This is my second chapter in the series. I’m trying to fix my deficiencies, so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. Also if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see PM me with them and I will try to integrate them.

I woke early the next morning to the feeling of an eager mouth on my cock. I looked down to see Tammy once more demonstrating her amazing oral talents on me. I could definitely get used to waking up like this. She was a virtuoso with her tongue. One of those rare women who truly love sucking a dick and getting her reward. Within minutes I was popping off in her mouth and she greedily swallowed my load, milking the every last drop from it.

“Now that was a proper way to wake your master up.” I said. She beamed up at me. “We will have to make that a regular part of your duties. Now get up and make us some breakfast slut.” She got up and practically skipped into the kitchen.

While she was gone I busied myself with looking through her things to learn a little about her. I saw several pictures of her with two girls who looked to be in their early teens. The older one had short dark hair like Tammy’s she was also rather voluptuous. The younger of the two must have taken after their father. She was tall and athletic with long curly brunette hair. They both had a dusting of freckles across their nose. They were lovely and I could definitely see possibilities there. But I would have to move carefully.

I also found some wedding photos of her and a tall brown haired man. He was obviously the girls’ father. Judging by the hair and clothes it was taken about 15 years ago. Interesting, they were still being displayed but he didn’t have anything here, so they were obviously not together.

I quickly found a vibrator and dildo but a woman like this usually has more than just these two items. After some more snooping I found a box in the back of her tallest closet shelf. It held an array of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, restraints, gags, a riding crop and a cat o’ nine tails. Well, well she was really serious about being a sub, excellent. Despite my earlier actions, I had never been in a truly dominant position. I had fantasized about it for years but was never able to make it happen.

I made quick sweep through the house. It was a beautiful house, four bedrooms and 3 baths. I found her daughters bedrooms, typical teenage girls’ rooms. The house also had a large finished basement divided into 3 rooms. Hmmmm there are some possibilities there.

After finishing my tour I went to the kitchen where Tammy was just finishing up. She was still completely naked. “Your breakfast is ready and the table is set master.” She said with downcast eyes. She was glowing and practically bouncing out of her skin with excitement.

“Well done slave.” I said to her. “Let’s go eat and find out a little more about one another.” We sat down and talked over our food.

It turned out the Tammy was 36. Her daughters were name Alicia and Brianna and they were 16 and 14 respectively. She had married her husband right out of highschool. He was a couple of years older than her and a cop. He was also the man you showed her that she was meant to be a slave. She went to college to become a lawyer. Alicia was born when she was 20 and Brianna when she was 22. She managed both pregnancies and raising her children while still going to college and law school. Her husband was killed in a car accident ten years ago. Between his life insurance and her salary as a lawyer she did quite well for herself and her family. She hasn’t been with a dominant man since then and it ate at her. That information certainly explained a lot about her.

I briefly filled her in on myself. By the time I was done we were finished with breakfast. As she cleaned up I went into the bedroom and got a couple of things. I came back into the kitchen as she was finishing up.

“Slave!” I snapped. She jerked to attention. “Get your ass over to the table and lean across it with your hands behind your back!”

“Yes Master.” She replied hurrying over to comply with my orders.

I watched as she got into her position. She was lying face down on the table with her head turned away from me. Her hands were clasped tightly behind her back and her ass was slightly higher than the table she was lying on. This gave me a beautiful view of her pussy and ass. Both of which I noted were covered with my dried cum from the night before.

I knew from our conversation that her daughters were at a friend’s house and would be back in a couple of hours so I quickly got to work. First, I handcuffed her wrists together. Next, I tied her feet to the table legs so that I would have unfettered access. Finally, I strapped the ball gag into her mouth. I ran my finger along her slit and was pleased to find that she already wet.

I picked up the riding crop and brought it down on her right ass cheek. She screamed and bucked against the table, which is why I restrained and gagged her.

“Didn’t see that coming did you?” I laughed. Then I brought it down again on her left cheek. I alternated between her cheeks for 20 or so blows. When I stopped her ass was crisscrossed with red stripes, her pussy was soaked and my cock was rock hard. I tossed the crop aside and stepped up behind her. I placed the head of my cock against her slit. Then I leaned into her. Her cunt eagerly opened for my hard tool. She was grunting rhythmically as I slowly drove my length into her. When I was finally hip deep in her I paused briefly and started fucking her with strong steady strokes. Pulling almost out and then forcefully pushing fully into her each time. I kept this up for several minutes as her orgasm built up. Just before she came I pulled out of her cunt completely, causing her to groan in frustration.

I waited a few seconds for her to come down then I lined my cock up with her lovely puckered asshole and rammed it into her. She let out a deep guttural groan as I matched the pace I had set earlier. I again kept this up for several minutes until I figured she was primed and then I pulled out of her ass and again thrust my cock deep into her pussy.

I gave her a few thrusts to the pussy and then moved to her ass again. I began to go back and forth between her cunt and ass every few strokes. I kept this treatment up for another ten minutes or so. At that point I felt that she was getting too used to this treatment so I began to slap her already abused ass with each thrust. She had begun to emit this primal droning moan. I was really laying into her ass while desecrating her two holes by the time she had her first orgasm. She went wild keening through her gag and shaking her head violently back and forth.

I rode her through two more equally violent orgasms before I could feel my sack begin to tighten up denoting my own impending orgasm. With a last powerful thrust I emptied my spunk into her hungry cunt. I let my cock soften and slide out of her sloppy hole. I then walked over to the fridge and reached in to pull out two bottles of water.

“I think my fuck-slave could use a cool down.” I said. Then I unceremoniously thrust one bottle deep into her snatch and the other deep into her ass. My slave convulsed and trembled through another orgasm as the cold bottles filled her hot, well-stretched holes. “There, that feels better doesn’t it?”

I reached over and grabbed her digital camera. I took several pictures from every angle. I took several close-ups of her face. Her eyes had a glazed and humiliated look to them. That started to make me hard again.

“Not time for that yet.” I said softly to myself. Then I turned to her and said. “Why don’t you chill out in here and I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I walked into her study and started up her computer. I put the pictures in a file for her and placed copies on my jump-drive.

After that I took a nice long shower and then I dressed and grabbed a short yellow sun dress for her. I then proceeded back to the kitchen. She was still in the same position that I had left her in. Of course, where was she going to go?

I removed the restraints tying her legs to the table and put her in a kneeling position. As her butt hit the floor it drove the two water bottles a little farther up in her and she grunted with discomfort. Then I removed her gag.

“Well you worthless cunt.” I said while unzipping my pants. “You don’t deserve to have my cock again but you look so pathetic and I’m still hard so I’ll do you the favor of servicing me one more time.”

“Thank you master.” She said quietly

I quickly grabbed her by the hair and twisted her head back, causing her to cry out in pain. “I can’t hear you; you simpering fuck-hole.” I snarled.

“Thank you master!” She half screamed.

“Better. Now open your mouth.”

She complied immediately. When it was fully open, I used my hold on her hair to force her mouth onto my rock hard dick. I forced it deep into her throat and held it there for several seconds cutting off the air. Then I withdrew. I repeated the process several times before I began to really throat fuck her. I pulled her head forward to meet my every thrust. Tears were streaming from her eyes; whether they were from pain or humiliation I didn’t know or really care.

I could feel myself getting close to popping. When the time came I pulled out and aimed my dick at her face while I let fly. There wasn’t much seed left in me at this point but there was enough to paint her face. I collapsed back against the table, breathing heavily.

“Now THAT was entertaining.” I gasped. “You did well slot”

“It is this worthless cunt’s pleasure to serve you however you wish master.” She rasped from her thoroughly used throat.

After recovering my strength I walked over and uncuffed her hands. Then I gave her the sundress.

“Put this on, you need to take me back to my car. You can remove the bottles now. Oh, and leave my spunk on your face.” I ordered her. She jumped up and followed my orders. Within two minutes we were on the road.

A few blocks from the hotel I had her pull into a gas station. “You want something to drink?” I asked.

“No master.” She replied

“Well I am so let’s go get something.” She looked at me with a horrified expression on her face. When I didn’t crack she got a resigned look on her face and got out of the SUV.

I made her walk two steps ahead of me so that I could watch her ass move under her dress. As we walked into the station she attracted more than a few stares. She was already a beautiful woman but combine that with the sheer sundress that barely covered her ass and pussy, her braless tits swinging free with their nipples poking through and the rapidly drying cum on her face she was a vision to behold. I got my drink and we got in line. None of the men and even some of the women, in the station could keep their eyes off of her. I received a number of winks and grins.

When we were the next customers at the window I started to move forward. She was apparently distracted and didn’t move at first. I growled and slapped her hard on the ass. She yelped and popped forward. I heard several chuckles from behind me. I paid and as we were leaving I reached under her skirt and lifted it up to caress and show-off her well flogged ass.

Her face was bright red with the humiliation as we got back in the SUV and drove the rest of the way to my car. Her breathing was heavy and I could smell her juices. After we pulled into the stall next to my car I got out and walked over to her side. I opened her door and reached my hand under her dress. I plunged two fingers into her sloppy wet hole while I leaned in to kiss her. She shuddered and ground her pelvis into my fingers. I kept this up until she came on my hand. After several more moments I broke off the kiss and stepped away. She sighed heavily.

“You’re my property now aren’t you bitch.” I sneered

“Forever and always master.” She said with a slight smile and downcast eyes.

“You better get going. It would be hard to explain to your daughters why you are coming in looking like that and why there are handcuffs, restraints and a ball-gag in your kitchen. I will contact you tonight for our next meeting.” I said getting in my car. Then I drove away. In my rearview mirror I saw her sitting in her SUV with her legs spread and her pussy glistening.

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