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Both my wife and I have had sex with black men, even before we were together...
As I've written before, both my wife and I are very bisexual. She has had numerous interludes with women over her life, and lord knows I've had, and continue to have, my share!! While I feel her desires into bisexuality involve more emotional connections and that sweet, tender, touching side of female bisexuality, mine tend to be where I just crave having men fuck me!! I definitely have more sex with other men than she has with women. Maybe that makes me more gay than bisexual, we don't really care, we do love each other and just happen to enjoy an open, free style type of relationship.

We live in a condo at the beach and enjoy hanging out either on the boardwalk or at a few local pubs/bars within a few minutes walk from out front door. One hot evening we decided to go around the corner for a few drinks and sat at the bar watching the Red Sox mid-way through a game. My wife wore a pretty little sundress and no panties, I just had on shorts and a t-shirt. We both ordered a beer and a few minutes later a rather tall, well built black man sat a few stools away and ordered his drink. As the game wound down and a few at the bar left, we struck up a conversation with this hot black stud and then he scooted over two stools to sit next to my wife, me on the other side of her. We made small talk with him for a bit, asked him if he was living in town, etc. and as privacy permitted, we engaged in sex talk about how my wife, and I, both enjoyed black men. He was a little taken aback at first, then I think he thought we were full of shit as we told him a story of us sharing a black guy a while back and all. He turned in his seat at the bar so that he was sitting sideways, facing my wife and I nudged her in the leg with my knee to kind of turn towards him. In the dimly lit bar, now with few patrons around, she spread her legs a bit wider, turned towards him and pulled her dress up to reveal her freshly shaven pussy. A nice tight tan line showed how she wore hardly anything when at the beach and tanning, which is a huge turn on! He looked down and tried to contain his surprise and he eased his left hand up her left thigh which made my wife lean back in her seat a bit, almost rolling her eyes. I could almost feel her pussy getting wet from my seat! He quickly rubbed her pussy and removed his hand not wanting to be too obvious, my wife pulled her dress down a bit more and we resumed our conversation.

I asked him if he'd ever been with a man and a woman together, to which he said no, but that he was open to it. He said he didn't have much time before he had to leave so we paid our tabs and walked to the parking lot together. Since we had walked to the bar we went to where he parked his truck - a four door crew cab kind of truck. He leaned back against his truck and my wife leaned in on him and they began to kiss. She rubbed his crotch and felt his bulging hard on growing, and she moaned. He unlocked the doors and opened the driver's door, and I opened the driver side passenger door creating a little nook you couldn't really see in from the street. He slipped the spaghetti straps off my wife's shoulders and her dress fell to her waist revealing her 34 C cup breasts. He cupped them and began sucking on them. I reached in and rubbed his cock through his pants and started to unsnap them. He kissed my wife, tonguing her mouth and tits and I pulled his large cock from his pants and started to suck it. It was huge, had to be at least ten inches long, and thick! I sucked and pumped the shaft while he made out with my wife and he reached down and began to finger her already soaking wet cunt. He reached down and pulled me off his cock and motioned for her to go down on him which she happily agreed to. I stood behind her blocking anyone's view and she sucked him for some time until he blew his load in her mouth. She fondled his balls and rubbed behind them as he shot a load of hot cum and she tried to swallow it all. After he was done she stood up, and while he pulled his pants up my wife turned to me and kissed me, saving a little of the cum that drenched her mouth for me to taste. We exchanged phone numbers and said we'd try to hook up for some sex soon. He was eager for that as well and then we said goodnight. My wife and I went home and had some hot and nasty sex. She enjoys fucking me with a strap on dildo, and I LOVE to be fucked by her, so she gave me a hard pounding up my ass and then I fucked her and filled her cunt with my jizz. Then I went down on her and lapped up my cum from her pussy which she loves to watch me do. We lay in bed and talked about a day maybe the next weekend to have our new black friend come over to fuck us.

My wife has Wednesday's off from work, unfortunately I don't, and when I got in that Wednesday evening she was in the kitchen getting ready to leave. We hugged and kissed, and I ran my hands down her sides to her ass and felt that she wasn't wearing any panties. She just had on another of her cute, short sundresses and said she was going out for a while. I said fine, figuring she might be out on the prowl to find some cock or pussy to fuck. As she grabbed her keys and headed out the door she said, "I left something for you on the bed!" and walked off. I figured it was one of her little cute cards she'd occasionally leave for me on my pillow and smiled. I walked upstairs and into the hall bathroom and took a leak. Then I walked into our bedroom. What I saw made me stop dead in my tracks with shock. It was our new black friend, laying on our king bed totally naked! He was stroking his huge cock, which looked even bigger than it did the other night in the parking lot. "Hey there," he said. I was still stunned but felt my cock twitch in my pants and I muttered, "Hi" back to him. "Remember me?" he asked. I just nodded yes. "Why don't you get outta those clothes and come suck my cock!" I quickly fumbled to get naked and climbed onto the bed and went straight to his cock. I could tell he'd been fucking my wife, I could taste her cum and his on his cock and it made me even more horny for him. "Mmmm, yeah, that's it bitch! Suck that dick!" he said grabbing the back of my head and pulling it down onto his big cock. I just sucked, slurped and pumped his cock, my own tiny looking dick compared to his hard as a rock. I trembled at the thought of trying to take that huge thing inside me...but I wanted it, bad!

After a few minutes of slobbering all over his cock he pulled my head off and told me to sit on his dick. I reached over to the night stand and took out some anal lube and lubed his cock and my asshole up. I straddled over him and nuzzled the head of his cock up against my throbbing asshole and rubbed the head of his cock back and forth trying to loosen up my sphincter to receive him. I slowly worked the head of his black beast into my asshole and paused while I let my anal muscles stretch and get used to its huge size. He put both hands on my hips and slowly pulled me down onto his shaft and I slowly worked it in inch by inch. Once it was inside me and I was used to the girth, I slowly worked my ass up and down taking longer and longer strokes of him inside me. When I had about 3/4 of his cock in me he grabbed my hips and pulled down on me as he thrust his hips up and buried the remainder of his cock deep inside me. I let out a gasp and grabbed the headboard of our bed as he sunk into me balls deep. He let it sit there for a minute and then began to fuck me as I loosened up and it began to feel good. I bounced up and down on his shaft fucking his cock wildly. "Oh yeah baby! Fuck me!" I yelled out. He bit his bottom lip and yanked down on my hips as he thrust as deep as he could into me. "That's right you little bitch! Take that cock you white trash whore!" He yelled at me. This tripped my trigger even more, I love being degraded and talked nasty to during sex. I'm sure my wife filled him in on all this stuff when they were together earlier. "Yeah! Fuck my nasty ass!" I screamed. He fucked me for a few minutes more this way then just pulled out of me and pushed me over onto my back. I spread my legs wide open as he moved in between them stroking his cock. He slipped it inside me and I arched my back in a little pain which quickly dissipated as he pumped in and out of me. I held my legs back more giving him more access to my asshole and he pulled out all the way, then slammed deep inside me, then back out, then in, over and over. My head was dizzy with ecstasy and pleasure as he fucked me this way. Soon my gaping ass began farting with each in and out thrust and he put his hands on the back of my legs pinning them back up near my head, making my ass stick up for his taking.

Beads of sweat began forming on his chest and shaven head and I rubbed his chest and pinched his nipples as he continued to pound me. He fucked me even harder as I reached around to rub his balls when he thrust all the way in. "Fuck yeah!" he yelled out as we bounced wildly all over the bed. Then he pulled out and threw my legs over to the side, indicating he wanted me on all fours. "Stick that ass up so I can fuck you like I fucked your wife earlier!" he yelled out. That turned me on just thinking about him fucking her as I thrust my ass up into the air at him. I reached around with both hands and spread my ass cheeks open just as he plunged all the way into my asshole. My face plowed deep into the pillows as I tried to keep my ass up while he pumped down with all his weight against me. I pushed my hands against the headboard to keep my head from banging into it and to push back against his cock to meet each thrust into my greedy asshole. He grabbed my hips and pumped me harder and harder. I could feel the sweat from his face drip onto my ass and lower back as his balls slapped up against my own balls. I could feel him getting even harder and I knew he was going to blow a load soon. "Fuck you got a nice ass you little faggot!" he said. I just moaned and kept saying, "give it to me! Give it to me!" over and over. Soon he was at the point of climax and thrust so deep into my sweaty, swollen asshole. The force of his thrust mad my knees give out and collapse to the bed. I pushed back up as the first spurt of cum blew deep inside my asshole. He grabbed my hips pulling me as he thrust back deep and spurted more of his cum again and again into me. While it was a good sized load by any standards, after having fucked my wife earlier, it probably was less that what she got. He grunted and groaned as he emptied his load into me and collapsed on top of me and we lay on the bed. He slowly continued to work his cock in and out, I could feel all his hot jizzy goo swirling around inside me and it made me smile. His hot, sweaty body laying on top of my back side turned me on too. Slowly he pulled out of me and rolled over onto his back. I clenched my asshole shut and lay there. He got up and went into our bathroom and I heard him start the shower and clean up. No doubt repeating the ritual after having fucked my wife earlier. I just laid there, unable to move, my legs shaking and quivering with delight. He just rinsed off in the shower, got out and toweled off and got dressed. He came over and slapped my ass and smiled. "You and you're old lady are some hot pieces of ass! I could get used to this!" he said. I just smiled and said, "any time...any time!" IHe said something about talking to us later and walked down stairs and out the front door.

I laid on the bed for a long time, taking in the wonderful fuck-session I had just had, curious about how good it was for my wife, wanting her to come home so we could talk about it, and of course planning our next time with our new friend!

I managed to get myself up, sat on the toilet as his cum oozed from my asshole. I couldn't help but reach in there and scoop some up to taste it. I love the taste of cum! I heard the front door open and my wife come home. She came upstairs and into our bedroom saying, "hello?" I grunted that I was in our bathroom and she came around the corner. What a sight I must have been! Sitting on the toilet, all hot and sweaty, hair mussed up, smelling of sex...she just smiled and laughed a little. "Shit!" she said, "you look like I felt earlier!" We both laughed. My cock was hard and she came over and rubbed it. "Honey, I don't have anything left," I said. "Just sit there then," she replied and knelt in front of me and began sucking my cock. As she stroked the shaft she asked, "so how was it for you?" As she took my cock back into her mouth she reached under my ass and felt the ooze of his cum still dripping from me. "It great!" I muttered. She pulled two fingers out with his cum on them and licked them, then offered them up to me, I greedily sucked her fingers clean and she inserted them back into my asshole and fingered and sucked me until I came in her mouth. She swallowed some and kissed me and gave me the rest. Then she got up and washed her hands and mouth and laid on the bed. I got into the shower and cleaned up and then dried off and collapsed onto the bed next to her. We held each other and fell asleep and took a nice nap, both of us having been fucked so good by the same guy, it was such a nice feeling....

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