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Haylie brings her best friend Kayle to a popular club. After some drugging, drinking, and dancing Haylie and Kayla leave to go back to Haylie.
“Are you sure about this?”

“Totally, it’s paid for with cover charge, and it’s the only way to get the full Kaotyk experience!”

“What if I don’t want the full Kayotyk experience?”


Impatient with our debate, The Bouncer gave us the take-it-or-leave-it look. Nervously, I dry-swallowed the purple pill and we were admitted (after opening our mouths and wiggling our tongue for The Bouncer).

I’m Kayla, the nervous-wreck-unsure-about-all-this-Kayotyk-virgin. The person insisting I take the purple drug and get inside is my bff Haylie. Despite being attached at the hip, she’s apparently been here before. Let me get some more info out before this drug kicks in. I have no idea what it’s going to do to me.

Looks-wise Haylie and I are complete opposites. Haylie is tall for a woman (about 5’9”) with ash blonde hair, lightly tanned skin, a narrow oval face, slender with towering legs. Caribbean-sea blue eyes top off her physique. Of the two of us, Haylie’s sense of humor is often considered dark or vulgar; while I’m more of a find-the-humor-in-everyday-life girl. We’re both 24, born on July 29th around 6:40am. No we are not twins, neither do we share parents. Standing at 5’4, with an athletic/toned build you can see what I mean by opposites when you see us side-by-side. Emerald green eyes set in a roundish face, framed by naturally fire-engine red hair completes my physical deion.

As striking a contrast between our looks, you’ll also find in our intellect. Previously mentioned is the differing humor, but Haylie is also a greater risk-taker then myself (which helps explain her previously having been at Kayotyk). Haylie is a leader, she doesn’t care what people think of her dress, her actions, her speech. I’ll do what I want to do, when I want to do it, with whom I want to do it, how I want to do it, where I want to do it; is Haylie’s personal motto. With such a strong personality you can understand when I say that she didn’t have an easy childhood. Any parent would consider this type of child to be difficult, if not impossible to deal with. I’ve always been the quieter, softer-spoken of us. I allow Haylie to have her spotlight, and stay by her side when she needs someone to clean up the messes she makes. I spot her when she wants to go flirt with some guy, or girl for that matter. I doubt there’s anything Haylie wouldn’t do… I follow her along, and really it’s been good for me having Haylie, I would never have done half the things I have were it not for her. I wouldn’t have the friends I do, although I suspect some of them only put up with me because of Haylie, but I don’t care. I have Haylie, and Haylie has me.

“Kayla, check out this club!”

“It’s very impressive Haylie.”

“Wait until you see all of it dude!”

“What’s there to see besides lights, and bodies packed so tight you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins?”

“Not much.” Haylie lets loose a burst of laughter, letting her head loll enjoying the moment.

“What’s so special about this place Haylie?”

“Just wait a couple more minutes Kayla, you’re too impatient.”

Trying to work our way through the throbbing mass of limbs to a bar was quite a workout. Not to mention the heat radiating from the tightly packed people. There wasn’t a place you could stand where you wouldn’t be forced to grind against another person – this couldn’t be legal.
“HAYLIE! You made it back!” A booming voice from the bar announced our arrival. Leaving me puzzled how my bff was so well known here.

“You know it Eddie! Be a doll and get us whatever the special is tonight, times four?”

“Coming right up.” Sounded like his vocal cords had been replaced by a subwoofer.

“Are you feeling it yet Kayla?”

“I don’t think so; I’m not sure what I should be feeling.”

“Immense pleasure in the moment, you might also see things.”

“Things like what?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, just things.”

Turning back to the bar to help Haylie grab our drinks, I was overcome with a strong sense of happiness. Glee that I had agreed to take the purple pill, and be here, this night, in this time with my friend. Here we go!

Haylie suggested we do our shots at the bar there, because there was no place to sit, and trying to move anywhere else with liquid would result in the wearing of the liquid as opposed to the consumption of the liquid. Whatever Haylie ordered us, it tasted like sunrise over the ocean, relaxing in a hammock next to a warm body, someone whispering sweet-nothings in your ear.

Pill popped, alcohol consumed, what was left to do? Hit the dance floor. And dance we did. Bodies pulsing, pulses racing, limbs flailing, hard grinding, and strange tattoos. Everywhere I looked people had beautiful designs circling faces, enhancing eye bone structure, decorating necks and shoulders. Intricate circles, spirals, tribal markings, animals, insects, simple lines, floral patterns. In blues, and reds, blacks, every color in the rainbow in some. Haylie was unmarked though, which lead me to believe I was as well.

Seeing Haylie as the only one whose flesh was un-blemished made her seem very exotic and pretty to me. Her even skin tone, the way her makeup made her eyes sultry, and her lips into a perfect pout. How our bodies moved in tandem with each other and the pounding beats. Never before had my eyes been opened to just how attractive my friends curves were; the graceful slope of her neck into her shoulders, the way her free breasts sway, how womanly her waist-line fell away to her hips, and how long and lithe her legs were.
My gaze finally wandering back her Haylie’s face, I noticed her expression which must have mirrored mine.

Leaning her pink-painted lips to my ear Haylie questioned: “Are you having fun yet?” Allowing her lip to graze my lobe on the last word, sending shivers throughout my body.
As our bodies were mashed together by the throngs of people, I slid my thigh between hers, putting pressure on her pussy as I replied with an extremely enthusiastic “Yes!”
I felt her body respond to mine, her thighs clenching mine in place for a few seconds, as she rubbed up against me. Concerned about what the people around us would be thinking, I stole a glance and was surprised to find a lot more of this hidden pleasure going on. Some were kissing; others were groping, grasping, petting. Many people were engaging in these acts with everyone around them. This arm touching this person, that tongue in this person’s mouth, this leg grinding someone else’s. It was euphoric ecstasy all around!

The beat began to slow, and with it the multitudes of bodies. The touching wasn’t as feverish, the sharp edge of need abated with the throbbing bass. People everywhere paired up, to rest against each other, creating slow and lazy circles everywhere the eye could rove. It was completely natural that Haylie should pair up with me, but why did it still feel so forbidden? Girls were with girls, guys with guys, girls with guys. I’m sure there were transvestites in the mix too, so why was I so unsure of myself.

As with every other time I’ve been unsure with Haylie, all I could do was follow her lead. So we used each other for support, wrapping our sweaty arms around each other’s waists, letting our body heat flow through the thin material of our tops. Through our breasts, we could feel our heartbeats, perfectly rhythmic, our breathing an exchange of air; me in, her out, her in, me out. I turned my head up toward hers, and was shocked to find her face so close to mine. Muscles in my back automatically tensed in anticipation of what I felt was about to come.

Without much surprise, Haylie leaned down to me more as I stretched up on my tiptoes, using her form for support. When our lips met tentatively it was warm, wet, and salty. In a moment of revelation, I understood why Haylie brought me here, to this place, this drug. To bring to the forefront the feelings we shared which had taken an unfortunate back seat to our friendship. Our kiss deepened, no longer tentative, but hungry and ravaging. Gnawing at her lips, and using my tongue to explore every texture of her tongue and mouth. My arms tightened on her hips, as hers enveloped me, pulling me closer to her. She kissed my jaw, suckled my ears, and nipped my neck. How could she know what effect this was having on me? I reciprocated her kisses, on her jaw, and collarbone, Haylie’s neck and shoulders. While her mouth was by my ear I heard a soft moan escape her lips followed by my name on a whisper “Kayla”.

As the beat picked up in tempo again, people grinding into everyone around them, flesh exploring flesh, fingers baring skin that was already hardly covered, and our actions didn’t seem so naughty in comparison, until Haylie’s hand slid to my ass. Letting out a small gasp, and relocating my own hand onto her perky bottom set us on an irrevocable path to pleasure.
Our kisses grew ever more ferocious, sometimes painful even. Leaving behind bite marks and hicky’s for certain. None of that mattered. What was most important was getting closer, mashing our bodies together even more, becoming one person our goal. My hand on Haylie’s butt was groping, grasping, and kneading; while my other hand trailed a path from her hip to her stomach, and up to her breasts. With my hand full of breast I could feel more then hear the groan of enjoyment that issued from Haylie.

When Haylie’s hand left my back for my breasts as well, all I could do was press my chest into her hand to communicate my need. The crowd seemed pleased with our actions, as the bodies around us worked to encapsulate us, forcing us together, keeping us pressed against each other, rubbing pelvis and chest to pelvis and chest.

Haylie’s next words frightened me a little;
“Wanna get out of here?”
“Where would we go?”

“My place?”


I was nervous and scared that the moment we left, our lustrous mood would evaporate, leaving us with nothing but an awkward moment between friends. It proved to be an empty concern. Haylie grabbed my hand and bid me follow her as she forced her way back to the exit. Our hands remained linked while we hailed a cab, and as soon as our asses were plopped on the seat, the kissing resumed. Much to the driver’s delight I’m sure.

It was sometime later, the sound of someone clearing their throat made us pause long enough to realize we’d stopped, pulled up at Haylie’s place. Wondering how long we’d been there under observation, Haylie threw a wad of money at the driver and bade him good night. His reply was lost on me as Haylie grasped my wrist pulling me forward. I must have provided some resistance, because she stopped, turned, and looked at me.

“Are you ok?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know, you just seem… nervous.”

“I guess I am.”

“It’s ok. We’ve been friends for so many years, and how many times have we seen each other naked? You have no idea how long I’ve had this attraction to you…”

“Well, ok then.”

Resuming our path up Haylie’s front walk, into her door, and upstairs into her room she spun on me and pounced. Figuratively speaking. My mouth was covered by hers before I had a chance to say anything else, pulling in ragged breaths whenever I could, but filled with too much enjoyment to complain. Our hands found butts and breasts again, and stomachs, and hips. Soon we were tugging and ripping at the cloth barriers between us. Haylie was the first one to go for bottoms, and she was sure to keep my mouth engaged, and her hand on my breast as tempted distraction. It only partially worked. With a moaning sigh I was free of all my clothes (neither of us wore panties).

Giggling a little I said;

“This is unfair..”

A puzzled look from Haylie

“If I’m naked, you have to be too.”

A chuckle. “Do whatever you want.”

All the invitation I was looking for. In a flash I had her skirt off, and my fingers were playing at her slit. Sliding them along Haylie’s soft lips, noticing the lack of hair and wondering how long she had this planned for. Around my tongue, Haylie murmured my name, followed by a soft moan. Without the loudness of the club to drown it out, it was amazing what the knowledge that I was getting her wet did to me.

Even if it weren’t for her hand pulling at my nipples while the other lingered toward my own pussy, her outward moans and groans would have been enough to soak me. Haylie’s feather-light caresses left goosebumps in their wake, and a blazing hot trail straight to my pussy. Still teasing the opening to Haylie’s cunt, my body jolted when her fingers found my sopping vag. With no hesitation her fingers were flicking my clit, and nudging my hole.

Following Haylie’s motions, I reciprocated them on her body, and soon we were a moaning, panting duo of ecstasy. At the same moment, Haylie and I slid a couple fingers into each other’s pussy, and began finger fucking. I could feel it when the first waves of Haylie’s orgasm began, as her cunt clenched and gripped my fingers, squirting a clear liquid all over us.
Wanting to come for Haylie, I lifted my leg onto the bed, opening my thighs even more to her pumping fingers. To my surprise Haylie stopped finger fucking me, and began to kneel on the ground, positioning herself so she could lick my cunt. Haylie’s tongue was warm and wet, as she stroked the inside of my lips, pausing to nibble them and my inner thighs. Hands grabbed my ass cheeks, alternating between slaps and soft circular rubs, and massaging the muscle.
Swept up in the moment, the pleasure, this intimacy with Haylie; I pinched my nipples, jiggling my breasts. Taking handfuls of my tits, and looking down to watch Haylie work my pussy with her tongue was euphoric. Expertly Haylie used her tongue to flick, rub, and pulsate against my clit, delving into my pussy when she could sense I was getting tender. One of Haylie’s hands left my ass to enter into my pussy again, adopting a fast, deep rhythm. Shortly after, the other hand left my ass, to Haylie’s own cunt, which she began to finger fuck at the same pace she was fucking me.

“Oh god Haylie!”

“Fucking yeah Kayla!”

“You’re unreal.”

“Fucking come for me Kayla.”


“DO IT!”


Haylie and I screamed in harmony as I came on her face, while Haylie soaked the floor.


2009-07-23 15:29:50
i kinda liked it. Do you write orgies cause I love to read them.

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