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day one of my new life
This is my first story please be kind and if you have any ideas or things that should be changed and stuff for the second story etc please leave only those comments otherwise enjoy.

As the truck pulled up to the location these girls were taking me too they grabbed my arms and pulled me out of the truck. There was a big house surrounded by trees from the long ride here I figured that we must be far outside of town which is good because if we were in town people would notice when two women pulled a naked guy out of a truck.

The two of them pulled me inside they pulled me up to there leader she told me that she usually doesn’t take male pets but because of what I did they have decided to punish me.

they walked me into a small room it had a bench with sex toys on it a heater and a small cage with two young girls in it one wearing a bra panties and heels the other had heels only.

my semi hard cock became hard as soon as I saw the girls the one with the bra and panties had reasonable sized breasts and something sticking slightly out of her panties and the one without clothes had small breasts and the cutest little pussy I had ever seen the leader noticed my cock was twitching and said so you like that do you well guess where your going to be staying then.

she started to tell me the rules rule number one I was to address every female as mistress or miss and you must follow every order they give you unless it contradicts a order given by me or my underlings.

rule number two unless told to you must always be nude and you must never try to cover yourself.

rule number three since you like masturbating so much you must masturbate in front of these girls at least twice a day and they must jerk you off at least once each and if you get a erection while in your cage you must masturbate till you cum.

at the end of each day you will be brought before me and if you have still got a large amount of cum in your balls you will be severally punished and just so you know we have set up cameras all through the room as you can see and we will be monitoring you to make sure you follow the rules now into your cage.

as I got on my knees my face went red I a am a shy person I have never had sex and only really seen girls nude in porn this was so humiliating the cage was really small once I was in my legs were spread as far as they could and the two girls were sitting between them I was sitting up and I had to slightly bend my neck my mistress was leaving the room as she left she said you three should get to know each other you will be there for a long time and then she closed the door.

I turned to look at the girls who were looking at my erect cock and they started to giggle the clothed one said through her giggles you should probably get started on that and they sat back to watch as I started rubbing.

we started talking they told me there names the one with clothes is ana and the ones without is named summer.

they told me some of the routines and things Ana told me about the toilet routines if you need to shit say it out loud and they will come and take you to the toilet and I asked about what to do if I needed to pee after I said that they looked at each other then looked at me then looked down I looked down too and I noticed there was a drain and I asked them what its for Ana said that it was for showers they would wash us down occasionally also it is for when you need to pee around here you must pee in the cage on us if you try and miss us or aim at anything other than us they will punish all of us just like we have to try and get it on each other also if you need to do both pee in the cage firsts trust me you will see what happens when you go.

I asked them their ages and they told me that Ana was 19 and summer was 13 they both had never had sex but they were not really virgins cause when they first got here they had large long dildos shoved up there pusses.

then I realised that’s what was sticking out in her panties she had a dildo in her pussy and right then I noticed something building up inside me all this time I had been jerking off and that I was about to cum I think the girls noticed because there eyes widened and they started smirking I looked at Ana and looked at her panties she was dripping wet and that was all I needed to get over the edge I came everywhere a few drops landed on Ana and a few landed right on summers lips and the rest slowly dripped down suddenly mistress walked in she was laughing she said that was a good show and since your new to this I will give you a pillow to rest against you should get some sleep you may sleep in because tomorrow will be your welcoming party then she handed me a pillow then dimmed the lights and left the room.

the girls moved slightly so I could move my legs and slid down abit put the pillow behind me then the two girls curled up into balls in my legs and used my crotch as a pillow with Ana resting her head against my thigh and summer resting her head right next to my cock so her lips were inches away from my cock we said goodnight and went too sleep as I fell asleep I thought too myself whatever this welcoming party is its got me scared.

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2012-10-02 21:05:09
Same with Shern here! He's been diaper-free at day time for a long time now. He also wears uwdarneer already. But at night we still put on diaper for him, cos he sleep like 12 hours straight. But a few days back, he's very conscious on peeing at night. He'll wake me up and say, mommy i want to pee pee . So mommy jumped out of bed la, but this little bugger is either too lazy/ too tired to get up. Oh, he just need to remind mommy that he's going to pee in his diaper. Apa-lah.

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2009-07-23 06:48:21
good story bud

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