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My wife was getting ready to leave for a conference out of town...
When my wife who is an RN (registered nurse) told me she’d be going out of town in a few weeks to a conference down in Atlanta, I immediately began planning on how much sex I could have while she was gone. This wasn’t the unscrupulous behind the back sex, as you have read, my wife and I are both bisexual – I lean more towards the gay side, and we openly have sex with others at our own discretion. I told her she should get on craigslist before she left to line up her own action while she was down there. She said that was a good idea and also that she was certain there would be plenty of people to meet and fuck down at the conference.

The funny thing about my lining up some sex while she was gone was it wasn’t with other women! I began calling guys I’d fucked or who had fucked me in the past and wanted to plan on having guys over each day that my wife was away. It didn’t even enter my mind to find a chick to fuck, I’m so into having cock that these days beyond fucking my wife occasionally, I’m only interested in having cock inside me!

As her day of departure neared she told me of some emails she’d exchanged on craigslist with a few black guys in the Atlanta area and exchanged numbers and hoped to hook up with them. She showed me pics of three guys who looked pretty hot and I wished for a moment I was going with her. But I was able to round up a few guys of my own for while she was away and knew I’d be content with that.

On the morning of her flight I took her to the airport and gave her a big hug and a kiss and told her to have fun. She pressed against me and returned the sentiment and felt my cock in my pants was hard. “Already thinking about the cock you’re going to get?” she asked. I smiled at her and nodded. We told each other “I love you” and she went inside to the terminal. I got back into my truck and headed home. I actually had a guy coming to our house around noontime for a fuck session and I was horny as hell to get some cock inside me! I had told my friend Anthony to come in when he got there and by the time I got home it was nearly 11:00 AM so I rushed upstairs to shower and throw on some gay porn. I shaved my balls and ass area for him to be nice and clean and fresh shaven and took a little longer in the shower than I hoped to. As I dried off I heard a knock and the screen door and yelled down for him to come upstairs.

I heard him walk up the stairs and opened the bathroom door wearing only a towel as he approached. We exchange hellos and he came in close to give me a kiss. We tongued each other’s mouths for a minute and I felt him reach down and take off my towel revealing my hard on. He went down on me right there and began sucking my cock. I grabbed his head and pulled him into my crotch as he rubbed my balls and ran a finger back along my ass crack. “Let’s move to the bed,” I said pulling my cock from his mouth. We went into our bedroom and he began undressing as I finished up drying off my body and I started a DVD of some hot gay porn.

We lay on the bed for a few minutes stroking each other’s cocks and watched some of the movie. I rolled over on top of him and began kissing him. Then I kissed my way down his body, taking time to lick and nibble on his nipples. I licked down his stomach until I felt his erect cock at my chin and quickly sucked it into my mouth. I love a hard cock in my mouth, but not as much as having one in my ass! I licked his balls and pushed his legs back and began lapping his asshole and sticking my tongue inside him. He moaned and pulled his legs back further opening his ass cheeks up. I slipped a middle finger inside his ass and moved it in and out. He moaned some more and then I put two inside him. “Yes baby! Spread me open!” he exclaimed. I reached over to take out a tub of Boy Butter anal lube and smeared a bit on and into his asshole. I find that is the best lube for anal sex. I moved in on my knees right up to his ass and rubbed my hard cock up and down his ass crack. Slowly I slid the head of my cock inside him and paused to let him get used to the invasion. “Mmmm,” he mumbled, “that feels nice!” I pushed a little more of my cock into him and felt him tighten up. He winced a little bit, I guess I went in too fast for him at first. He took a couple of deep breaths as I worked the rest of my cock up to my balls into his asshole. I leaned over on top of him and we kissed while I slowly worked my cock in and out of his ass. As we continued to kiss and I moved to kiss and lick his ears, he reached down and grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me into him. Now we both moaned and the pleasure was great for both of us. Now he was ready to be fucked!

I sat up and pushed back on his legs as I began to pump in and out of his ass. He began trying to push up to meet my thrusts and we got a good fuck on this way for a few minutes. “Take me from behind!” he said as he lowered his legs and I pulled out of his ass. He flipped over onto all fours, buried his face in the pillow as I aimed my cock at his gaping asshole and entered him. Once inside I grabbed his hips and began pumping him hard and deep. My fresh-shaved balls slapping up against his as he pushed on the headboard of the bed to steady himself. I hadn’t fucked a guy in a while and it wasn’t long before I felt a load build up and get ready to blow. “I’m getting close,” I said as our bodies rhythmically bucked back and forth. He reached underneath, between his legs and cupped my balls, reaching a finger for my asshole. I got closer and closer as he rubbed my asshole and finally worked a finger inside me as I blew my load deep inside his ass. I held my cock deep in him as he continued to finger me and felt my sphincter tighten with each spurt of jizz I pumped into him. When my orgasm finally subsided I reached over to the nightstand for a hand towel I keep there and grabbed it and as I pulled out of his asshole I put the towel down. I didn’t usually need it since I love to eat the cum from my lover’s hole, but my wife would get pissy if I soiled the comforter and she had to wash it. To my surprise a lot of cum oozed from his ass as he slowly pushed outward. I lapped it all up, then wiped him clean and my cock as well and lay down next to him.

We kissed a bit more and he started to get hard again. I started to go down on him but he stopped me. “I’m ready to fuck you right now!” he said with a smile and I smeared some Boy Butter in my ass and spread my legs. He maneuvered in between my legs and began to ease his seven-inch cock inside me. I had been using a dildo on myself while masturbating a few times that week so I was fairly loosened up and able to take him all the way in without stopping. He eagerly began pumping my asshole and I moved to put my legs over his shoulders as he fucked me. We bucked and bounced on the bed as we fucked. He leaned over on me letting my legs across his shoulders hold him up. He reached down and rubbed and pinched my nipples and pulled on my nipple rings – both my nipples are pierced. I stretched my neck out and turned my head, my indication to whomever is fucking me that I wanted to be choked. He has choked me a number of times during sex and knew what I wanted. Slowly he worked his hands from my nipples to my throat and deliberately slowly he put them around my neck. He knew he was teasing me and I just wanted him to choke me! Once he choked me out while he was fucking me and while it sounds weird, it was an awesome experience. I blacked out and he kept on fucking me. When I came to he was pounding my asshole and it felt so awesome!

I have a pretty small neck and he easily fit both hands around it and slowly began to tighten his grip. I smiled at the pleasure it brought me. Then he relaxed his grip and teased me on and off this way. Each time he held a little bit tighter and a little bit longer. My face began to turn red and I nodded my pleasure at his actions. He continued to pump my ass and slowly choke me and it was driving me crazy! I wanted he to choke me hard and he knew it and was just teasing me! “Tell me what you want,” he said. He knew what I wanted but he loved hearing me say it. “Choke me,” I muttered. He squeezed my throat a little and said, “like that?” “Harder,” I said. He pumped my ass and squeezed my throat a little harder. “Like that?” he asked, toying with me. “Choke the shit outta me!” I commanded him. He smiled and got turned on and fucked me harder and harder as he put more and more pressure onto my throat and squeezed harder and harder. The harder he choked me that more I wanted it. I nearly blacked out as he was getting ready to cum inside me and stopped choking me. It was a great feeling as the blood rushed throughout my body. He pushed my legs back and pounded my asshole, sweat pouring from his body and yelled, “Aaah! I’m gonna cum!” I gritted my teeth and told him to shoot his load deep inside me. As his jizz spewed he buried his cock all the way in me and dumped his load. His body shook a little and I felt his spurts inside my asshole. He lay on top of me kissing me and tonguing me until his dick went limp and fell out of my gooey asshole. I grabbed the towel and put it under my ass as he rolled over and lay next to me. I got up and went to the bathroom and got a face cloth wet with cold water to wipe his body down. He thanked me as I slowly wiped his glistening sweat up and then reached down and put a finger in my ass to get his cum flowing out. I smeared his cum on two of my fingers and licked them clean. He went down on me and pushed my legs up and tongued my asshole as I pushed more of his cum out and he ate it up. Once I was clean we lay back down and caught our breaths and eventually fell asleep. We woke up about 45 minutes later and decided to hop into the shower together and go out to get something to eat. Needless to say, in the shower while cleaning each other, we got horny again and took turns fucking each other in the ass in the shower!

We got dressed and went around the corner to a local pub my wife and I frequented and had a burger and a beer. We lounged at the bar a while just relaxing and had a couple more beers and walked back home. We sat and watched TV for a bit in the living room and Anthony asked me if I had any pot. I pulled a drawer of the coffee table open and had my cigar box with my stash and pipe already loaded. We decided to get stoned naked, of course knowing it would lead to more sex, and sat on the couch sharing a bowl of smoke and getting a good buzz on. I get pretty wild when I fuck when I’m stoned and he knew it and it wasn’t long before I was leaning over sucking on his cock again! It was more comfortable to kneel in front of him so I had him spread his legs and scoot his ass down so it was hanging off the couch a little and I sucked his cock and licked his asshole. I wanted his cock in me even more than I did before and got a little bottle of lube I kept in the coffee table out and smeared some on my asshole. I straddled Anthony on the couch and rode his cock up and down. Just as I was getting a good fucking from him the phone rang. It took a second for it to register and then I reached over to pick up the cordless phone from the coffee table; it was my wife’s cell phone calling. I sat back up, still having Anthony’s cock inside me and kept riding him up and down as I answered the phone.

“Hello?” I asked a little out of breath, trying to listen and still ride Anthony’s cock. “Hey hon,” my wife said, “I just got to the hotel and checked in.” I managed to say, “that’s…good, babe.” She continued, “I’m going to jump in the shower. I’m waiting to hear back from one of the guys from craigslist.” I was having a hard time focusing on the conversation and sat up off of Anthony’s cock and knelt on the couch beside him, lengthways with my ass to him. I think he thought I was changing positions and quickly came in behind me and shoved his cock deep into my wet asshole. “Aaah!” I cried out. “O, okay hon.” I said. “What’s the matter?” she asked. “Hmm?” I asked back. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Nothing….uh, Anthony is over and we’re uh…” she cut me off. “Oh my god!” she blurted out almost laughing. “Is he fucking you while you’re on the phone with me?” All I could say was, “Umm hmmm”. She laughed again, “alright, well you two go have fun, I’m going to see if I can have some fun too! I call you before I go to bed.” I managed to compose myself a bit more. “Yes, hon, ok, have lots of fun!” She said, “Yup, sounds like you already are, but I’ll talk to you later.” Then she hung up the phone. I just dropped the cordless on the floor, braced myself against the pounding I was getting and said, “Yes! Oh yeah baby, fuck the shit outta me!” I pushed back on the arm of the sofa to meet his every thrust. The exhilaration of being high and my body tingling with delight while I was getting my ass fucked made me so hot, horny and hard, I thought my cock would cum right there! Anthony obliged my request and pounded my ass on the couch until he shot a load of cum deep inside me again. I rolled off the couch onto the floor breathing hard from my ass pounding and sat up and sucked Anthony’s cock clean while his cum dripped from my gaping ass and onto the carpet.

This was a nice start to my week away from my wife. She didn’t call me back that first night and to be honest, I totally forgot I even talked to her! Anthony stayed the night because he was still a little stoned and didn’t want to drive. In the morning we woke up in bed together and sucked each other off and got up to go to work. My wife called me around noon time on break from her convention. She filled me in on some details of her rendezvous with one of her studs from craigslist and it made my cock hard as she told me about how she met this guy from craigslist at the hotel lounge and how they went up to her room and fucked like rabbits until the late night hours. I told her she should have brought the video camera to record her being fucked. She asked how my time with Anthony was, I filled her in a bit on how much we fucked and got stoned together. She commented how she could almost tell instantly that I was being fucked on the phone by my labored breathing and inability to form a complete sentence. We chatted about a few other things and she had to get back to the convention so we hung up.

I called my next fuck buddy for the evening after I hung up with my wife and made sure we were still on. His name was Derek and he and I had been fuck buddies from about a year or so earlier when we met at an adult book store in one of those video peep show rooms.

My night with Derek is my next chapter in my life… Stay tuned!!

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2011-10-31 01:34:04
Sex is GREAT when you're high!!

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