A story of what happened with my wife and I when she was drunk.
"Karen's drinking problem"

Remember that this is fantasy written for adults not children. If any of the stories come close to anyones reality, it is purely by chance. I hope you enjoy the story.

My girlfriend Karen had a drinking problem but I didn't mind. She liked to drink to the point of passing out almost every night of the week. None of her coworkers or family knew this of her because she only did it when we were home alone.

I didn't mind because she kept our home clean, usually cooked a decent meal for us and liked to have vigorous sex just before passing out for the night. She was a great lay and had no objections to trying new things. We had tried everything we could imagine from anal to bondage to cross dressing. We loved it all if it ended in orgasms.

She had a nice tight pussy that she kept shaved clean, a nice lean waist and a great looking ass. Her breasts were those C cups that just about stood up and saluted. Yes, she was cute, had a killer body and loved any kind of sex. She was not your average 25 year old woman.

What usually happened was when she was about as drunk as she was going to get she would get down in front of me, pull my pants off and give me head until I was good and hard. Then it was up to me to direct her to which ever way I wanted to please her.

Our favorite positions were doggy style, missionary or 69. Meaning that sometimes I'd just give it to her hard and fast bent over the back of the overstuffed couch with her feet off the ground, sometimes on her back with her feet over my shoulders and sometimes with us munching each other 69 fashion. We strayed from these three all the time but these were the ones we liked the best.

I always had to make sure I got off first if we 69'd or she would pass out without pleasing me. She had a habit of biting down on my cock if she was coming while sucking me. She did a great job sucking me when drunk and she loved to make a show of swallowing it all. She really seemed to like it but maybe it was because I did a good job on her at the same time. Me, I just love munching on a shaved pussy. I always made sure she had 3 or 4 screaming orgasms before she would pass out for the night.

The few times when she did come first, she would pass out right on top of me. I would have to slide out from under her and carry her to bed and finish fucking her on the edge of the bed. She didn't mind because she wanted to make sure I was taken care of. She was one of the few women that understood that the way to a mans heart is through his cock.

Once in a while she would want to switch and have me eat her out after fucking her doggy style. The first time I wasn't sure about it but after that time it didn't bother me at all. It actually seemed to taste better with my cum in there. You can't let a little thing like that bother you. Hell, we'd licked each others asses, feet and every other inch of each others bodies, what was a little cream added to it. She loved me and never tried to make fun of me for it. It was just another variation for us.

I came home from work one day to find that Susan, her coworker, had left her dog Ace there for the week. She had to go out of town on short notice and needed a dog sitter. Karen volunteered without ever seeing the dog. Well, when Susan brought him over to drop him off Karen saw he was a big male Rottweiler. She was a little worried at first but we found that he was a big baby and got along with us just fine.

We played with him on the floor and played fetch with him in the back yard. When we came back in the house Ace ate then laid in a corner and slept. He must not have been used to that much activity.

After dinner Karen started drinking her gin and tonic while we watched some TV. In a couple of hours she was feeling no pain and came over to me gave me a big wet kiss while rubbing my crotch. She unzipped my pants and pulled them and my underwear off my legs. She pulled her blouse and bra off and started rubbing her tits up and down my cock. Every time my cock head would show above her tits she would give it a big lick. Then she slid down and started a slow rub with her hands while sliding her face all around my crotch. By this time I was hard as steel.

She started to suck slowly up and down and all around my hard cock, even taking my balls into her mouth one at a time. Once and a while she would deep throat me getting me close to the edge but not letting me go over. When she thought I could last no longer, she stopped. This time she told me she wanted my tongue in her box. She was in the mood for munching and wanted to swallow my cum. She told me she was going to ride my face.

We rolled to the floor and got into position with her on top of me. She liked me to put a big pillow under my head so she could grind my face better. She was so drunk that she almost kneed me in the head. She started sucking me so hard I thought she would pull the head of my cock off. I had no idea what had got into her. I licked and sucked her from asshole to navel. She was going wild. She was creaming all over my face and I was eating it up. I loved the taste of her cream. I didn't know what was fueling this fantasy but I was with her as long as I could hold on.

I was closing in on my orgasm and could tell Karen was too when I noticed that Ace had got up and moved close to us. He was close enough to smell Karen's sloppy wet pussy. He was sniffing the air about a foot away from Karen's ass. He was inching closer and I wasn't sure what to do. I was so close to coming that I didn't want to stop, no matter what Ace had in mind.

Ace kept inching closer as I inched closer to my orgasm. I could see that his rather large cock was showing . It looked red, wet, about 7 inches long and fatter than mine. It was hypnotizing me swaying underneath him. Apparantly the smell was exciting him.

I moved to concentrate on Karen's clit and Ace moved right in and gave Karen a tentative lick. Then he licked her from where I was working to her ass hole. Karen was jumping to his licking. I wasn't sure if she had any idea what was happening but I could tell she liked it. Every time Ace would lick her pussy she would suck hard on my cock.

Just as I was closing in on what seemed like an extra good orgasm Ace stepped over us and started humping. His cock was just above my face poking around looking for a home. It was hitting me in the face and her all over her ass. I thought for a moment that he was going to poke her in the ass hole.

As Ace's cock got closer and closer to Karen's pussy I lost it and started cumming. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to cry out my pleasure when somehow Ace lined up and his cock slid right into my mouth. He slammed in deep almost choking me with his thrusting. He quickly started fucking my mouth half choking me. I was powerless to stop him because I was cumming hard as ever. I couldn't escape because Karen was holding me in place with her grinding crotch. She was trying hard to cum with me.

Luckily my orgasm subsided and I was able to get Ace's cock out of my throat and get some air. He quickly found another home for it. He immediately jammed it up Karen's pussy and proceded to hammer away. He held on tight to both our sides. Karen was moaning like wild and grinding my face hard with her crotch and Ace's cock. I was sucking hard on her clit while Ace's cock was riding the side of my nose as it slid in and out of Karen's pussy. His balls were banging up against my forehead.

Ace was jack hammering Karen and she started having orgasm after orgasm. I could see a bulge on the bottom of Ace's shaft that was getting bigger and it was getting closer to Karen's hole. I watched as it got much bigger and rammed in and out of Karen's hole before staying in. Karen was coming non stop and wearing out my face. I did my best to help her out by sucking her clit and while I was at it I couldn't help but lick Ace's cock. It was right there and there was no way to lick Karen without licking Ace.

Ace finally pulled up tight and stopped thrusting and Karen came long and for her last time. I waited but Ace didn't pull out. He just stood there. I was trapped under both of them. His balls were practically in my eyesI kept licking Karen's clit but there was no response. She had passed out. Laying there under them I watched Ace's cock pulse into Karen. I knew he was coming. He came for longer than I thought was possible. I was envious of him. I gave him a few licks and sucked on karen's clit while I waited for Ace to pull out.

After about ten minutes of laying under them Ace started trying to pull out. I watched amazed as her pussy stretched out wide as he pulled what was left of the knot and his shrinking cock out of Karen. What I wasn't ready for was the flood of his cum that he had dumped inside. My mouth was open and my eyes were on his knot as I watched it withdraw so his cum spilled straight into my mouth almost drownding me. I reflexively swallowed to keep from choking. The taste wasn't that bad, a little different than mine.

By this time I was excited all over again. My cock was as hard as ever. I rolled Karen off of me and I laid her across the big pillow that I had been laying on. I was in the mood for a little doggie myself. I moved in behind her and slipped my cock into her sloppy hole. I started a slow steady stroke. I was going to take my time because after my first cum it takes me a while to work up to a second one.

Ace had stretched out her pussy and there wasn't enough friction so I thought I would try her ass. I'd never fucked her ass while she was out so I wasn't sure how it would work out. I pointed my slippery cock at her ass crack and slowly slid it in. It slid in without too much effort. I slowly started to stroke in and out making sure to not hurt her. Fucking her ass while she was passed out was not too bad. It was nice and snug and warm

After about ten minutes of this I was feeling that good feeling deep down inside me as my orgasm slowly approached. I was leaning over her playing with those tits I love so much while I fucked her faster.

Just as I felt my cum racing up my cock Ace hopped on my back and started humping. I tried to shake him off but I was way too far along to stop and fight him off. He hit his mark and jammed into my ass mercilessly. The pain was incredible but added something great to my ongoing orgasm. I had never cum this hard in my life. The pain went away quickly and was replaced by much pleasure. It felt like his cock was adding ten inches to mine fucking Karen's ass. I could feel my ass clamping his cock as my cock pulsed. If you've never had something in your ass when you were cumming then you don't know what you are missing. It adds something incredible.

I felt like I couldn't stop cumming as long as Ace was humping me. Finally Ace stopped humping and I stopped cumming but I felt a new feeling. I could feel him cumming in my ass but along with it was an extreme full feeling. Then I remembered the knot. I reached back and couldn't feel it. Damn, it was inside me. I was stuck with Ace's cock in my ass and mine in Karen's ass.

This was something new. I couldn't believe that Ace had fucked my mouth and ass both in one night. I had never imagined doing anything like this and I thought I had a good imagination. Animals just were never part of it before but they were now.

Eventually Ace pulled out of my ass with some effort and pain for me. He cleaned us both up before going to his corner for the night.

I carried Karen to bed and we both slept great. The next morning she asked what happened last night as her ass was sore. I played dumb and kidded that maybe Ace had his way with her when I went to the bathroom. She just looked at me like I was crazy.

Later that day when Karen was getting drunk again she told me tonight she wanted me to be on top of the 69 this time. This worried me because I didn't know what she would do if Ace approached us again.

After we were undressed and playing around on the floor I got on top with my cock hanging down in her face while I started working on her pussy. She was sucking me lovingly and doing a great job. Every so often she would deep throat me nearly sending me over the edge.

I was getting into it and closing in on my orgasm when I felt Karen stiffen up. I thought she was starting to cum so I worked harder to help her cum along with me. What I didn't know was Ace was closing in on me. Karen saw him and was about to tell me but when I sped up my work on her, she closed in on her orgasm and couldn't speak.

Ace had some great timing because right when I started cumming he jumped on me and hit home on the first stroke. I about choked Karen trying to get away from him. He held on tight and I couldn't get away. I finally gave up and gave into the feeling. Karen came right along with me. She humped up off the floor trying to grind against my face like never before. She was screaming with my cumming cock in her mouth. I was cumming non stop. Finally I could feel Ace shove his knot in me, hold me tight and start cumming himself. I could feel him swelling in my ass as he came. Karen kept sucking and cumming herself.

When Karen was done she slid out from under us and sat there in awe of what she had seen. There I was with Ace on my back, his cock imbedded in my ass and my still hard dripping cock hanging down. All of this seemed to sober up Karen.

I asked her why she didn't warn me. She wanted to know if this is what happened to her last night, and if it was, why I didn't warn her. I told her it was and I didn't have time to warn her. She told me she was so wasted last night that she wasn't sure if it was a dream or for real. All she remembered was that something was fucking the hell out of her and it felt great. She didn't remember anything that happened after she passed out though.

When Ace jumped off my back and he stood ass to ass with me, Karen's eyes got real big. She wanted to know what was wrong. I explained about the knot. She didn't remember being stuck with him.

She watched and waited until he pulled out. She was so turned on that she immediately stuck her tongue in my ass and lapped up the doggy cum that was running out. I rolled over onto my back and she laid beside me and stroked my cock while kissing me with the dog cum taste still in her mouth.

We made out for a while and then she moved down to suck my cock. She was doing a great job on me but I noticed that she had her ass jacked up in the air shaking it back and forth. I spun her around into a 69 and started sucking on her clit. She still kept her ass up in the air making me reach up to get to her.

We were both getting close to cumming when Ace got into the action. He jumped up on Karen and started humping. I didn't see him coming and he shoved me into her pussy. I dropped down and waited for Karen to tell me what to do. She obviously had to know this time.

Ace was having trouble hitting the spot and Karen was moving around trying to help. Finally she asked me to help him. I reached up and guided him to rub against her clit and she groaned loudly. Then I let him have a quick poke at her ass hole and she bit down on my cock and angrily told me to quit fucking around.

I guided him to her pussy and he shoved it in all the way. He went into high gear and pounded away at her. I watched from below, rubbed her clit and humped her mouth to get her sucking me again. I reached up and waited for the knot to swell before letting him bang it up against her pussy. He was trying hard to get it into her.

She was teasing me not letting me cum. I was so close I was getting desperate. I was humping at her face and pinching her clit. She kept taking my cock out of her mouth and rubbing it on her face when I'd get too close.

She started to moan and buck back at Ace in time to his thrusting trying to get the knot into her. She wanted it in her. She was getting ready to cum.

She bucked back hard and I watched the knot squeeze in. She screamed out loud and started cursing and cumming hard while fucking back at him. I leaned up and started sucking hard on her clit. She let her crotch fall down on my face so she could grind freely. She went back to sucking on me while it felt like she was having non stop orgasms.

Ace was still humping away when I let loose with my cum. It shot out of my body and felt like it was burning lava. My still sore ass was throbbing to my spasming cock. Karen wasn't missing a drop. She was still cumming on my face and cream from the nights activity was dripping down into my mouth.

When we were done cumming Karen kept licking and kissing around my cock. Ace had stepped off and turned around but Karen didn't let me up. I kept sucking and licking around her clit and she had a couple more orgasms. grinding the hell out of my face.

It didn't take long for Ace to pull out this time and again I was treated to the close up sight of the bulge stretching her pussy like it didn't want to let go. It was an amazing sight.

Just when it popped free Karen sat up on my face forcing the cum into my mouth. It was either drink or drownd so I drank. She ground off another two orgasms squeezing everything out of her before falling off of me.

She crawled around to face me, looked at me for a minute, and the only thing she said is. " We have got to get ourselves a dog, a big dog".

What a wife!

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