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After attending a couple of sex parties my wife and I decided to have one of our own
After having hot sex with our new black friend with the huge cock, my wife and I began getting into group sex, sex parties or orgies, however you want to term it. There’s a group not too far from us that occasionally hosts a sex party and we’ve been to two of those. They are actually very fun. My wife was a bit on the shy side the first time we went, but after a few drinks she loosened up.

She thought it would be a fun idea to have an orgy of our own at our house and invite some of the men we had connected with over the months and invited 5 of them to come over to our house for a day/evening of fun, partying and hot sex!

We set things up carefully, arranging a nice light meal for everyone to get to know each other and had some liquor, beer and some recreational drugs – pot and some coke. We asked those of them coming if they were able to get their hands on whatever drug they preferred, to bring that with them.

Our date was set for a Saturday and all five of our friends showed up at about the appointed hour – I think we set a 6:00 PM time for things to kick off.

We had an ice chest of assorted beer, some liquor to make margaritas and other drinks and I had built up our stash of pot and coke to really get loose and get the sex off to a good start. Both my wife and I are wild and kinky when we’re high, so we thought it would be good to partake and have our friends who were willing to get high with us. After eating a little bit and all of us having a few drinks, we asked who brought their own stash and a couple of guys whipped out some pot, coke and some other whiter powder, I’m assuming it was crystal or something along those lines.

My wife was in charge of lining up the coke, I took seeds out of the pot and got a pipe and bong ready and those who brought whatever got their stuff out.

I started with some pot, my wife had run a few rails of coke to get her juices going and the others did whatever they chose to do. We moved the coffee table out of the way and had three guys sit on the sofa, one in the recliner and one on a blanket on the floor. We all had just undressed and my wife picked one of the two black guys on the couch to start sucking while I began sucking a Latino guy sitting in the chair. My wife and I had talked earlier about how we’d service our lovers. We’d such each cock for a few minutes and then move on to another cock – to keep everyone’s interest and keep them hard.

Now, we’d both been fucked together over the months by all 5 men, and I think we’d seen a few of them individually a few times too. As my wife knelt before her black stallion and slurped his cock and drank his pre-cum, I worked my Latin lover with my mouth, stroking his average sized cock and rubbing his balls and running my middle finger behind his balls and rubbing his asshole as I kept on sucking. After 3 or 4 minutes we moved on to another cock until they’d all had their cocks sucked by both my wife and me. Then we just told them to do as they pleased with us. My wife straddled the first black guy she sucked and aimed his hard cock into her pussy, which was wet by now. I choose one guy sitting on the blanket to fuck me first and I straddled him on the blanket and quickly had his smaller than average cock inside my asshole. I bounced on him a bit as he thrust in and out of me as I arched my back and gyrated my hips to take his cock deeper inside.

I looked over at my wife who had a large black cock in her cunt as another guy came up behind her and began to finger her asshole. She’d been double penetrated before, but it was hard for her to coordinate the stroking of cocks inside each hole so she told them both to not move and to let her motion be the driving force and have the penetration feel good for both of them.

After I rode my guy on the floor a bit I pulled up off of his cock and sucked him for a while. Then I went over to the other black guy on the couch and sucked him a bit to get him hard. This time I had him spread his legs open and I turned around so my back was to him and guided his cock into my throbbing asshole. He had a nice view of my tight little ass as I lunged up and down on his good-sized cock. Our goal was to at least have all five of them fuck us without cuming so the each initially got a clean fuck.

The Latin guy came over and knelt in front of me and began stroking my cock while I bounced up and down on my black guy’s hard dick. My wife had turned around and switched which hole the two guys fucking her got. The guy fucking her pussy now fucked her ass, and the guy that was fucking her ass now got her pussy. I could hear how wet she was and her pussy sloshed and farted as she got wetter and wetter. We continued this way making the rounds to all five men, both of us fucking them. Then we kind of paired off, three men with my wife, one for each hole, ass, cunt and mouth. I had the other two, one for my asshole, the other one to suck while being fucked. This time each guy was encouraged to shoot their load in whatever hole they were fucking. The Latin guy pounded my ass so good doggy style until he erupted with a load of cum inside me. He came around after pulling out of my asshole and put his cock into my mouth to suck clean. The black guy on the floor with us assumed his position behind me and shoved his nice sized cock straight into my asshole thrusting fast and deep into me. I moaned with pleasure as he pumped me harder and faster. My wife initially had a cock in her ass and one in her pussy but it turned into a clumsy fuck attempt not being able to get both guys on the same rhythm. She had the guy in her pussy pull out and she turned around to face the guy on the couch and slipped his cock into her pussy. For a good old fuck, my wife prefers just one cock inside her down there that can give it to her hard and deep, in either her pussy or asshole. She put her feet on the couch straddling his cock and moved it back and sat on it taking him deep inside her ass. It turned me on that both my wife and I were getting fucked in the ass at the same time.

While I was on all fours with my head down to the blanket to get my ass angled higher up for this black stud to fuck me, someone grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. It was the other black guy and he was kneeling in front of me and began slapping my face with his half-hard cock. I enjoy having my face slapped, either with a cock or a hand. Unfortunately my wife doesn’t slap me much or very hard, unless she’s been drinking or is high, then she can get a good slap on. I also enjoy being choked during sex too. I slipped the black cock into my mouth and began sucking him as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth onto his cock. I moaned as pre-cum oozed into my mouth and I slurped it up. My saliva dripped from my mouth as the black guy fucking me began pounding me harder and harder while I tried to keep the other black cock in my mouth. I had to keep both hands planted on the floor to brace myself against each thrust into my asshole so my sucking depended more on the other guy keeping my head on his cock. Then the two black guys switched places and I sucked the cock that was just inside me and the cock I was sucking was rammed deep inside my now gaping asshole. I could taste my ass on the cock now in my mouth and took it as deep down my throat as I could; the other cock pounding away at my ass as he occasionally smacked my ass cheeks.

I heard a lull in the activity on the couch and turned to see what was going on. My wife had turned around and was sitting on another guy’s cock on the couch, her back to him and she had taken the mirror from the end table and began snorting a couple of lines of coke. She passed the mirror to the guy fucking her who took a couple of snorts too and then gave it to another guy waiting his turn to fuck and he put more coke, or whatever he brought onto the mirror and laid out some more lines with a razor blade and snorted it. I felt pretty high still from smoking pot but the guy I was sucking took a small brown vial that had a metal spoon-like thing attached to the cap and scooped some whitish brown powder from the vial and held it to my nose. I snorted it up, it made my eyes water a bit as he got another scoop ready for my other nostril, which I snorted as well. Within a minute I was tingling all over, I got a rushing sensation through my head that went down throughout my body and it felt awesome! I began pushing back to meet the thrusts of the black invader into my asshole and sucking the cock in front of me like the cock whore that I am.

The guy fucking me stopped for a moment as I continued sucking the cock in my mouth and I heard him snort something up his nose. Then the guy I was sucking took his turn snorting and in a minute we were back into our fucking and sucking routine. The cock in my ass began to get even harder as he bucked and thrust his cock in and out of my asshole. He’d pull all the way out of me and with his hands spread my ass cheeks wide open and reveal my gaping asshole. Then he’d plow back in for a few pumps and do it again. I can only imagine how gaping my hole was!

I took a break from sucking this cock and looked over at my wife. She was rubbing her tits and bouncing up and down on her stud’s cock. He had his left hand down rubbing her clit hard back and forth. I could tell she was going to cum soon. She squeezed her nipples and moaned, then it hit. “Oooh!” she cried out, “I’m cumming!” She rocked back and forth on his cock and he began thrusting deeper and harder into her cunt. She twitched her body as she came in waves on his pounding cock and within a few seconds he had pulled her hips down to bury his cock deep inside her. He let out a loud moan and I knew he was filling her up with his cum. “Cum with me baby!” she yelled out. He just thrust deep again into her. “Aaagh!” he managed to get out. “Yeah baby, cum inside me!” she continued. He stopped thrusting into her and just let his load spurt deep inside her cunt. She sat on his lap and waited for him to finish. The guy sitting on the couch next to them was stroking a rock hard cock of his own and then my wife got up off the deflating cock she’d just fucked and put her hand under her pussy to keep the cum inside her and moved over and sat on the other guy’s hard dick. It sloshed right inside her messy cunt and she began riding him as he thrust into her wet and loose pussy.

I went back to sucking the black cock in my face and a few minutes later the black guy fucking me announced he was going to cum. My wife chimed in, “Yeah, fill his asshole up!” He thrust hard and deep inside me. “You ready for my load bitch?” he asked. I managed to nod my head and moan as he slammed deep inside me and began shooting his load. “Take that cum you faggot bitch!” I pressed back against him and could feel each squirt of his load. He leaned in on me moaning and worked his cock back and forth a bit as his climax subsided. Sweat from his body was dripping onto my ass cheeks and he finally pulled out. The other black guy came around and took over where the other left off and by now my asshole was as loose as a pussy and full of cum. His cock sloshed around inside me as he filled my ass with air with each thrust. My hole farted as he went deeper and deeper inside my still horny asshole. I heard my wife laugh as my asshole farted. “Sounds like somebody’s had a good reaming!” she said as she rode the cock on the couch. Within a couple of minutes the guy fucking her pushed her forward off the couch onto the floor on all fours and began fucking her doggy style in the ass. Cum dripped from her pussy onto the carpet with each inward thrust into her asshole.

The black guy fucking my ass pulled out and said, “Let me get a piece of her ass now!” and moved over as the guy fucking my wife’s ass pulled out and came over and started to fuck me. His cock wasn’t quite as big but it still felt great as he just shoved his cock right into me. He knelt on his left knee with his right leg out and planted to the side of my right leg to get a little deeper inside me. He ran his hands along my ass and up my lower back until he had both hands on my shoulders. Then he pulled back and thrust his cock into me. Although he was smaller, this move really put more leverage on my body and I gasped a little at how deep he was able to go. My back arched down and he pushed my head to the blanket and began fucking me like a jackhammer. Within a minute or two he was shooting his load of cum deep inside my asshole. He collapsed on top of me, his sweating body on top of mine, both of us breathing hard as he wiggled his cock around still inside my ass. Now the only sound was my wife and her black stud fucking. I turned my head, still laying on the blanket with my lover atop me, and watched my wife on all fours and her lover pumping her wildly, getting ready to cum. “That’s it lover!” she cried out. “Fill me up, fill me up!!” He grabbed her hips tightly and plowed deep into her asshole, shooting his load. Her eyes widened for a moment. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “I can feel your hot load!” He pumped her even harder and she almost lost her balance, placing her arms out in front of her so she could brace herself. He spurt the last of his load inside her and slapped her ass, she smiled and fell to the floor in pleasure. He pulled out of her and sat on the couch, all of us completely exhausted.

The guy who had just fucked me rolled off me and lay next to me on his back. I rolled over onto my back, my whole body shaking. My wife crawled over to me on the blanket and up my body, her legs straddling me. She continued up until her pussy and ass was on my face. I grabbed her ass cheeks and began licking the cum still in her pussy. “That’s it baby, eat their cum!” she said wiggling her hips back and forth. I slipped a finger inside her soaking, wrecked asshole and felt some cum beginning to drip. She moved up a little more so her asshole was on my mouth and sat up. I tongued her asshole as the cum deep inside began to trickle out and into my mouth. I felt her push her asshole muscles out and she farted a few times as bigger gobs of cum dripped out and onto my waiting tongue. As soon as I lapped up the last of the cum on her ass and cunt she rolled off me onto the blanket. We all just laid there, no one talking. The Latin guy sat in the recliner, one guy on the couch, the rest of us on the floor. The room smelled of the sweet fragrance of sex, cum and sweat as we all just chilled. One of the guys got up and grabbed a beer from the cooler, asking if anyone else wanted anything. Soon we all had a cold beverage, I ran my cold bottle over my body, neck and head to cool off a bit. We sat up, talked a bit more and decided we’d keep the party going. We smoked some more pot, and snorted some more coke and stuff and my wife picked three guys to go upstairs with her to our bedroom. I was sad she choose to take both black guys with her but was content to have at least two cocks to fuck me some more.

Our orgy session lasted well into the night, we again rotated around sharing cock and ass, I eventually got the Latin guy to loosen up and he wanted me to fuck him in his asshole. He and I had been together several times alone, he just wasn’t sure in front of the other guys it would be cool for him to get fucked. But between the booze, drugs and just carnal lust, in the end, he got what he needed, a cock and a load of cum in his ass!

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man i'd love to be invited to a party like that.

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2009-07-21 22:35:55
hmmmm where do you live? i wanna cum play

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