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Cassy enjoys learning more about Real Women, watching her parents tonight
When I Became A Woman – Chap. 3

My dearest private Diary, I was confused and happy and so looking forward to tonight! Mommy and Daddy showed me such love last night, I hardly believed it really happened and wasn’t a dream. I slept like a log. I went to school today like always, just another so-so Wednesday, but I had to concentrate really really hard because I knew tonight was going to be special, just like last night! When I was in the bathroom stall at school, I even squeezed my bumps under my new white A cup bra that Mommy got me not long ago. It felt a lot like when she kissed me there last night, and I liked that. A bunch!
Mommy told me that tonight she was going to show me how Daddy makes her happy. How an adult man like my own hero Daddy makes a grown woman like Mommy happy. Honestly, Diary, I couldn’t pay one bit of attention in fifth-hour algebra. Those x’s and y’s didn’t mean one thing to me because I was watching Daddy’s hand beat his meat and that white come spurt out of his penis. I was wondering what that little sack that Mommy called his scrotum would feel like, and why it didn’t get in the way when Daddy walked. And why men need them anyway – I certainly don’t have one! I was watching Mommy lick Daddy’s stomach and her boobies rub all over him. I was remembering Mommy tell me that tonight I would watch Daddy make her happy. And really, Diary, I was so happy when Mommy held me in her arms and leaned over me to suck my little bumps like she did! She really did suck my titties! I was shocked, of course, at first, and then when she kept on, it felt so good and I wanted her to keep doing it.

I got home from school at four like always. Daddy sat on the couch watching Judge Judy on TV, which surprised me since he didn’t usually get home until six or seven o’clock. “Hey, honey, hi,” he said with his usual smile and hug. I like it when he does that, he always smells so nice. “Didn’t have much to do at work today, so I even beat Mom home.” Honestly, Diary, all I could think of right then, besides being so happy when he hugs me, was Daddy’s naked body on the bed, his hand going up and down on his penis while Mommy was sucking on my tips. I tried to listen to what he said, but all I could see was him and his penis, and his come going out of it and then Mommy licking it all up on him. Gosh, I wanted to do that!
I figured I oughta be real bold and grown- up about it. “Daddy,” I said, “Mommy and you are gonna show me what it’s like to be a Real Woman tonight.” He nodded. “Yes.” I didn’t know what to say after that. My grownupness kinda quit on me. He smiled at me and said, “When Mommy gets home and we have supper, later you can watch while she fucks me.” I frowned. “What is fucks?” I asked. “One part of making love is when I put my penis inside Mommy, in the hole that you girls have. It makes her happy, and me too. You’ll get to watch.” I asked him if that’s when I become a Real Woman, and he said that’s one part of it, but there’s more…but that’s a real big part. I can’t wait!
I like this idea of fucks, Diary. I wanted to see Mommy happy, and Daddy, too. It was hard to wait and just pretend it was a normal Wednesday night. I wasn’t hungry one bit when suppertime came around and Mommy was there helping Daddy fix it. Honestly, I can’t remember what I ate! I must have snarfed it down. I just wanted supper to be over so we could get to the rest of making me a Real Woman and the fucks get started.
Oh dear Diary, you won’t believe what happened next. I am not making this up, it really happened and I hope I can write it down now like it happened and I’m not lying. Mommy and I did the dishes while Daddy went upstairs to shower. We talked about last night, and tonight, too, and I know she tried her best to “gentle” me, as she called it. She said that tonight I’d get to watch her and Daddy make the best love that two happily-married people could have, and that if I had a good time watching, then tomorrow night Daddy would show me how wonderful this could feel and that I would finally become a Real Woman, too. Golly, I was ready tonight!
After we finished the dishes, Mommy said let’s go upstairs. I come up to her shoulder now, and when she put her arm around me going upstairs, I kinda laid my head over toward her boob, and she pressed me against it. I liked that, she’s always so warm. She said that she’d take a shower and that it would be nice if I’d go to Daddy and help him get ready. I said I didn’t know what I should do, and she said it’s okay honey he’d show me. When we got in their bedroom, Daddy was under the sheet, sitting up with a couple of pillows behind his back and head. He smiled and said, “Hi, you two.” My Daddy is so handsome! Mommy said, “Go sit with him, honey, and do what Daddy asks. It’s for Mommy, okay?” So I did. She went into their bathroom and I heard the shower turn on while I climbed onto the bed. Daddy said, “Come here, Cassy.” He held my hand and asked me if I was happy watching him masturbate last night, and I said yes of course Daddy, and he said I could help him get ready for Mommy when she comes out of the shower and I said tell me what to do Daddy and he pulled the sheet off of him and he was already naked with his penis hard and he said for me to take off my top so he could see my pretty bumps again and so I did and he asked me very nicely to touch and hold his penis and then to rub it up and down. Oh my gosh, dear Diary! I felt like a Real Woman already, doing that! His skin there was hard! He closed his eyes and kind of breathed differently and told me he liked that, it was just what Mommy would want me to do, so I kept it up, just going up and down like he showed me. Daddy moved his hand onto mine and showed me how to do it even better, and dear Diary, I was so happy to make Daddy happy like this! Sometimes he’d make my hand go slow, and sometimes fast. He even said once, “Spit on your hand, honey, and then grab the head of my penis and squeeze it hard while you go up and down there.” He breathed even harder then. He said, “You’re doing it just right, honey. Now, if you lick your hand again and get it real wet, that’ll make it feel even better for me.” So I did, and it did slide even easier and Daddy smiled at me and told me this was also called “jacking off”, and I said that’s cool. Haha, dear Diary, that wasn’t quite right. I think I whispered it ‘cause I could hardly talk right then!!! I think I like jacking off. While I was doing it, I asked him if girls could jack off, too, and he said yes but they do it a little differently and tomorrow night he’d make sure to teach me how. He said he liked jacking off and sometimes he’d do himself and sometimes Mommy would do it. He said if I got good at it, he’d let me jack him off some more.
And then Mommy came out of the bathroom in her pretty red robe that Daddy gave her last Christmas. Her hair was down and she was barefoot, of course, and oh my gosh she was so pretty. She saw me with my hand around Daddy’s penis jacking him off and she said “Honey, you are so beautiful and so nice to Daddy.”
Dear Diary, I was like THRILLED when she said that! She came over to me and put her hands on the sides of my cheeks and kissed me right square on my lips for the second time now! Oh, that felt so nice, and she smelled like her favorite perfume, Red Door! She touched my tips and said, “Did you know your nipples are hard?” Golly, I didn’t! I looked down and then were poked out a little! She said that’s what happens when you start doing things like this. Then she leaned down and kissed Daddy’s penis again while I was still holding it! She said, “You can do that too, honey, if you want.” I wanted to do what she did, so I did! Oh my gosh, dear Diary, I haven’t even kissed a boy yet and here I was with my lips right on the top of Daddy’s penis! It was softer than I thought it would be. Daddy even put his hand on my head and said for me to do that a little longer ‘cause he liked that, so I did. I kissed it a lot!
Daddy said, “Honey, slide down to the foot of the bed so you can watch everything Mommy and I do. We want you to see it all because tomorrow night, you’ll do this, too, and become a Real Woman.” Mommy looked at me and said, “Baby, watch everything. Tomorrow night, Daddy will help you do everything I do.” I said okay and slid down like they asked me to do. I had my shorts and sandals on, and my bumps were still out, of course, since Daddy liked that. I slipped my sandals off. Daddy said, “Your titties are so beautiful, honey. If you want to play with them while Mommy and I fuck, go ahead.” Oh my gosh, dear Diary, you can’t believe how happy I was when Daddy said that. So I did! I tickled myself there and it felt even better since my tips were hard now, and Daddy even smiled at me and told me I’m such a good girl. Mommy said, “If you pinch your bumps and squeeze your nipples, honey, sometimes it makes you wet between your legs where your pussy is.” So I did.
Mommy took off her robe and this was the first time I’d ever seen Mommy and Daddy naked together! I felt really warm inside, dear Diary! She sat right on Daddy’s lap and then kissed him. He was still sitting up and Mommy’s knees were on his sides, and Daddy’s penis was up the back side of her butt. She was sliding herself on his lap while he was hugging and kissing her. Then she raised up, reached back to hold his penis and then sat right down on it! It just disappeared inside her hole! Mommy made some little noises and then looked back at me and said, “Oh honey, now I’m fucking Daddy. I’ve got his penis inside my vagina and it really feels wonderful inside me. Watch while I move on it, just like you were doing when you were rubbing Daddy with your hand.” And she started to go up and down, and I could see his cock (Mommy said it’s okay to call it that) come mostly out sometimes. I could tell she was happy because she was kissing him a lot. Daddy said to me, “It’s just like jacking off, honey, except Mommy’s doing it with her vagina.” I guess tomorrow night when I become a Real Woman, I’ll be kissing Daddy a lot and jacking him off with my vagina, too. Golly! I’m excited!
I was really pinching my bumps now. Mommy lifted her leg over Daddy and he slid down flat on the bed. You’re gonna find this hard to believe, Diary, but she really did this – Mommy turned around and put her butt right in Daddy’s face and laid on top of him, and then she put his penis right in her mouth! I hardly believe it now even though I saw her do it right in front of me! But she did, and she was sucking on it, not just kissing like before. I saw it disappear clear inside her mouth, and I saw her cheeks sucking in! After a minute or so, Mommy lifted her head off Daddy’s cock and looked at me. She said, “Baby, you’ll get to do this tomorrow night. You’ll get to go down on Daddy like this while he eats your pussy.” Wow! New words! EAT me! My PUSSY, that’s what she called it. And I’ll get to GO DOWN on Daddy!
She went back to going down on Daddy, then in a bit they changed positions again. Mommy was on the bottom this time, on her back, and Daddy spread her legs and was on his knees between them. I moved around on the side of the bed so I could watch better, and Daddy said, “That’s good, honey, so you can see everything. If you want to unzip your shorts and put your hand on your pussy and play with yourself while you watch, that’s okay. Mommy and I would like that, too.” So I did. Boy, did that ever feel good!
Daddy leaned over her and kissed her some more, and I could see her opening her mouth real wide and putting her tongue in his mouth. That was wild! I’d heard some of the girls in PE say they did that, too, but some of the other girls would call them sluts, which I suppose is not a nice thing to be. It made me wonder for a minute if Mommy was a slut. I’d have to ask her about that later. Then she just reached down and grabbed his big penis again, it was so long and hard still, and she guided it into her hole again. Oops, dear Diary, maybe I should say her PUSSY. I like saying that. Maybe I’ll say it tomorrow to Daddy – jack off in my pussy, Daddy! I bet he’ll like that!

This time with Daddy on top, he started pushing his cock into Mommy, like she was doing to him before when she was on top. This fucking looks like fun. First she does it, then he does it. And golly that was wild when she was upside down on him and put her butt in Daddy’s face! I guess he must have liked it. Well, Diary, they did fucks like this for awhile and Mommy was moaning like it was hurting her, but Daddy said it’s just that she likes it and is getting ready to come. I was confused. Was she going to shoot white stuff out of her like Daddy did when he did it? He said no, it’s different with women, and probably tomorrow you’ll find out what it’s like when you come. I put my hand back in me and started rubbing again because it felt good. Mommy put her legs around Daddy’s back and he was kissing her boobs and pushing his penis into her hole and now he was moaning too, and then suddenly he just stopped breathing and his back went straight and he was going UH, UH, UH and then Mommy started going OH, OH, OH GOD, OH GOD, and I was really worried. I didn’t want them to have heart attacks and then the doctor or EMT’s come around after I call 911 and find them naked like this!!! But it didn’t last long, and Daddy fell on Mommy and they both turned their heads to look at me. Mommy said, “Daddy just made me come, honey, and it was fabulous!” Daddy said, “And I just came inside Mommy’s pussy. I shot my come right up her pretty cunt.” Another new word, Diary! Golly, I’m learning a lot how to be a Real Woman tonight! This is so cool! CUNT! That’s a strange word. Mommy’s cunt. That means I have a cunt! They started kissing and giggling and hugging again. They looked like they were having fun, Diary. That must be what LOVE is like. Maybe LOVE is the same thing as FUCKS. I’ll have to ask them about that later. I’m learning SO MUCH, dear Diary!!!!! “Go shower now, honey,” Mommy said, “and go to bed. Tomorrow night after school, you’ll get the best gift any young girl can ever get.” I got up from the bed. She quickly said, “Wait, come give us a kiss first, honey.” So I did.
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