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This is a romantic story I wrote. There wll be more parts later. No sex yet but I hope you will enjoy it. The paragraph in brackets is a flashback
Lily woke up slowly from her bed. The morning light shone through her window giving her the illumination of a godess. She was smiling as she woke, her dream was good but she could not remember what it was. She looked over at her calander and remembered that it was the last day of school. She smiled and thought of the wonderful summer that was to come, her last summer. She was in grade 11 and next summer she would start her internship at her dads law firm so this was her last chance to be truly free. She got out of bed and looked in the mirror, she was wearing a large t shirt and white panties. She felt down near her panties to discover that they were wet. "Dam it those are my last clean pair." She looked all through her drawers looking for any form of underwear she could wear but all she could find was a pair of pink childrens panties from when she was 12. She sighed and decided it was better than nothing so she slipped them on. They were really tight on her ass but she could stand it.

She came downstairs 5 minitues later dressed in low cut jeans and a pink tank top. Nobody was in the kitchen so she ate a quick breakfast alone then caught the bus to school. She saw her friend Jenny and sat next to her. "Hey Jenny ready for summer?" Lily asked. "Are you kidding, the got the whole thing planned out. Starting tonight it's all partying all the time. Think I can break last years record of boys I can get to sleep with me?" Lily simply shook her head Jenny may have been her best friend but she was also the biggest slut she knew. She always had tons of guys around her and she could easily get them in bed with her. Jenny had classic good looks with her blondie hair, blue eyes, perfect face and perfect body. Lily on the other hand could not look more average if she tried. Red hair, green eyes with freckles on her face and a plain looking body not to mention she was a big geek. She had never even had a real boyfriend. "Umm Earth to Lily is anyone home or are you slipping into your fanasy world again." Jenny asked tapping Lily on the forehead. "Hey knock it off. Sorry yeah I think you can break your record. All you have to do is open your legs and yell out free pussy and you'll get guys from all over the world coming in more ways then one." Lily joked and laughed. "You bitch." Jenny said well laughing and pushing Lily.

The bus arrived at school and Jenny and Lily had to say goodbye. "See you later sweetie." Jenny said as she pulled Lily into a hug. Something about Jenny's hugs always made Lily feel happy something just felt right about it. Lily went to her first class which was science. All the kids in the class were goofing off and talking about all the fun they were going to have this summer partying. Lily shook her head she hated parties, too many people and too much noise. She prefered to be alone or with a friend or two just hanging out. She glanced over to her side at Ben who she had a schoolgirl crush on. Ben wasn't the best or most popular boy in school but that just made him better for her. He was deciently built with brown shaggy hair and green eyes. He used to live next door to Lily until he moved to a different part of town. He should have been going to a differnent school but he choose to stay at his old one for some reason even though the other one was nicer. Lily cared so much for him and remembered the days where they used to hang out together.

(It was a hot spring day, Lily was 12 and looking for a way to keep cool. She was wearing a small skirt with a t shirt and a pair of pink panties. She was in the backyard fanning herself off when she heard a splash from next door. She peeked over the fence to see her friend Ben in his pool swimming. She stared and watched him swimming back and forth. Ben caught a glimpse of her and waved. Lily darted below the fence line, she had seen him watching him. "Hey Lily whats up don't hide." Lily blushed and went over the fence line and waved back. "Hey Ben hows it going." Ben smiled "I'm good why don't you come over your hot....I mean you look hot......I mean you look like you could use a swim." Lily blushed some more "Sure let me get changed." Lily went upto her room smiling. "He wants me to come over, he wants me to swim with him." She got changed into a one peice red bathing suit. When she came back over Ben's jaw almost dropped. "Wow you look fantastic come on in the waters perfect." Lily slowly came over to the edge and put her feet in, she was afraid of cold water and wanted to warm up first. Ben smiled and pulled Lily right in. Lily was angry but thought it was funny and punched Ben lightly as a joke. The two swam together laughed and had fun. Ben suggested a game of Marco Polo and Lily agreed. Ben closed his eyes and began chasing Lily around. Lily grew brave and swam right behind him and yelled polo. Ben spun around and accidnetly grabbed her breasts. Ben blushed and apoligised several times. Neither one could make eye contact. Lily put her hand on Ben's face and turned her into him. "It's ok I don't mind. The two stared at each other and Ben kissed her softly on the lips. Lily kissed back and the two went into their very first kiss.)


2009-07-30 22:29:59
Sounds great so far. Happy to hear the next part is in the pipeline - can't wait to read it!


2009-07-25 02:01:20
thanks for the comments the second part is written just being validated it's better theres more character and relationship building and a little more erotic stuff,


2009-07-24 16:45:02
I am sure looking for the next chapter.


2009-07-23 23:59:29
Interesting start - I hope the story continues and builds.

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