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A story about my gf getting molested and stripped on a dance floor and loving it!
A story for Becky Lou about our night out.

The club was really busy.
We had been there a while and had had a few drinks…well I think a lot of drinks really. We were all dressed up, you wearing a classy, stylish, black, sheer, mid thigh length flowing dress with an open back, heels and your hair the way it is now. You looked amazing. I wore a powerful black suit.

We were dancing away and having fun with a group of guys that were sort of lingering around and watching you when I said I was going to get another drink for us. You asked “Shall I come with?"
I told you “No, you need the keep the guys entertained”.
To witch you just giggled at and returned to dancing as I began to push through the crowd toward the bar.

I decided not to return your drink to you straight away and instead headed up the stairs to the balcony that overlooked the dance floor. Where I sat in a black leather chair facing the dancing. For some reason you just happened to glance up and see me. You gave me the “What’s going on” gesture and I motioned that I wanted to watch you and gave you a sly wink. You smiled back at me with a very mischievous grin and returned to dancing. This time with more attitude and energy directed at the number of guys trying to dance with you... Holding onto the hem of your dress and lifting it ever so slightly. You start more actively teasing the guys, backing into them and grinding against there crouch till you feel a rise then moving onto the next. You keep looking at me every few minutes to both make sure it’s ok and to make sure I am watching.

After 10 minutes or so your entourage of eager guys was getting larger and more intense witch was fueling you as you felt yourself getting turned on by the power you had over them. You take out your phone, dial my number and look directly at me as I answer. You say “Are you happy?”
To witch I answer “Very”.
You ask, “How far do you want me to go?”
“Remember our agreement for a situation like this”?
“Yes” you reply in a soft playful voice.
“What was it baby?”
You pause as you stair at me and answer “Anything but kissing Daddy”
This melts me and I tell you I love you.
“Love you too, I promise I will put on a show you will never forget” You hang up the phone and I raise my glass to you, light a cigarette and settle in to watch as you blow me a kiss and head back to the dancing.

You are much more aggressive and focused when you return. Placing guys hands on your hips as though you have been given free range to have anyone you please. These are your new toys and you are playing with them all.
You place one guy’s hands on your hips from behind then look at guys in front of you while playing with your hem again, this time lifting it to just below your panties and showing your beautiful legs. You wiggle with the guy holding your waist and guide his hand over your hip and between your legs, just letting him brush you witch excites you more than you thought it would and even further when you feel him stiffen behind you. You begin to flash glimpses of your underwear to the guys infront of you.

You then turn around and switch rolls with the guy who was previously watching the show from the front. Again you take your toys hand and run it between your legs, this time letting his hand linger a little longer, feeling his fingers pressing against you warming you ever further. As the beat of the music increases and you feel your heart beat match it, you become lost in the music and the moment and start to let the guys explore you body more. Their hands and pressing members, making you hotter and hotter.

You start to pant heavily. You let go and become less aware of whose hands or how many hands are touched you and more into the intense warm waves you are riding.
Your eyes are closed now as you wriggle amongst the group of 5 guys that have circled you, touching, rubbing and probing all parts of your body. You feel two hands start to lift your dress up slowly. First up your thighs. Then over your hips and overyour waist. You feel someone lift your arms and before you realise what is happening your dress has been removed leaving you in just your black cheeky panties, matching bra and heels on a crowded dance floor.

You protest slightly but aware of the group and the sexual enjoyment you are experiencing you give up and continue your dancing with your eyes closed. More guys join in around you, you know this because you feel more hands on your body. You feel a hand slide into the front of your panties and down to your pussy from someone behind you.
Shivers of pleasure race through you and you very slowly go to move your hands in to stop him but with no effort and nearly no resistance your arms are withheld by others and moved behind you giving the hand in your panties free range to your now wet pussy. The hand works you into a state of ecstasy and feels so naughty and so out of control but also so good that you don’t even notice your bra being removed until you feel bare hands cupping your soft breasts. You are past the point of no return, lost in the rhythm of the music and fingers in your black panties moving faster they rub and press you in the right places. You know your about to come, mare seconds away so you don’t fight a set of hands pulling your panties down to your ankles. You feel someone lifting your feet out of them but pay no attention. Aware you're naked on the dance floor but overwhelmed by the pleasure you don't care. Your feeling the pressure building inside you. The heat rising through you. Your body begins to pulse and you start to cum. So hard you collapse into your coat totaly overcome by the feeling. You fall into your coat I am holding open for you and you writhe against me wrapped in the coat gripping me tightly.

I lead you away, sit you down and collect your cloths. We order a taxi and start to head home.
“Did I put on a good show?”
“No baby, you put on a great show!”
You start to dress and and can’t find your underwear.
“I think whoever took off my panties may have kept them”.
“I know they did” I say, as I pull them from my pocket and hand them back to you. We hug all the way back to our hotel and you fall asleep on me in the taxi exhusted by the evenings events.

The end.

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2012-06-20 05:23:52
i wish i was the girl... You are an amazing lover

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2011-11-14 13:19:46
Im a sexy slut! fuck me baby

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2011-08-27 05:51:20
show me a good clips

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2009-08-07 23:05:36
So dam hot you little slut!


2009-08-06 05:45:50
i thought it was good, like the concept. left alot to the imagination nice twist at the end. can only get better

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