her clit as Kathy bucked wildly, building to her best orgasm yet. As Kathy started to yell she was cumming, John opened his mouth, and as a reward received a flood of cunt honey that flooded his mouth and face. As he came up for air, Kathy told John that she now needed a hard dick, now.

Since his dick was so hard, John was more than happy to put all that he has into her wet pussy. Kathy was so wet that he was able to push his whole dick into her cunt with one thrust. John tried to go slow, but the feeling on his dick was more then he could handle. He began to move faster and go deeper and they were both moaning. With every thrust into her cunt, Kathy would squeeze as if trying to keep his cock deep inside her pussy. Not being able to take much more of this John grabbed Kathy’s tits and pinched the rock hard nipples as he shot load after load of hot cum deep into her pussy. As Kathy,’s cunt filled with his cum, her orgasm hit and flooded his dick with her biggest load of cream all day. Both shouted out their release as their combined juices spilled out of Kathy’s cunt, down her ass, and onto the bed. John then withdrew his spent cock and lay down next to her. They lay there with John sucking on Kathy’s left nipple as Kathy fondled her perfectly fucked cunt. As they fell asleep, they promised that next time John could have his perfect fuck.

John’s Perfect Fuck
When John got home from work on night, he found Kathy curled up in a big chair, reading porn on the internet. John asked if she found anything good, as he bent over to kiss her. Kathy gave him a deep hot kiss back. She took his hand and put it on her pussy, which was hot and wet, and gave John a slutty smile. John smiled and told her he already had dinner and was going upstairs, and she follow when she finished reading.

Upstairs, John got undressed, and got comfortable in bed. He picked up the remote and turned on the television and DVD player, and started to watch the video already in the machine. As the picture came on the screen, a hot woman and two hunks having sex, John reached down and started to play with his dick. As the scene continues, not only are the guys doing the girl, but also each other, and this begins to make John’s dick hard.

John reaches into the nightstand and get out Kathy’s rabbit vibrator. John has found out playing with Kathy that he likes the feeling of the rabbit on his cock. John turns on the vibrator and puts it on the base of his dick just above the balls. His dick jumps from the vibrations and grows harder. While John is watching the guy on the television is fucked in the ass by his friend while eating the sweet pussy sitting on his face, John moves the vibrator up his growing dick. The closer he gets to the head, the more intense the feeling get, and John moans loudly. When the action on the screen reaches its climax, John see Kathy come into the room. John smiles as Kathy takes off her nightgown and crawls over to him. Kathy reaches for the vibrator and turns it off. She then takes John’s dick into her hand, and slowly strokes it up and down while squeezing. When the pre-cum appears Kathy uses it to lubricate her hand job.

Kathy then hands John the vibrator and gets John’s favorite toy out the bed stand, the inflatable butt plug. She gets into a 69 position and tells John to make her cum while she gets him ready to be fucked. John licks Kathy starting with her asshole, all the way to her clit. He then takes the vibrator and puts the shaft deep into Kathy’s pussy, and starts the vibrations and shaft rotation. At first contact Kathy moans and jumps, and then turns her attention to John. She lubes the butt plug and places it at John’s asshole. Kathy slowly inserts the butt plug and at the same time takes John’s cock into her hot mouth.

As Kathy gets closer to orgasm, she fucks John’s ass deeper and deeper and sucks his dick harder and wetter. Just before she cums, Kathy pushes the butt plug home and gives the bulb squeeze to keep it in place. She moans as her orgasm peaks, and John pulls out the vibrator, and replaces it with his mouth to catch the flood of cunt cream that pours out of Kathy’s quacking cunt. Kathy then turns around and slides John’s cock all the way into her pussy while holding the bulb to the butt plug. Kathy slides up and down John’s hard cock, and with each down stroke, she gives the bulb a squeeze. After six squeezes, Kathy drops the bulb and leans over John in order to put her tits into his mouth. John sucks her tits hard and deep, just the way she likes it.

John sucking on her tits causes Kathy pistons faster and harder on John’s dick. With his ass full, his mouth full, and his cock in heaven, John feels cum building in his balls, and knows that he cannot last much longer. Holding Kathy down by her hips, John blasts shot after shot deep into her hot hole, feeling her use her pussy to suck out all of the sperm in John’s balls.

When John’s balls are empty, Kathy gets off John and puts her pussy on John’s mouth. She lets John know that she needs to cum yet and wants John to clean up his mess at the same time. John smiles and puts his mouth over her whole cunt. As he licks Kathy’s clit, John loves the taste of the combined fuck sauce flowing out of Kathy and into his mouth. When Kathy cums the flood pushes out the last of John’s cum, and John sucks it all up.

Kathy rolls off John and they hold each other as they fall asleep, both dreaming about what they can do now to top this.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-11-07 06:10:57
Wasn't much of a turn on. Too ugly and fat and old i couldn't quite get into it very much. Negative vote.


2011-05-31 00:36:27
Well written and presented story about a loving couple who just don't happen to be fantasy perfect. Works for me. I ain't perfect either, but the missus reckons I'll do til Mr Perfect comes along. . .and she's been waiting nearly 34 years. Thanks jandk. Positive vote

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-21 18:29:39
Gay comment.
"it takes all kinds to make the world go round"
Are you shitting me? Who says that? Are u really into this shit?

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-21 17:04:16
it takes all kinds to make the world go round reader 2009-07-19
the story may not turn you on, but it does for others, your views are not the only one in existence. if you think its gross go find something you don't think gross, and leave the ones you don't like to those who do. not a bad story jandk

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-19 22:48:59
Porn stories are supposed to turn people on, and while it was well writen, the image of these 2 fatties doing it isn't pleasant. If u re wrote the story saying they were both 100lbs lighter, she was smokin and his cock was huge, it would be amazing but as is it's slightly gross

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