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A boy (called Dylan) Get his gay wish. NOTE: This is total fiction and not real, the boy called Dylan is a made up name and character, same goes for the name Nathen. Positive comments only please. :)
My name is Dylan, and I am gay,.

I have had a crush on this other boy called Nathen (12) ever since Year 7. I was 12 when I first realized my love for boys, i never got to see him naked or with no shirt, only very rarely.

One time I was lucky enough to see him shirtless, at a swimming carnival, I couldn't take my eyes off of his body. Nathen is really hot, he has an athletic body, flat chested, thin/skinny, medium height. He always does cross country runs and is always exercising, he was also a popular kid.

I on the other hand, was not popular but i got along with everyone and was able to fit in with him at times. I am medium weight, i am not as skinny and not as flat chested, but only by a kilo or so.

I am now in high school, first year, 13 years old (same with Nathen.)
It was holidays and it was a sunny Wednesday, so i went for a ride in my suburb, i was wearing a white singlet, and white shorts (also underwear.)

As i was riding, i saw Nathen coming down the other side of the street, he was wearing almost the same clothes but in black. When we reached each other he says

"Oh hey Dyl."
"Hey." I say. "What are you doing today??" I ask.
"I'm training for a ride coming up later this summer, I need to do some work outs to get more fit" He replies.
"You are already a very healthy person Nath!! you don't need to do any more exercise."
"Oh well, I'll jsut get stronger. Do you want to come for a ride with me??" he asks
"Sure." I say.

So I follow him down the street, I couldn't help but notice his undies sticking out from behind as we rode.
When we get there, it is quite. We put our bikes down and i sit down on the grass.

"Man I'm Busting, I'll be right back, I have to piss." He says

As he walks off, i think to myself:
This is a great chance to make my move, i can perv on him so i can masturbate about this later, or maybe even take a picture with my phone. I get up and hide behind a nearby tree and get a great view of him urinating by a tree. he penis was around 3-4 inches and i was desperate to get some. as he zips up, I notice a tear from his eye, he wipes it away. Just as i go to hide behind the tree, he spots me.

"HAY!!" He says. I have been caught. Just as he is about to yell at me i interrupt and say
"Why were you just crying??"
"Why were you just perving on me"he asks.
"I asked you first"
"Fine, I was upset because I think i'm GAY" more tears stream from his eyes.
I was shocked, the one i had fantasized about was gay as well.
"I have never told anyone but i really am, I really want a boyfriend too YOU CAN'T TELL ANYONE, EVER. Now, What is your answer for perving on me?? " He asks
"I won't tell a soul. The reason i was looking at you was, I'm also gay."
"YOU ARE??" He asks, looking confused.
"Yes, I have been crazy about you since last year. i think you are very hot. I have been trying to make you find out some how, now i have."
"Oh my, thats a coincidence then isn't it?? So you think i'm hot do you??"

I nod in agreement.

"Do you think that I'm sexy??"

Once again I nod

"Touch me." He says calmly.

So i check to see if anyone is around. no sign of people, it a pretty abandoned area, and i knew i wanted to. So I stand up and walk up to him. and i put my hands underneath his billa-bong shirt. and feel his chest. it was so nice, he is so fit and hot. I looked at him and he was looking at me like he wanted to do something, and the next thing i know, he is pashing me, he sticks his tongue in my mouth and we kiss while I am feeling him. He then started to do the same. he placed his hands on my upper body and moved his fingers around. It was great, just what i had been wanting and it was really happening. After a while, i was bored and wanting more, so five minutes of smooching later, I pull off his shirt to expose his amazing body. It was much better since last year when I saw it, he had a set of abs, only a small developing pack, but it look and felt amazing, he also had amazing arm muscles and a miniature amount of arm hair. I stood there staring at his amazing body for atleast 30 seconds before he took off my shirt as well.

So then, my dick was super hard and i desperately wanted to star oral. So we sat down on the ground and i lent over him and started to lick his nipples, then i started to suck them, I was very exited, I had never done this before.

"Lick me all over Dyl. Can i call you babe??" he asks
"Sure, can you spit on me through out this" I ask.
"Great Idea!!" He says.

He then puts his hands behind his head and exposed his armpits, I looked up and grinned. I moved up to his arm pit and licked what was there, just early growth of hair. He spat on it and part of that got on my tongue. I licked it all and swallowed it all up. I then did his other pit and moved away form his pits.

"Go lower babe!!" He said. I decided to temp him so i went down his chest and licked there. Then i sucked & licked his belly button, he spat on that too, I happily licked it up. Then went all the way down to his feet. I sucked his delicious toes and licked the bottom of his dirty feet. Then i moved slowly higher to his un-hairy legs and then up to his thighs. i licked them. "This is it" I say trying to temp him. So he stands up and I kneel in front of him. I suck his shorts and then take them of and sucked his underwear at the point where his cock was.
then i put my mouth on his yummy dick. I started by putting my tongue on the head of his cock and then going further in.

"Yeah, suck it babe."

He starts to moan and groan as i suck his dick to complete my oral sex to him.

He spits on his dick and with a second of it being there, it disappears down my throat.

I started to suck it and moved my head in and out. he then grabbed my head with his unclean hand that he used to piss with before. he pushes my head in more with his hand and puts his head back with his eyes shut. I was enjoying this so much, the salty taste of cock was in my mouth and on my tongue. My pace got faster and faster. I decided i'd start to alternate between his dick and his balls. so i stopped in his dick and wanked him with my bare hand and suck on his ball sack below. I alternated for a bit and then went back to his dick. i held my hands on his shoulders, and with Nathen's other hand that wasn't on my head, he grabs my hand and licks his own precum off of my fingers. after another few minutes of suck and lick his yummy cock, he says

"I'm gonna do something in your mouth okay babe"

I knew that this meant he was about to cum in my mouth so i started to wank him again with my mouth wide open just in front of his cock. He came in my mouth. It was the biggest amount of cum i'd ever seen in one hit. I then grabbed his dick and spread the cum on it all over my body. I was exhausted but went back to his feet and toes and licked them. after a minute or so i stop and lay on top of him. we kiss again for a bit.

Then he says "My Turn!!" with a grin on his face.

I also smile and we switch positions.


Please only positive feedback. :)

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2009-07-22 10:10:43
umm all the spitting was really gross. it was good though. so if you make a second one take out the spitting.

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