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A bref look at my life . With interest I'll share more
The first thing you need to understand is that I think most of these stories are pieces of shit. I mean it's OK if most of the men reading this want to be committed to someone and then be treated like crap. And just because I love black dick doesn't I will be treated like a slut anytime except when I'm getting fucked. My husband is all man. If he decides to eat the cum out of my pussy he will, whether it's his or someone else, 'cause it's more important that he's eating my pussy than if or who's cum is in it. I know I am not the only one living this life so I figured for once you can read a real account of what it's like. I'll just send in some of my own stuff. If you're like me then you may like this. If not, “skip” to the good parts.
I was seventeen when I felt my first black cock. Frankie was only kind of cute as far as looks went. But he was a really nice guy who had a way of making you feel at ease. More that a few of us girls thought he was gay. We were in chorus and had the task of putting away the music from the old performance. One moment we were joking and laughing and the next he had wrapped a arm around me, had his fingers in my hair, and his lips were doing things to mine. The things that I can tell you about the experience are number one Frankie could kiss. The boy had raw talent. Second, he also had the touch. Firm and insistent on my back, soft and reassuring in my hair. A little practice and I am sure some very luck woman is enjoying him today. Mostly because third the boy was hung. I mean HUNG. On this skinny boy rail thin body was a cock I could feel extending down his right pants leg almost half way to his knee. I thank and curse Mr. Kline the band teacher for making noise as he approached the storage room. After Mr Kline left, all I wanted was to see the monster I just felt. Instead I point blankly reminded Frankie (and myself) that I had a boyfriend and that I had no intention of cheating. I still don't.
Skin color has never mattered to me. Oh I sure as hell notice it. Mostly I just don't give a damn about the supposed other crap that comes along with it. I do like the look of the darker skin colors against my pale alabaster flesh. I know that now. I had three boyfriends a two lovers since the kiss with Frankie. I wasn't much for approaching guys so it wasn't until I was a senior that I finally fucked a black guy.
We had just gotten back from break and I was horny. I'd spent weeks studying for midterms. Then I had to help my sister after her surgery. I was at that point where anything soft against my skin had me panting. I'd stopped using my silks but showers were a special type of torture. My room mate Adriana told me that she'd fix my problem. Her cousins lived in the near-by city. One of them had seen a picture of me and had “Lost his fool mind. Look, I told him I'd tell you about him. I don't think you two are relationship material. You say you don't want to start something so close to leaving. He's a forty-five minute drive away even” From all I'd seen Adriana's family were all good looking. “Let's go. You're driving.”
We were waiting at Adriana's for Chris to get home from work. When he came in I had to tell myself to breathe. Six two. Big, light brown eyes with long lashes. Lips that put thoughts in my head. All framed by a neat stubble beard and thin shoulder length dreadlocks. We talked for maybe twenty minutes before he excused himself to go take a shower. Adriana left saying “I think I'll take my aunt out to dinner. Chris has his privacy here, but she's not use to your screams.” I was up the stairs and at the bathroom door before they were out the front door.
The water wasn't running so I stripped in hall and waited until he had the chance to be under the water for a few minutes. I entered the room walked over to the shower and asked “Need help with those hard to reach places?” He poked his head out and stared at me. “You're wasting water. And time.” I rolled the door back. “My turn to look. I think I like what I see.” His was mocha, shade darker than his face due to his work. That same work had built a body obviously used to moving things. It moved me. His dick was at half mast and growing. The only reason I didn't run away in terror was that one of my lovers had been porn star freakishly big, but he didn't know how to use it. It was glistening, wet, and mocha. It made me want to lick him like candy. So I did. I shut the door behind me, turned the water pressure down. Then the kissing started. And the touching. At five-ten I'm not short but he made me feel delicate. I pulled back a little and let him explore my body. That was when I discovered that I loved the sight of dark skin contrasting my own. Then grabbed the soap and I washed him. I didn't miss an inch of his body. I looked him right in the eyes as I slipped the tip of a finger against his little brown ring. “Freaky white girl, huh?” “Just trying to make sure you're clean. You should always be as clean as possible. I mean you may just find yourself with a chick who likes to make sure the man she's with feels good. And if she's woman enough to give that type of pleasure, you should be man enough to take it.” “Woman enough to give?” “Oh yes. I give. Even when I'm being taken, really I'm giving.” With that I went to my knees and hefted that dick in hand and his balls in the other. I leaned in traced a trail from the crack of his ass, across his taint, to his balls. I put each in my mouth and sucked gently. Then I ran my tongue up one side of his shaft, avoided the head, and down the other. I flattened my tongue against the bottom of his cock and went from his balls to his tip. I could taste him as I treated his head like a lollipop. He tasted so good. Then it hit me. I was sucking a strange dick without a condom. What the hell was I doing? Just then he groaned and I got another precum spurt. Enjoying myself, that's what I was doing. He made me stop. I knew what he wanted, but this time I remembered the rubber. He started looking disappointed until I raised my left leg, put it on his shoulder, then brought it back down. He took the packet from me and had the thing on in record time. I brought my leg back up. It had been a couple of years since my big dicked flop. So even though I knew I could get him in me, it was long, slow, delicious stretching. Water ain't the best thing to fuck in. It can wash away the lube. But I was so wet that we had no problem. I can't tell you much more about it. He had me like that and from behind. Once the warm glow that had started in my pussy spread to my finger tips, I was just gone to my happy place. He held himself in me. I felt him pulse. He was holding me up, my knees had given out on me a moment before. He let me slide to the shower floor. His dick came out of me and I felt empty. I was eye level with his cock so I leaned forward and kissed it. I sat there as he turned the hot water up and lathered up again. When he was done I started to wash. He stepped out to get me a towel.
Out timing was good 'cause Adriana and Chris' mom got back about five minutes after I got back down stairs. Her aunt smiled at me and said “I'm going to bed. Guess I'll be seeing you around Nicole. Nice pony tail.” I'd braided my then red wet hair. Chris came down and started in on me right in front of his cousin. She put an end to it because she had to be somewhere in the morning. Good thing she did because I couldn't have.
I met my husband at a swing party. I was twenty-four and just really getting into the lifestyle. I was a unicorn. A single bi girl for those who don't know. I hadn't played in college like most girls. I found out about women when I gave my second black boyfriend his birthday gift. You have to be something special to be a single guy and get into a party. Most only let them in for the mixer and they have to go when the real fun begins. Several wives conspired to get Jack into the real party. For my lifestyle bridal shower I made sure that each of them got their pussy eaten by me and fucked by Jack. I was and am out. My friends know that I prefer my men black, but don't turn down anything that looks good to me. I was him putting to a woman and knew I had to have some of him. I've never cared for the blonde haired blue eyed thing. Ed was handsome with a nice body and he knew how to eat pussy and fuck. I ran into him three days later at a deli during lunch. I thought that we were just hanging out and fucking. Soon it was pointed out to me that we were dating. He's a good man as well as a good fuck. He has never blinked when I wanted another dick or a pussy. The only jealousy we've ever experienced was mine. Ed got to be with someone I very much wanted. Not his fault she didn't like girls. So one morning I woke up and I knew I didn't want to wake up without him there. I told him at breakfast that he needed to go jewelry shopping.
We'd been married seven years when we decided. Inga didn't have a chance. Ed is Norwegian and I've said most paper plates have more color than me. And altho I despise my natural blondish hair (and it's been every color except that since I was allowed to dye it) I think my green eyes are neat. Five years into our marriage when I was thirty we cut off our lovers to get her. I wanted only his child and need all the baby gravy he could make until I was sure. Then she was here. Pale as I am. Blue gray eyes. And when her hair started coming in it was platinum. She would have to had been an albino to be paler. We knew that we didn't want an only child and settled on two years between kids to help me keep my sanity. So just before I turned thirty-two I was looking forward to getting knocked up. The sex peak thing was happening and I wanted it to mesh with the second trimester hornys. I blame Ed. Since the kid we didn't swing as much but we had steady lovers. Both of my men were black. I was quite take with one and Ed said that if I weren't careful soon the next kid might have a lot of that color I was in love with. As our appointed time grew closer, and with each fuck of my lovers the sex got hotter for me. One afternoon Ed came home early. Ralph was pounding me from behind and I was going wild. Ed watched for a few moments before he stuffed his dick down my throat. I was in heaven, After Ralph asked Ed what was up with me as I was getting wilder. Ed said he hadn't noticed before today but he'd damn sure find out. That night I told him. The idea of being bred made me hot.

He asked “Why I didn't you tell me?”.

“You are and will be the father of my children. No matter how hot I get thinking about being pregnant with a black baby, or how neat I think it'd be to have one, I can't ask you to do that.”

“You know that my father is not my biological father.”

“You know this wouldn't be the same. They got together after you were on the way, not after seven years.”

“I know you well enough to know that this isn't just a hot idea. You actually want to do it.”

“And if we do then we're out to everyone. Or I'm a cheating whore and you're a cuckold. I never want anyone to think that you and nothing but all man to me.”

“But it's true. I am not all the man you need. I knew that when we met. If I had tried to be, I'd have been a dried-up husk long ago.”

“Why are you so willing think about this?”

He pulled me to him and I could feel his hardness. “Because I find the idea hot too.”

I left it to him. I said I'd abide by whatever he wanted. Two months later my man gave the best present. He timed it with my cycle. I came home and my mom had Inga for the weekend and Ralph was there. I was told that I was going to be fucked all weekend long. That they both were going fill me with so much cum it would leak out my ears. And that's what we did.
It was kinda funny. I've got the video to prove it. Right after the she came out the delivery room went quiet. Ed got clear shots of the faces of nurses and my O.B.G.Y.N. The baby was displaying her lung power, and the nurses wanted to get Ed out of the room. My doc knows how we play but didn't know the chance we took. She just passed the baby to me. Rachel was in my arms before I even got a good look at her. Ever notice that black babies are more often born with hair. On her second feeding she took my breath away when I was my own eyes staring back at me. She's very light but her ethnic features are strong. As the room cleared my doctor told the nurses she'd bring the baby down for the standards. When it was just the four of us she asked there were any questions or anything not obvious she should know. “How long before her color stabilizes?” “Three or four days for most African American children. Just from what I've seen interracial children often settle in about two.”
Inga is now six. Rachel is almost four, and Edgar Jr almost two. We had planned on only three children but I am bothered. I don't want Rachel to feel like a freak in her own family. I am thirty six and if I have another child it will have to be now. Ed says that this time it's completely left to me. I haven't really made up my mind yet, even if I am constantly thinking of names.

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I don't like the whole swiggers idea but it wasnt a bad story. U did a good job on it. And For th fuck tard who said niggers u can go fuck urself u white trash. Go suck out yo mumma pussy battyboi. U fucking retard. Asshole.

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It's hard to follow as it goes in and out of sense, so here I sit losing my boner.

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I find the story un-truthful ,because the story gets mixed up between him and her--who is doing what and -where did she get the rubber in the shower--she left all her cloths and everythiong outside?

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