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A tale of an over-protective brother who only wants to make his sister feel better. :)
“Tell me why I can’t go out with him,” Alexandra said. “Because I said so,” Paulie replied, matter-of-factly. “That’s not a reason, you jerk.” Alexandra shot back.

Alexandra was mad. She was tired of dealing with her over protective brother. After growing up with Paulie for all of her 16 years, she had learned there was no way of winning when it came to any of the fights the two of them had. He was only a year older, but he acted as if he were the wisest person on earth when it came to the welfare of his sister.

Maybe that was true, though. Maybe Paulie really did know best when it came to the welfare of Alexandra.

“It doesn’t matter if it‘s a good reason or not. You aren’t going, so go upstairs and call one of your friends and tell them how much you hate your brother, and how mean he is for not letting you go on a date with some random guy who only wants to fuck your brains out. Go ‘head, Al.” Paulie said quickly.

“Stop telling me what to do!” Alexandra said, loudly. “I’m not going upstairs, I’m going outside. And ..I hate you.”

While the words were spewing from her mouth, even she realized how childish and immature she sounded. She stormed out the sliding glass doors and onto the patio, wanting to be away from her sibling.

Paulie let it go, just as he did so many times before. Soon after, he went outside, gave Alexandra a blanket and a bottle of bug spray and then went to bed.

An hour or so later, he heard screaming. He woke up, startled. It was Alexandra screaming. He quickly got up and flew downstairs, thinking of the worst possible situations that could possibly be occurring less than 20 feet away. By the time he reached his bedroom door, he had already conjured up the idea that Alex was being tied up and kidnapped and would soon be shipped out for human-trafficking. That would be the over-protective mind of an older brother speaking, of course.

He finally got downstairs and threw open the sliding glass doors to find his sister sitting on the patio chair, sobbing and on her cell phone.

“What the fuck is going on?” He asked, his heart still pounding.
“Chad’s dead.” Alexandra replied, between sobs.
“Who is …” Before Paulie could finish his question, he remembered that Chad was the guy Alexandra was supposed to hang out with earlier tonight.
“I’m sorry, Al, I really am,” He said as he walked over to his sister. He took a seat next to her as she hung up the phone. He felt horrible.
“I should’ve died tonight, too.” Alexandra said, still crying.
Paulie started rubbing her forearm, trying to calm her down. “No, Alexandra, none of this is your fault. Just because you didn’t hang out with him doesn’t mean you killed him.”
“No, you don’t understand,” Alexandra replied. “I was supposed to be in the car with him. I was his lucky charm, he told me.”
“Why would he need luck in the car? Al, just try to breathe and relax.” Paulie said.
“We were supposed to go drag racing, Paulie. I didn’t tell you that, because then you would’ve never let me go. But I was supposed to be in the car with him while he raced another guy. Don‘t you understand?”
Paulie was still confused. He just wanted his sister to calm down, she always had a problem doing that.
“Paulie, don’t you understand?” She repeated. “You saved my life tonight.”

Paulie knew he didn’t save any one’s life tonight-- He was just happy fate worked out in his sister’s favor. He knew Alexandra was still shaken from the news she had just heard, and she was over reacting. He didn’t know what to say. Instead of trying to comfort her by talking, he decided he would make her something to eat.

“Come inside with me, I’ll make you an ice cream sundae.”
“I’m not 8 anymore, ice cream won’t fix my problems.” She said.
“What do I do then? How do I make you feel better?”
“Just stay with me. I don’t want to be alone.”

With that, Paulie told her he would be upstairs in just a second, as soon as he turned off the patio lights and put a few things away. Of course, he took this as an opportunity to show Alexandra he really did know what was best for her. He whipped up two bowls of ice cream as quick as he could and ran upstairs.

He struggled with his sister’s door knob while almost dropping the ice cream on the floor. As soon as he finally got the door open, he stumbled through the doorway and his sister started laughing. “Thank God,” he thought to himself. He didn’t care how he made her smile, just as long as he did.

He noticed his sister already changed into pajamas while he was downstairs. They were hardly pajamas, though. Caramel booty shorts that blended perfectly with her tanned skin and barely covered her round ass. The white tank top she wore clung to her slim stomach and firm breasts, and Paulie couldn’t help but notice.

They ate the ice cream, silently. Paulie caught himself staring whenever Alexandra would look away. This was routine for him for the past 3 years. He would stare at his sisters delicious body until he was just about ready to burst. Then, he’d disappear for a few minutes and return, all better. He knew it was wrong, but it wasn’t all his fault, he thought-- It was her fault too. She was so gorgeous, he just couldn’t help it.

Paulie just stared at Alexandra while she licked ice cream off the underside of the spoon. He was fixated on her beautiful mouth. She always had perfect teeth, with gorgeous, plump lips to go with them. Many a night was spent fantasizing about her gorgeous mouth wrapped around his hard cock, while he held onto her wavy, long brown hair. Paulie would picture his amazing sister on her knees, looking up at him every so often with those sexy blue eyes while his dick filled her mouth.

His erection was getting the best of him, and it was getting to be too much. He had to call it a night. He couldn’t go one more minute without a release.
“Sis, I love you and goodnight. I’ll see you in the morning, sound good?”
“No, that doesn’t sound good. Please Paulie, please don’t leave me yet.”

He sighed, and went into the bathroom to stroke his cock. As soon as he came back, his sister was laying down with her hand resting inside her panties and the other hand supporting her head. She wasn’t actually doing anything, but just the sight made Paulie hard once again. He began to think he had a serious problem.

“Come cuddle with me, like how we used to,” Alexandra said.

Paulie knew this would be difficult. His dick wasn’t huge, he thought, so maybe his sister wouldn’t notice his hard-on.

Paulie hopped into bed, facing away from the beautiful sixteen year old. He clenched his eyes closed and hoped she wouldn’t bother him anymore.

He wasn't that lucky.

“Paulie, not like that, come on! You remember. Face this way.” Alexandra said, as she physically turned her brother over. Paulie’s eyes were still shut- He was bracing himself to hear the squeals of a grossed out teenager very shortly.

Instead, he heard nothing. He only felt Alexandra move around a bit, in order to get comfortable and cuddle the way she wanted to. When she finally stopped adjusting herself, she was facing away from him, with her back against his stomach, and her ass against his rock hard dick. Paulie breathed out cautiously. Alexandra picked up his hand and slid it innocently over her hips and rested it on her warm pussy mound. Only the fabric of her underwear separated Paulie’s hand from her tight, virgin cunt. He needed it more than anything just then. He couldn’t work up the nerve to do anything, though. He decided he would just try to fall asleep.

Alexandra kept squirming around for the next several minutes, but all of a sudden she did something unexpected. She began to move her hips and grind up against her brother’s cock, very innocently. Paulie was surprised. He wasn’t sure if she was doing this on purpose or not. He just laid there and let her move however she wanted. All of a sudden, she let out a light moan and pulled the back of her panties down to the bottom of her ass cheeks. Paulie was totally amazed at what was going on. Alexandra let Paulie’s shaft slide in between her ass cheeks and slowly grinded on his dick.

One part of Paulie wanted him to flip his sister over and fuck her ass so hard she started crying. The other, more rational part of Paulie knew better. He was worrying his sister was dreaming, or something. He wasn’t sure. The one thing he was sure of, though, was that he was going to cum. Soon.

He unwillingly let a moan slip out, and it was obvious to him that he was going to explode anytime soon. Just in case Alexandra was just dreaming, and didn’t really mean to rub against Paulie like this, he decided to pull away so he wouldn’t ejaculate on her. As soon as she felt him pull away, she held onto his hand that still rested on her pussy mound. She turned her neck to temporarily face him and whispered, “I finally thought of something that will make me feel better. No ice cream, no talking. Just cum all over me, big brother.”

And so he did. There was no clean up, they just stayed in that same position all night. Little sister's ass covered in cum, and big brother happy as can be.

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2009-11-01 17:16:41
write more!

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2009-08-21 05:04:12
short and sweet. Not the unbelievable crap some authors spool out, but I couldn't help but notice there wasn't actually any teen female/teen female?


2009-07-30 21:30:04
Nice. They need to get it on with each other, though. Sis needs to realize how deeply she loves bro, and how they always need to stay together. And if you break them up, I will hunt you down and tickle you mercilessly until you agree to re-write the story.

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2009-07-23 19:05:40
you need to write another chapter of this story this is just a cliffhanger ending

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