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sorry for the spelling just like telling stories
After a couple of days of suckinng and fucking her 2 young boys she started to think of what would happen if somebody found out. It really worried her so she decided to sell her house and move out into the country and take her sons out of school and home school them. She found a great place about 30 miles from any town or neighbor out in the mountains. The first morning she woke up in the new house she had just bought some new lingerie to wear for her sons. She love to look sexy in front of them cause she knew it made them horny all the time. So she pulled out her nice see through bra and put it on. This bra was a little to small for her big tits and she liked it that way cause her tits could flop out at any moments. This bra barely covered her nipples and made her cleavage very big and out there. Then she decide to go with a nice white g-string which didn't really cover her pussy She loved being a little slut for her to sons and it made her horny just thinking about all the things they could do way out in the country by themselves. She walks out to the kitchen and starts making something for breakfast and her 2 boys walk in and see there mom in the lingerie. They walk up behind her and start playing with her ass cheeks spreading, rubbing and squeezing them. She looked at them and said "are you boys hungry for food or my ass?"
The boys just kept rubbing her ass and she then told them to spank her a little.
Jon said "why do you want us to spank you mommy?"
She said "well boys I like my ass spanked a little, it turns me on."
So both boys started slapping her ass a little making her nice ass cheeks red and she loved it. Her pussy was getting really wet at this point and she looked down at her boys and asked
"what would you boys like to do to mommy today?"
Jon said " I want to put my cock in your asshole mommy"
and jack said "can you suck my off mommy?"
She gave them a smile and told Jack to lay down on his back. She would get inbetween his legs on all fours and start sucking his cock. Then she looked back and said " Jon you have to lube my ass up a little before you shove your cock in me."
He said "how do you want me to do that?"
"well she said why dont you spit and lick my asshole a little."
So he grabbed her G-string and pull it aside and started licking and slobering on her ass while she sucked on Jacks cock. When he thought it was good and ready he started to shove his cock in her ass. She moan a little while he started pumping on her nice pink hole.
She started playing with Jacks balls when her tits flopped out of her bra and she could feel that Jack was ready to cum so she started sucking faster and harder. Jack said "mom I am readdy to cum."
She said " cum in my mouth baby I need to taste you."
She could feel her other son pumping on her ass and making her tits sway back and forth and all of a sudden cum filled her mouth. Jon was moaning in orgasm while she drank all his cum and licked him clean. Jack kept fucking her ass and he said he was about to cum and she asked him "where do you want to cum baby?"
He said " Mom I want to cum all over your ass so I am gonna pull out."
As he got closer to cumming he pulled out and shot his cum all over her ass and some on her back. She love the feeling of his cum all over her and he finally squirted his last drop. Both boys just sat there while there mom got up and was getting ready to wipe the cum off her ass and back when she said " Boys I think I will leave the cum there to dry cause I love being your little cumslut."
Both boys were ok with that and said " I love you mommy."
She looked at them and said " I love you to, would you boys like me to change into something else or stay in this today?"
Jon said " well I would love to see you in that all day mommy."
So she fixed her bra and started getting breakfast ready while both boys remained naked and sat at the table. She fixed something easy to eat and sat down with them at the table and her tits flopped out again. She said "darn this bra its a little small but I think you boys like it when my tits fall out."
Jack said " I do like that mommy and if you would have bra's like that all the time would be nice."
She said " I do, would you boys like to see me in anything else, I can always get somthing you would like to see me in."
Jon said "how about high heels or something like?"
" You want me to wear high heels all the time?"
Jon just nodded and she said " well your turning me into your little slut arent you boys?"
The boys just got a nice grin on there faces and finished there meals.
After cleaing up the kitchen she walked into the living room and asked the boys what they would like to do today. Jon said " Well I don't know what to do mom."
She said "well boys I would like another dose of your cum, would you boys jack your cocks off on my tits."
After she said that both boys sprang up and started stroking there cocks right next to her tits. She would let both tits fall out of her bra and started playing and pinching them while they watched her. Both boys where pumping hard on there cocks when she held both tits up and the started spraying there cum up and down her chest. She said "yes boys cum on mommys tits. Give me all your cum."
Her pussy wet, she started rubbing all of there cum all over her tits and said " I am going to just leave this cum on my tits instead of licking it up."
Both boys sat down on the couch and watch there mom rub there cum all over her big tits. She was still horny so she sat next to both of them and started playing wiith her pussy. She grabbed Jacks hand and started rubbing it on her pussy while Jon rubbed her tits. She would orgasms to the point of squirting her juices all over. All of them satisfyed the sat on the couch and fell asleep.
She would wake up a little later and started to get a little cleaned up from all of the dry cum stains on her back and tits. The boys were still sleeping so she decided to showerr and get dressing in something different. After the shower she look in her closet trying to find something sexy and easy to access for her boys. Then she remembered that they were out in the country so she put on the smallest bikini she could find. The bra barely fit over her nipples and a thong and both pieces of the bikini were pink. She went out the back door to look around and saw nothing but hills and trees. She said to herself " I better get my high heels on."
so she went back in and got some white high heels on to walk around in. She goes out the back door and sits on the patio and feels the nice cool air hit her body just relaxes.
She kept having to fix her bikini top cause it kept sliding off of her nipples but she looked around and remembered they werre out in the middle of nowhere so she just let her tits hang out. Then all of a sudden Jon the older boy walks out and sees his mom laying on the patio. he walks over to her and says "mom jack is still sleeping, can we have a little time to ourselves?"
She says "of course baby what do you want to do?"
He starts to rubber her tits and says "I want to put my cock inbetween your nice big tits and fuck them untill I cum all over you."
She moved her bikini top and said climb on baby. So he jump on like he was jumping on a horse and his mom squeezed her tits together and his cock slid right inbetween. Then she said
"grab both of them and use them to make you cum all over."
He looked down and grabbed both of her tits and held them together and continued to fuck them hard. She reached around and grabbed his little ass cheeks and helped him push his cock and she could feel him getting ready to cum.
He looked down and said "mom I am gonna cum all over your tits."
she said "yes baby cum all over your mommys tits. thats why I have such big tits for your cock to cum all over them."
Then he released all his juices and he blew his load all over her neck and tits. She could not believe how much cum he had and it was all over her nice tits. She looked up at him and said
"do you want me to lick it up or leave it to dry?"
He said "just let it dry mommy I like seeing my cum on your tits
"ok hunny anything for you." So she just fixed her bikini top and let the cum dry where it was.
She said " you better go wake up your brother, its not fair you got to play with me and he didnt so go get him and go back inside."
About 5 mins later her other son walks out and sees his mom laying on the patio with cum on her tits. He says "you wanted me to come out here mommy."
She said "yeah, your brother just got done cumming on my tits and I said its not fair to you that he got to play with my tits and you didn't. Is there anything you would like to do with mommy or want me to do to you?"
He looked at her and said " i would like to cum on your tits mommy."
She said "you boys really lilke my tits don't you."
He just nodded and moved toward her and he started fondling her tits. He said "mom and y ou just jack my cock off on your tits while I play with them."
She reached down and grabbed his cock and started stroking him. She looked at him and said
"cum on my tits baby give me more cum, mommy wants your cum on my big tits baby."
As soon as she started talking dirty to him he was ready to cum and he squirted all over her tits.She would smack his cock against her tits and try and stroke out all of the cum.
She looked at him and said "mmmm baby thanks for your cum."
She then told him to go back in the house and get ready for some dinner, so he walked back in and she just layed there with her cum covered tits. Then she thought maybe she should spend more time with each son alone and sometimes with both. Then she could get off also cause she knew her 2 boys were not big enough for her pussy to get off. She was so horny and she started thinking of a way to get off with and without the boys. She also had to get more outfits for her tits to be hanging out or something like that, she knew her boys really liked her tits and she needed to find something that showed them off a little more. She layed there with cum all over her big tits she loved her life and what was about to become

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Love it, can't wait for part 4 keep going

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