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What an 8 year old girl wants, an 8 year old girl gets. And when she wants more attention from her daddy, she's learned a few tricks from her 15 year old sister on how to get it.
This story was inspired by a suggestion. The only part of the suggestion that made it in here was the age of the youngest child. It was interesting to write, and I am interested in hearing how it was to read. This will be 2 chapters long with the bulk of the most explicit content being in the second chapter.

Warning: This sex story contains explicit sexual content with an 8 year old girl and an adult father. If the thought of this bothers you, Do Not Read further and click 'Back' now. Thank you.


Emily’s Turn

----- 1 --

Emily strolled through the doorway into the bathroom. She casually drew her eyes to her older sister Kimberly who sat on the toilet.

“Whatchu doing?” the curious little girl asked looking down to her sibling.


“Why you shaving down there?”

“Because, with no hair, it stays cleaner and cooler. I’ve answered this question before you know.”

“I don’t have any hair down there.”

“Duh, you’re eight years old.”

“I’ll be nine in two weeks though.”

Kimberly sighed.

“You won’t start growing hair there though until you’re probably twelve. At least I didn’t until then.” Kimberly pulled the razor up her mound one last swipe and looked up to her little sister for the first time since she walked in. “Why’d you come in here?”

“I was bored. I wanted to see if you would to go swimming with me?”

“Sure. Can you wet that washcloth with some warm water please?”

Emily acknowledged, picking up the cloth and turned the faucet on. She then proceeded to her real question.

“Amy said girls only shave when they have boyfriends.”

“Well Amy is nine years old. You can’t believe everything a nine year old tells you,” Kimberly defended.

“If you have a boyfriend, you can tell me. I promise I won’t tell daddy. I can keep secrets really good.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Do you wish you had a boyfriend?”


Emily turned the sink off and handed her sister the washrag.

“Why not?” she inquired curiously.

“Because, boys are dumb. At least all the ones I know. I’m waiting until the right one comes.”

“Until you're sixteen when you’re allowed to date?”

“No, until the right one comes along.”

“I think daddy might be my right one,” Emily smiled in a daze.

“Ha, so you’re in that stage,” her sister mocked as she finished wiping herself and set the wet rag on the edge of the bathtub. Following, she pushed a dry towel down between her legs.

“What stage?”

“When you fall in love with your dad.”

“I’m not in love with him. I just like him.”

“Like like him?”

“No, I just like him,” Emily pounced back.

“Sure, keep living in your denial,” Kimberly whisked as she stood, lifting her panties and skirt up her legs.

“I’m not in denial. Besides, I think he likes me back.”

“He’s dad, of course he likes you. That’s his job.”

“No, it’s more than that. He holds me extra snug and looks at me like he likes me.”

“I believe that’s called wishful thinking on your part,” Kimberly scoffed.

“No, I could go further but I accounted for things that I might take out of context, like you say.”

“Like what?”

“Like when he sometimes is holding my chest and I feel funny there or when I’m on his lap and his leg bounces some when I scoot my private on him. I could say that means he likes me, but he probably doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

“You’re too young for dad. Come on; let’s get our bathing suits on. Next you’ll be saying he gets hard when you’re playing on him and it actually means something.”

“No!” Emily fought, “I know he always gets hard when you put pressure there or jump around there. That’s just what boys do. Although it still feels nice when I hug him like that.”

“Jeez, get over yourself.”

The two girls grabbed their bikini swimwear and made their way downstairs. Changing in the living room while still arguing, they hurried out into the backyard pool.


David returned home hours later with dinner. Setting the food on the table, he looked to his two daughters’ clothes lying scattered over the living room carpet. His eyes scanned over his fifteen year old’s tank top, bra, socks, skirt, and panties, then over his eight year old’s t-shirt, socks, boy shorts, and panties. Even though he knew they were in the pool snuggly nestled into their bathing suits, he couldn’t help but running the images of the two through his mind both completely naked somewhere in the house, and their clothing right there on the floor in front of him.

He slowly made his way to their garments and knelt down to pick up both of their young girly underwear. Kimberly’s hinted of shaving cream.

“What are you doing dad?” he heard Kimberly ask from behind him.

He pulled the thin, scrunched up fabric from his face as quick as he could. Dropping both his daughter’s panties to the ground, he turned and stood up. He watched Emily skipping in behind her sister and stop to look at him. Both of them were covered by oversized, fluffily soft towels and had two straps looping over their shoulders.

“Does this honestly look like a good place to leave all your clothes?” he demanded, showing off the mess behind him.

“We were going to put them back on before you got home, but lost track of time,” Kimberly defended.

“Oh,” David said with a sarcastic apology, “I’m sorry, I forgot that it’s okay to disregard the rules when nobody is around to punish you.”

“You really should try to remember that one daddy,” Emily smiled.

“You should remember,” he smiled back, “that you shouldn’t do the crime, unless you’re willing to do the time.”

Emily’s smile died with a gulp.

“Just throw your clothes into a neat pile and let’s eat before the food gets cold. At least you remembered to dry off before coming in the house,” he said checking their only-moistened feet.

After dinner, David was dragged into the living room where the television was turned on and ignored while his two daughters spun a day of no events into two hours of talking. And apparently having failed to put their clothes on before their father got home meant that there was no need to put them on at all. As well, both had soon enough blossomed out from their pink and purple towels.

Emily eventually started acting out a wild dream she had had that morning and ended up running from across the room and jumping into the air at her father. Braced for impact, the full grown man took the sixty or so pounds of damp weight half gracefully into an encapsulating hug. The dream finished itself off with the eight year old biting her father’s neck.

“So am I a vampire now?” he questioned her.

“No, you were already one. That was you jumping on me and you made me a vampire.”

“So I bit your neck?”


“I bet that felt weird.”

“Not really. It was scary at first but then I felt good because I knew I was safe.”

“Oh. Any dreams for you last night,” David asked his fifteen year old who sat to the right of him on the couch.

“Nothing that wild,” she answered reluctantly.

“Daddy,” Emily demanded his attention back as she pushed away a bit. “Look how skinny I can get.” She followed with sucking her stomach in as far as she could. Ultimately, she pulled in so much that her comfortably fitting, barely elastic, bikini bottoms couldn’t accommodate and her father was left staring down her belly, past her panty line, and into her eight year old, baby fat vaginal bulge. The upper quarter of her littlest slit peaked out to the man that gave her half the DNA she had.

“Emily!” Kimberly chided, “Nobody wants to see that!”

“You’re just jealous because you can’t get this skinny,” Emily scoffed while still holding her gut in. Her sister just shook her head in disgust.

David on the other hand, pushed his index finger into the eight year old’s belly button, pressing harder and harder until the little girl finally exhaled, then fell backwards. He took a firm hold on her bare legs and held her pelvis onto his lap, her bikini clinging crotch pointing straight at his face.

“You should just let her fall,” Kimberly remarked.

“No!” Emily yelled while her tiny stomach tensed into a rock as she used it to pull her body up. Her arms stretched high above her head as she pivoted, pulling her top up with them and splaying both of her little girl nipples to her father’s eyes. Finishing her ascent, she lowered her arms and ignored the fact that her chest was still open to the world.

After letting him get a good long look, Emily pushed herself into her daddy again and ground her crotch casually into his as if to warm her shivering skin up.


After taking a shower and changing into her nightgown, Emily jumped into bed and waited for her father. Right on time, he walked in with a new book.

Finishing the first chapter, Emily yawned and reached out for a hug and kiss. David accepted and affectionately gave her everything she wanted.

“Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight since it’s Friday?”

“You’re going to be nine years old sometime soon-”

“In two weeks!”

“Yes, in two weeks. Don’t you think that’s a bit old for sleeping with your dad?”

“But -, no. It’s not too old.” She forced herself to hold back.

“Maybe tomorrow night. Tonight daddy just wants to be alone.”

“I don’t want you to be alone though daddy. I want to be with you so you’re not lonely.”

“It’s not like that sweetie,” David consoled. “I’m not lonely. I’ve got the two greatest girls in the world.”

“So you’re not going to get another one?”


“A girlfriend. Amy said guys get girlfriends when they’re lonely.”

“Is this the Amy in your class, your friend Amy?”


“You really shouldn’t try to learn too much from other second graders. You have a teacher for a reason.”

“We’re third graders now. And I’m just saying. If you ever get lonely, you can always count on me.”

“I’ll remember that honey, now get some sleep. Maybe you might be able to wake up before noon if you fall asleep fast enough.”

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart.”

David left the room. Shutting the lights off and closing the door, he headed downstairs.

Hearing him heading down was Emily’s signal. Quickly, she got up and stuffed her blankets to look like her sleeping and silently made her way into the hallway, then into her father’s room. There she sat down at the doorway and waited, listening to her father and sister work apart downstairs, each on their own activities.

Feeling herself get sleepy, she played it safe and crawled underneath her father’s bed getting comfortable. Soon enough, she dozed off and in what seemed like almost right after that, woke up to the light in the bedroom turning on. For twenty minutes she waited silently as her father walked in and out of the bedroom and master bath getting ready for bed. Then he climbed on.

Moments later, the lights turned off and the door closed as she watched her older sister’s feet walk into the room. With some shuffling, she saw a large and small dark blob fall to the floor by the bed just before she heard another person climbing on above her.

“She’s getting worse than you at that age,” she heard her father say.

“I wasn’t bad at all,” Kimberly defended.

“Please, you were grinding me at seven.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“Well, I think it’s just that she recognizes she has competition. You had me all to yourself; she has to compete with you.”

The bed above Emily moved around at sporadic times. The voices frequently paused for moments where she heard the definite sounds of lips making contact, not always with another pair.

“So how’d you like her show today?” Kimberly asked. “I bet you just wanted dip your fingers into those bikini panties and run one up that crack. Uuuhooohoo…” She began panting. “I’m not too old for you, am I?” she squirmed about.

This was Emily’s seventh time under the bed. Before this, she had spent five nights outside the door and four inside the closet, all within the past three and a half months. She found under the bed to have the most benefits.

“It’s not about your age and you know that. If anything, you’re too young for this.”

Kimberly seemed to have ignored his comments. “You’re lucky I got to you before Emily found you smelling my panties earlier. She told me formally that she has a crush on you today.”

“Does she suspect anything between us?”

“I don’t think so. I think she just suspects something with me maybe. Nothing I can’t handle though.”

Emily was already hiking her nightgown over her chest. The thrill of being naked so close to them like that was exhilarating. Her heart also spiked every time she heard them talking about her. The palms of her hands massaged small, but very covering circles over her tiny nipples. She found that the more daring stunts she pulled during the day, the more they mentioned her at night. It was euphoric to hear her daddy and older sister speak about her while they made love. She loved how her sister teased her daddy about the things she herself did.

Kimberly groaned like something just stung her. Long droning moans followed. The bed springs sounded in a rhythmic pulsing that soon fell in sync with the moans. It went on for minutes while Emily’s nightgown found its way completely off its owner and being used as a pillow. Her panties were soon pushed down six inches from their home as well. Emily had seen these sounds from the closet before. She wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but from what she could make out, daddy was possibly kissing, maybe licking Kimberly’s private. She tried simulating the same effects with her fingers with as much imagination as she could spare while still staying cognitive of how much noise she made.

Kimberly then let out a large sigh of air.

“You know,” her father said breathlessly, “wrapping your legs around my head and squeezing me in makes it a bit hard to breath.”

“Sorry. Bring your face up here; I want your lips on mine.”

In a gentle motion above Emily, her daddy was moving his face up her fifteen year old sister’s body, to her mouth. The eight year old’s panties were now only attached around a single ankle. Her knees were outstretched like a butterfly. Two of her little fingers were slowly working their rounds inside the hole at the bottom of her torso while maintaining efforts to keep the wet slurps to a minimum. She could hear her own father and sister making out above her.

“How do you want to go?” she heard him ask.

“Here,” was the reply. In no time, the bed above the child was shifting wildly and then soon stopped.

“This is more of a ‘Emily’s not home’ position.”

“I’ll keep my head in the pillow.”

“Alright. I also kinda like this as a ‘lights on’ position too.”

Emily meanwhile, was turning around underneath the bed. Kimberly groaned deeply into a muffling pillow for nearly thirty seconds. Emily continued, silently pulling herself out from the back of the bed, completely naked. Slowly, she peeked her eyes over the mattress to find the dark figure of her father on his knees, bare butt facing her, and thrusting his hips at the backside of her older sister.

Emily knew what sex was. She knew that her daddy was pushing and pulling his penis in and out of her sister’s vagina. Just the same as she was trying to simulate on herself with her fingers.

The eight year old was only slightly envious of her older sister for it all. How daddy gave up time from her just to be with Kimberly. But she heard how the two talked about her. Daddy still loved her, even liked her, like she liked him, and then probably more so. She had experienced being left out of things because of her age before; she just figured that in time, she would be included as well. The only thing that was eating at her was that this seemed to be a secret that neither of them trusted her with, and then that she didn’t even know what age she was going to get included. She thought it best to just bide her time and hope for the best, like when her bedtime was pushed up half an hour when she turned eight. She really hoped that nine years old would be when she got to be included.

Her older sister meanwhile sounded almost like she was crying into the pillow her face was breathing in. Emily desperately wanted a closer and side view, but she couldn’t risk it. She had to settle for the sounds of her older sister’s vaginal slurping, - which thankfully covered up her own - with the smacking of their bodies meeting, and the sight of her father’s rear end moving back and forth. It was a great view, but she just wanted even better.

Countless minutes in, underneath the growing aroma of sex, Emily was getting daring. She always wanted just a little more. She felt she would never be satisfied until she was the one her father was kissing and touching in pure nakedness. Slowly, the child found her legs taking action by themselves, and before she knew it, she was standing up.

It was beyond exhilarating. She was buck naked standing completely unknown, behind her father while he was having sex with her older sister. Her fingers dug into her child vagina and milked it of all the liquid it tried so hard at producing. She stood there behind them motionless with her legs spread as she masturbated in the dark. The two people before her pounded back and forth in lovemaking completely unaware of her presence.

Kimberly spiked in a groan through the hot, humid air before fixing her mouth back into the pillow. Her groans thereafter sounded twice as intense. Her father’s silent moans as well seemed to have been sparked with new enthusiasm. From which party was the new energy coming from, Emily didn’t know, but she soon dropped cautiously back to her knees as she sensed they were about to shift positions.

Sure enough, the child pulled her feet back under the bed and ducked down as she watched her father back off and her sister’s body fall lifelessly to the mattress. After about two minutes of jargoned kisses and grunts, Emily felt safe enough to poke her eyes back up where she met her father’s backside again, but this time on top of her older sister. He moved much slower back and forth, in and out of her vagina. The little girl’s fingers copied. Her body was becoming very moist in the humidity of the action, the two’s on the bed and her own.

“Dhad?” Kimberly questioned softly with little breath.

“Yhes sweetie?” he responded likewise.

“Can you call me Emily for the rest of this?”

“What?” His thrusts into her body slowed a bit. Emily pulled her legs back under the bed getting ready to hide.

“I want you to call me Emily.”


“Daaad… Please. I want to feel what it’s like for you to call me her name while you penetrate me.”

“Honey?” he tried at her. Kimberly groaned in disapproval. “Alright,… Emily.”

Emily was really confused. She had never heard something like this happen before.

“I love you so much daddy,” Kimberly cooed.

“Ooohh,” he was struggling a bit, “Em-ily, I love you so much too.”

“Keep saying my name daddy. Say it until you cum in me. I’m so close daddy.”

Emily was really nervous but hearing her daddy say that last sentence with her name glued her fingers inside her legs.

“Emily,” he moaned softly into her face. “Emily.”

“Daddy,” Kimberly played, “look how skinny I can get. Look.”


Emily found herself falling quickly into the storyline. David did as well unwillingly while his fifteen year old daughter did her best to mimic the voice of his eight year old one.

“Daddy, look at my tiny vagina. It’s so small and tight.”

“Emily,” her father moaned. Everybody in the room’s eyes were closed in role-playing.

“Daddy, feel it. I want you to feel me down there,” Kimberly moaned. “Put your finger inside me daddy.”

“Oh Emily.” His mouth made contact with Kimberly’s. “Why are you doing this?”

“I can feel your hard penis rubbing against my little vagina. It’s so warm daddy. Let me take my bottoms off so my lips can press around you like a hot, wet blanket.”

“Emily…, I’m cumming.”

“Cum in me daddy. Cum inside my private part.”

“Emilyyy…,” David said one last time.

Kimberly grunted ecstatically along with her father. It was their high. Emily’s body fell back to the floor and her hips floated up into the air. The tops of her legs touched the cool metal bed frame and she did her best to simulate what they must be feeling. She tugged and twisted and moved her fingers as fast as she could. It felt so amazing until she was confronted with her older sister’s last statement of release.

“Daddy, daddy,” Kimberly cried. “Daddy, I’m only eight years old. You’re cumming in me daddy. I feel you.” She ended dragging her voice to silence.

The room stayed that way for about two minutes before Kimberly spoke up again.

“That was unexpectedly intense,” she breathed exhaustedly.

“What did you expect?” her father asked.

“I don’t know, but not something like that when you’re pretending to have sex with my eight year old sister.”

“I was just calling you her name, like you requested,” David defended.

“So Emily was nowhere in your mind while you filled my womb with your sperm.”

“If she was, you put her there.”

“I knew you liked her teasing, but I didn’t know you actually wanted to have sex with her eight year old body.”

“What are you talking about honey?” David questioned. “Are you worried that you might have some competition now?”

Emily silently made her way back underneath the bed and as quickly as silence would allow, found and put her panties and nightgown back on.

“Daaad! It’s not that. It’s just that, well, I had to wait until thirteen before you would do anything with me. Emily is only eight-“

“Almost nine I hear.”

“Well, even then, almost nine, and you want to have sex with her now.”

“Sweetie,” David consoled his daughter, “I began finding you attractive when you were five and nearly irresistible by the time you yourself were nine. The ways you teased me. You think you had it bad waiting until you were half mature enough to make the decision on your own and throw yourself onto me, I waited twice that time. And I can wait forever with your sister. If she chooses to never go further than her games, I’ll live with that. You don’t have to worry about me and her for quite awhile.”

“I don’t know. Like you said, she’s worse than I was. I just feel like she’s going to demand things sooner. Even though she’s so young. And that’s just not fair.”

“Honey, she is so young, too young. She could walk up to me tomorrow and demand sex and I’ll turn her down because I know that she doesn’t know what she’s asking for. And I personally am not ready to pay the price if things go wrong. If I was taken away from you two for her, - she’s just too young to understand. The system would destroy her.”

“She wouldn’t tell anyone. We both would fight for you until the end of the world.”

“If there’s one thing you girls need to learn in life, it’s that you accept the consequences for your actions.”

“Yeah, well that goes two ways. If they lock you up, they’re going to have to accept my consequences when I get the means.”

David sighed.

“Kids these days. So much unguided passion,” he exhaled.

“Sometimes I just wish Emily would know about us,” Kimberly yawned. “That way I wouldn’t have to leave you after every time. We could just fall asleep together like this, all without any worries.”

“Well, I’m not too sure how she would react walking into my bedroom in the morning seeing us both naked with my dried cum coating your private part.”

“She’d probably just want to sleep with you even more.”


Emily woke up bumping her elbow into her older sister Kimberly. Quickly examining the situation, she determined that she was still in her bed and under the covers, all in her room.

“What are you doing here?” Emily yawned.

“Look what I found,” Kimberly replied pulling a pair of child panties up from under the blanket between their two faces.

“A pair of my panties?” the little girl questioned.

“Not just any pair.”

Emily rolled around to face her sister while quickly checking herself.

“You took my underwear off while I was asleep?”

“It was really easy. I probably could have done a few more things down there without waking you up. It’s like you barely had any sleep and were struggling to get as much as possible.”

Emily checked her alarm clock.

“Why are you in my room at eight o’clock?”

“In fact, I believe I did do one other thing down there.”

“What?” Emily asked with a sudden burst of interest while she pressed her fingers between her legs to check for anything new.

“I had a photo shoot. Most of your crayons and dolls were invited. I got some great and colorful photos.”

“Whyy?” Emily complained.

“You know what these smell like?” Kimberly said pushing the pair of panties to her sister’s nose. “They smell like you’ve been doing something older girls do.”

“What do older girls do?”

“Were you rubbing your private part yesterday?”

“It’s called a vagina, and what does it matter?” Emily defended strongly as she pushed her underwear away.

“I have about forty pictures of your vagina, and I’ll give them to everybody in your third grade class on the first day of school if you don’t start telling me the truth.”

“I’m not stupid,” Emily shot back. “I gave daddy pictures of me naked before and he told me that that’s illegal and we could get in big trouble. He could be taken away from us.”

“Ah, I know those pictures. Dad still has them. I tried getting him to delete them from his computer, but he said he doesn’t want to forget what you looked like when you first turned eight.”

Emily’s face burst open with a smile. He kept them!

“Yeah, but if anybody finds those pictures, you’ll be the reason dad goes to jail.”

Emily gulped.

“I deleted them from his computer anyways and put them on mine. Told him to check there the next time he forgets what you looked like.”

You’ll be the reason dad goes to jail from the pictures you just took of me,” Emily chided.

“I’m fifteen so I’m old enough to take most of the blame. You don’t realize what I do for you. If anything happens to dad, I’m going to step in and take all the blame. To protect you. Dad and me both protect you from the whole world.”

“You’re not mom,” Emily spit.

“No, I’m better than mom. I’m here with dad and you and not out in the world being one of them. I sacrifice a lot for you.”

“No you don’t you liar!” Emily almost shouted.

“And then what do I find out last night?”

Emily gulped.

“Someone who is supposed to be in bed is instead breaking a thousand rules and spying. And also doing something very bad for her age.”

“No.” Emily defended as best she could.

“How long have you been spying on dad and me? You looked pretty accustomed to what you were doing.”

“Just a couple times. And that’s not sacrificing anything. I know what you’re doing and that feels good. You just lie all the time and keep secrets from me.”

“How would you know that sex feels good? And I kept it a secret to protect you. If you knew, you would want that with dad too. But you’re too young.”

“It’s pretty obvious it feels good by watching you do it. And I’m not too young. Daddy said you liked him since you were seven.”

“But we never did anything until I was thirteen. You have to wait at least that long, probably longer.”

“I’m not waiting four stupid years. I’m going to ask daddy when I turn nine.”

“No you’re not.”

“You’re not mom!”

“Mom wouldn’t deserve this if she was even here. Sex is something between two people that love each other. Mom doesn’t love dad.”

“I love dad!” Emily struggled to keep her voice low. She didn’t want to wake their dad up after all.

“You’re too young to know what love is. You just want attention from him. I had attention for years and years and years before I finally knew that I really loved him.”

“You’re a liar. You wanted sex with daddy when you were my age and you know it. What’s the point in waiting four years for something that’s not going to change?”

“In four years, then you’ll really know that you love him.”

“It’s just wasting time.” This conversation was hyper accelerating Emily’s want for sex. Before it, she was happy with watching, but now that her sister knew about her watching and was refusing anymore of it, she wanted what her sister had and nothing less. “If you had sex with daddy when you were eight, would you feel any different than you do now? What if you didn’t have to wait those four extra years?”

“I really don’t think I was ready when I was that young. I’m glad I waited until I did.”

“You’re a liar and you know it.”

“Fine,” Kimberly admitted, “maybe when I was eleven I was ready, but not younger.”

“And you never knew much about sex so it was less hard for you. I know so I know everything that I’m missing. And I have to live all those years knowing that I’m missing that. You didn’t know what you were missing. I’m ready now!”

“Maybe dad’s not ready for you. Did you ever think about that?” Kimberly shot back.

“I was there last night. He pretended that you were me. He seemed pretty ready.”

“I did that to show you a point. Daddy liked it because everybody likes sex. But when I reminded him that it was you, even he said you were too young. And he felt bad about himself.”

“That’s because you made him. You kept telling him too. You’re just like the world. Tell daddy what to do and not to do based on what everybody else around you thinks. You’re just as bad as mommy. Let daddy make up his own mind.”

“I do,” Kimberly said aggravated. “He kept those pictures of you even though he knew it could hurt him and us really bad. I’m protecting him from himself. Just like I’m doing for you. Dad’s penis wouldn’t even fit inside you. You’re way too small for him. And if daddy ever got taken away from us and they put you in counseling, they’ll turn you against him. You’re too young to fight back.”

“No one will ever turn me against daddy. If they try, I’ll fight back harder than anything. I’ll say daddy never touched me and then stab them and scream that they tried doing whatever they accused daddy of to me.”

“That’s riddled with so many flaws it’s not funny. And that won’t work if they find his cum in you. I’d have to teach you how to get around all their checks.”


“Wait; no. I’m not teaching you anything because you’re too young.”

Emily decided her attitude wasn’t really working so she reluctantly tried a new, civil approach. It was a tactic she rarely had the lack of ego to pull off. But she was becoming willing to try anything. It was something Kimberly did almost too often on her.

“I’ll let you sleep with daddy. All night, whenever you want. You can wake up with him then and I won’t be any bother. You could probably sleep with him every single night, just like the mommy you want to be.”

Kimberly was taken back unprecedentedly as her mind washed over with the amazing life that would be. Now that was a bargaining chip.

“I can do that now since you already know though,” she tried in a last ditch effort.

“I doubt that, not if every time I see you two together, I start crying. Daddy wouldn’t let that continue one single more time. In fact, if he found out I knew and I made a huge fuss, he might stop with you all together. I am too young after all, I might slip and accidentally tell someone in my sadness or anger. That’s what daddy thinks at least.”

“Emilyyyyyy, no! Don’t do this. You are too young. You just don’t realize it yet. At least wait until you’re twelve. Maybe even eleven.”

“I will if you stop right now and wait with me. That way you know how I feel. Knowing what you’re missing out on.”


“Do you want to wait two weeks until my ninth birthday, or two years until my eleventh?”

“If we do this, you can’t sleep with us every night,” Kimberly droned.

“About two or three nights a week will work for me.”



“Three max then. And not every week. And you have to stop spying.”

“Only if you two still have sex while I’m spending some of my nights. I like watching.”

“Fine. But I have to watch every time you two have sex to keep things in check.”

“Deal,” Emily quickly agreed.

“And I’m not waiting two weeks, but you have to at least wait until your nine. And if you’re too small for dad, there’s no going back on the deal.”

“He’ll go in no matter what.”

“It’ll hurt a lot if you’re too small,” Kimberly stressed.

“I’ll prove how much I love him by taking all of the pain. It’ll be my test.”

“And you better hope your hymen is done being broken from that gymnastics time. Otherwise you’re going to feel him rip it apart more.”

“Stop trying to scare me. It’s not going to work. I know what I want and nothing will change my mind.”

“Here’s your panties back, don’t try anything until I tell you too. I have to think up a plan. Dad’s definitely not just going to have sex with you. I need to trick him somehow. That’s pretty much how my first time went, except I don’t think beer will work this time.”

“You can just throw my underwear in the hamper. I won’t need them for where I’m going,” Emily yawned.

“Where you going?” Kimberly asked.

“Sleep. I’ve got some dreams on my mind.”

“Yeah, I wish we could choose what we dreamed,” Kimberly rolled her eyes.

“I can try,” Emily said sleepily as her older sister climbed out of her bed.

Kimberly seemed utterly bewildered as to how her little sister could fall back asleep so fast after something so clearly and undeniably arousing. As she left the room, she dismissed everything she just promised her sister. She could easily stall anything from happening for at absolute least, two months. She’d figure out another stall after that.

Emily happily rolled onto her stomach and ground her pelvis into the sheets several times. Her body was still incredibly tired, but it took her a good hour for her mind to finally settle down and fall asleep.


e.l. hanes

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