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Story of a man who just jumps into hs wife's fantasy, seen through his eyes
The calm before a major hurricane is eerily still, warm, and humid. Storm “whateverthefuck” was stalled in the Gulf of Mexico just South of Bradenton. This made for an interesting canvas for which to launch Fourth of July fireworks. We’re a month into the season and already named storm “F” is off the coast and threatening our West Central coastline. From the 24th floor conference room of my office building, I could see the flashes of electricity dance the skies South of us. Combined with the Sun setting on the horizon, a blue-ish hue would appear throughout the clouds. That majestic hue matched the color of Claire’s panties and bra.

Claire is also adorned in blue stockings with lace held by garters hanging from her waist. Her fiery red curly hair is crumpled a little by the elastic from the blindfold. Her make-up is impeccable. She is sitting up at the end of the huge table, just newly finished oak, while nothing but a towel is placed for the table’s sake. Independently shackled, her hands and feet are in front of her and her hands are reaching into space trying to find some tactile way of knowing what is happening to her. I haven’t said a word in her direction; however, from the reflection in the window, I could see all twelve seats filled with guys jerking their dicks in anticipation. A huge bottle of ID Glide® circles the table as cocks are being snatched, jerked, elongated, and hardened all unbeknownst to my sweet Claire, save the smacking that accompanies “Rosy Palm and her five brothers.”

All the guys I know, to include me, always think about the ultimate fantasy. You know your wife, girlfriend, or that chick you’re banging and the other woman, whoever she might be. Just the thought of them kissing made masturbation so explosive. The constant theme was always pleasure for all. Somehow, I wanted my girl to want this. I wanted her to want to feel the pleasure of a woman and a man. I wanted to see the bodies intertwined, I wanted to see pussies get licked, clits getting sucked, and orgasms for all. I wanted our newly found concubine/friend/playmate/stranger to feel like she wanted to come back. I wanted my girl to burry her face in our doxy’s pussy while I watched and stroked. I wanted our courtesan to feel us, my girl and me, vying for her sweet pussy and see her writhing in pleasure.

But am I truly a man or just a prude? Most of us men think that a woman should/would/can/could just fall into that role without deliberation or reflection of any kind. When in the midst of this flight of the imagination we (men) are all consumed with the pleasure of me, me, and well me. It’s so strong that no one else matter’s, no one else is considered, no one else is relevant but to the personal gratification of Moi. Because I want everyone to be pleased I dismiss that notion, but in reality, I want pleasure for everyone because that’s what “I” want.

I don’t want to answer this question because my immediate answer is, “I’m a man!” emphatically! It’s uncontainable to believe that after I’ve found the love of my life, after I’ve burned my little black book, after I’ve gotten what I always asked for that I would turn around and let another man have it as well. I think the current colloquialism is “cuckold.” However, Wikipedia says that a “wittol” meaning a man who knows and acquiesced in his wife’s taking of another lover is the more proper term. At any rate, I ain’t no punk either! My girl will not be kicking me in the balls, tying me up, and telling me what to do. My dick still works, all 9 ½ inches of it. And up until now had never had any thoughts of anyone impelling my woman with dick but me. However, Claire gives me pause.

This is the kind of pause that had me nestled in the corner of the room where I could continue to watch the fireworks from the storm, from the pyrotechnics all around the bay, and from this dimly lit boardroom.

Duke whispered, “You mind if we play the porno?”

I nodded with approval as the naked white man grabbed one of the many towels, wiped his hands and opened the communications center under the giant 50’ LCD display. He started the movie but I took control of the remote, fast-forwarded it through the worthless acting, and settled within a scene where a woman was surrounded by dicks, not unlike my Claire at the moment. I had to force myself past the weirdness of all of these horny guys jacking off to my girl. It was so surreal. Damn, it is like “Dicks-R-Us” up in here! A couple guys reached up to touch her. She is defensive at first. Then more hands start to explore her legs, her thighs, her breasts, and the rest of her body. I couldn’t see her eyes but the moaning sounds from the small openings left by the ball gag were priceless. At first, her sounds were herky jerky along with her movements as she ventured to get away from the guys now pawing at her. However, Clyde was now working his magic. She had worked herself to her knees. Her legs were spread as far as the shackles would allow. Her hands now in front of her were reaching and finding the treasures of her erotic night. Clyde was a “BBC” in every since of the word. Yet, he was behind Claire with his hands on her shoulders massaging the weed, tequila, and ecstasy through her system. At 6’6, his dick just laid on the table and towel sort of semi-erect poking her in the back. Carl had climbed on the table facing her and was rubbing her nipples through her bra. Duke found a way to have her straddle his face. By now those were the only hands on her, and I’m sure she didn’t know how many more awaited their turn.

Her dimensions are of no consequence because every man has a dream woman and I’m lucky enough to have found mine. What is important is that we love each other deeply and passionately. A love like ours doesn’t grow on trees. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for me. Recently she offered me her ass for the first time. That shit was so hot that even talking about it after makes my cock stand up and salute one more time. She told me it hurt at first but when she put her fingers in her pussy, a whole new brand of pleasure started to flow through her body. However, when my fingers were inserted she thought she was going to explode. I could feel my cock buried in her bowls. My fingers in her pussy could feel the penetrating strokes going back and forth.

Claire also has a dark nasty side. A side of her that wants her hair pulled. A side of her that wants to be tied down, to have her nipples sucked hard, and to have her pussy fucked by several men. You’d never know it to look at her. She as pretty as the girl next door and can make the apple pie to go with it. She loves to suck dicks. The more dicks the merrier, and just keep the cum flowing for good times. Knowing her thoughts always forced me to be on my game. Always making sure, she was satisfied when she left me.

Sting says, “If you love somebody, set them free.” I told myself I was freeing her. I said that I was releasing her from my jealous manogamous tyranny. I was giving her the secret desires of her heart. But I wanted something secretly in return. As a child, I was told that true giving didn’t require reciprocation from the person receiving the gift. But I couldn’t help it. This was so far outside of my comfort zone that I felt, well…entitled.

Being a man’s man has its trappings and its frailties. Most women respect and even adore a man who takes charge. But I have to ask and answer the question, “Can I do that for her?” Can I give her what I’m asking for? Can I let another man kiss her? Can I let another suck her precious nipples? Could I live knowing another man put his dick in “MY” pussy? It is a tough question. One that can’t be readily answered, if you’re honest. Serious relationship evaluation begins to inhabit my mind. And I can only conjure more questions. Will she like his dick more than mine? Will she like his kisses more than mine? Will she suck his cock like she does me, make him as hard and me, and drink his cum like she does me? Will she like him better than me? All of these questions soften me, anger me, and depress me. If I’m a real man, I should be secure enough to let her have the same thing I want. It’s obvious in some way that I may be open to it or I wouldn’t need to know whether she’d like it or not.

At this point, whether Claire liked it or not was not in question. The moans had become louder, but no one spoke out loud so no voices would be detected. Not all of our willing participants were there to enjoy the pleasure of Claire’s womb, but they did serve a purpose. Alex and Fred were there to add to the cum volume. By that, they never planned on hitting it, but they had jerked to all they had seen plus the porno and were ready to shoot their load. Clyde had moved aside for Ben. With a condom form fitting his monster cock Ben began his journey into Claire’s soaking pussy. I stood and watched as he slowly entered her now slushy wet lips. She was on her hands and knees doggy style with Duke still licking her pussy and Alex slapping her face with his cock. I knew she wanted to suck it. The taste and feel of cum makes her wild with desire.

So again I waded through the swinging jerking cocks, unsnapped the ball gag, and whispered in her ear, “Relax and enjoy your fantasy.”

“Honey is that…is that you babe?”

I said nothing and motioned to Alex, Claire's boss, that her mouth was his to own. I watched as the precum glazed her lips when she devoured his large penis. Ben was now striding into the pussy with the force of a jackhammer, and good ole Duke’s face was the recipient of at least two of her orgasms drenching his unshaven face. Others had gathered around her now that her mouth was free. Alex was fucking her face and slapping his cock on her lips. His body couldn’t take it, as Claire would manage to catch his cock between slaps and suck it hard and fast. Using her one hand to steady and the other to rub his super inflated cock she cornered him and tried to suck him dry. Alex leaned back and began to stroke furiously, Ben grabbed her shoulders with one hand and a fist full of hair in the other and thrust his hips forward with all he had, and poor Duke was soaked with Claire’s nectar and was changing places with Mike. And Claire, she was just gasping moaning and searching for the next cock to satisfy. Alex blew his wad all in her face. Ben is filling his condom while pulling the fisted hair thru his ecstasy. Claire’s face is in distress. Her mouth is wide open and gasping. The hair pulling is forcing her pussy to quiver, shake, and even squirt. I was floored on the inside but I carried a tough cool exterior as more men replaced the flaccid combatants with fresh hard cocks looking to be pleased. Ben and Alex gathered themselves, wiped their hands, found their clothes and departed quietly.

I tried to forget it, as I just couldn’t sort through my emotions. But the images come like huge color filled features at an IMAX theatre. In the shower, brushing my teeth, driving here and there, taking a break I am consumed with the thought of Claire with another man. As the notions flood my conscious, the “rules of engagement” become prevalent as well. I couldn’t believe it. I was turning the corner. I didn’t want to be a prude. I am a man capable of giving anything I was man enough to ask for. I also put my heart on my sleeve and that was a very uncomfortable feeling. Claire is the love of my life losing her for any reason would be the source of pain that never subsides. However giving Claire her fantasy, I hoped, in some way would draw us closer and show her how really unselfish I am. At the end of the day, I just wanted to know it was me that she loved the most.

I’d left my window as the holiday festivities were done. Rather they were replaced by a wicked band of rain caused by the churning wind to our South. Electricity was now piercing the sky as torrents of rain began to flood the city streets. Severe wind gusts rattled the windows in the conference room. Lightening strikes were now illuminating the sky more frequently than before. Claire disposed of a couple more guys who’d followed the “rules” and left without me knowing. Wishing to free her more to enjoy, I waded through the remaining eight and released her from her hand and feet shackles.

After doing so, I warned her softly yet sternly, “If you reach for that blindfold, if it comes off, if you take it off, I will end this right then and there!”

Claire answered, “But-“

“No fucking buts!”
With that, I slapped her ass and said, “Have at it boys.”

Nature’s symphony has always soothed my soul. Thunder, lightening, wind, and the rain form a special melody that is never duplicated. Each storm, large or small, has its own beat, its own sound, and its own rhythm. With her hands free, Claire is finding her own rhythm. She is on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the conference room table. She is sucking Fred’s dick and I could tell they are both enjoying the exercise. Clyde had come back to get his freak on. He is parked on his knees, on top of the table with Claire, between her legs. Two others flanked her to her left and right with a nipple in their mouths and their cocks in Claire’s hands. They are all moaning loud and passionately. As the second wave of guys that were jerking to the porn on the screen and to her hot fucking of everyone else began to advance on Claire’s pussy. Clyde erupts first. He snatches his condom off and sticks his cock in Claire’s mouth along with Fred. Two huge monster dicks are now invading my girl’s mouth one on her chest and another standing fucking her face. She’s gagging violently from the sheer girth of the two men pumping her lips! But she recovered quickly and reaches for them both again. While Clyde is cuming, Fred started as well. The white sticky is dripping from the corners of her mouth falling to her huge tits. Claire uses a free hand to rub the cum into her breasts. Marcus replaced Clyde with his dick in my Claire. Clyde began gathering his clothes. Fred squirted what seemed like a quart of semen down Claire’s throat. So much so, it ran down and formed the perfect “pearl” necklace. The two flankers are not far behind. They both aim for her face and coat Claire with more rich white creamy cum. Her face is covered with cum on her lips, up her nose, and down her chin. Stroking and milking them both, the boys have a seat to gather themselves before they depart into the monsoon outside the building.

Peter is 21 and a bit of a nerd, ok a huge hairy nerd, but a really nice kid. He’d never been laid but I knew he’d been watching Claire at recent office functions. We were going to take him to the Mons Venus for his birthday, but as fate would have it, this party brought him to manhood just fine. I made the other three guys wait while Peter got to fuck Claire all alone. It was hot in the building because the air was off until the next business day. Sweat is building on Claire body. She is glistening from head to toe. She felt the inexperience of the hands that probed her and changed her demeanor as if she knew Peter was a virgin. I could see her clamping her bottom lip, which meant she is tightening her pussy around his rock solid pole. The boy’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he pumped her hard and fast. He passed out as cum began to spurt from his cock! When he hit the floor, Peter shuddered like an epileptic with cum still oozing from his cock. One of the remaining three helped him to his feet and out of the room while the other two went to town.

All three were on the table one guy was under Claire, the other was behind her. Both these guys were my size or better and had a lot of cum built up as their straws had just come up 3 hours into the evening. The guy behind Claire grabbed the lube and flooded her ass for the inevitable. With one hand around his cock and the other on her ass, he pressed and pressed and pressed until the head of his Trojan covered cock penetrated her ass. Claire’s head flew up and an “Oh Damn!” came from her lips. Her hair was once again entangled in anther man’s fist causing her to buck, throw, and roll her juicy ass uncontrollably at his driving phallus. The guy in front of her just showered her with another coat of cum rubbing his cock around her face, added to the now dry and flaky residue left by his predecessors. The guy on the bottom worked his cock in her pussy and they double penetrated her to three more orgasms and finally a collapse on the boardroom table.

I left her to sleep on the table. Claire is naked, sweaty, and full of cum. I removed the DVD from the player, wiped down the surfaces, and cleaned any stains left on the floor. I took the elevator down to pay and thank the guards for the passkeys and protection. Riding back up I began to wonder how I would feel. I wondered how she would feel. I wondered if I had done the unthinkable and now would pay with the loss of the one I love. I walked into the boardroom, the table was cleaned, and everything was placed back in its original resting space. I grabbed her hand and walked her to the window. I put my arms around her as she laid her head on my shoulder.


2009-07-28 22:21:41
Thanks, your comments and anyone else's is more than appreciated.


2009-07-28 15:01:38
Very nice dude, for what seems like your first try. I love the different POV from the male perspective. His thoughts on losing his woman, his thoughts about his own fantasy, and the "unwritten" rules were signs of a well crafted story. The backdrop in Florida brought back memories of hurricane season. I've been removed from the area some 10 years but recognize the theatre you so eloquently described. Keep up the good work

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