Dad decides that Anna is old enough to be his girl.
Daddy Takes Anna

This story is completely fictional and any similarity to it is completely coincidental.

Hi. My name's Anna and I'm 14 years old. I'm 5' 7", 110lbs, blue eyes, long blond hair, and 32B breasts. My daddy and I
have been very close ever since my mom left us, but ever since "The Day" we've been closer than ever. I guess I should start from
the beginning.

The day was June 7, a friday. I was home at my house and dad was at work. I remember I was wearing black tights, a cute white
skirt, silver belt, and white matching top. I was watching tv on the couch when I heard the front door open. "Anna I'm home. You
here?" "Yes sir, I'm watching tv in the den."

He came in to the den and sat down next to me, rubbing my thigh. My dad is a big man: 6' 3", 200lbs, and muscular.
"You have a good day?" "Yes sir I did, and you?" "Pretty good, missed you though." "Awww thanks dad!" We had a normal
conversation like we normally do when he gets home. "Anna, do you have any plans tonight? I have something I wanted to show you."
"Ummmmm I was thinking about going to the movies, but I can stay home." I answer. "Ok perfect," he says getting up grabbing
my hand."

I knew my fourteenth birthday was coming up so I thought maybe he wanted to show me what he got me. I was pretty excited,
but I had no idea where we were going. "Where are we going, Daddy?" "I got something for you you're going to love," A big
smile on my face and still holding my dads hand, I follow him quickly. I start to think maybe we are going to the basement and
have no idea what it could be he got me. Sure enough, we get to the basement door and he asks if I'm ready. Obviously I say yes.
He hands me a blindfold and tells me to slip it on.

I immediately slip it on and he grabs my hand again. I normally am not allowed in the basement, so I figure whatever he got me
must be pretty big. I hear him unlock a couple locks on the door, not realizing that the door even had a lock. It creeps open and he
leads me down a darkened staircase, immediately turning and locking the door again as soon as we enter. "Dad can I take it off
yet?" "No!" he snaps. "Almost, just not yet sweetie,"

He leads me to the base of the stairs and he fatherly wraps his arms around me. I feel him gently pull my arms behind me and then
suddenly I feel cold metal on my wrists and the click of handcuffs. "What the hell dad?" "Baby you know I love you. Daddy loves
you so much," I am freaked out and confused now. He leads me over to a chair and forcefully sits me down. "Daddy I'm so
confused. Just tell me what you're doing I say still not expecting what is to come. All of a sudden I feel him tightly wrapping
ropes around my ankles and waist, tieing me to the chair. I try to squirm away, but I don't stand a chance against this big man.

I feel Daddy's hands on my face as he slides my blindfold off. I was shocked by the scene I saw next. I was surprised to see
myself in a large room with pink walls, a large screen tv, wood floors with a large rug, a bed, and a ton of pillows. I also so a
dresser with a ton of drawers, other furniture, shackles on a wall, and in the middle of the room was shackles hanging from the
ceiling. "What the fuck is this place, Dad" I say very nervous at this point. Daddy then kneeled down in front of me and put
his hands on my knees. "Baby, your in daddy's sex dungeon. I know that sounds scary but it really isn't. You will learn to enjoy
it I promise." "Daddy I want you to let me go right now or I'm going to start screaming." "Go ahead princess. Those are
soundproof walls he says laughingly pointing. "Are you a virgin, Anna?" I don't answer. Well I can just check he says as he
lifts up my skirt. Yes dad I am! "Good girl. You need tto learn to answer me the first time and do what I say. Or else..... you get
hurt honey he says as he brings his hand back and slaps me. Owwwwwwww daddy that hurt. He begins to stroke my face with his
hand. "Then don't make me do it baby."

"Oh. Look what I picked up for you." Daddy pulls out a shock collar and places it around my neck, locking it on. He shocks me
lightly. "Please don't do that" I scream. "I just want you to know what happens when you dont behave." Dad pulls out a long,
sharp, scary knife. I close my eyes thinking he's going to hurt me. Baby you're fine. I'm not going to hurt you he tells me as he
pulls my skirt up and begins to cut away at my tights. I start to cry. "Dad Please!" "Baby I want you to be quiet or I'm going
to have to shock you a again". I instantly stop making noise, but my tears still roll down my cheeks.

I look down and see my tights cut away and my Victoria's Secret panties showing. My dad starts to rub my clit through my panties.
I've never been with a boy before and I hardly ever masturbate, so this feels very, very good, but I try not to show my
enjoyment. I close my eyes. He continues to rub me but he leans in and kisses me on the lips, without me realizing what he is doing.
He startles me and I keep my lips closed. Daddy pulls off and picks up the remote. I immediately begin to appologize and he
just says to make it up to him. He told me I better kiss him like I would a boyfriend or I was getting shocked. He came back
into me and plunged his tongue deep into my mouth. At first I just sat there, but then I remembered the collar on my neck and I
began to kiss back. After a minute or so he pulled off again and said that I did great. "Sweetie if you keep behaving this good,
this night is going to fly by in no time and will be fun for both of us. I promise"

Once again, he picks up the knife and proceeds to cut away my top. He rips the tattered remains of my top off, my bra is all
that stands between him and my sweet, young breasts. He brings the knife right between my boobs and cuts the rest of my bra
off as I begin to cry again. Its okay sweetie he says as he quits rubbing my clit and massages my breasts as he sucks and nibbles
on my nipples. "You have very nice tits, Anna. Very firm."

After he was satisfied with my tits, he moved back down between my thighs and slid my panties to one side, revealing my vagina.
"You werent lying about being a virgin Anna" he says as he pulls my lips apart and studies my slit. I tense up as I feel a finger
slide into my tight cunt. "Ohhhhhh," "Anna, you are so damn tight. We are going to have some serious fun later," he says menacingly.

I could feel my juices begin to drip out of me. He started having me suck my juices off his fingers. I hated the taste, but its not
like i could complain. "Now Anna. Have you ever given head?" "No sir," I say hoping he won't make me," "Well just do your best
then," He throws his pants and boxers to the ground as a 9 inch erect cock pops out just before me. This was the first cock I had
ever seen in real life. He climbed onto me and straddled my lap as he begin to insert his shaft into my mouth. "Use your tongue
sweetie," Very little gets in before I begin to gag and choke uncontrollably. "Thats my girl" he moans as he rapes my throat with
his massive cock," After about three minutes of this, I hear him moan and tighten up as he pulls out of my mouth and begins to
shoot his massive load all over my eyes and face. I hear a camera going as he takes pictures of me. You look so pretty baby.

Without any warning, daddy begins to take off the ropes tying me to the chair and helps me stand. My face covered in cum and my
hands still handcuffed, I am led over to the bed and layed down on my back. Holding the remote, my dad uncuffs me and proceeds
to cuff my hands to the bed. I start to cry again, my tears mixing with his cum. He pulls all the remaining clothes off of me and
begins to roughly finger me again. i try and hold back the little noises I keep making, but I just can't. I know he hears me and
likes it. "I'll be nice tonight baby" he says as he pulls out a bottle of lube out of the dresser and covers his cock and my pussy
with it. With both of his hands on my hips, he scoots closer to me on the bed. "Get ready babe. This is going to hurt," I feel his
head enter me and thats not too bad, but he instantly follows that with another two inches. He fucks me with just two inches for
a second and then rears back and plunges his whole penis into me. I let out a massive scream as my cherry is destroyed. I can see
the excitement on his face as I scream. "Yea princess, take it all!" he yells at me.

I continue to scream and moan as I get closer and closer to orgasm. Daddy continues to plow threw me with no sign of stopping.
With no warning, he pulls out and covers my tummy and tits in more of his cum. Once again, he kisses me on the lips and leaves me
tied up as he walks over to the dresser. He shoots me a sly smile, slides open the top drawer, and pulls out..........


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