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My wife and I sat by the pool as I eyed two hot guys across from us...
My wife and I were in Key West on holiday enjoying the laid back atmosphere and sexual indulgences to be found there. We are both bi-sexual and are open to allowing each other to enjoy it completely.

We were renting a condo for two weeks and were sitting by the pool soaking up the hot tropical sun. There were two other guys across the pool lounging, presumably a gay couple, and I caught them checking out my thong swim suit when we'd get up and jump in the pool to cool off. I'm not some muscle hunk, but am slender, with a swimmer's build and relatively fit, as is my wife.

After a while my wife wanted to go back to the condo to shower and get ready to go out for the evening. She got up, grabbed her towel and things and headed off. I told her I'd be along in a bit and I laid there all oiled up in my thong feeling rather horny. The pool was very secluded and only visible through the palm trees if you were actually at or going to the pool. Lots of late night frolicking took place as we soon found out. I saw the two guys staring at me and I began rubbing my "bulge" through my thong and one of the guys came over and sat where my wife was earlier. He introduced himself and asked if he could suck my cock, which by now was poking out of my thong and rock hard. He pulled off my swim suit and began sucking me and pumping my shaft as the other guy worked his way over to us. I just laid back in my lounge chair and enjoy the sucking when I felt the other guy start rubbing my balls and working a finger into my ass. He pulled off his trunks and grabbed my bottle of oil and lubed his cock up and before I knew it my legs were spread apart and he was entering me with a nice sized cock!!! I know we should have used protection but at moments like that who wants to run down to the 7/11 with a raging hard on! And let's face it, I've never been able to refuse cock, or pussy, and usually have bareback sex period, as does my wife.

While one guy fucked me, well, the other stuffed his cock into my mouth and I sucked it feverishly. The stud fucking me straddled the lounge chair and lifted my legs back as he pounded into my asshole over and over. As we got a good fucking and sucking going I heard the gate to the pool clank open and shut. My view was obstructed with the one cock in my mouth and to my initial embarrassment my wife came over and stood over me and cleared her throat and said, "Umm, I need the key!" I immediately withdrew the cock I was sucking and jerking on and looked up at her. "Now how'd I know this was going to happen when I left??" she asked. She'd walked in on me before at home having sex and vice versa as we've enjoyed our open, swinging lifestyle and it wasn't a huge issue. The guy I was sucking found the key on the ground by my sandals and handed it to her. "Don't let me interrupt" she said and turned and walked away.

The guy that was fucking me never really stopped fucking me even when she was standing there and by the time she shut the gate and was a few steps away, he was moaning and cumming inside me and pumping me harder and harder. I just laid there and enjoyed the whole thing as he withdrew and the other guy took over and began pumping me. He had me turn over onto all fours on the lounge chair and began fucking me doggy style. His cock was a little bit bigger than his friend's and I gasped at first as he inserted the head of his cock into me. Then he just grabbed me by the hips and thrust the entire length of his cock into me, balls deep and began fucking me hard and deep. It created such a hot and erotic sensation in my ass I literally felt like my asshole was going to cum! I took the other cock into my mouth and sucked the little remaining cum off of it and moaned with each pounding thrust inside me. Finally as he buried his cock as far into me as he could get it, this guy shot me full of his jizz and bucked back and forth as he emptied his entire load into me. We collapsed onto the lounge chair as he pulled out of me and I clenched my asshole tight to keep the cum in me. Then they gathered up their things and left. I lay on my lounge chair for a few minutes, my legs shaking and my whole body in ecstasy as I smiled and enjoyed the moment. Then I put my thong back on and went back to the condo, not sure of my wife's reaction now that we'd be alone.

She had just showered and was sitting naked on the couch watching TV when I came in. I walked up the stairs from the entry to the living room and could feel the cum still inside my asshole. She turned to me, "Did you have fun?" I simply smiled. I went over and gave her a kiss, she was surprisingly receptive and rubbed my cock through my thong. She smiled and said, "That kind of turned me on coming back to see you being fucked like that!" My cock got instantly hard and we went to the bedroom.

She had laid out several of our sex toys, dildos and vibrators and strap ons that we used on each other. "I wanna fuck you first," she said and put on the strap on. I peeled off my thong and hopped onto the bed on my back and spread my legs. She lubed up the dildo and put two fingers inside my ass. "Mmmm, already lubed up for me I see!" and she inserted the strap on dildo inside me and began to fuck me. She laid on top of me and bucked her hips fucking me and kissing me. "Is this what you like baby?" she asked, knowing I did. "You like having cock in you bitch?" she smirked. I love being talked nasty to and degraded during sex. I just nodded my head. "Of course you do you little faggot!" She yelled at me as she grabbed my legs and pushed them up and kept pounding me harder and harder. "Yeah baby," I moaned, "fuck my little faggot asshole!" She pumped me a hard as she could, "Fuck! I'm getting so fucking wet!". She stopped for a minute and reached under the strap on and fingered her pussy, getting them wet with her goo and shoved them into my mouth. "Lick my juice bitch!" she commanded me. I eagerly sucked her finger clean as she started pumping my ass again. Then she had me roll over onto all fours and fucked me doggy style. She smacked my ass a few times as she rammed the dildo all the way in and pulled it all the way out, over and over again. I loved it when she fucked me this way! Cum from my asshole that my new friends at the pool deposited in me began to coat the black dildo of her strap on.

She fucked me for a good while and then pulled out and took the strap on off. She pushed the strap on to my mouth and had me clean the cum off of it. I slurped it clean and then I had her suck my cock for a minute and began fucking her. As I fucked her she reached around and began fingering my ass which I love having done to me during sex. Cum from the two guys who fucked me poolside drenched her fingers and she pulled them out and brought them up to my mouth. I sucked the cum off her fingers as she began to climax and stuck her fingers back inside my ass and this time sucked them clean herself. I shot a good load inside her and after I was done I went down and ate her pussy as my goo oozed out and I swallowed it all up - she loved to watch me do this. We laid down together for a few minutes all hot and sweaty and then both went and took a shower together. Later that night while we were out to a clothing optional bar - The Garden of Eden, she would get her turn for some public sex and I loved watching her get fucked by some German guy named Martin we met.

To be continued.....

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2009-12-07 09:39:53
Hey dude, this was great. I had to beat it while reading it. I wish my wife was into things like this. I'm bi-curious but after reading this. . . maybe bi? Loved it!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-13 22:17:21
wow dude! had to jack off after reading just that one story. keep it up I hope the rest are as good. from one bi guy to another your stories rock!!!!!

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2009-08-14 20:08:58
awesome story man. got me hard as a rock. totally cool you and your old lady are bi and free that way. wish I had a wife like that. keep the stories coming.


2009-07-28 09:25:43
Love your stories, keep it up.

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