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Two girls get trapped in world which they nevr now existed
"I dare you," Teresa said, her eyes sparkling with mischief. Mary swallowed and found her mouth dry. But the clerk had gone in back to hunt for the film Mary had asked for. She stepped behind the counter, opened the glass case and quickly stuffed a long, cardboard box into her beach bag. When the man came back, the two of them were standing innocently by the cash register.

"Sorry, miss, I don't have any pictures for anyone by the name of Carter."

"Thanks anyway," Mary said, moving towards the door. She didn't want to spend another minute in that place. She felt all tingly and breathless and when Teresa giggled as they went out, Mary gave her a push.

"You always try to mess me up," she said, laughing now that they pulled off the small theft successfully.

Both girls were wearing bikinis and a boy in a car gave a little honk as he passed them. They'd taken the bus to the small beach town at the end of the line, something they often did during the summer. Teresa was Mary's best friend. And during most of that friendship, they took turns daring each other to new and ridiculous feats. Mary tossed her blonde hair back from her face and tried to relax. It was the first time she'd actually stolen something. But more than that, she was nervous over what she'd taken from inside the glass case.
"I can't wait to see it," Teresa whispered. She was half a head taller than Mary, a leggy, raven- haired girl with a near perfect figure. Her tits were about the size of oranges and they rode high and firm on her chest. The skimpy bikini top cut low across her perfect jugs.

Mary wasn't so well endowed when it came to tit size. Nor did she have the willowy limbs and loose way of walking that Teresa had developed. Mary
was a natural blonde with a round face and short nose. Freckles seemed to be spattered everywhere on her body. The cups of her bikini weren't nearly so large as Teresa's. But they didn't have to be. Mary's tits were small, white and soft, hardly large enough to be called more than swells. But her nipples were especially sensitive. The tiny pink nubs were a constant pleasure to Mary. On her fourteenth birthday she'd discovered that a little soapy water and the palm of her hand could make her breathlessly excited. And touching them always had an incredible effect upon her cunt. Now she was a bit older and though her breasts had not grown much, her nipples had become somewhat larger and lots more sensitive. A week before, she'd actually made herself come by massaging and pinching her nipples. She hadn't told Teresa yet.

"Ohhh, let me see it!" her dark-haired friend hissed.

"Not here. Let's get down to the beach."
It was the middle of the week, so there wasn't a crowd. The girls walked to where they'd spread a blanket and put up their rented umbrella. As soon as they'd plopped down in the shade, Teresa had her hand in Mary's beach bag. She tore the end from the long, narrow box and slipped the object into her palm. She was trembling. and her obvious excitement was working on Mary, too.

"God, look how long it is." Teresa licked her lips "A girl couldn't get it inside her that far, could she?"
"I don't know. I've never had anything inside me bigger than my finger. And that kind of stung."
Teresa looked up and down the beach. But they were close enough to the water that the umbrella hid them from anyone but a surfer who might come head-on through the waves.

"I've just got to try it, Mary," Teresa breathed, pushing her long black hair back.

"Give me some of your baby oil." Teresa had unscrewed the base and was looking inside. "It's even got batteries. Oh, shit, can you believe how lucky we are to get hold of this little gadget?"
Mary wasn't so sure. Just looking at the smooth, ivory-colored vibrator made her nervous. It seemed so large, too large to ever fit into any girl's body, much less into Teresa's. Her friend had slim, almost boyish hips, and Mary remembered the times she'd seen her with her panties off. Her cunt wasn't very large.

But already Teresa was stretching the crotch band of dark blue nylon to one side to expose her pussy-lips. Her curly black cunt-hair was matted wetly to her white skin. As she opened her thighs,
her cunt -flaps parted and Mary could see the more delicate flesh hidden deeper inside. Teresa was glossy with moisture and a musky scent wafted to Mary's nose.

"Here goes," the lanky girl said, biting her lip as she cased the rounded tip of the vibrator between her cunt-lips. There was a wet sound as she moved it up and down.

"Well, what does it feel like?" Mary wanted to know.

"Nothing much yet. Maybe I should turn it on."
When the vibrator began to hum, Teresa let out a groan and Mary watched her hips move forward and back. Teresa's hand was shaking as she guided the buzzing tip of the thing up and down in the slippery flesh of her exposed pussy.

"God... ohhhhh, god damn!"
"What's happening?" Mary's heart was pounding as she watched Teresa excite herself. She couldn't help but wonder how that thing would feel inside her own youthful pussy.

"It's making all sorts of tingling sensations go all over me!" Teresa closed her eyes and let the tip of the thing slip across her dit, then lower. Mary saw her folds open, saw an inch of the white plastic disappear. Though she had heard Teresa brag that she wasn't a virgin anymore, she had never really understood exactly what that meant. Now she
could see. Because Teresa was trembling as she grasped the long, slender vibrator with both hands and forced it deeper. Miraculously, it seemed, the thing slid up into her glistening pink flesh. Mary hadn't even seen the hole. But there was one! It was stretching out around the vibrator as Teresa dipped her hips and let out a low moan.

"God in heaven, that's nice."
"It doesn't hurt?"
"No. Not much, anyhow. It's stretching me a little. Ohhh, ohhhhh, Mary. you've just got to try this." Teresa smiled. "I dare you."
"I took the last dare. It's my turn to dare you."
"Sure." Teresa had withdrawn the vibrator and was sliding it back inside her again. Mary watched with interest. It was blowing her mind that there was that much room up inside her willowy friend's cunt. That meant that with her own plushly curved shape, she had at least that much room, maybe more. Mary smiled, thinking of how she had small tits and a more mature ass and thighs, whereas Teresa was slender everywhere except for her tits. But since both of them got lots of looks from the opposite sex, Mary knew that Mother Nature hadn't shorted either of them all that much.

"...heavenly," Teresa panted, fucking herself with the vibrator.

"You asked for a dare," Mary said. "And I've
got one for you."
"Uhhh, ohhhhh, Mary, wait just a second. I think I'm gonna come!"
Teresa flopped back on the blanket, her knees bent, her thighs open wide now as she penetrated her young cunt again and again, her fingers trembling on the base of the vibrator. Mary could see how her cunt-muscles were constricting around the shape. It excited her, made her own soft cunt tense up. It was already very wet, slippery, hot. She had a crazy desire to pull her bikini to one side and rub her finger up and down her slit. She'd done it a few times in the past, but always felt too guilty to continue until she came. Since rubbing her nipples had nearly the same effect, she'd used that method to find peace and release from the sexual tensions of her youth. Just petting her titties didn't seem nearly so naughty as finger-fucking.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, Mary, here it comes! I'm burning up! I'm itching something crazy. I can't
scratch it enough."
Sure enough, Teresa seemed to be having some kind of fit. She thrashed her hips violently against the blanket. Her perfect, round tits heaved as she panted harder and harder. Her belly rose and fell, too, and her cunt was dripping its juices down to dampen her bikini. Teresa didn't have to stretch the crotchband to the side anymore. The vibrator's
shaft held it over as she guided the thing in and out of her hole. Suddenly, Mary imagined a man lying facedown over Teresa's body, his hips plunging, his cock stabbing her. This unexpected flash made Mary groan and squeeze one of her small tits hard. A surge of pleasure rippled down her body and she could feel her cunt begin to throb with itchy tingles.

"Ahhhh, ahhhhhhh!" Teresa was really squirming now. Her juices had dripped back along the vibrator so that even her fingers were glossy with slickness. Her body snaked against the blanket and she dug holes in the sand with her heels.

"Are you okay?" Mary said, bending close.

"Uhhh, ohhh, yessssi Ohhhhh, I'm wonderful, Mary! I'm gonna die it's so good!"
"It doesn't hurt?" To Mary it seemed that the vibrator had gone very deep. The thing was about ten inches long and there wasn't more than half of it sticking out from between her friend's swollen cunt-lips. Now Teresa's hips plunged up and down as she held the buzzing shaft deep. A look of anguish appeared on her thin face. Her lips were peeled away from her teeth. Then she let out a growl and bucked furiously on the rumpled blanket.

Mary had never heard Teresa make a noise like that since she'd known her. Nor had she seen her friend move in such convulsive, frenzied ways. But
there was no doubt in Mary's mind that Teresa was experiencing pleasure. Pleasure so intense that it had made her a little crazy. Mary remembered her own comes as feeling tickly and good, but not this good. She was intrigued.

"Huuuhhhnnn, huuuuhh," Teresa groaned, her ass making a ditch in the sand under her blanket. Then she shuddered again and her hand slipped from the vibrator. It stayed deep, humming against her overheated pussy. But now Teresa's movements were less frantic. She sighed and a smile appeared. At last, she blinked and focused on Mary.

"Ohhh, turn that damned thing off, will you?"
Mary did. "Is it stuck inside you?"
"No, silly." Teresa eased the vibrator out and wiped it with a corner of her towel. "There, good as new."
"I gave you a dare, remember?"
"Okay," Teresa grinned, pushing herself up on an elbow. "Let's hear it."
"I dare you to bring back something from the Rexford estate. Something to prove you got inside."
Teresa's eyes widened. "Only if you go part way with me."
Mary thought about it. The Rexford estate began around the tip of the cliff that jutted out
into the ocean. Only at low tide was it possible to cross that narrow patch of sand. Beyond was the private beach and the sloping grounds of the mansion. Hardly anyone knew much about Nate Rexford. Teresa looked worried.

"He might have electric fences or killer dogs or god knows What."
"I agreed to go part way with you." Mary was enjoying her friend's discomfiture. Teresa had dared her to do plenty of scary things in the past and it was time for a little revenge.

Mary nodded. "Why not? The tide's out."
"I guess we could leave this stuff here."
"It shouldn't take long," Mary agreed. She was excited to think about the dare. And if Teresa pulled it off, the two of them would be able to talk about it for days.

"Okay, let's go." Teresa put on her sunglasses and floppy hat while Mary tossed a few things in her beach bag. She returned the vibrator to its box and put it in with her baby oil and magazines. Then the two of them started around the point of the cliff.

"You don't think they have people watching the shoreline, do you?" Teresa was squinting up toward the line of trees that hid the big house from view.

"I doubt that. But we are sort of exposed here, aren't we?"
They kept close to the cliff now. The private beach was empty but it wasn't far to the first row of bushes. Getting low, Mary showed Teresa the way through the viny foliage. Both of them were shaking with the thrill of the dare.

Now they could see the long, sloping lawn. There were a few chairs around and a fancy wrought-iron table. But neither of them could see anything small enough to grab.

"I'm getting chicken," Teresa confessed.

For the first time in her life, Mary knew she had a chance to show up her sophisticated friend. Usually it was Teresa who led the way. But for some reason, Mary was the one who felt the bravest today. Not that she wasn't a little frightened.

"I'll bet I could bring back something from the house."
"From the house?" Teresa's look told Mary what an impression she'd made.

"Sure, why not? I'll bet there's nobody around. And I haven't heard any barking. Why don't you come with me as far as that next row of trees."
"Well. . . okay."
The two of them hurried forward, eyes scanning the grounds for anyone who might happen by. But
though the estate was kept up, it seemed deserted. Now they were within twenty yards of the mansion. Mary's heart felt as if it might jump out of her chest. But she'd agreed to take the dare and she knew that if she backed down now, Teresa would have the last laugh.

"I'm leaving my beach bag here," she told her friend.

"You're actually going in that house?"
"Yes." Mary adjusted her bikini straps and took one last look across the sloping lawn. Then she ran beside a hedge and flattened herself against the big house. Birds chirped in the trees and somewhere she could hear a sprinkler hissing. But no one appeared to yell at her.

The door was open and she let herself inside. Past the tiled entranceway, Mary saw the large kitchen. A paring knife or a hotpad or maybe just a saltshaker would do, anything to prove that she'd been there. Her bare feet squeaked on the linoleum floor and she stopped. She saw what she wanted. A tiny, porcelain vase on a window sill. Mary took another step and reached for the object. In her excitement, she heard the sound behind her a moment too late.

"Ohhh!" she squealed turning to bump into an enormous man. His huge hand went around her wrist as he took the vase away.

"What you doing here?" the man rumbled. His eyes were wide set, his nose broad. Somehow he
didn't have the look of a rich man. No, Mary was sure that he was not Mr. Rexford.

"I . . . I . . ."
"You fuckin' thief." The big man smiled down at her. His eyes were sweeping over the clinging tightness of her bikini. Suddenly, he pulled her arms behind her and pushed her along in front of him. They went down a flight of stairs and down another corridor. Now the furnishing was more modest and Mary guessed that they were in the servant's quarters. That's what this giant was, a servant to Mr. Rexford.

"If you'll just let me go, I'll never come back. I did it as a dare, you see! I didn't mean any harm."
The big man kicked a door closed behind him and pushed Mary sprawling across a bed. She turned, rubbing her wrist where the man's big fingers had hurt her. He really was a monster! He looked nearly seven-feet tall and had the build of a gorilla. What scared her most, though, was the look in his eyes. This man wasn't any whiz kid, that was for sure. She trembled when he spoke.

"God damn, if you ain't prettiest thing I ever caught."
"I wasn't breaking in. I just . . . "Mary sighed.
"You want out now, right?"

"Yes! I'm sorry I caused any trouble. It was a dare, like I said."
"If you want out, you gonna suck," he grunted.

"I beg your pardon?" Mary didn't think she'd heard right. What in bell was he talking about? She trembled as he walked towards her. He was wearing a pair of cut off jeans and when he reached for his belt buckle, Mary shook her head furiously.

"Let me go!"
"Not until you suck. You got nice mouth. You want out, you suck Royce good. That's me, Royce."
"What would your boss say . . ."
"Mr. Rexford know nothing." The giant glowered down at her. "If he find out, you finished. You say nothing, right?"
Mary gulped hard and shook her head. "I'd never say a word, but..."
"But what?"
"What do you want of me?"
Royce zipped down his zipper and pulled his shorts down. "I told you. You gonna suck me. Suck me real good."


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"Two girls get trapped in world which they nevr now existed."

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