Joe's feelings of love grow, but so do the complications in his life.
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My Neighbor's Incest Part VIII

I sat with my legs stretched straight out, leaning back on my left elbow. My right arm across my chest, while my hand picked at the grass. Susan sat straight up with her legs crossed. She picked at the grass nervously with both hands, looking down at her fingers.

We were in plain sight, on the patch of lawn that separated our houses. Surely, nobody would suspect us of anything. I was hoping we could sneak off someplace and finish what we started, but Susan had something else on her mind. She had called this meeting, but I was still waiting for her to tell me why I was there.

"Joe, I want to talk about something. I thought I would be able to just say it, but I'm having a hard time. Everything I planned to say is stuck in my throat now that you're right here in front of me. If you don't mind, I'd like to just read what I wrote in my diary last night. Don't worry I hide this, and nobody will ever see it. Except, Jasmin already knows what it says, I told her." Susan's voice sounded troubled.

I was still so full of joy after yesterday, in-spite of the way it ended. I had only one concern now, and that was when we could do it again. "Go ahead Susan, read it to me. You can tell me anything, you know that, right?"

"Of course I do. This is hard for me to say." Susan opened her little blue notebook.

Dear Diary,
I promised myself I wasn't going to do it for a long time. Jasmin made me promise at Aunt Jane's house. I don't want to end up like Jasmin. I don't want to end up like my parents. Why did I do it? I don't want Joe to think I'm like that. But I am! Why would I have done that at Mary's house if I wasn't already like that? Now Joe knows I'm easy. Why will he want me now? What if that's all he wanted from me?"

Susan closed the book as a tear dripped onto the paper. She looked up at me. Her bottom lip was puffed out and quivering. Two drops raced down her checks, closely followed by two more.

I thought I was going to cry myself. Not so much because of what she said, but because she was crying and I couldn't take her into my arms and hold her. "Susan, I love you! Does it say that in there anywhere?"

She opened the book again. "Why did it have to make me feel so good if it's so wrong. Why do I love Joe a million times more? Joe loves me too! He wouldn't say that if he didn't.
Would he?"

"Susan, I'm sorry I pushed you into it. I am. But, I do love you. I don't know why I wanted it so much, but that's all I could think about. I wanted to finish what we started, and it was the best thing I have ever done. If you don't want to do it again, I promise I'm all right with that. I still love you."

I wasn't sure even as I spoke the words, if I could really not make love to her. I wanted to do it right then. I wanted to feel her body against mine. I wanted to wrap her around me and keep her there every second. I felt like I was going to burst out in tears, or just burst if I didn't grab hold of her right then.

"Susan! I have got to hug you. If we don't go somewhere so I can, I'm going to do it right here!" Before Susan had a chance to respond, I jumped on her and rolled her around on the grass. I felt like a ten year old trying to express his feelings by hitting the girl I liked. We rolled around wrestling for a minute, until Susan ended up on top of me. She hesitated for a second, but then kissed me square on the mouth. "I love you." With that, she jumped up and looked around nervously.

I laid there like I had been slain by a sword. I mouthed the words back but didn't move. My love could energize me, or it could waste me. I was wasted. Susan went home and I stayed there looking up at the evening sky, wishing I understood more.

The next few math lessons were very telling about my promise and Susan's resolve. We mostly looked at each other with stars in our eyes, made out behind my mother's back and did it on the bathroom floor. The bathroom door had a lock, so we made love on the floor in there, as soon as my mother went more than five minutes away.

My promise was that I wouldn't pressure Susan, and would wait until we had the proper place and amount of time. We still hadn't had time for any foreplay. We always stripped quickly, then I worked carefully to get inside her, without hurting her. But, I could never last long inside Susan. I don't know if it was the newness of it, the tightness or the nervousness of it. I'd finally get half my dick working in and out, and then I'd have to pull out. Poor girl probably hadn't even had an orgasm yet.

I hope Susan doesn't fail math like I was failing to properly make love to her.

"Ring, Ring, Ring"

The phone broke my concentration for a second, but I didn't move. I went back to thinking about the next time I was going to make love to Susan. We were so restricted on alone time, it was almost impossible to make love. That's what Susan told me it was. She said, "You can't say you fuck me, that's not what we do. You make love to me."

"Joe, your dream girl is on the phone for you." My mother's words surprised me. Not that she had figured out that I loved Susan, but that Susan could be on the phone. She wasn't home, I knew that.

"Mom, what are you talking about? She's not my dream girl!"

"Hello." I spoke into the phone not waiting to give my mother a chance to add her two cents.

"Joe, it's Jasmin." The voice on the other end of the phone was very familiar, but totally not one I expected to hear. Mom, you really are clueless I couldn't believe my mother hadn't picked up on anything with Susan. That meant I could push the envelope even further during math lessons.

"Joe, I need you to come over here and tell me what you think of my Halloween costume." Jasmin's voice sounded different over the phone. More like Susan. I made a mental note of that, so I never assumed I knew who I was speaking to.

"Momma, oh great leader of mine. I'm going to look at Jasmin's Halloween costume, and no I still don't know what I'm going to be."

It was still two weeks at least before Halloween. Wasn't it? I tried to remember the date, but I couldn't. I could tell you the exact number of days that had passed since I consummated my relationship with the love of my life, but not the date. I guess Susan was right, I do have a one track mind.

Oh well, I guess girls get ready sooner than guys. I wished it had been Susan calling me to her empty house, so we could do everything we couldn't do for the last thirteen days. We did what we could, but I wanted about three hours to do everything to her. Not on the bathroom floor and without the fear of someone finding us out. That day my mother had come home, was as much as my heart could stand in one life time.

"Thanks Joe. Come in. You are still going with me and Stacy, right?" Jasmin spoke in her sexy voice, which was actually the only voice she had. Her question was rhetorical I'm sure. Why wouldn't I walk around my neighborhood with the two hottest chicks in school? Even if it was for Halloween, and we were escorting kids.

"It's Stacy and me. Are you going as a high school girl? Because that's what you look like." I figured she didn't have her costume on yet, but I enjoyed being a smart ass.

"Shut up! What, you think because you helped Susan do better in math, you should teach me English?" Jasmin took my arm and dragged me towards the hallway. Halfway down the hall she said, "wait right here, I'll put it on and then come back out."

I smiled a huge smile thinking about Susan's math lessons. Helping her with math. Seriously.

Jasmin's bedroom door opened and she came out.

"Holy shit! What are you doing?" I was shocked.

"Don't you like it?" Jasmin's voice indicated her surprise that I didn't seem to like her costume.

"Like it, what is it? Or better yet, where is it?" I spoke as calmly as I could. Jasmin had two very small leaves over her nipples and a big one covering her pussy. I wasn't upset that she was almost naked, rather that she was almost naked in front of me. She knows about me and Susan, why would she do this?

"I'm Eve!" Jasmin's voice had a touch of neediness in its tone. Except for that day behind the shed, she's always the in command, take what she needs type. She had it going on in every aspect of her life. She was popular, smart, sexy as hell, good at sports and had a wonderful personality. Why would she need my approval?

I started to sweat as she stepped towards me. "Jasmin, you can't wear that out of the house on Halloween, so you better think of something else." My voice was as unsteady as the leaves fluttering from Jasmin's glorious melons. They still held the same amazement for me as the first time I saw them. My dick was folded over and was now trying to get straight.

"Joe, obviously I'm not wearing this on Halloween. It's for you, now. I need you to do something for me. Really, to me." Jasmin's voice was sexy, but held a sense of urgency.

"Jasmin, I can't do that. You know that, don't you?" I was almost begging for mercy. I loved Susan more than anyone, and I wasn't going to hurt her.

With a chin gesture, Jasmin said, "Joe junior, seems to think you can."

I shifted my cock to make the bulge less noticeable and said, "If I always listened to him, I'd be in a lot of trouble!"

Jasmin stepped towards me until her chest was almost touching me. I wanted to run away, but I didn't want to look like a scared little boy. Although, I was actually terrified.

Jasmin looked into my eyes with a look I had never seen from her. "My goodness, you really are smitten by my little sister. I still can't believe she did it. She promised me she would wait at least another year."

With that, Jasmin took my crotch into her hand and said, "I can't believe you fit this thing inside her."

"I was gentle with her, like you asked me to be. I love her!" I wondered why that couldn't just be the end of it. I should get mad at Jasmin and walk away.

"I can see that Joe, and I'm not trying to mess that up. I just need to borrow you for a little while. Susan never has to know." Jasmin moved her lips to my cheek.

I pulled back. "Jasmin, you can have any guy at school, why me?"

I was using every ounce of my will power to resist her, but the girl's presence and naked flesh were crushing my resistance.

"Joe, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm messed up. Damaged goods, Joe. I have needs that are beyond even my ability to understand. You meet those needs. Don't let this go to your head, but your cock is great, and you do everything, and you do it good. Or should that be well?"

You taught me everything I know. No wonder I do everything the way you need it.

"Joe, I promise! Just like you kept our secret, I'll keep this one. I need you, too." Jasmin's voice was almost pleading and sad. I need you, too. What does that mean? I knew she had issues, but I didn't realize she was so messed up.

I took the two leaves from her nipples and watched them react to the tape being stripped away. Jasmin's hands rested on my shoulders for a second, before her arms circled my neck. Slowly and tenderly her lips moved towards mine. She kissed me and I stood paralyzed, only my lips working.

My heart raced a thousand miles an hour as she kissed my neck, her large breasts pressed against my body. The excitement generated by her every touch made me shake. My arms still hanging limp at my side, I followed Jasmin to her room.

She undid my pants and lowered them halfway, then my underwear. She pushed me back, and I sat on the edge of her bed. My cock stood straight up, while she lifted my legs and removed my pants the rest of the way. I watched as Jasmin removed the leaf from her crotch. Her perfectly shaved pussy mound was as beautiful as I remembered. I sighed inadvertently.

Jasmin's expert lips took my ready cock between them. My heart beat increased a little more, even though I didn't think that was possible. She looked up with her eyes only as she knelt between my legs. So much passion was concealed in that one look.

Then she lifted her massive jugs until my balls rested at the top of her cleavage. Slowly she rose, allowing her silky skin to tickle my sensitive nut sack. The outer edge of her swollen masses rubbed the inside of my thighs. Jasmin smiled at me like an old friend at an unexpected reunion. She pressed her tits together around my cock. Looking down at my mushroom head peeking out the top, her saliva spilled from her sexy lips. I leaned back on my elbows and watched, powerless to speak. Jasmin lifted and lowered her tits, holding them firmly together with both hands. She added more spit as she increased her speed. I noticed a few cute freckles for the first time, as my head popped in and out of her flesh.

"Tell me if you're going to cum." Jasmin looked at me when she spoke, but I couldn't tell if she just wanted to know in advance, or if she wanted me to not cum. I just smiled and nodded my head, still unable to form words.

Jasmin let my cock go and took my balls hostage in her mouth. With both testicles inside her mouth, she moved them around with her tongue. Licking, sucking, and flicking them, my balls were going insane. They wanted it to stop because it was too much sensation; at the same time, they never wanted the pleasure to stop. I thought they might explode. I groaned loudly, shaking my head side to side, as they popped from between her lips.

My dick was hard as steel when Jasmin's mouth set my nuts loose. She took it in her hand and squeezed it hard."My, this thing has grown." She looked at me in amazement, "You got this in my tiny sister? Wow, that must have been exciting to see."

Jasmin laid on her back next to me. She took my hand and placed it on her mound and parted her legs slightly. My finger slipped inside the top of her pussy channel and found her huge clit. She was already soaked and I could taste her in my mind. I started to move just as she said, "Eat me." It scared me a little that we were that in tune.

My mind flooded with memories as soon as my nose embraced her scent. I knelt, holding her lips open, admiring her pink flesh. I started to push her legs open, then I remembered how good it felt when Jasmin's mother ate my ass. I stood and rotated Jasmin's legs until she complied, rotating the top half of her body.

Her ass was like the beauty of a setting sun. I stared at it for a long second. It was perfectly round. It was firm with golden brown, unblemished skin. It sloped down, gradually until just before it met her thighs, then it curved sharply. I took her left cheek in both hands with my thumbs in her crack. I squeezed a mound of flesh up and then took it into my mouth. I sucked in and gave it a little love bite. Jasmin tensed her butt muscles and her flesh escaped from my mouth. I admired my teeth marks and the red spot.

I kissed both cheeks and then licked along that line that forms where the cheek meets the leg. I licked the other side as well. I ran the tip of my tongue right up the center of her crack, ever so slightly touching each side. A groan escaped Jasmin's mouth as her ass lifted, trying to get more.

I softly kissed the triangular shaped area right at the very top of her ass crack. Then, I tickled her back with my nose right where her back meets her ass. Her soft, almost invisible hair tickled my nose in return. Her body shivered and she moaned even louder. I inhaled deeply with my nose to her flesh. She smelled so sweet, it was like I could taste her. I kissed her back all the way up to her shoulders, then pushed her hair up over her head, exposing her neck.

My cock was now laying between her cheeks, and I could feel them trembling as I chewed on the back of her neck. The sound of Jasmin's heavy breathing was muffled by the bedspread her face was pressed into. My cock rejoiced between her soft butt cheeks. I really wanted to stab it inside her body, but I kept passionately working on her neck. Then, I took a chunk of her neck meat between my teeth and sucked it hard. Even muffled by the covers, I could clearly hear Jasmin moaning. Her ass rocked in pattern with her breathing.

When my tongue found her ass again, it had tiny little beads of sweat glistening on it. Even her sweat was sexy. I licked the length of her crack. Then again, except deeper. I opened her cheeks with a hand on each side. Carefully, I slid the tip of my tongue up from just above her butt hole, to the top of her crack. A much louder groan escaped at the same time her body jerked. Trying to remember everything Mrs. Davis had done to me, I continued. I let the tip of my wet mouth tool contact the center of her little brown hole. Jasmin's whole body shuddered as I licked again, even harder. I circled around and around while riding the girl's thrashing ass.

Finally, Jasmin's legs went straight out and her ass muscles clamped down. Her vocal sounds were nothing short of primal. Even muffled by the bed, they were loud. I stood and watched her body process its orgasm. I was still in awe of her beauty. Every part of her, perfect.

Jasmin rolled over, tears filled her eyes and trickled down her face towards her ears. She reached for my hand and pulled me down on the bed next to her. I knew what Mrs. Davis had done to me was the most incredible thing next to having my balls sucked, but I didn't think it was good enough to make someone cry.

Jasmin turned her head and kissed my face. "Joe, put your head up there on the pillows."

We both turned so we were completely on the bed. I didn't need to be asked, I just knew what was next. I knelt over her body. I lifted my left leg, and she moved her leg on the outside of it. Then I did the same for the right. I was on all fours over her.

With red eyes and smeared makeup, Jasmin took hold of my rock hard cock and tugged it toward her opening. With her legs spread wide, I guided my body down on top of hers. I arched my back and she reached between us, positioning my dick. I pushed forward, piercing into the glory of her hot body. Greeted by those million wet fingers that embraced my flesh every time I enter a pussy. Slowly, I inched my body up hers, until I was completely inside. "Oh, Joe, that feels so good inside me. You're such a gentleman."

Her face seemed to glow as my cock rode in and out of her body. Damaged goods! My ass. I don't know how many times she might have been fucked, but her hole was wonderful on my dick. Little by little I increased my speed. I held Jasmin close and just humped my butt, while we breathed into each other's ears. Then Jasmin placed her legs over mine, below my knees. She locked me in place and gave me an incredible leverage to fuck her with. I could thrust even harder without lifting myself off her body. Her chest mashed under mine, my cock hammered away at her body. A harmony of flesh slapping, bed squeaking and heavy breathing filled the room.

My rod swelled as I got close and I got ready to pull out. I had become the master of the pullout. "Joe, cum inside me. I want to feel you squirt in my body." Jasmin's words puffed out of her panting mouth into my ear. By the time she stopped speaking my balls were tightened down and ready.

I pushed in deep one last time. Jasmin's heels dug into my ass muscles and forced me in as deep as I could shoot. I could feel my cock jerking against her spasming walls. My sperm pushing out of my balls inside the wonderful flesh beneath me. Jasmin's gripping pussy helping to milk every drop from my cock head.

I exhaled hard and heard soft, unsteady breathing in my ear. I raised my head until I could see her face, and tears, again. "Jasmin, what's wrong, was it that bad?" Sobbing replaced quiet tears.

Oh no, I'm in over my head. My cock softened and slipped out of the warm paradise. "What is it? Please, tell me?" I kissed her cheek and forehead.

"No, it wasn't bad, it was wonderful. That's just it." Jasmin paused to cry a little more.

"Joe, nobody has ever, has ever made me feel so good. Joe, all they ever do is fuck me. Even my stupid dog, that's all he cares about. Why couldn't someone love me?"

Now balling too hard to talk, I had to wait. As uncomfortable as this was making me, I nervously kissed her again. "It's okay. Calm down and talk to me."

"Joe, why didn't you just fuck me and cum on my face like everyone else? Except my father, he doesn't even fuck me, he just cums on my face! I didn't want you to make love to me! You're my sister's boyfriend. I don't want to feel this way about you, I just wanted you to have sex with me, that's all. Then, you pull that shit, and make me feel special."

Holy shit, I'm not trained for this. "Baby, honey, listen to me. You are special! You're wonderful. I love you!" Oh shit, did I just say that?

We laid side by side touching, but not talking for a life time of silence. I placed my lips on top of Jasmin's lips. Another Chemistry lesson started as our motionless lips signaled our hearts to beat faster. My two lips gripped Jasmin's quivering bottom lip and pulled on it. I wet my lips and used them to wet hers. My heart felt a strange flutter as our lips and tongues tenderly creased. The flames of passion were completely removed, replaced by a tranquil connection to Jasmin.

I kissed the end of her nose and moved my face back a few inches. We both smiled a tiny peaceful smile. Jasmin's face was a mess. Puffy eyes, smeared makeup and even snot, but still a beautiful face stared back at me. I didn't want to leave her like this, but I knew even after years of counseling, she was still going to need help. "I have to go home for dinner. I love you." Damn it! Did I just say that again?

I saw myself out the front door after kissing the almost motionless girl, one last time.

"Sorry it took me so long mom. I was talking to Jasmin." I felt like I needed to take a tranquilizer and go lay down.

"What were you two love birds talking about?" My mother's word, might as well have been a sword, being shoved into my stomach.

"Mom, don't say that, please! She was upset about some stupid boy thing, and I didn't really know what to say. Mom, I wish I could understand girls." Or even me for that matter. My mother easily perceived my anxiety, but she didn't have a clue how deep I was in. She probably thought I was upset because Jasmin already had a boyfriend. I'm sure that would suck too; but somehow, I don't think it compares to pledging your love to the sister of the girl you really love. I do love Jasmin? I just can't love her the same as Susan. Can I?

I laid in bed staring at the wall. I would have prayed, but I didn't know how to approach God with this David and Bathsheba sized problem.

The next day at school, I was like a walking zombie. I managed to walk from class to class the first three periods, but my brain never participated in any of it. Finally, after third period, I saw Jasmin at my locker. She looked much better than I felt.

"Joe, I'm sorry about yesterday. I hope you don't think I'm nuts." Well, actually I do, but I don't think telling you will help.

Why did I suddenly start to feel better? Jasmin's presence was doing something magical to me. I seemed to awaken just being next to her. "Jasmin, I can't hurt Susan. We can't." I wasn't sure of anything else as I spoke, except that I never wanted to see Susan hurt.

"Joe, I know that. As much as we have acted like we hate each other, Susan is very important to me. Especially, after we went to my aunt's house. Did she tell you about that?" Jasmin's face seemed to indicate she expected she had.

"No, what happened?" I knew some of what happened at her aunt's house, but Susan left out huge details, that she was still promising she would tell.

"Oh, I'll let her tell you. We don't have time now. It's better if she tells you. I have to get to class, but can you meet me and Stacy outside the lunch room for lunch? We need to talk about our costumes." Jasmin's words were life changing words.

I swallowed hard, "Oh, okay." The bell sounded.

"I got to go. Joe, thank you." Jasmin turned and disappeared into the flow of students. I stood wondering if she understood the magnitude of what might happen.

As I headed towards my next class, I started to smile wildly. Sex is great, but nobody would believe me. So, it was meaningless to my freshman social status. However, me being, "outside" the cafeteria with Jasmin Davis and Stacy Manchester, that would change my life. Freshmen weren't welcomed in the ranks of the outside eating area. The tables were limited, and filled with upperclassmen. On top of that, I was going to be with two of the prettiest girls! This could change the course of my life. But, what about Susan?

I rode home on the hot, stinky bus that day, just like everyone else. My life hadn't launched into a different realm. I still wasn't old enough to drive. I still got pimples. I still didn't get a ride home in one of the cool kid's cars. I was still a freshman. But, I didn't care. I didn't even really care if the world ended right now. As a matter of fact, if it ended right now, that would be perfect. I'd go out on top. I felt like king of the world after sitting at a table with just Jasmin and Stacy. We made plans for Halloween together. Jasmin touched my arm in front of Stacy. People were looking at me like I had magical powers.

Now, if I could use those powers and make my life split in two. One life with Susan and one with Jasmin. Maybe three? One with Stacy, Jasmin and me, also. I stumbled at the top step of the bus, and almost exited the bus on my face. I was quickly reminded of my actual life, as my beloved classmates broke into cheers over my graceless departure.

"You must have had a good day." It only took five minutes after I got home, for my mother to come to that conclusion. Remembering to take the trash out, that must have been over the top.

"It was good. I need some money for my Halloween costume. Remember, I'm taking those kids Tricker Treating, with Jasmin and Stacy." My mother's mouth started to smile, but then as if she remembered what happened yesterday, she curbed her excitement.

"Okay, but you're not spending a fortune on some horrible monster face like last year! And, don't forget you have to help Susan with math. I still can't believe you're helping her grades. You never seem to be teaching her anything." Oh mother, if you only knew. My mother's words reminded me of my girlfriend and my dilemma. Was I really so superficial that a tiny boost to my social status had allowed me to forget my girlfriend, who I had cheated on yesterday?

I waited for Susan outside on the porch. My heart fluttered when I first caught sight of her. It raced as she got closer. As always, the girl's mouth was working overtime before she was even close enough for me to know what she was talking about. She stopped talking when she reached me. She lifted one foot, then the other as she awkwardly stood in front of me. Our hearts always said, kiss and hug, but that was never okay. Not until we hid someplace.

"Susan, I'm sorry!" My words caught her off guard.

She stood with her feet together, except her legs were crossed and her right foot was on the left side. She stood straight up, twisting back and forth at the waist. Her hands were locked behind her back, and her shoulders were pushed back. I looked at her little breasts, which were exaggerated by her posture. Her wondering face struck me as being very cute.

I stepped closer so I could speak quietly. "I'm sorry I haven't been taking time to make you feel good. You know, every time we make love, I just, you know what I mean? I'm sorry that's all I do." I guess I felt guilty because I had spent so much time making Jasmin feel so good. Or, maybe just guilty?

A big smile came across Susan's face. "Are you kidding?" She leaned close to my ear and whispered. "I have like ten orgasms by the time you finish. Not like you have seen, they're different, but good."

She shoved me like a girl her age should when expressing her affection. "Come on. I have got to learn this lesson before my test, or my mother is going to fire you!"

"I didn't know she was paying me." I hinted that maybe I was getting gypped.

"She's not! But, think about not seeing me after school." Susan's point was clear. Her mother still thought I was dangerous, and if it wasn't for this math, we would hardly see each other. I better leave her alone today and teach her math. As she entered the house in front of me, I shoved my hand under her skort and took hold of her ass cheek.

Without a sound she turned and gave me a lustful but condemning look. "Math Joe. We must, do, math!" I know this math, ten to one isn't fair.

I looked at her with a smile that only the two of us understood as we past my mother heading for the kitchen.

Thirty minutes into the math lesson, which was going very well, my mother came into the room. "Joe, I just remembered something I need from the store. Is there anything left that you need for Halloween?"

"No Mom." I didn't dare cast suspicion on me by asking how long she was going to be gone, but I wanted to.

I started kissing Susan before my mom even pulled out of the driveway, and as always, we were on fire in seconds. I wanted her so bad. I didn't know what was going to happen with Jasmin, but I knew I wanted Susan even more today. Susan also seemed to be extremely horny, and she didn't even try to get me refocused on the math book.

"Let's go in here, we can see the road from the window. We'll know when she's coming back." I tugged Susan by the arm into the living room. The couch under the front window would allow us to see any cars coming down the road. Plus, the front walk, in case her mother came investigating. Of course, we were going to have to rush. I imagined doing it with Susan kneeling and looking out the window. Hum, we have never done it anyway except for missionary.

Susan stood, bent at the waist, with her hands on the back of the couch. "I wish this thing was actually a skirt! I would just have to lift it up and..."

Susan interrupted me, "Then, you'd have your hand in my crotch every time you see me!" She was right.

I lowered her school uniform slowly past her ass. Inch by inch, I watched her flesh come into view. It was the same perfect shape as Jasmin's, except smaller. I got her skort to her feet and she stepped out of it. I knelt behind her and moved her feet further apart.

I wanted to make love to her like I had Jasmin yesterday. Even though I didn't have that much time, I was determined to make it better than it had been. I wanted her to feel special. Normally, I would rush her clothes off and hurry so we didn't get caught. This time had to be different.

I took a small bite out of the meatiest part of her left butt cheek. Then, I bit the other one as well. I stuffed my face in her crack, until my tongue was deep in her pussy slit. I haven't tasted her for so long, hum that's good. I devoured her sweet tasting juices from deep inside her hole, while she fingered at her little bud. When she was sloppy wet by most standards, I licked up the length of her crack, right over her butt hole. Susan's big sigh followed my tongue. "Oh, Joe! Wow, that feels good."

I spent some more time teasing the soft skin between her pussy and her butt hole while poking at both holes. I listened carefully to each sound she made, so I would know where to concentrate my efforts. The whole time Susan's finger raced circles around her clit. Finally, with a grunt, Susan's body showed me the orgasm I was used to seeing. Her hole gushed its nectar as her legs and ass shuddered. Susan's mouth gasped for air, while her juice streamed down her inner thighs. Wow, that's my girl.

I licked her thighs clean and stood up, ready to enter her from behind. "Joe, I want to see it going in me. I want to watch your thing going into my hole."

"I got an idea. Wait here, and watch out the window." I ran to the bathroom, got a towel and a mirror.

I set the towel on the couch and Susan sat on top of it. No Mom, that's not a pussy juice stain. Susan leaned back with her ass at the edge of the couch.

I held my dick with one hand and the mirror over it with the other. "Spread it open for me, baby. I love you!" Her eyes were big, and her face looked as fearful as the first time. I had never looked at it like this. My cock dwarfed her hole.

Susan watched in amazement as my fat head slipped inside her hole. "Oh, oh my, oh it made me cum. I just came, again."

I pulled the head back out, and then in again. I was more turned on by the look on Susan's face than anything else. She watched in awe as my smooth swollen cock head made her hole stretch out, and then it swallowed my head. It truly was amazing. The hole looked like it could fit maybe a small finger, then it opened and wrapped my flesh in a warm tunnel of sensation.

I slowly pushed more and more dick inside Susan. Her eyes watched the mirror, then her stomach, like she was expecting to see it pop out her belly button. She said, "holy crap, where does it go?"

When my pubic hair touched her pubic mound, I stayed completely still looking at the fattest part of my cock, which was holding Susan's pussy open as wide as she had ever been. I dropped the mirror and leaned down to kiss her. This was the first time I had completely entered her. "Are you okay? Does it hurt?"

Susan said, "no, not really. Just don't be too hard." I knew that meant it did hurt, but she didn't want to admit it. I eased myself out of her body halfway. I slowly moved my cock in and out, but not all the way in.

Susan bit her lower lips and shuddered again as I worked my hips faster and faster. I could feel my body getting ready to cum, but I didn't want it to end. I wanted for fuck until my cock wouldn't work anymore. It felt so good having her inner walls gripping my meat, while her fingers gripped my ass. Her finger nails stung my flesh, but her hands helping my body to fuck her got me even more excited.

"Shit!" I stopped moving my dick hoping it would pass and then I could keep going. Susan looked at me with her eyes glazed over and her cheeks red. "Oh, I lost count. You make me feel so good. I wish you could stay in me forever." Susan didn't know how much I agreed with her.

I moved my dick forward one inch and then drew back. Instantly, my orgasm roared in my balls again. I wanted to cum inside Susan more than anything, except having a baby. So, I yanked my cock from her hole with the slurp of her juices. I tried desperately to get to Susan's mouth before I went off, but over her chest, I blew up. My stream of cum hit her in the neck and then the face, and then I finally got inside her mouth.

My balls just kept jerking and pumping sperm as Susan's hungry mouth sucked my sensitive dick head. "Susan, jeez that feels so good. Too good, you got to stop, I can't take anymore."

Susan looked at me with a big cum eating smile. "You mean I wore you out!" She looked very proud of herself.

"I wish I would have taken your shirt off too!" I told Susan the bad news about the cum on the front of her shirt and walked her to the bathroom. I touched her naked ass all the way there. "You might have worn me out, but I'm horny again." We laughed and closed the bathroom door. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me. I hugged her as hard as I could without breaking her ribs. "I love you so much!" I felt so much love for her that I couldn't believe I fucked Jasmin.

We forced ourselves to get dressed and go back to math. Susan went on and on about seeing it go in her. About, how many times she came. How amazing it was that it all fit, and how we looked connected together. She was so excited and bubbling over that math was not happening. I was afraid if my mom came home, we would give ourselves away. I know Susan was glowing and I'm pretty sure I was too.

I came out of my room after putting on my, mostly home made, Halloween costume and my mother was all but supportive. "Joe, do you really think that's appropriate!"

"Mom, is it any less appropriate than an ax murderer, Jason or that hooker I was one year? Plus, I hardly spent anything. I used that old wig, material you already had and all I needed was this." I placed my hands on my tremendous chest to indicate I was talking about the bra.

"Joe, it's bad enough that you're basically cross dressing as a nun, but why does she have such huge boobs?" My mother exhaled in frustration, knowing she wasn't going to win. Mom, if you only knew I wasn't wearing anything under here. I made myself smile.

"I promise mom, I will not do anything anti-religious. I actually look like a real nun. Maybe, I can pray for Dracula if I see him?" I laughed and kissed my mom on the cheek. "Don't forget, I may go straight to the party after we return the kids to the youth center. That is unless I need to stop back here and drop off all the candy I steal from them." My mother slapped me.

As I ran out the door I added, "Hitting a sister, how dare you."

"Oh my god, you are going to burn in hell!" Jasmin covered her mouth. "You actually look like a lady from a distance, but I don't think nuns have those." She pointed to the same thing my mother had an issue with.

"Hey, that's the only thing I had to pay for. I got a cheap one too. The wires are killing my back!" I was proud of myself for having the balls to pick out and pay for the bra.

"What sized did you get?" Jasmin's shock was still plastered across her face.

"I don't know, it had some e's on it, and it fit around me. Then, I found a bunch of foam and made these. It was hard to get them even." I held the outside edges of my chest for effect. "You know I like them big." I smiled in the direction of the sexiest male cop I had ever seen.

"Where's your partner? Who's the good cop, anyway?" Jasmin's cop uniform was very well done, and she looked great in it, even with the thick mustache.

"She'll be here any minute, with a van full of gremlins. Actually, two van loads. Then we are going to ride back to the river section and start there." She smiled a loving smile that should have accompanied a kiss or at least a hug, but that couldn't be. My life consisted of two relationships that I had to hide.

The river section is the much more expensive section, and tends to have the best candy. The subdivision I live in is huge. It's actually many subdivisions connected together. They just keep adding to it and calling it by a new name when they do. There has to be thousands of houses, if you went down every street. I have ridden my bicycle around for years, and I still haven't been on every road.

Two white church vans pulled up and I suddenly felt uncomfortable. They don't know me. If I don't say anything they will not even know I'm not a girl.

"Wait you two!" Mrs. Davis yelled out.

I turned to see Mrs. Davis coming out of the front door. She was dressed as a witch, I think. The kind of witch you would gladly give your soul, and be her sex slave for all eternity. Her enormous chest, was apparently stuffed in a cone shaped bra that made her tits stick straight out. Her curvaceous body was wrapped in a tight black dress, with a long flowing train. Her stunning face was marred by two hideous fake moles and her head sported a pointed hat to match her tits.

I stared at her chest for a minute. They're so big! Susan being so flat seemed to make her mom look even bigger than I remembered. Jasmin's tits were large also, but still not like momma bears. I wondered if Susan would blossom soon.

"Get Stacy over here and let me take a picture. Hey, Joe how are you?" Her question was too loaded for me to consider all the possible meanings, so I took it at face value.

"I'm good, Mrs. Davis. It is so good to see you. You have me spellbound." I gave her a little verbal jab.

"That's a classic." Mrs. Davis said after snapping the picture of the chesty nun with a butch looking cop on each arm.

We turned to go. "Oh, Susan said she was sorry she couldn't go. She also wanted me to make sure it's straight." She clearly took a look at my crotch area before evaluating my chest. "Looks good to me. Have fun, I love you." Mrs. Davis had upped the ante. Susan helped me get my tits even, so that must be what she meant about straight? She must have been talking to Jasmin after that, or was she?

Trick or Treating is much more fun when you're not supervising twenty five kids, age five to nine. Luckily, the vans contained two additional adults each and Stacy. Then we met up with three more adults and some more kids, where we parked.

I thoroughly enjoyed the playful interaction with Jasmin. We had never had this much time to get to know each other. Of course, I knew every nook and cranny of Jasmin's body, and her deep hidden secrets, but not her normal teenage girl side. I was finding it quite likable. She was playful, witty and damn sexy no matter what she did. I found her most surprising quality to be her natural way with kids.

Towards the end of the time with the kids, after having returned a few of them to their parents, me and the two cops stood by the road. Stacy brought up the party, and I felt honored all over again that I had been invited. Jasmin said, "I love it when Halloween falls on a Friday. No school tomorrow. I still have to be home by midnight."

"Midnight, if I'm not in the house by eleven, the Pope is going to send out the Crusaders looking for me." I was lucky to get that much leeway. If it weren't for Stacy giving the invite, I'd be home watching TV by nine. Mother, if you only knew what I know.

Once all the kids went up a long walkway to a group of several houses, Stacy and Jasmin made eye signals. Oh no, secret girl signals that I cannot decode!

"Okay, Sister Teressa, we have reason to believe you're pack'in! I need you to turn around slowly and put your hands on the car." Stacy's man voice was nothing short of silly, but she drew her fake pistol for effect. Jasmin shoved me to help me get in position.

"But, I'm a lady of the house of bosoms, I'd never be breaking the law." My lady voice wasn't fooling anyone either, but I stayed in character, enjoying the fun.

I was leaning with my hands on the trunk of the near by car. Jasmin started patting me down while Stacy held me at gun point. "Don't even blink your eyes Sister Chesty, looks like you're concealing something." With that Jasmin kicked my feet further apart and reached around the front of my body. She grabbed my crotch and added, "Sure enough Mack, looks like the sister has got a pistol!"

Jasmin's hand gripped my cock as she spoke. "What do we have here, a 47 magma?"

I laughed twice as hard at Jasmin's funny man voice as I did at her lack of gun knowledge. "Don't you mean, 45 magnum? Officer Grab Macock."

Suddenly, Jasmin flipped up the back of my costume and took me by the hips. She drove her hips forward into my exposed ass like she was fucking me. Then, I saw a flash from Stacy's camera. "My word, someone is going to pay a fortune for this picture!"

Jasmin's hand took hold of my balls for a second before she lowered my robe. As she removed her hand, her fingers traced up through my ass crack, sending my dick skyward. "Great, now I have a tent." I spoke as I turned around red faced. My dick sticking straight out under my nun dress.

After another flash from Stacy's camera, the two girl gave a hi-five and laughed. "Don't they teach you in nun school to wear under garments" Stacy was turning into quite the joker.

As we turned to follow the kids, who started heading toward the next house, Jasmin reached around my chest from behind. With both of my huge foam tits in her hands she whispered in my ear. "I'm developing a habit for you, sister. Wait until I get you back to head quarters, I'm going to handcuff you and treat you like a criminal."

What did she mean by that? I stumbled after the girls trying to keep my weapon concealed from the kids.

Stacy just couldn't let it die, "I can't believe you had the balls to not wear underwear. Oh wait, yes I can, I see them right here." She laughed and pointing to her camera's viewer. Jasmin giggled, touched Stacy's ass and gave me a seductive look.

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