POV: told to girl as story. You remember that hot girl back in freshman year?
The classroom is held in a vice grip by boredom and heat. On this sweltering summer day the lesson drones on. Sweat pours out of my pores coating my body and leaving my clothes sticking to my skin. My eyes wander as the intolerable monotony of English literature analysis assaults my ears. A piercing blue spot catches my attention. Then another. With thousands of facets and complexities I realize that I'm staring at your beautiful eyes.

Quickly I come to the realization that you're looking straight back into my eyes. As the windows to the soul, your eyes betray you. I see the fiery red passion masked behind the baby blue. Then I let my mind stray and you notice my betrayal of dignity. We both avert our gazes in shame. Looking everywhere except at each other I still cannot help but notice how the sweat makes your skin glisten and your nipples stand to attention and you find it difficult to ignore my shirt clinging to my chest.

Our eyes meet once again. With no attempts to disguise my intent I lick my lips. You simply wink at me and that's all I need. I rise from my seat and walk to your side. I kneel and whisper into your ear: “I want you”. You close your eyes for a second as I start to retreat. Released from the tedium of school and the boundaries of acceptable behavior you charge me and pin me against the wall; your lips compressing mine. Faces turn; people stir, turn and stare. The teacher coughs “excuse me..”...”excuse me, would you both please be seated”. Too taken aback by this passionate display to say anything inventive she simply stands there, aghast.

Our lips separate as our hands join. You pull me out of the room and slam the door behind us. Leaving the class in a flurry of confusion and excitement. We turn and stare into each others eyes breathing heavily. I know what you want now as well.

We run into the bathroom where I find the first empty wall and heave you up against it. I rub my pelvis against yours in a dry hump. You rip off the buttons and lift my shirt over my head. I run my hands up and down your legs and grab your perfect little ass through your short shorts. As I kiss your neck you bite my shoulder in anticipation. You stroke my defined chest and push me to the floor. You sway your hips and dance erotically to the rhythm of an imagined tune. As I lay on the floor you turn and slap your own ass. A hand stretches behind your back, and then another. You slowly and sensually unclip your bra and, as I watch in amazement, pull it out from inside your blouse through your sleeve. You casually toss it onto me and walk closer. Sweaty, I lie with my knees up, to disguise my raging boner, and elbows propping me up as my back sticks to the cold tile floor. You sit on my knees facing away from me and slide your bum down my thighs. I lie back as you grind against my crotch. You turn and straddle me and I remove your blouse.

I kiss your tiny perfect nipples and caress your budding breasts. I roll you over and now I'm on top. You turn your head away and take a breath. I slide my tongue down your body and reach your shorts. I undo the top button and slide them down your sleek, never ending legs. You kick off your shoes and I slide your shorts off. I kiss all up your legs and reach your panties. All your wearing now is them and your socks. I slide them sideways and dive into your wet cunt. I suck your clit with my lips and probe your g-spot with my fingers. As I glance at your face your eyes are sealed in concentration and you're biting your lips to prevent a scream from escaping. My tongue darts as deep as it can and all I taste is your sweet pussy. Your hand is holding my hair and gripping the back of my head. I hear a shiver escape your lips and you pull me up.

You roll us back over and climb on top. A quick glance and a brief grin later you jump down to my pants and tear them off. Left with just boxers on you climb onto of my thigh and pleasure yourself by removing your panties and rubbing yourself against my leg. You suck on my head through the boxers and fondle my balls. You take my long hard shaft out of it's package like a child unwrapping a present, then, without further hesitation, cram the entire thing into your mouth. I lean over, grab your knees, and swing your snatch over to my face ,where I greedily plow into it .

I hear a noise at the door. You evidently hear it too because you collect all the clothes that were earlier flung about and run into a stall. I follow. Our hearts are racing and you appear hornier than ever. You turn and face the wall and spread your legs around the toilet. From in between your legs your hand emerges, grabs my cock, and stuffs it into your tight vagina. It's business time. As I move in you, pounding rapidly, a man enters the bathroom. The thrill of the possibility of being caught is a turn on for both of us and we come to the precipice of ecstasy when the man hears something from the stall. To avoid being caught I turn you around, lift you up and press you against the stall door so you're not visible when the man peers under and sees only my feet. He leaves and I fuck you against the door. My hands lifting you from underneath your thighs and my dick penetrating deep into you. Every thrust followed by a short breath and a quiver of the door until...

It breaks open and we are sent careening into the sink. I step on the bar sending water down your back and flowing over your ass cheeks. I grope them as I sit you down on the edge of the sink and fuck you until your eyes pop out. You bite my bottom lip and stare lustfully into my eyes. I cup my hands into the water and pour it over your tits and your hair. Every thrust brings us closer to orgasm.

We wrap our arms around each other and I fall backwards onto the floor, carrying you with me. You move up and down, forwards and backwards until you feel an explosion across your body. A cold shiver runs down your spine and spreads under your skin followed by a radiating warmth. I come to a climax simultaneously and listen to you scream as you cum. You cum so hard that I can see the look of confusion in your eyes as you try to remember who you are.

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Chère Ashley, je t'adore. Chère is feminine, Cher is masculine.

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Who the hell is Ashley is my question?

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sounds like the magnificant grace of imagination through a slight poetry. its like music to the soul.

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