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I'd sucked a few guys off in the bathrooms at the beach before...
I know I said I was going to write about my night with Derek after my wife left for a conference in Atlanta a while back… but I just yesterday had an encounter I had to write about.

It’s summertime here and I like to dress like a little slutty boy when I go to the beach. I wear short shorts with a thong and a tank top as I stroll around the beach just a minute’s walk from my house. I had the day off from work, we are getting new computers and networking and all that crap so there was little or no work to do.

This particular beach I was at had the usual bathrooms there. They also have showers attached that you could get to by entering the bathroom door and walking to the back and going through another door where four shower stalls were with a long bench to put your stuff on. I’ve met guys there before and given blow jobs in the shower stalls and thought that’s what I’d get yesterday.

I walked around the area in front of the bathroom/showers in my tight shorts and sat on the ocean wall smoking cigarettes and checking people out. A few guys gave me a glance and one guy stopped to talk with me a bit, apparently waiting for someone and then after a few minutes he left.

I would go in to the bathroom, check things out and go into the shower area to see if anyone was lingering around. I did this four or five times over an hour or so and was bummed that there seemed to be no activity. I had my towel with me to use if I decided to take a shower. It was a nice day, not really too hot and it felt good having the sun getting me tan.

I was sitting on the wall looking out at the beach, the bathrooms right behind me and I finished a cigarette. I’d seen a few guys go in and out of the bathroom and figured I’d head in to see if anything was going on. I walked into the bathroom area, took a leak at a urinal, washed my hands and was drying them off when I heard what sounded like someone in the shower area. I went through the doorway to see an older guy, not bad looking, with a little bit of a gut, sitting on the bench. I could tell he was naked, he had just thrown a towel across his lap when I came in, apparently covering a hard on. I went to the bench looking at him and he looked at me. We said hi to each other and I kicked off my sandals and peeled my shorts off right in front of him. I took my tank top off and was completely naked and left my towel at the bench on top of my clothes. As I walked past him I gave him a little wink and headed to the farthest shower stall. I went in and only closed the shower curtain halfway so someone could easily see inside. I turned the water on and got the temperature to a nice warm feel and started to shower. I took one of those small hotel sized bars of soap someone had left there and began lathering up. I was half turned so I could look out of the corner of my eye to see if anyone came down. After a minute or two I caught some movement outside the shower and knew this guy was there staring at me. I took the bar of soap and lathered up my cock and balls and began stroking my cock a little. Then I rubbed the bar of soap along my ass crack getting it all soapy too. I could see from the corner of my eye this guy standing there and it looked like he was jerking off. I dropped the bar of soap on purpose and bent down to pick it up, turning so my ass was facing out to him. I lingered bent over being very obvious I wasn’t just bent over to pick a bar of soap up and I felt him walk into the shower stall and heard him close the curtain all the way behind him. As I stood up and glanced back over my shoulder he ran one of his big hands along my ass until his thumb hit my asshole and he began to rub it. I arched my back, sticking my butt out towards him as he reached further down and rubbed my balls. I was getting ready to turn around to get on my knees to suck his cock when I felt his cock rub in between my ass cheeks! I certainly didn’t think things would happen so quickly and was a little surprised initially at his actions. Without either of us saying a word he pressed his cock into my ass crack until it found my little ass button. He pushed inward and the head of his cock just popped right into my asshole. I bent over a little, pushing my ass out which took more of his cock inside me. He grabbed me by the hips and thrust his cock all the way in me. I moaned a muffled moan as he was not using any lube and the water just doesn’t cut it for lube! He was full blown fucking me within seconds, I was taken aback but quickly pushed back to meet his thrusts. I had half a mind to be upset that he just assumed he could fuck me like that but after a few strokes deep inside me, that became the furthest thing from my mind.

We tried not to go balls deep and have that slapping sound of him hitting my ass, the sound echoed in there and I didn’t want to draw attention to our fucking. We found a happy medium of him fucking me and with the warm water hitting my head and running down my body and his fucking me pretty good, I was enjoying our little moment together. He lasted less than ten minutes inside me before he blew his load of cum. He tried to muffle his groans of ecstasy and he spurted his jizz up my ass. When he finished, he stayed in me for a minute as his cock began to go soft and then pulled out. I was going to turn around and suck his cock clean when I heard him push the shower curtain aside and leave. Again I was a little miffed that he just fucked me and left, but stayed in the shower and pushed him cum out of my asshole. I stayed in there until I heard him leave. But it was actually another person coming into the shower room. I turned the shower off and walked to the bench. To my surprise I saw the guy who just fucked me finishing getting dressed and turn to walk out as this other guy was undressing getting ready to shower. I had half a hard on and went to my stuff and picked my towel up and dry off. The guy next to me now looked younger than the other guy who fucked me and in much better shape.

He pulled his swimming trunks off and glanced over at my half a woody. “Nice cock,” he said softly. I glanced over at his, which was not even half hard and returned the compliment. He turned to face me, “you ever get sucked off in one of these places?” Again, his voice was very soft, not wanting anyone who could be in the bathroom area to hear. I shook my head, “No, sounds fun though.” He stepped closer and grabbed my cock in his hand. He pumped my shaft and with his other hand took turns squeezing my nipples. I love having my nipple bitten, pulled, whatever. This made my cock even harder and a moaned a little as he leaned over and began sucking my nipples. I reached out for his cock and stroked it with my right hand. He became fully erect very quickly. I reached down and played with his balls and then put my hand on his butt and pulled him in close until our bodies touched and we felt our cocks rubbing against each other. “Oh fuck, you turn me on,” he said kissing my neck. I whispered back to him, “I’d love to feel your cock inside me.” He stepped back a bit as I went down to my knees and began sucking on his cock. We worked to be very quiet as we heard people coming in and out of the bathroom part and didn’t want to draw attention. After I sucked him for a minute or so he sat on the bench and I moved in and sucked him some more. He reached into a plastic bag on the bench as I slurped away, I was hoping he wasn’t reaching for a condom! He took out a bottle of suntan oil and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He sprayed the oil onto his cock and stroked it to work it all over his head and shaft. I’d never used suntan oil for lube but figured it was better than none at all! I turned around and bent over in front of him and he sprayed some oil into his hand and rubbed it all around my asshole and poke a finger inside me.

I backed up and began to sit in his lap, his cock sticking straight up as I rubbed my ass cheeks on it up and down. Slowly I worked my ass up higher so he eventually had his cock head pressing against my asshole as I worked my hips back and forth. I did this a few times teasing his cock, it’d press against my hole, I’d turn my hips out and it’d slide up along my ass crack. The next time I did this as his cock head pressed against my hole and just before I turned my hips out he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me down. Instantly his entire cock disappeared inside my asshole. I gasped out loud, trying to muffle my cry, I was not ready for him to impale me so fast with his big cock! He pulled me all the way down on it and held me there. My asshole throbbed and a little pain shot through me as I tried to relax my sphincter muscles. As he kept me down on his cock longer, the pain began to subside and I regained my composure. I rubbed back and forth on his cock indicating I was ready for more. He loosened his grip, still holding me by the hips as I worked up and down on his cock. The suntan oil actually was a very good lube as it turned out. Since we were both dry there wasn’t that slapping sound I was trying to muffle in the shower so I gladly sank all the way down onto his cock with each thrust. While I was enjoying this fuck much better than the previous shower stall fuck I got, I kept an ear out for anyone coming into the bathroom. He had his towel right next to him and I held my in my right hand as we fucked. It was very difficult to contain myself not really being able to say much as he fucked me.

I arched my back as I grinded my ass down onto his cock and he reached up and put a hand on each of my shoulders and pulled me down even harder onto his big dick. After a while of fucking like this he got up, still inside my ass and we turned around facing the bench. I bent over putting both hands onto the bench as he fucked me from behind. This created a little more noise when he went all the way into me and I tried to keep the noise down by moving a little forward as he went deep inside me.

After getting a good fucking this way for a few minutes we kind of began losing our senses – we stopped listening for anyone coming in and stuff. I heard someone next door flush a urinal and it was obvious by our noise that they could hear us. For some reason I didn’t pay too much attention. I thought I heard whoever it was leave, and we kept on fucking. I could tell he was getting ready to cum soon, each thrust came harder and he grunted a bit more and I just braced myself against the bench, one hand on the bench the other on the cement wall. I heard a sound behind us just as he said in a soft voice he was cumming inside me. I turned my head to see the door between the bathroom and shower area open and someone start to walk in. I was too far into it to even care at this point, I just wanted him to cum inside me! And whoever it was that came in instantly walked back out and the door closed. My lover emptied a good load inside me and I felt his cock twitch during his orgasm. I pressed back to take him deep and waited for him to finish. He ran his hands up and down my back, reached around and pulled both of my nipple rings and then pulled his cock out of my asshole. I sat right down on the bench, shaking and tired and he sat next to me. “Man you got a great hole!” he said, this time in a normal tone of voice. I put my hand on his thigh, “Thanks, you got a great cock!” We smiled at each other and he got up to take a shower. He went into the first stall and started to shower, I mustered up the energy and went in the second shower and cleaned up.

We both dried off and chatted a bit. I asked him if he was gay or if he fucked women. He said he was bi and I asked him if he’d be open some time to coming to our house up the street and fucking my wife and I some time. “You’re married!” he exclaimed, I guess assuming I was gay or whatever. “Yeah, six years,” I said, “we’re both bi and love sharing guys together.” He told me he’d definitely be interested but would have to be discreet because he had a girlfriend. I told him it was no problem and we put each other’s name and number into our cell phones. He left the shower area first, I sat on the bench a few minutes longer thinking about the fun afternoon I had just had. The second guy fucking me great made up for the not so great fuck by the first guy in the shower. I put my shorts and shirt back on and went out and headed to the ocean wall to have a cigarette. I started to hop onto it to sit down but my asshole was actually a little sore and I decided to just stand there and lean on the wall as I smoked. I wondered who it was that walked in on us fucking and if they were still around, maybe looking at me or something. No one approached me or gave me a weird look so I just assumed they had left the area and I headed home. I was eager to tell my wife about my new friend and was excited at the thought of him fucking the two of us. As I walked up the street to our house I could feel a little bit of cum that was left in my asshole start to ooze out. I wear thong panties and hoped they would hold the cum inside me enough and not leave a big wet spot on my shorts. Then again, I didn’t really give a shit if it did, I’d just had a great fuck and felt wonderful!!

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2013-09-03 20:29:45
I wish I was a gay boy


2013-06-11 09:21:47
Great story. I wish it had been me taking that big cock on the bench.

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2012-02-12 14:10:20
EgO2FT Scribbler, give me a student's record-book!)))

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2009-08-16 10:11:29
Hot. True? Sounded like it. More please.

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I would like totry this sometine

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