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When Jamie met Heather and Janice that night at Sheri's house, Heather let them in the back door and they found their way into the study where they hunkered down to wait. After a short wait, they heard Sheri and John coming in the door. Being careful not to make any noise, they carefully peeked out the study door into the living room, which they were able to easily see all of. As John sat on the couch, Sheri pulled a beer out of the wetbar and opened it, taking a big swallow before handing it to John. John grinned as he drank the beer, almost spilling it as Sheri sat on his lap and snuggled up to him.

Sheri leaned up against him and flicked her tongue out against his ear, tickling him. Then John turned to her and kissed her, softly at first, then with increasing intensity. As they continued sucking each other's tongues, Jamie, Janice and Heather were laying on the floor, watching them from the study. Then they saw John's hand slowly sneaking up from her waist to cup one of her tits. Sheri leaned into his hand, grinding her tit into his palm as he tentatively squeezed her tit in his hand. When she continued grinding her tit against his hand, he became more bold, massaging and squeezing her tit, finding the nipple sticking out against her shirt and rolling it between his fingers. Then he began to play with the other tit, carefully playing with her nipple and massaging her tit. After a few minutes of this, all the while continuing their kissing, John began to undo the buttons on Sheri's shirt. Sheri feigned surprise and halfheartedly attempted to stop him, then appeared to give in and actually unbuttoned the last two buttons herself, pulling her shirt out from her skirt.

With her shirt out of the way, Sheri's dark nipples could be seen through the material of her bra. Cupping her tits in his hands, John continued massaging them and playing with the nipples. Then he let his hand slide under one side of the bra to cup her bare breast in his hand, her hard, hot nipple scorching his hand as she pressed against him. Reaching behind herself, Sheri released the catch on her bra strap, allowing it to fall forward, releasing her tits to his eyes as well as his hands.

As her bra came off, John leaned over and took one of her nipples in his mouth, gently sucking it in and rolling it around between his teeth. Sheri gasped as she held his head against her. As he continued to suck on her tits, Sheri fell backwards onto the couch, allowing John to fall between her legs as he continued to suck her tits. After a while, John reached down with one hand and pushed it up under her skirt to rub her pussy through her panties. Sheri moaned but then pushed his hand away. John returned his attention to her tits, but then, after a few minutes, reintroduced his hand up her skirt and began to rub her pussy again through her panties.

This time Sheri didn't push his hand away. As he continued to rub her pussy, the smell of her excitement began to fill the air, a heavy, musky scent, strangely intoxicating. With one leg splayed open off the couch onto the floor, Jamie, Janice and Heather could see the wet spot growing where they could see John's fingers massaging and probing at her pussy. Then they saw him push a finger under the elastic of Sheri's panties into her cunt. Sheri began to push even harder against his hand as it probed her pussy, pushing a finger up into her cunt and then teasing the clit he found sticking out from her pussy.

Suddenly Sheri pushed him off of her, sitting up, her tits swinging and her face flushed. Pushing him onto his back, glancing in the direction of the study, she unzipped his pants and fished his cock out of his pants. Jamie almost gasped out loud. The only time she had seen a cock had been when she'd see James going to the shower or into his room from the shower, and then it had never been hard and erect like John's was now.

As Sheri grasped John's cock in her hands, John groaned and lay back, his eyes closed. Sheri began to squeeze and massage John's cock, causing a drop of pre-cum to glisten at the tip of his cock. Rubbing the drop of pre-cum all over the head of his cock with her hand, Sheri began to pump his cock with her hands, stroking it up and down as she pumped on it. At the same time, John reached up and began to massage Sheri's ass, which was pointed in his direction at his side. As Sheri increased the tempo of her pumping, John pushed his hand into her panties and began to rub her cunt, pushing his fingers into her. Then John suddenly groaned out loud as his dick started pumping cum into the air, shooting wildly all over the place as Sheri continued to pump his dick, squeezing all of the cum out of it. When he finished spurting his load all over himself, Sheri leaned over and licked the last drop of cum from the end of his dick before letting it go.

John groaned and sat up, his spent cock limp in his lap, cum spattered all over himself. Sheri grinned at him as he stared at her, not believing what had just happened. Then Sheri lay back on the couch and spread her legs, saying, "Now it's your turn to make me cum," she said, "but you have to do it with your hands just like I did."

With that, John pushed her skirt up as he pushed her legs open, one leg dangling off the couch, giving the girls a good view of her soaked panties. As John began to rub her pussy through her panties, Sheri looked over to where they were watching and smiled and winked at them. As John continued to rub her pussy, Sheri closed her eyes and lay her head back, enjoying it. Then John pulled her panties aside and slid his fingers into her cunt, pushing them all the way in. The sounds of John's fingers squishing in Sheri's cunt filled the room, along with the aroma of her sex heating up. The girls could see John's fingers disappearing into Sheri's cunt as John swirled them around in her, then they could see him grasping her clit between his fingers and squeeze it, causing Sheri to gasp out loud. As he continued to massage her clit and probe her hole with his fingers, Sheri began to writhe on the couch, pushing her cunt into John's hand as he played with her. Then without warning, Sheri began to vibrate as her orgasm took her, her juices flooding from her cunt onto John's hand. As she stopped quaking as her orgasm subsided, John leaned forward and licked her cunt from bottom to top, licking the juices from her cunt lips, then sitting up.

Sheri smiled at him and reached down and rubbed herself, feeling her juices continue to seep from her pussy. Sitting up, she reached over and rubbed her juices from her hand onto John's now aroused cock, causing it to twitch in excitement. Leaning over, she took the head of his cock between her lips and gently sucked, tasting his cum and swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. As John groaned in delight, Sheri suddenly stopped and sat up.

"Oh, my God, look what time it is," she said, looking at her watch. "My parents will be home any minute. You'd better go before they get here."

John looked at her in surprise, his cock standing straight up in front of him. But as she hurried him, he stuffed his cock back into his pants and arranged his clothes. As Sheri walked him to the door, her tits swinging, she kissed him passionately, letting her tongue run into his mouth before saying goodnight and thanking him for a wonderful time. As John asked her if she'd like to go out again, Sheri said they'd talk about it later. Then she shut the door behind him as he left and ran back to the couch, laughing as she jumped on it and Jamie, Janice and Heather came out of the study.

They were all still panting from the excitement of what they had just seen, the smell of Sheri's cunt still in the air and the sight of John's hard cock still imprinted in their minds.

"Well, what did you think of that?" Sheri asked triumphantly.

"Outrageous," Heather said. "I can't believe you got him so excited and then just kicked him out with his cock standing up in the air."

"Now he'll know there's something to come back for," Sheri said smugly. "If he'd gotten all he'd wanted tonight, I'd lose control of the situation. That's the secret, maintain control."

"His cock sure was big," Janice said. "What did it taste like when you licked it?"

"Oh, you know, it's nice. Sort of salty and tangy."

"He had his fingers pushed right up inside of you, didn't he?" Janice asked.

"Sure did," Sheri said. "It felt nice. Haven't you ever pushed your own fingers into yourself just to see what it feels like?"

"Just a little," Janice blushed, "never that far."

"What did it feel like when he licked you?" Jamie asked shyly.

"That's the best of all," Sheri said with a sigh. "I could have that done all day long and never get tired of it. It feels so good," she said as she rubbed her pussy. "God, my panties are soaked," she said, pulling them off. "See," as she offered her panties to them to inspect.

Heather took Sheri's panties from her and squeezed them, feeling how moist they were. Then she held them out in front of Janice and Jamie, telling them to feel, to have a smell. Janice tentatively poked at them with her finger, feeling the stickiness from Sheri's cum. Jamie just stood there.

"So, you still think your brother's going to resist me?" Sheri asked Jamie. "He'll be just that easy. They all are. But I promise you, I'll make sure you get to watch, just like tonight. In fact, I bet I can get him to go out with me tomorrow night. What do you say?"

"We'll be here to witness, won't we," Heather agreed. "But if you don't have any luck, I'm going to try, okay? Even if you do have some luck, maybe I'll try anyway, see which one of us he likes the most."

"You don't have a chance," Sheri said. "It's not that you're not pretty or anything, it's just that I have a way with boys."

"Anyone can have a way with boys if they're willing to be that easy," Heather retorted. "We'll see what happens when he has a choice."

"That's fine with me," Sheri said.

"Well, I've got to go home," Jamie said. "I told my parents I'd be in by midnight. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Goodnight, Jamie," Janice said.

"Night, Jamie."

When Jamie got home, she was in a turmoil. It had been very exciting watching Sheri and John on the couch. She wondered if all guys had cocks like John or if they were different. She wondered what James was going to do if Sheri decided that she was going to get him. It would be hard to resist, she admitted. She decided to talk to James before she went to bed, so she quietly opened the door to his room in case he was already asleep, not wanting to wake him. But when she eased into his room, he wasn't in his bed. Knowing how late it was, she was surprised, because James always made it home by curfew.

As she turned to leave the room, she noticed a little movement from James' closet and a little shaft of light. Tiptoeing over to the closet, Jamie peeked in and saw James bending over in the closet, his face pressed against the back wall. Looking closer, adjusting to the light, she saw that he was naked, with his hard cock in his hand, massaging it. Without thinking, Jamie gasped and James spun around, his cock still in his hand. Trying to cover himself, rather unsuccessfully, he stammered, asking Jamie what she was doing in his room at this time of night.

"I wanted to talk to you," she said. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spy or sneak up on you," she said, embarrassed, trying not to look at James' cock sticking out from between his legs. It was much larger than John's had seemed earlier. Maybe it was because she was so much closer. Glancing away from his cock to the back of the closet, Jamie saw a shaft of light coming from the wall. Looking curiously at it, she asked James what it was.

"Oh, nothing," he replied lamely, still trying to cover his cock with his hands.

"But where's the light coming from?" Jamie persisted.

"It's nothing," he said. "Don't worry about it."

But Jamie quickly stepped into the closet and bent over, looking into the hole the light was coming from. As she looked into the hole, she realized that she was looking into her parents' closet, which was open, giving her a view into their bedroom. As she looked, she realized that her parents were on the bed with no clothes on. Standing up, she turned to James with a look of astonishment on her face.

"That's mom and dad's room," she said. "You can see right into the room."

"You shouldn't look in there," James said.

"And you should?" Jamie retorted, bending over and again looking into the hole.

As she looked into the hole, she could see her father's feet sticking off the end of the bed pointing towards her, her mother astride her father, riding up and down on his cock. Gasping, she watched as her mother continued to ride up and down on her father's cock, which was glistening from the juices running from her mother's cunt. Jamie hadn't seen her parents naked since she was a little girl, and seeing her father's cock plunging into and out of her mother's cunt was just unbelievable.

Standing up, she turned and looked at James, whose cock had subsided somewhat.

"I can't believe this," she said. "How did you find this hole?"

"I just noticed it there after we moved in. I don't think they know about it," he added with a smile. "Imagine how they'd react if they knew."

"Yeah, just imagine," Jamie said, returning to look into the hole. "I can't believe we're doing this," she said, standing up and motioning that he could look into the hole again.

James looked embarrassed as he stood with his hands in front of his cock, trying to hide his slowly relaxing cock. After a minute's hesitation, he moved to the hole, gluing his eye to it. As he did so, Jamie kneeled down next to him and told him to tell her what was going on.

"Come on, describe it," she insisted.

"Well, mom's getting off of dad and she's turning around. She's starting to lick him and suck on him," James said in a whisper.

He couldn't believe he was bent over naked in the closet with his twin sister, looking at his parents have sex through a hole in the closet. As he watched his mother begin to suck on his father's cock, James' cock began to get hard again, just thinking of his sister standing next to him.

As Jamie knelt next to James, she saw his cock begin to harden again as he watched their parents through the hole. Reaching out, she lightly stroked his cock, causing him to jump.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he asked in astonishment.

"I won't hurt you," she said. "This is all crazy and new to me. Do you mind if I touch it?"

"Well, yes -- no, I guess it's all right to touch it. But why do you want to?"

"I don't know. I've never seen anyone's like this. You're my brother, I can trust you not to hurt me or anything."

Turning back to the hole, James saw his mother letting his father's cock slide all the way into her mouth, almost completely disappearing as it slid to the back of her throat. As she was letting it slide back out of her mouth, he felt Jamie stroke his cock again, very softly. With a groan he just watched his mother sucking his father while Jamie continued to softly stroke his cock, sometimes straying to his balls.

"What's happening now?" Jamie asked as she continued to stroke his cock.

"Mom's still sucking on dad," he replied as she slid her hand around his cock, lightly squeezing it. "Now she's sliding her leg across his chest and putting her pussy into his face. Now he's licking on her while she's sucking him."

"Let me see," Jamie said, pushing him aside as she put her eye to the hole, never relinquishing her grip on his cock.

As she looked into the hole, Jamie saw her mother sucking her father's cock while he was licking her pussy. Squeezing James' cock harder, she began to lightly pump it while she watched her parents. James groaned as she continued to play with him. None of his girlfriends had ever done this, and here was his sister, playing with his cock while watching their parents suck each other. Then Jamie stood up and allowed James access to the hole once again.

As he put his eye to the hole, Jamie wrapped her arms around him from behind, grasping his cock with both hands as she began to massage him. As she began to massage him more vigorously, James reached back behind himself and let his hand slide up her thigh to push against her panty- covered pussy, which was beginning to get a little damp. As he continued to watch their parents suck each other, Jamie kept up her massage of his cock while he rubbed her pussy through her panties.

After a few minutes, he pushed his hand down into her panties, through her bush, and ran his finger up and down her slit, causing her to sigh as she sagged against him. He continued to run his finger up and down her slit, sometimes pushing it into the slit and running it up and down her pussy, feeling the moisture beginning to form. Jamie sighed with pleasure as James continued to run his finger up and down her pussy, sometimes pushing it a little way into her hole, then rubbing her little clit.

Suddenly Jamie released her grip on James' cock and backed away from him. Standing up in surprise, James moved aside as Jamie bent to the hole. As she put her eye to the hole, she reached and grasped his cock again, squeezing it. A drop of pre-cum formed on the end, and without looking, Jamie smeared it all over the head of his cock, causing him to groan with pleasure.

Sitting on the ground next to her, James reached up her skirt and began to massage her pussy again. Reaching up, he pulled her panties down, which she stepped out of without comment. Then he began to play with her pussy in earnest. As he continued to run his fingers through her pussy, Jamie let her legs spread apart, giving him easier access.

"What's happening?" James asked as he continued to play in her pussy.

"Dad's fucking mom doggy style," Jamie said, pushing her pussy into his hand as he rubbed her clit. She watched as her father's cock pistoned in and out of her mother's pussy, seeing his balls slap against her as he drove his cock home. "You look," she said.

As James bent over to look into the hole, Jamie knelt down next to him again and took his cock into her hands. As James watched his mother being fucked while his sister played with his cock, he almost burst out laughing. Suddenly he felt Jamie's breath on his cock. Glancing down, he saw the tip of her tongue flick out to taste the drop of pre-cum forming at the end of his dick. Holding his breath, he watched as Jamie gently began to lick his cock, softly bathing it with her velvety tongue. Almost afraid to move, James watched as his sister began to lightly suck on the head of his cock, holding it between her lips as she gently ran her tongue all around the head. Then she opened her mouth and let it slide a few inches into her mouth on her tongue, gently sucking it as she drew her head back to tease the slit in the end with her tongue.

With a groan, James slid to the ground next to Jamie and sat with his back to the wall as she continued to softly suck and lick his cock. As she began to bob up and down on his cock, exciting him even more, James could feel his balls begin to churn and knew that he was going to cum any minute if she kept this up. Gently pulling her up from his cock, he explained that he was going to cum in her face if she kept it up. Smiling, Jamie assured him that she wanted to see what it looked like.

"Let me relax a second and play with you, then you can do it again," James suggested.

As she looked at him, James gently pushed her back on the ground, pushing her knees apart as he did so, exposing her bright red bush to his eyes with the vermilion slit running through it. Gently running his finger up and down her slit, he knelt over her and opened her pussy lips with both hands, getting a close-up view of her open pussy. It was all red and glistening, her little hole at the bottom just visible and her clit engorged and swollen at the top. Bending over, James let his tongue flick out and taste Jamie. Then he let his tongue run up and down her open pussy, licking the entire length of it. Jamie gave a big sigh and reached down and stroked his head as he began to lick her pussy, just like a cat. Then he began teasing her hole with his tongue, pushing it into her and swirling it around. It felt so good, she thought as she held his head into her pussy. Then he grasped her clit with his lips and began to worry it, kneading it with his lips and lightly chewing on it with his teeth. Jamie began to thrash on the ground as an orgasm caught her. She writhed with ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, flooding James' tongue and mouth with her juices. James eagerly lapped them up, sucking the last of her juices from her before sitting back and just staring at his sister's cunt pouting open, staring at him.

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