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Three guys were driving down an old country road during a thunderstorm when their car broke down. One of the guys said he thought he saw a hotel a little ways back, so they decided to walk to the hotel. When they got there they asked the owner if there was any spare rooms they could stay in because their car broke down and they had nowhere to stay.
The owner, being nice, said that because it was a big storm and it would last for three days that they could stay there. The problem was there were no spare rooms so the owner said one of them could sleep with his daughter and the other two could sleep in the lobby. They could rotate sleeping arrangements during the three days. But he said if any of them had sex with his daughter he would kill them.
So after the three days passed they were about to leave and the owner said, "Hold on a minute. If you had sex with my daughter your dick will fall off because I strapped a razor blade to her bajina. So pull down your pants!"
The first guy pulls down his pants and his dick falls off, so the owner shoots him. Same with the second guy. But when the third guy pulls down his pants nothing happens, so he opens up his mouth to laugh and his tongue falls off.
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