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I finally got to fuck my dream girl.
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No Tell Motel Night Clerk

It is interesting at times being the night clerk at a ‘no tell motel.’

I got the job right after graduating from high school and the day I turned eighteen. I work the ten at night to six in the morning shift. I seem to get the ‘after the bars close’ crowd. The couples are usually drunk and not married to one another. Occasionally I see a girl that I went to high school with. It’s a shame that they were too high and mighty to go out with me in school but willing to let some drunk fuck them for the price of a few beers.

I had only been there a couple of weeks when a guy came back to the office after an hour and told me that I could go up and fuck the girl in his room if I wanted too. He had fucked her and he was going home to his wife. He also gave me ten dollars to see to it that she got home when she woke up.

I thought about it for a while and about three o’clock in the morning I flipped the sign to ‘be back soon’ and used my passkey to let myself into his room. There lying on the bed, totally naked and spread eagle was Cindy Lou. Her arms and legs were tied to the bed with a towel that had been cut into strips. She was completely out of it. I shook her to make sure, then I tweaked her nipples. I could see cum oozing out of her freshly fucked pussy and some starting to dry into her nicely trimmed pubic hair.

I went back down to the office to get my digital camera and then I returned to her room again. After taking some pictures of her I got on the bed and fucked Cindy Lou…the girl of my dreams throughout high school. Here I was less than a month afterwards, fucking her. I didn’t care if she was passed out or awake. I didn’t even care that another man had just fuck her. All I really cared about was that I would loose my virginity in the girl of my dreams. I set my camera on the dresser and got in a dozen pictures with her. I slipped my cock in her mouth for some pictures too and then I fucked her again.

About four-thirty I was back in her room fucking her again. Cindy Lou was an incredibly beautiful girl. I could not believe that she would let some married guy pick her up, fuck her, and leave her tied to the bed.

After my shift ended at six o’clock I went back up to her room. When I opened the door she called out for me to help her. She was awake.

I opened the door and went in. Cindy Lou knew me and called me by name. I pretended to be innocent and asked her how she had gotten like that. She told me that she had been drinking and had no idea how she had gotten there. Was she a liar or was she telling me the truth. I told her that the guy she checked in with gave me ten dollars to see to it that she got home. First I had to untie her just as slowly as I could so that I could enjoy her nudeness. She was still so drunk that I helped her into the shower and then I dried her off.

Before I helped her into her clothes Cindy Lou told me that I could fuck her if I wanted too. She said that she owed me that much for taking such good care of her. I decided to take her up on her offer, basically because she was offering herself to me freely and the fact that she would be awake during it.

Cindy Lou got on the bed and rolled onto her back. She looked like a dead fish. I got between her legs and started eating her out. I rolled her clit around with my tongue, I poked my fingers into her hole, and then I rubbed the back of her pubic bone from the inside hitting her G-spot. Cindy Lou went ballistic. Her head flew up then hit the pillow hard as her hips flew up into my face. She was bucking like a horse trying to throw the rider off, but I stayed on for the full count. She definitely had more than one orgasm.

When I went after her hard little nipples Cindy Lou finally came out of her sexual overdose and said, “That was simply incredible. No one has ever made me feel like that before. My mother always said that when Mr. Right came along that I would know it. She also told me that I would have to kiss a lot of frogs before I found Prince Charming. You have rocked my world, you are Mr. Right, and you are my Prince Charming too. I love you.”

I asked, “Would you like me to do it again?”

Cindy Lou said, “Absolutely and many more times but what about you. Fuck me and take care of yourself.”

I replied, “First off its not fucking if its between two people that love each other…its making love.”

Cindy Lou asked, “You love me?”

I replied, “Yes, I have loved you for a long time but you never gave me the time of day.”

Cindy Lou said, “I’m sorry. My mother told me to go after the jocks that had a future in sports. When that didn’t work out she told me to go after the computer nerds. In the end I would up with a phony driver license picking up married men in a bar.”

I smiled and said, “I noticed.”

Cindy Lou kissed me and guided me cock into her pussy as she said, “Now make love to me.”

Once I was all the way in I rolled us both over on the bed so that she was on top and said, “Better yet you make love to me.”

Cindy Lou said, “I don’t know how. All I have ever done was suck cock and spread my legs. Occasionally I had to lean over a car fender or a pool table.”

I told her to just start raising up and lowering herself back down on my cock and to do anything that felt good. After all she was in control.

It took her a while to get used to the idea and get into a rhythm that she liked, but once she caught on she enjoyed every inch of it. I could not believe that no one had ever put that beautiful teenage girl on top before. Even I knew that I would last a lot longer inside her, that I would be able to watch her breasts bounce, and that I could play with them too. Besides letting her do all the work meant that I wouldn’t get exhausted in twenty to thirty minutes either.

After Cindy Lou got used to being on top I had her turn around and face my feet. She liked the change in the way my cock felt inside her and then she really liked it when I stuck a finger up her ass. She could not believe that she gave herself an orgasm while riding my cock.

Once her orgasm subsided Cindy Lou said, “Oh my God I never knew that sex could be so wonderful and exhausting. I really do love you.”

I suggested another shower then we got dressed and I got her home. I told her that I would need some sleep so that I could go back to work later. Cindy Lou said that she would sleep with me but I knew all too well that I wouldn’t sleep, besides my cock was starting to feel used.

When I dropped her off she made me go inside with her. She told her mother all about the wonderful sex that we had experienced together. At first her mother was excited for her. Then I got a shock when Cindy Lou said, “You were the one that told me not to date him because of his father.”

Her mother then realized who I was and went white as a ghost as she replied, “That’s because his father is your father. That bastard got two of us girls pregnant in high school and he picked her to marry instead of me.”

Cindy Lou said, “Oh my God, I fell in love with my brother.”

I smiled at her comment but then I thought to my self, ‘Oh my God, I fucked my half-sister’ but out loud I said, “Half-brother…and I am in love with my half-sister. So what.”

Well as it turned out both her mother and my parents did there best to keep us apart but it didn’t work. We were truly in love. We had different last names and went to get a marriage license. The clerk noticed that we both had the same father and refused our request.

In the end we both moved to another town, got low paying jobs, and lived together. Needless to say it never really worked out the way we would have liked it. We split up and Cindy Lou got pregnant by an older man that had picked her up drunk in a bar. She never knew his name, he was married, and he left her naked and tied to a bed in a no tell motel.

The End
No Tell Motel Night Clerk
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