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After stumbling accross some videos of her best friend fucking a black guy, she starts to fantasize about fucking him herself. I hope she wanted what she got!
My wife and I had always joked about having her fuck a big, black cock and how much she wanted it. You know, typical kinky sex talk. We had a great sex life, but we both also knew how wet she could get even thinking about it. A few months ago a friend of hers started dating a black guy names (of course) Tyson. He was a really nice guy and we all got along any time we got together.

It wasn’t until one day that Katie was over at their house walking the dog while they were away for the weekend, that she found some videos on their computer that were shocking to say the least. My wife didn’t feel like she was snooping, even though she was, because they had left them as little icons on the desktop available to be found very easily. They were home videos of Nikki and Tyrone having sex, giving head and other private sex acts. I’ll admit that I hate Nikki just a bit, but seeing her take a load to the face with a smile was awesome! There were three videos in total and the first thing Katie did after watching them, was burn them to a disc and take them home to show me. And the first thing I noticed was just how fucking big Tyrone’s cock was! It wasn’t just me either. In each video it was all Nikki could talk about and who could blame her! I was impressed she could fit most of it into her pussy and her squealing and moaning was convincing that she couldn’t possibly fit anymore in. Nikki had an athletic body but a small ass. She was blonde and in my estimation a fairly stupid and annoying girl. Of course that didn’t stop me from enjoying her cumming repeatedly on video.

After watching the first few minutes and seeing the giant cock on screen, I tore my eyes away from Nikki on her hands and knees, polishing his huge member, to tease my wife.

“So how long did it take you to cum?” She tried to play stupid at first, but eventually admitted to me that it took her less than three minutes of the first video with her hands down her pants to make herself cum hard. We started fooling around immediately as I could tell that the video we were watching was making her horny right then. We fucked hard that afternoon and joked about her being able to take the black monster better than her friend. She had a better and bigger ass than Nikki and bigger tits even if she were softer around the middle. We joked about how black guys liked bigger girls. Katie wasn’t fat at all and she would hit me for even suggesting it. Plus we both knew that Nikki didn’t let anyone fuck her in the ass and my wife loved it.

As the week went on, I noticed that the video player on our computer always had the videos on the top of the playlist and when I checked the last time they were played I realized that it wasn’t by me. My wife was still watching the videos on a daily basis! We were still fucking daily but I had never seen her so turned on by anything before. We, of course, would never tell Nikki that we saw the videos or that she never looked happier than she did with a big load running down her face, but always the one to suggest new kinky ground to explore, I prompted Katie do something about fixation.

I told her I wanted a video of her fucking this big cock and told her just how to do it. At first she didn’t take me seriously and treated it like nothing more than dirty sex talk; cumming wildly at the thought. Finally realizing that I was indeed serious, she started to ask questions about everything. Some were about us and how we’d deal with this after wards, but most were about the specifics of how she was supposed to do it.

Tyrone was a plumber and it was easy enough to ask him as a friend to check out this leaking faucet. That was all it would take to get him to come over. As far as I was concerned, that was all it was going to take. My wife was hot and horny and it was doubtful that Tyrone was going to resist her big plump booty. I only wanted her to set up the video camera in the corner so I could watch it all after wards. There seemed to be something poetic about watching them after seeing him fuck Nikki on video.

So we asked him to come over and set up a time in the afternoon when I’d be at work. Katie feigned being nervous but I knew she more excited than anything else. I went out and instead of going to work, stopped by Nikki’s work and saw if she was available for lunch. Despite not liking her at all, we had always flirted heavily and again it seemed perfect to be there flirting with her over lunch at a caf?hile her man fucked my wife at home.

When I came home, Katie was asleep in bed, naked on the covers. By the computer was the recorder which I plugged in and started to watch.

As planned, the recorder went just before he came out of the bathroom and walked into the living room where she was sitting. Dressed in jeans and a tight tank top, she lounged on the couch pretending to read a book. Tyrone came into the edge of the frame and put his bag down, walking over to the couch.

“All right, looks like I’m we’re all finished up here!”

Katie looked up, “And you fixed it?”

“Yup, just a busted washer. It happens all the time with these models, nothing serious. They just wear down eventually and need to be replaced. So I had to remove the faucet and get into the wall, replace the broken piece with a new one.”

Katie pretended to be interested, but I knew she was more interested in what else she could fix. “That’s awesome! Thanks so much, I really appreciate this”

He waved it away, “No big deal, really.”

I knew she thought it was a big deal. She got up from the couch and walked over to her purse, bending over at the waist to get his attention and it worked. The camera caught the leer on his face, the kind of thing most guys would if they weren’t being watched. “So what do I owe you?”

He thought for a moment, “Let’s say fifty for parts and make it another hundred for labor? One fifty’d be cool.”

Gathering up her courage, she stood up, turned around and showed him an empty wallet. Her voice quivered slightly. “Looks like I don’t have any cash right now.”

He shook his head, “I know you’re good for it. You can just pay me later.”

She edged a little closer to him, breathing shallow and said, “Maybe I can work it off, right now.”

Before he could say anything, she pressed her mouth against his and kissed him deeply. Taking his hands in hers, she placed them on her hips and let him reach back and squeeze her ass. As they made out, thrusting each others tongues into the others mouth, she started to undo the fly on the front of his pants. Reaching inside she hauled out the monster, letting his pants fall to the floor. It quickly got hard in her hand as she pumped it to life. Her fingers and thumb couldn’t even touch when she wrapped her hand around the shaft, it was so big!

Breaking away from their kissing, she dropped to her knees and put her lips mere inches away from the big cock. She pointed the head straight at her mouth and panted a little, still stroking the full length of it and wet her lips.

“So what do you think?” She asked innocently. “Is this going to pay the bill?”

“You might even have some credit left over.” He didn’t miss a beat. Neither did she. His head rolled backwards as she started to lick his cock, starting with the tip and then the shaft and finally swallowing as much of it as she could down her throat. She was meticulous to make sure her tongue covered every square inch of his throbbing member.

Katie loved to suck cock and often practiced deep throating me. I’m not small by any measure but it wasn’t long before her insatiable appetites had her forcing her nose to touch my stomach and sticking her tongue out to lick my balls. I loved to see her choke on my cock as she pushed it back, past her molars and it pressed against the back of her throat and bent the tip downwards like she was going to swallow me completely. The tight feeling of her throat muscles constricting against me was unbelievable and it always took all my concentration not to cum down her throat.

That was nothing compared to what I was watching on this screen as my wife tried again and again to force this big black cock into her face. From the angle of the camera I was still able to make out her throat bulging out as she worked his giant python inches deeper than I had ever been. Her eyes bulged when she couldn’t breathe and came up for air coughing and sputtering. She was holding onto his hips and using him to fuck her face pretty hard now. It was really something to see!

Drool had left stringy trails all over her shirt and a wet front of her tshirt that now clung to her nipples. She pulled back for a moment and pushed him back onto the couch to sit down. She pulled his pants from his legs and then standing in front of him, slowly pulled her wet tshirt from her body and letting it drop to the floor. In a small gesture that I almost didn’t see, he twirled his finger in the air asking for her to spin. She didn’t hesitate for a moment and even smiled directly into the camera when she passed the lens!

Facing back to him, she went to move forward to continue their fun, but he stopped her. He stroked his cock in front of her for a moment. Possibly unconsciously, her hands ran up and down her body, pulling on her nipples and ending up down the front of her pants. Her eyes stayed fixated on his huge member as he stroked it in a steady rhythm. Her hands moved faster. She was clearly very turned on.

I heard her speak quietly, “Can I please continue servicing you now?” He shook his head.

“Not yet. I want you to cum first.”

“Yes sir,” was the immediate reply. Her hands moved faster and her breathing became harder as she brought herself closer to climax.

“Oh god, I think I’m going to…ahh ahh! I gonna…” She was clearly about to explode in her pants and orgasm standing right in front of him!

“Tell me what you’re thinking about.”

“Oh fuck! I’m thinking about your big black cock inside me! Fuck! Ahh! I’m … I’m thinking about fucking your huge fucking cock deep inside… oohh oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cumming right now! Aaaaahhhh! Yeah! Mmmmmm!” Her body shook and her legs looked like they were going to give out from under her, but she stayed up somehow, now teetering back and forth and out of breath.

He smiled approvingly and held his cock out for her. She took a couple unsteady steps and dropped down onto her knees and continued sucking his cock.

This was incredible! I couldn’t believe what I had just seen! I thought I might see my wife enjoying fucking another man, but this was something else! She had given in to him completely in a way I hadn’t thought about. She was worshiping his cock, first by exposing herself on command and cumming on her own hand in front of him for his amusement and now on her knees sucking him off! She was attentive and thoroughly enjoying herself, taking her time as she slowly persisted in getting as much black dick in her as possible. She’d come up for air and then part her lips, letting the head run along her tongue and then down her throat inch by inch until all but the last two inches had disappeared. Each time she pulled it out she’d let out a moan of satisfaction or inhale sharply as he pinched nipples.

Standing up again, she unzipped her jeans and pulled them down facing the camera so that when she bent over, her big ass was in his face. She looked straight into the camera, mouth hanging open, face wet from slobbering all over his big tool. She was wearing a bright green thong and after stepping out of her jeans, she was treated to a loud slap as he connected his large hand with one of her round and meaty ass cheeks. He slapped her on the ass again to watch it jiggle. She giggled like a naughty school girl and stood up, turning around.

Straddling his lap, she pulled aside the green thong and helped move his cock into place at the entrance to her now sopping wet pussy. She was kissing him passionately as she rubbed the tip against her clit. Writhing in ecstasy she continued to tease him by easing his cock into her entrance and then backing away.

Finally, when he had had enough, he grabbed the fat on her hips hard causing her to gasp in pain and started to guide her down onto his pulsing member. He was big and stretched her as she sunk further and further down, impaling her. She had froze now, moaning and crying out, but letting him enter as he saw fit. It was everything she had wanted and a few inches more!

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed. “I’ve never had something this big inside me before!” She still had at least three inches she couldn’t fit, but she had reached her maximum limit. She was completely filled.

“Are you okay?” He asked, loving every moment.

“It hurts, but it’s so good.” She bent down to kiss him again as she started to slowly move up and down on him. It was hard to tell if it was her sliding along his cock or whether he was still forcing her with his string hands. Whatever it was, she was fucking him slowly now, as deep as she could take him again and again. It suddenly occurred to me that they weren’t using a condom! She was riding bareback and it wasn’t just fucking now… as they kissed deeply swapping spit and touching tongues it became obvious they were making love. My sexy little wife was out of her mind making love to the biggest black cock she had ever seen.

She started to cum and he held her tight as she threw herself around, spasming and groaning in rapture. They made love like this for ten minutes, her grinding against his cock as far as she could manage while moaning things like, “It’s so deep! It’s hitting my cervix again! Fuck!” She came three times like this before he started to buck against her, trying to get himself as deep inside her as possible before blowing his load. He sucked on her titties and held her fast as she rode him.

“Are you going to cum?” she asked, pulling his head away from her chest.

“Yes,” was the simple reply. She giggled and continued to fuck him rhythmically.

She seemed to slow down for a moment, “Wait, we don’t have protection!” She seemed genuinely concerned, but he didn’t stop pumping her.

“No we don’t.” He didn’t care! He was too far gone at this point and wasn’t about to stop. It was up to my wife to stop it.

“You want to cum into me?” I couldn’t believe she was asking! What was going on? She started pumping back against him. “You gonna fill me with your seed? Gonna make me cum again… with your cum filling me?” He just kept fucking her faster and faster. His hands moved off of her hips and it became quite clear that my sweet wife was doing all the work now!

She turned to look at the camera again, smiling when he grunted that he was cumming and seemingly timed to coincide with his erupting cock as it drained his balls, spraying his load along the walls of her baby maker, coating her insides, she too climaxed harder than any of the previous orgasms. Her body twisted as it wildly bounced off of his cock again and again like a desperate animal as she tried to pump every last drop of his baby gravy into her fertile womb.

Looking at the camera she said things like, “I can feel it inside me. I can feel our cum mixing right now.”

Panting, she collapsed onto him and they lay there for a moment, trying to catch their breath. I didn’t even know what to think. I watched as his softening cock slid out of her and she rolled to his side on the couch.

Cum dribbled out of her visibly and it was clear that she had as good a chance of getting pregnant as she was likely to have.

Tyrone jumped up and pulled his boxers up. He had cum and the magic and lust was now over. All that remained was the awkwardness he felt from this very unusual situation. Rather than deal with this, it was pretty obvious that he just wanted to leave and not discuss it.

“You’re going to leave now?” Katie asked from the couch.

“Uhh, yeah I think so,” was the unsure reply.

“You know, I saw the videos on your computer of you and Nik.” Why was she bringing this up?

“You did?”

She nodded. “It was really hot watching you fuck her and cum on her face.”

He slowed down. “You liked that, huh?” She smiled and nodded again. “If I had known that…”

She interrupted, “I thought I’d be able to take more of you inside me than she could.”

“I think you did pretty well, baby.” Was she trying to get him hard again?

“I think I can take all of you inside me if you promise to pull out this time and cum on my face.” She was serious. She had just cum four times and she wanted more cock!

“I don’t know... it seemed like you reached your limit, but I’d be happy to give you another shot, except we’re all out of power,” referring to his limp cock.

If there’s one thing that is very difficult for a man, it’s to get hard immediately after blowing your load. It’s not impossible; all it needs is the right motivation. Tyrone simply wasn’t aware that my wife knew exactly what she was doing. Just offer him what all men want.

Turning on the couch so that her ass was up in the air and her face was down on the cushions, she pulled aside her now stretched out g-string and rubbed her soggy and stretched out pussy, dipping three or four fingers in at a time to get them wet.

She was still looking at him as she exposed herself to him. “Nikki never lets you fuck her boney ass, does she?” She slipped one of her fingers into her puckered asshole, then another, getting it wet. “I know she doesn’t because she told me. Unless she’s lying. Have you ever plowed her ass, baby?”

As she was talking, you could see Tyrone shift slightly. He was getting hard again alright. His boxers lifted like a tent. She loved the results!

“That’s why she could never take all of you inside her. She didn’t have this big ass! That’s what you need for your cock; a thick white girl’s booty that you can slide all the way into and just pound away.”

Katie loved the dirty talk and she loved the rough fucking and it now looked as though she was going to get what she wanted again. Tyrone dropped his boxers to the floor and walked over to her raised ass stroking the monster again.

“Good boy”, she chided him. “After you fuck my ass, I want you to cum all over my face. Okay?”

He slapped her hard on the ass, leaving a red hand print. “Yeah. You fat ass white girls are so stupid. You want to be ass fucked and slapped around? You want to be marked and owned? You gonna get it!” Katie simply giggled idiotically and spread her ass cheeks with both hands.

He spit on her asshole and started to press his head against her sphincter. There was nothing gentle about this anymore. This wasn’t love making, it was hard core fucking! Within a few seconds, the head popped in. Katie gritted her teeth and let out a small cry of pain. Pushing an inch more into her, Tyrone grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.

“Does it hurt, baby?” he said in a mocking tone.

“Yes! I fucking love it! Give me more!” Her fingers dug into her ass fat as she tried to help him push his gigantic cock inside her ass.

“Push harder!” He was now just telling her what to do. If she didn’t comply immediately, another hand left its mark on her big ass. “This ass is so tight, sweetie! Can you feel the skin stretching around my prick? I don’t know if it’ll ever be tight again!”

With that, she got up on her hands and knees and lunged backwards a couple inches more onto his cock.

“Yes!” she exclaimed.

“Is that what you want? To be a used up anal whore for black cock?” he let go of her hair and wrapped an arm around her neck, putting her in a choke hold. “Tell me!”

Through gritted teeth, Katie spat out an affirmative and using the arm around her throat for leverage he thrust the last five inches into her all at once. She screamed out, but before she could take a moment to realize what had happened, Tyrone was madly throwing his big black hammer into my pretty wife’s ass, stretching it to seemingly unrealistic proportions.

“I’m making a home in your big, fat, white ass! Black cock lives here now! Who owns your ass?”

“You do! Yes! Yes! Black cock owns my ass! I’m a nigger cock junkie! Fuck me harder! I want to cum again!” Dropping the “n bomb” was a surprise not only to me, but to Tyrone too. He looked pissed!

“Stupid white bitch! You cum when I say so! White girls are always so kinky! You get off watching your friend cum on my cock? I know you did! Thought you were better than her right? She couldn’t take it all, but you can take it all, right? Right up your tight ass! You want to be demeaned so you can feel cheap and dirty, right?” He kept hammering away on her to her utter delight!

“Yeah! Yeah! Make me cum! Make a home in my white ass for your nigger cock!” God it looked like it hurt, but she wanted it so badly!

“Yeah, well it’s time to clean house then!” He pulled the length of his ebony pole from her ass and came around in front of her and pushed it toward her face. “Clean it!”

Katie didn’t look like she was ready for this, so when she hesitated a moment, he grabbed her by the hair and forced it into her mouth. It was done and it didn’t matter anymore, so she angrily sucked and licked her ass off of his cock. “Now that’s a good girl!”

Taking his cock back around to her ass again, he pushed the entire thing in to the hilt in one swift motion. Katie looked pissed now but even lustier. Her ass must have been getting numb from the harsh pounding she was receiving as well, because she didn’t really flinch when he slammed his tool back in her ass! Instead she drooled onto our couch and moaned appreciatively through her teeth at the work that was being done on her.

Back and forth from her ass to her mouth he would go, occasionally stopping to get her to gape her asshole open for him. It was amazing! Her ass just stayed open, leaving such a big hole, you’d wonder if it would ever close again. Time and time again she spit polished his cock and fucked her ass loose on his cock.

Finally, he told her to put her hand on her clit and start rubbing. “You know sometimes in bed, Nikki will ask me if I’d fuck you. We bring you to bed with us, see? You told her you take it in the ass and she told me. She’d ask me what I’d do to you, so that she could cum when I told her. She wants to eat you out and she wants to watch us fuck. What do think of that, huh?”

Katie’s hand started moving faster. “She wanted you to see us fucking too, so I convinced her to leave some videos on the desktop. Make it all risky and kinky. Maybe you’d find it and maybe not. But you did.”

My wife’s hand was a blur as she ground it down onto her clit. “We knew you found it, because we set up a camera for the weekend. Last night and every night this week I fucked Nikki six ways from Sunday so she could cum while we watched you stand in the middle of the room with a hand down your pants, making yourself cum like right now!”

That was it. Katie let out a long, guttural groan and cried out as she ground her ass down against his giant pillar. Her ass was slimy now from her saliva and her legs quivered from the perverse thought of her friend watching her cum. She didn’t even feel human anymore, just a fuck beast getting off. It looked glorious!

Tyrone quickly pulled out and aimed the monster at her face, unloading thick gooey gobs of cum in strings that landed across her face and rolled down as she lay spent on the couch trying to catch her breath. I wondered how awkward it would be now!

As it turns out, it really wasn’t. Tyrone didn’t say another word and just put his pants on and left. Katie didn’t say anything either and instead made one attempt to get up, but her legs just didn’t want to work. After a few minutes recovery, she picked herself up and stumbled over to the camera looking fearful and ashamed of her actions and plastered in another man’s cum. She couldn’t get rid of the tape, I knew it was being made and she couldn’t edit it. It was all there for me to see when I got home.

For her part, she had left the camera out for me and then went straight to bed to pass out, not bothering to clean her face. I climbed into bed after watching several key moments over again. I asked her if she had fun. She said she did and asked if I saw the tape. I said I had and pulled the blankets off of her. My hand slid down her back and into the crack of her ass, probing it. It was so fucking loose. Katie said she was tired but I could take her if I wanted to. I told her I’d be quick, that I just wanted to feel how stretched out she was. I came quickly and she didn’t really feel any of it she said.

Over the next few days I fucked her ass repeatedly while watching the video. By now it was pretty sore and she felt so much more, but she had her fun and this was about me! We didn’t know what to say to Nikki the next time we saw her. We didn’t know what Tyrone would tell her. So we decided to avoid them for a while, but we wouldn’t be able to avoid them forever.

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my wife Shyamala, a conservative Indian visited me in Zambia. While I was at work, every day, she invited the black gardener Michael into the house and had sex with him. I should have realised that she was fucking a black man because her pussy was becoming cavernous. It was when she gave birth to a mixed race daughter that I realised that she was addicted to fucking blacks....WE ARE NOW DIVORCED, and I'm now bisexual

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my wife Shyamala, a conservative Indian visited me in Zambia. While I was at work, every day, she invited the black gardener Michael into the house and had sex with him. I should have realised that she was fucking a black man because her pussy was becoming cavernous. It was when she gave birth to a mixed race daughter that I realised that she was addicted to fucking blacks....WE ARE NOW DIVORCED, and I'm now bisexual

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2010-10-30 01:21:02
my wife Shyamala, a conservative Indian visited me in Zambia. While I was at work, every day, she invited the black gardener Michael into the house and had sex with him. I should have realised that she was fucking a black man because her pussy was becoming cavernous. It was when she gave birth to a mixed race daughter that I realised that she was addicted to fucking blacks....WE ARE NOW DIVORCED, and I'm now bisexual

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wow..loved that story. reminded me of my wife
Judy, as she always dreamed of fucking a black guy.
So for her twenty second birthday I brought one home.
She took him into our bedroom and fucked him silly...
When he left, I went see my wife's cunt, white,
thick cock cream was dribbling out of her cunthole...
he musta shot nearly a litre into her womb...the bastard.
She just laid there smiling and thanking me.

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