A nun was waiting at a bus stop after her doctor's appointment. The bus arrived, she got in and sat down. The bus was very empty and she went to talk to the bus driver.
"The doctor just told me I have a heart disease and I want to have sex and feel like a woman before I die." The bus driver is very chuffed and says, "Sure."
The nun made him promise that he could not be married because she didn't want him to commit adultery and also it must be up the arse because she wanted to die a virgin. They end up [no pun intended] doing the deed and the bus driver carries along on his way but soon becomes wracked with guilt. Just as the nun is about to get off the bus he says to her, "I am married with two kids. I am so sorry."
The nun replies, "That's all right. My name's Kevin and I'm on my way to a costume party."
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