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Sissy CD Piggy gets caught with the repairman by his Mistress
Dear Reader – A bit of explanation and apology. I wrote this story for a friend of mine who is a cross dresser and describes himself as a submissive bi-sexual, mostly gay, sissy slave. I, myself, am a straight male and have no personal frame of reference of experiences in the sexual antics I wrote here. So this story is written from a few ideas and deions he provided me, the recollection I have of reading a few stories of this genre and my own vivid imagination.

Piggy and the Repairman

I was a very bad girl today. That is why my Mistress has had me blindfolded and my ankles secured to a spreader bar locked to the rings in her basement floor and my arms stretched above me and secured to another spreader bar. I have been in the basement for what seems hours, naked and cold and undergoing all sorts of punishments. But I know these punishments are well deserved for how badly I acted today. She has left me alone for now and I can hear her moving about upstairs. Oh, how I am sooo sorry for disappointing my Mistress and wish she would come down to talk to me so I could explain myself and beg for her to forgive me.

I didn’t really plan to let the repairman fuck me but I just couldn’t help myself, he was very strong and manly and had such a big bulge in his pants that I couldn’t keep from staring at it, knowing his cock must be big and beautiful. He caught me admiring his pants and things went down from there.

Mistress Lisa had left to do some errands. She was having her air conditioner repaired and had received a telephone call that required her to leave me at home for a while. But that was okay with me because I had a lot of cleaning to do and she had given me a wonderful fuck earlier in the morning. She had woken up with a big hard-on like she normally does and called me from my regular position on the foot of her bed near her feet, a very proper place for a slave to be, to suck her cock.

Oh how I do love to suck Miss Lisa’s cock when I wake up. She has such a nice dick, so hard yet soft and with nice blue veins along the shaft. And I simply love the taste of her cum. She usually will be stroking herself when she kicks me to get me awake, and I can’t think of a more wonderful sight to see than my Mistresses hard dick with the precum leaking from its slit when I first open my eyes.

“Piggy,” I heard her calling me in my sleep. “Piggy Cum Slut, Mistress needs you. I have a hard on and am horny and need you to suck my cock.” I was enjoying hearing this as I often dream about how Miss Lisa uses me, fucking my boy-pussy with her wonderful dick or allowing me to suck her off until she rewards me with spurts of cum down my throat. I am so very lucky that Mistress Lisa allowed me, over all of the other girly’s, to be her slave. I mean she could have chosen anyone but she chose me over all the others. It is such an honor to serve her, and I love her and will always obey her.

But today I didn’t, I was bad. Miss Lisa has told me that that I am not permitted to choose who can have sex with me or to have any sexual contacted without her prior permission. She is investing her time and energy in helping me become the girl I want to be and I am totally hers to have and share. But that’s okay because she let’s me get fucked and suck the dicks of her friends or sometimes even strangers. And she even lets them get rough with me and sometimes has several of them for me all at once, so I do get enough dick to keep me satisfied.

While I was cleaning I saw the repairman through the back window as he worked. He was so big and strong looking he almost took my breath away. It was warm out so he had taken off his shirt and his body was almost perfect. Nice and tight and glistening under the sun with a small sheen of sweat. His pants were tight and he had such an inviting looking bulge of a dick that I couldn’t help myself from becoming excited.

I moved around in front of the window until I noticed I had gotten his attention then quickly acted like I was going about my cleaning duties. I turned my back to the window then bent over as if I was picking something up, bending so low that the hem of the skirt of my maid uniform rose up to expose the nylon of my ruffled panties stretched tightly across my ass. I then thrust my ass backward and wiggled it in his direction like I was rubbing a spot on the floor. When I stood up I turned around in a natural motion and acted surprised to see him there. I smiled at him and gave him a prissy wave and saw him wave back, but it was his other hand I was watching most – he had it cupped over his bulge and was squeezing his dick. I got so excited imagining how big of a dick he had and how it would feel stuffed in my mouth or up my asshole.

I knew I was behaving inappropriately and Mistress would be furious with me for flirting with a stranger without her permission but I couldn’t help myself. His cock bulge was so big and I was getting more excited. I turned away so I wouldn’t continue my sinful behavior any longer, however the thought of his what I knew would be his enormous cock made my asshole itch so I went to Mistress room to get my butt plug and jammed it up my hole for relief.

When I got back he was gone. I figured he had finished and left so I returned to my chores again when the doorbell suddenly rang. I adjusted my clothes to be entirely in order before I opened the door, as Mistress has taught me, and was shocked when I saw the repairman standing there. And he was till massaging his dick!!! I almost swooned but caught myself. And he spoke before I could.

“Hi, honey,” he smiled at me with perfect teeth, “I got the air conditioned fixed but I want to check the thermostat. May I come in?”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” I wanted to shout, but replied with a prim and proper “Of course, sir,” and opened the door as a well trained maid would do.

As he brushed past me I could smell the delicious aroma of his sweaty body and hoped, against all of my training and instructions from Miss Lisa, that I could get him to fuck me.

As I led him to the thermostat I swear I could feel his eyes watching my ass, so I swished it a bit more than usual hoping to send him an invitation.

When we reached the thermostat he put his face close to it the squinted his eyes like he couldn’t see it. He turned toward me and gave me his beautiful smile and asked if I could come closer to read the setting for him, he claimed to be still a bit sun blind from working outside.

I hoped he was lying and just wanted me next to him so when I got next to him I brushed my hip against his and stood in front of him to read the number. The touch of his body against mine sent an electric thrill through me and I just had to have more. I bent at the waist a little to act like it was a bit difficult to read the setting, pushing my ass back against his groin and bulge and circling my hips the smallest bit.

I could feel the hardness of his dick through my panties and it felt every bit as big as I had imagined. Oh how I wished we had both been naked at that moment so I maybe could have felt the length of his shaft along my ass crack and in between my cheeks.

“Oh, Piggy, what are you doing?’ I silently scolded myself. “You know this is completely wrong for you to act like such a slut. Mistress would be furious with you if she knew you were acting like a whore and you would be in for the most severe punishment.” But for some reason I ignored my own warnings. I wanted his big dick soo bad.

“The setting says 72 degrees, sir,” I told him as I rubbed my ass against his dick again, “is that alright.”

“Hmmm,” he seemed to muse. “Is what all right? The setting or having your soft ass pressed against my dick?’” As he spoke he reached down, grasped my hand then pulled it back to place over his dick. “Nice, huh?”

“Sir, I’m shocked!” I feigned surprise but made no effort to move my hand. Instead of doing the right thing and moving away and remaining loyal to my Mistress I actually grasped his dick.

“Cut the act honey,” he responded, pulling me up and spinning me around to face him. “I’ve been on to you since you put on that act in front of the window. And I must say you did a pretty good job. It made me horny as hell!”

“But…but…” was about all I could stutter out before he cut me off by placing his fingers on my lips.

“But want babe. Did you want to tell me something? Maybe that you’re not a real woman but a sissy, girly-boy. Hell, I know that and I don’t give a shit. I’m bi and I when I got hot and horny I’ll fuck whatever kind of pussy I can get, even that boy pussy of yours.”

I didn’t know what to say, if anything at all came to my mind right then, as I tilted my head to look up at his face.

“Do you want me to fuck you? Huh?” he reached out to grasp my hand and pulled it down to place it back over his cock. “How’s that feel?’” he leered as he looked into my eyes – I felt they were probing the depths of my soul and he instantly knew everything about me.

“I know you like my big dick, don’t you honey. And I’ll bet anything you’d love to feel it sliding up your asshole, wouldn’t you.”

I couldn’t say a word. His cock filled my hand as I fondled him through his pants and I reached my other hand down to the crotch of his jeans to feel his balls, they felt huge and I wondered how he must have stuffed them in when he dressed. I looked down as I played with his dick and was it my imagination or did it seem to get bigger. Oh, God, I wanted him! I wanted his cock in my hands, on my face, in my mouth, up my asshole, I didn’t care where as long as it was touching me someplace.

“Sir,” I had finally found my voice, “will you please allow me to see your dick and will…will you permit me to touch it?”

“Well, the sissy does have a voice,” he grinned. “And it is evident from your manners that your Mistress has trained you well. Yes you may see my dick and touch it. Open my pants and remove it, but I warn you if you hurt me I’ll leave and let you always wonder about what you missed.”

Kneeling before his crotch I resisted the urge to hurry and carefully unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. I was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing any underwear but delighted just the same as I could see the underside of his hard shaft lying just inside and pointing upward. I had trouble unbuttoning his jeans so I could get to his wonderful cock but he chuckled, crossed his hands behind his head and stretched his body, giving me room to get my fingers into his waistband. I was unbuttoning his jeans when my world exploded.

“Just what the fuck is going on here,” I heard Mistress Lisa screaming. I hadn’t heard her return and she had caught me.

Still on my knees I turned my head to look at her and was frightened so badly I shivered. She was livid. She was about 10 feet away with her hands on her hips and I could see the red of her anger creeping up her neck and in to her face.

“You!” she spit out and pointed to the repairman. “Pick up your shit and get the fuck out of here. Right now!! I’ll take care of this with you later.”

He quickly reached down to begin pulling up his pants and was still pulling them up as he left the room, almost stumbling in his haste to leave as he hurried toward the door.

“And you,” she pointed at me. “You…you…you whoring slut! Just what the fuck do you think you are doing? I allow you to stay in my home and serve me, I take care of your needs and this is how you thank me. By acting like a 2 bit whore when I’m not here. And in my home!”

I had never seen Miss Lisa this furious and was scared. She was standing with one foot slightly forward of the other, her hands on her hips and breathing deeply as she glared at me.

“Get up off of your knees you worthless piece of shit. Take that uniform off, you aren’t worthy enough to serve me. I want you to stay right there until I get back. And you better not move an inch if you know what’s good for you.”

With that she turned and stomped out of the room.

I was scared, truly scared, probably more scared than I had ever been as I removed my clothing. Why, why, why had I acted as I did and not listened to my own warnings? I had gone far past the limitations of trust and what freedom I had been so graciously granted, even though I knew better. I stood there shivering in my nakedness as I waited for my Mistress to return, not so much from the cold but in shame from my disobedience and from fear of what punishment may await me.

When I heard her return I lowered my head, knowing I wasn’t worthy or deserving to look upon Miss Lisa. I kept my head down and my eyes closed even when I knew she was in the room, not daring to look up out of fear of what I may see.

“Piggy!” she sternly commanded, “look at me. “

My heart almost stopped and my stomach clenched into a ball when I finally dared look. She was dressed in her punishment attire; although she had modeled it for me once before it had simply been as a warning and she cautioned me that if she ever got so mad to wear it in anger I would regret the day I was born. I damn near passed out with fright as the blood drained from my face.

Her eyes looked almost red as they glared at me through the eye holes of her half-hood as she stood there in her black latex. She was holding her punishment crop in one hand and tapping it against her knee high boot and had a few other items clenched in her other hand. She didn’t say a word as she angrily stared at me, her silence paining me more than any words could have done at that moment.

“Your conduct today was beyond words,” she flatly stated, shaking her crop at me, “and you will be severely punished. Come with me.” I followed as she purposely strode toward the basement door and opened it. “Get down there,” she pointed with her crop, “and stand in the corner.” As I moved slowly to the stairs to descend she slapped me hard on the ass with her crop. “Move it, Piggy, I not going to waste any time with you.”

When I got downstairs I stood obediently in the corner, listening as she moved around in the basement, trying to get a clue as to what fate may await me. I found out too soon.

“All right, whore, I’m ready for you. Get your worthless ass over here now and I mean fast,” she emphasized her command with a loud sharp rap of her crop against the wall.

I rushed over as commanded, almost falling in my haste to obey, dread filling me as I saw what I knew would be a long, painful punishment. The items she had been holding were arranged on a small table next to her; a blindfold, ball gag, the thickest longest dildo I have ever seen and another item I had never seen - it looked like a mouth piece from a divers snorkel with a strap attached to it and connected to a small clear hose that led to a long object that looked like a grip for a bicycle handlebar. She had two spreader bars laid on the floor, one of them locked to eye bolts in the flooring and the other about 6 feet away, a rope leading from it and up through a pulley in the ceiling. Knowing what she had in mind and trying to show some sign of obedience I sat on the floor, secured my ankles to the straps in the lower bar then laid back and extended my arms over my head to be fastened to the other bar.

“Hmmph!’ Mistress grunted, “do you actually think doing that will do you any good.”

After securing my hands she had me stand up and raise my arms with the attached bar above my head. As I stood there she picked up the blindfold and tied it tightly around my eyes.

“Mistress Lisa,” I dared to speak, I knew I should remain silent but I desperately needed to speak to her, and considering the trouble I was already in I didn’t think it would make things any worse. “I’m so sorry and ashamed I was such a filthy whore today. And I’m sorry I violated the trust you placed in me by leaving me home alone. And…”

“Silence!” she cut me off with a shout. “Sorry?! You filthy whore. You think you’re sorry now; well you’ll be much more sorry when I’m done with you. Now shut up!!

I hadn’t heard her move behind me but she suddenly yanked on the rope, pulling it so mercilessly tight that I felt my arms would be torn from their sockets. I heard her moving around and wondered what I was in for next when I felt the end of the dildo spreading my ass cheeks and lodging against my asshole.

“So you wanted to fuck that repairman, huh?” she whispered derisively in my ear. “Well, honey, he’s gone but I’ve got a nice big dick for that little sissy boy-pussy of yours,” I could feel her wiggling the dildo around my asshole. “Fuck this,” she said sharply and jammed the huge fake cock into me.

“Aieee!” I screamed in pain. Even through all of the asshole training Miss Lisa had given me I wasn’t prepared for the sudden intrusion of the massive dildo. I was certain not much more than a couple of inches had penetrated me but it was almost more than I could handle. Yet I knew Mistress wasn’t done until she had the entire shaft inserted.

“Quiet! Don’t you dare scream!” she yelled in a commanding tone. “After all,” her tone softened to sarcasm, “I’m only giving little Piggy Cum Slut what she wanted. A…nice…big…dick…up…her…ass,” punctuating each word with a push to force it in further and further until I felt the attached balls against the bridge between my ball sac and asshole.

The massive dildo filled me entirely, stretching me to what I thought was my limit and completely filling my tunnel. It hurt terribly but I didn’t dare utter a word, all I could do was tightened my face muscles to avoid speaking and to try to help alleviate the pain.

“Well I’ll be damned,” she commented, “the little whore took the whole thing. Very good Piggy.” I felt her hot breath on my face as she whispered in my ear, “Do you like having that great big dildo shoved in your hole?”

I didn’t answer out off fear of speaking out of place, but that was a bad decision.

“I asked you a question, Piggy,” Mistress spoke sharply, “answer me! Do you like this?” with that she wiggled the dildo and stroked it in and out a tiny bit, sending pangs throughout my lower body.

“Yeess, Mistresss,” I could barely speak through the pain. “ you, Mistress.”

“So do I. Well then let me give you some more enjoyment.”

She pulled the dildo back until it was almost all of the way out of my hole then just as quickly as she pulled it out she rammed it back in, repeating this time after time as she fucked me with it. It hurt terribly. I felt like it was tearing me apart but after my tunnel began to naturally expand to the intrusion it also felt arousing. The long shaft seemed to be massaging my prostrate as she stroked it in and out, and the sensations of the ridges on the shaft of the latex cock gliding over the muscles of my inner wall were beyond deion. I could feel the stirrings of an erection and tried to will it away but I couldn’t help from allowing a small moan of pleasure.

“Hmm. It sounds as if you like being fucked like this don’t you, you naughty whore.”

“Oh yess, Miss Lisa, oh yessss. It feels so good to have that big dick up my asshole. Please fuck me more.”

She stroked it in and out for a short time longer then abruptly stopped and I could feel her hands leave the valley of my ass cheeks so I knew she must have moved away. While wondering where she had gone I heard her shout a loud “NO” then a painful rap from her crop on my twitching dick.

“Stop that. You are not allowed to let that little dickie of yours get hard. You are being punished for being a naught whore,” she whacked it again, “you are not being rewarded.”

“But Mistress,” I started to explain that I couldn’t totally control the reaction of my dick but she again yelled at me to be quiet.

“Well, Piggy, if you can’t control your worthless little dickie then I guess will have to.”

I heard her go to her toy table, fumble around then return. She grabbed my dick in her hand and softly held it for a brief moment, then I all of a sudden felt her circling the base of my shaft with a plastic collar, my dick being forced into a plastic sleeve and two halves being clicked together. She had paced me in a cock cage. Although it was a bit uncomfortable it wasn’t really painful, but I knew I would prevent me form become erect and more than likely be painful if I did start getting hard.

“There,” she laughed and gave my genitals a slap after she had me caged, “that should teach you not to insult Mistress when she is punishing you. And you do know why you are being punished don’t you?’

“Yes, ma’am. Because I was a bad girl today.”

“Wrong answer, slut,” she screamed almost in my face and gave the cock cage a hard painful slap. “You weren’t a bad girl,” she slapped the cock cage again. “You were acting like a fucking whore.” Actually screaming the word whore and spraying my face with her spittle as she screamed at me from only mere inches away. I heard her step backward and then it sounded like she was walking around me.

“You know Piggy, I kind of like the way you look like that, your insignificant dickie all locked up and a great big dildo in your ass, but there seems to be something missing. Hmm, I know what it is. I think it needs some color.”

I heard her footsteps walk away and return, then an almost silent “swisshh” followed by a severe stinging on my ass cheeks as Miss Lisa’s began blistering me with her crop. She lashed me several times on each cheek then began to work her lashes down to the bottom of my ass, seeming not to miss a square inch. The lashes were severe and I almost felt like crying or screaming as the leather of her crop bit into my tender flesh over and over and over again. I had lost count by the time she finally stopped but she must have applied that crop to my ass at least 3 dozen times before she was done.

“Now that looks better. Your red ass accents your pale flesh so well. Don’t you think so too? Oops,” she cackled “I forgot you were blindfolded. How silly of me.” she cackled again.

“Well, I think that’s enough for now. I have to go upstairs for a moment. But were not done yet you insubordinate piece of trash. Not by a long shot. Rest if you can. We will continue this later.”

I heard her walking away when she suddenly stopped and walked back to me.

“A word of warning, little one,” she reached back to wiggle the dildo and fuck me a few more strokes. “You better not try to push this out. There will be hell to pay if it’s lying on the floor when I return, so you better keep your asshole clenched around it.”

She gave my cock cage a final slap then strode away. I was relieved to hear her footsteps going up the stairs. I was in pain from having my ass stretched and whipped and her repeated slaps to the cage she had enclosed my dick in. It was a relief to know I would have a few minutes without any punishment, yet at the same time couldn’t figure out how much worse she could make it for me when she did return.


It had been a while since Mistress had left and I wished she would return soon, my arms had been raised for so long they were starting to become numb and I wanted to beg her to let me lower them, if only for a few minutes to restore the circulation. I could hear her talking upstairs and knew she must be on the telephone because I didn’t hear any other voices.

I had been keeping my asshole clenched to be sure the huge dildo didn’t fall out but it had become somewhat hard to maintain the contraction of my anal muscles and after about 15 minutes I had let them relax for some relief. I had gone very slowly at first, loosening them then almost immediately reclenching them so that if I felt the dildo begin to fall out I could tighten up again. To my joy the dildo didn’t fall out, I guess it was being held in firmly by the contraction of the muscles in my ass tunnel, and my relaxing and tighten of my asshole actually caused the membranes to massage the dildo’s big veins and ridges, sending a wonderful thrill through my loins.

The downside of these self-induced thrills also caused me some pain though. The ministrations of the dildo by my asshole was making me aroused and I could feel my dick starting to twitch in an effort to become erect, but the confines of the cock cage would not permit my cock to enlarge itself and it was painful as the blood surged into my penile tissues in its natural function to become hard. Regretfully I had no choice but to stop the stimulations in my backside. The thought suddenly flashed to me that Mistress Lisa was absolutely correct in placing the cage around my cock, I was being disciplined and it would be improper of me to feel any enjoyment while she was punishing me.

My esteem for Mistress was taken to new heights with that thought; I realized then that she truly knew what was best for her slave. I had always admired and respected her judgment but if I had any doubts at all about her treatment of me they were erased at that moment, my love for her blossomed even more than ever before. She was so wise and I was so truly fortunate to be her slave. I knew then that whatever pain she decided to inflict on me was for my own good and that I would endure it. I vowed to myself that I would be the best slave in the whole world that any Mistress wherever would be proud to own.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her footsteps on the stairs. I couldn’t help but smile slightly, knowing that I would soon once again be in the presence of my beautiful slave training Mistress. I forced myself to stop smiling and lowered my head so as to be as respectful as possible when she neared me.

“Well how is my little Piggy doing,” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm as she placed the end of her crop beneath my chin and used it to raise my head.

I kept my face expressionless and didn’t say a word or utter the slightest of sounds; she had simply made a comment and had not given me permission to speak so I remained absolutely silent as I heard her walking around behind me.

“I see that you have been obedient and kept that cock up your ass,” she gave it a couple of jiggles, “and it’s still nice and tight. And how’s that locked up little dickie of yours doing, hmm,” she tugged on the cock cage sharply, sending a stab of pain through my entire cock and balls.

“Piggy, I hope you understand that I am not doing this for my enjoyment.” The tone of her voice had softened somewhat from what it had been but it was still hard. “Your behavior was atrocious today and you must pay the penalty for your disobedience. Your punishment may continue for some time so I brought you a protein drink for nourishment. Drink this.”

I felt a straw at my lips and worked it in, drinking down the cold liquid, it was kind of bitter tasting but I eagerly drank it all down until I heard the straw making slurping sounds in the empty glass.

“Good girl,” she patted my face gently. “You have permission to speak if you wish to say anything.”

“Thank you for the drink, Mistress Lisa. And thank you for punishing me. I know I acted like a whore today and was a very bad girl, and you are doing this for me to teach me to obey your orders. But please, Mistress, would you lower my arms, they are becoming numb and tingly.”

“Hmm,” she seemed to think, “That might not a bad idea. But you will remain tied.”

She then released the ropes, lowered the bar, unshackled my wrists so I could lower my arms but instructed me to remain standing, my ankles still secured to the lower spreader bar. Mistress told me to I could move my arms and shake them to restore the blood flow as I heard her walk away from me and as I stood there I heard her moving some furniture or something in front of me.

“Now, Piggy,” her voice was hard and I heard her slap her crop against something, “I want you to stand straight like a soldier. I am going to remove your blindfold so you can see what I have here and how I expect you to be positioned.”

It took me a few seconds to focus after she removed my blindfold. When I did get focused, in front of me I saw what resembled a saw horse with a cushioned cross bar with eye bolts and shackles screwed in to the bottom of the legs. When she pushed it in front of me it was evident she wanted me to bend over it so I did without be told. She called me a good girl but said it very flatly, without any feeling at all, then bent down to fasten my wrists to the legs of the saw horse. The top of my head hung down about a foot off of the floor.

My ankles were still secured to the spreader and I was bent like the letter ‘A’ with my dick and balls pressed against the side of the cushion. Mistress then moved the horse until my legs were straighter and my cock hung free.

“Look up at me, Piggy.”

It hurt to raise my head to that angle but did as instructed. Mistress was smirking at me.

“Comfy, Piggy,” she leaned down close to my face.

It was painful in that position but I nodded just the same. “Yes, Mistress.”

“I don’t think you’re being totally honest with me Piggy, but I don’t really give a shit. You’re being punished.” She then backhanded me across the face with a hard slap. “And that’s for not being totally honest with Mistress. I think your lying mouth needs some attention. Let’s see what I have over here to shut that little mouth.”

As she moved away I felt the sudden urge to pee. I knew I would not be let go to use them bathroom but I also knew I had better not pee on the floor. I knew I had to say something before I was gagged and dared to speak.

“Mistress Lisa, I need to pee and don’t know what to do. Will you put a bucket or something under my little dickie so I can go?”

She was silent but looked over her shoulder with and chuckled slightly. “No, Piggy. I won’t get you a bucket but I will let you pee in a minute.” She picked up the snorkel mouthpiece with the attached hose and walked back to me. “Open wide, Piggy,”’ she laughed, stuck the mouth piece in my mouth and fastened the strap around my head to hold it in place, then kneeling down she grasped my dick and twisted the other end on tightly.

“There you are, Piggy,” she looked me in the eye with an evil grin and cackled like a witch, “go ahead and pee all you like. And you needn’t worry about making a mess.”

With my head lower than my dick I knew that when I peed the urine would run down the hose and flood my mouth. I felt my bladder was about to burst and it hurt so much I had to release myself. When my muscles relaxed the piss shot out of my dick and my mouth was filled with the bitter taste of the hot salty piss. It made me want to gag but the pee had no where else to go and I had no choice but to swallow so I drank it down. I had to pee so much it seemed as it was a never ending stream and as I gulped my own waste liquid it felt like it was recycling itself. The stream of piss finally ended so I could stop swallowing but the taste remained in my mouth.

“Feel better now, Piggy,” Mistress laughed at me. “I hope you enjoyed that because there will be much more. I dissolved a couple of water pills in that drink I gave you so you’ll be peeing like a race horse.”

Mistress was still laughing at me when the doorbell rang. “Oh, my guests have arrived. Don’t go anywhere, Piggy.” She continued to laugh as she walked away.

I was kind of disgusted by having to drink my piss but knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I had never taken any type of water pills and wondered exactly how much it would make me pee and fought the urge to gag or vomit because I would just have to swallow that too.

I heard Mistress answer the door and talking with her guests, then squeals of laughter; she must have told them something funny. And knowing how mean Mistress Lisa was being and the way she was punishing me I’m sure she was telling them what she had done. I heard their footsteps, voices and laughter as they came into the basement and turned my head to see who was coming.

There were three others with Miss Lisa and they were all stunningly beautiful. A brunette and a redhead, who was carrying a small satchel, had their arms around each other as they neared so I figured they were lovers and Miss Lisa was holding the hand of a large man so I figured it must be one of her old lovers. I knew they were coming to use me.

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