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Kelly was my wifes best friend.
Kelly was my wife’s best friend. We happened to work together in a care facility in the downtown area. Ever since college I had had a secret crush on Kelly. One time we went on vacation and I accidentally walked in on her in the shower. She said she would never tell my wife but the way she said it with that little crooked smile, meant that she liked that I was watching her.
One day while at work the boss said she was leaving early and wanted Kelly and I to lock up the doors after everyone had left. While we waited for our patients to leave Kelly and I talked about all the wild times we had at my fraternity back in college. We both missed the crazyness. I was only married a year earlier and had settled down a bit. Kelly was fresh off a break up with one of my old frat brothers.
Kelly asked me if I wanted to play truth or dare while we waited. I agreed and said truth. Kelly asked, what is the wildest thing you have ever done to someone? I thought for a moment and said that in my wife’s first apartment she had a bitchy roommate who would label all the grocery’s as her own. Well one night I went out to the gallon of milk and rubbed one off in the milk gallon and put it back in the fridge and told my wife not to drink out of it. Then I laughed my ass off the next morning as I watched our roommate drink a big glass of milk. Kelly laughed, and said ok my turn. Ok I said, Truth or dare? Dare replied Kelly with that same crooked grin again. I looked around to see if anyone was still around. Only Dave our last patient for pick up was still waiting by the door for his ride. He was deaf so he couldn’t hear our conversation. I said ok Kelly, show me what color underwear you have on. I figured even if this game didn’t lead to something better, at least I would have the thought of this beautiful girls underwear in my head for me to enjoy later tonight. Kelly frowned and said I can’t do that one. I asked why and she said that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Usually she wore a thong but she didn’t have any clean and didn’t have the chance to do laundry the night before.
Hmmm what can you do then? I asked. Kelly looked around and saw that Dave wasn’t paying attention and she quickly lifted up her shirt and bra to reveal the nicest pair of tits I had seen in awhile. Kelly wasn’t your typical skinny frat slut. She had a little bit of meat on her bones and had always struggled a bit with her weight. She was only 26 and weighed maybe 155 and stood about 5 ft 5.Her tits though always looked huge. Her double d cups just hung there like rain drops. Her big areola and nipples looked like a tractor beam just pulling me in trying to hypnotize me. Kelly giggled and lowered her shirt.
Truth or dare Tom? Kelly asked. I was still in shock from seeing those amazing tits. Huh....dare I guess. Why don’t you show me what Steph is always talking about. I sat there a little bit puzzeled. Your dick Tom. Steph always said you had a big one. I want to see it. I leaned back and started to unzip my pants when Dave’s ride showed up and started honking the horn. We had to postpone our game as we helped Dave into his ride and headed back inside to finish up. I walked inside as Kelly locked the door behind her. Showtime, she said with that devilish grin once again. Here I was standing in front of Kelly, my wife’s best friend, whom I’ve wanted to fuck since the first time I saw her, and I was about to show her my dick. I was beginning to feel nervous as I reached down and felt for my zipper. Kelly’s eyes were fixed at my package. I was still hard from seeing her boobs a few minutes ago and could feel my bulge as I found my zipper. I reached in and pulled my cock out. I always thought I had an average size dick. I was just around 7 ½ inches long but everyone I was ever with said it was really thick. Kelly just stared. Oh my she said. It is big. Can I touch it? I didn’t know what to say. Um sure I guess, as long as you don’t tell Steph. Was all I could murmur. Oh I won’t say a word was her response, as she walked forward with her hand out like she was greeting my prick for the first time and wanted to say hello. We just stood there for a few moments. Inches apart. As she played with and stroked my dick. Um Kelly...Isn’t it your turn for a dare? Yeah I guess, she answered. Make it a good one. I thought for a second and said, back in college you were with all my other brothers...and they said you gave the best blowjobs. I dare you to blow me. Kelly dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth without hesitation. Her thick lips were nice and wet, full of saliva. Her tongue was working circles around the head of my prick. And then it happened. Kelly said hold on I’m going deep. I looked down and watched Kelly engulf my cock like it was a short Vienna Sausage. I wanted to feel ashamed but it felt too damn good to feel bad. I placed my hand on the top of Kelly’s head and just felt the way her hair ran through my fingers as she bobbed up and down on my pecker.
Kelly must have been able to feel my balls tighten up or something, cause she stopped what she was doing and said, Truth or Dare? I was in agony...I wanted to cum so bad...Dare I blurted out... Give me a damn dare. Kelly’s reply was, cum in my mouth Tom, I dare you to cum in my mouth. As soon as she shut up, I stabbed her mouth my hard on and made her deep throat me as I came. She swallowed and licked the remainder of my cock head. Wow Tom you were pretty tasty. Have you been eating a lot of fruit? I replied with short grin...yeah Steph has been making me eat a banana a day for Potassium.
Well this will be our little secret ok, who knows what other games I can think of the next time we have to close the shop down, Kelly said as she walked over to a mirror to fix her makeup. I said ok I guess just don’t tell Steph.
I won’t sweety this will be our little secret. As she was saying this she was walking towards me now. She stopped in front of my and kissed me on the cheek. On her way out the door she yelled back, tell Steph I said hi and to call me sometime, We should all go out together soon and see what kinda trouble we can get in.
I laughed and said, will do.
Man that is gonna be another wild story.


2009-09-28 12:17:48
Som men have all the fun with a female's lips; all I use is my hand


2009-08-24 05:47:48
Paragraphs! Paragraphs! Paragraphs! Great hot story. Are there further sexperiences?


2009-07-23 19:29:27
All Ican sa6y is why don't I meet girls lie that :-)

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2009-07-23 19:13:53
paragraphs, use them, breath them, love them.

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