Now It's Lisa's Turn To Be Seduced, as Sabrina Help Seduce a Co-worker
It had been several days since Sabrina had seen Veronica. In that time Sabrina couldn't get Veronica, and what she had learned about herself out of her mind. At first Sabrina was confused, but as she thought about her experience the more she realized that she had kept her true desires hidden from herself. As she thumbed through her receipts looking for Veronica phone number, Sabrina felt a tingling between her legs. Once she found what she was looking for, Sabrina went into the back where she would have some privacy. As she dialed the number, Sabrina's heart began to beat a little fast, increasing with each ring. Sabrina was about to hang up when she heard a sultry voice say,


Sabrina paused then said softly,

"Hello Veronica this is Sabrina...from the shoe store."

"Yes Sabrina, I was just thinking about you."


"Yes, I'm laying here in bed, running my finger over my wet pussy, just thinking about the other night in the store, and how beautiful you made me feel."

"Do you think about it too?"

Sabrina smiled,

"Yes I think about it all the time."

"Mmmm, and do you touch yourself when you think about me, and what we did together?"

"Yes, I can't help it, all I want to do is....well all I want to do is think about making you cum, and how you made me cum."

"Oh my, you are a sexy little thing."

"Do you know what I'm doing right now?"


"I'm sliding my finger into my pussy, pretending it's your tongue, licking my pussy, easing it's way deep into my pussy, tasting my sex as you lick me, and make me cum."

Sabrina squeezed her legs together, her pussy now on fire with lust as she listened to Veronica.

"Are you touching yourself Sabrina?"

"No, I can't...I'm in the store."

"Where in the store?"

"In the back."

"Good, now spread your legs....have you done that?"

Sabrina looked around as her heart pounded in her chest, she wanted to do it, but what if someone caught her?

"Sabrina, do it...touch yourself."

Sabrina parted her legs, and moved her hand down into her panties.

"Alright, I'm touching my pussy now."

"Good, now lets pleasure ourselves together."

Sabrina eased her finger into her pussy and started masturbating; she couldn't believe she was doing this while at work, but she was so aroused that she couldn't help it.

"Cum for me Sabrina, I want to hear you cum."

Sabrina eased another finger into her pussy as she listened to Veronica masturbating over the phone, moaning and talking dirty to Sabrina, telling her how wet her pussy was, and how her juices were all over her fingers. Sabrina was beside herself with lust as she listened, her pussy tingling, as she neared an orgasm herself. Then Veronica started cumming, moaning loudly as Sabrina listen, her own orgasm starting to course through her body.

"Mmmm, I came so fucking hard....did you cum Sabrina."

In a raspy voice, Sabrina whispered, "Yes."

"Good, now here's what I'm thinking."

"That pretty little cashier that was there the other night, I think her name was Lisa?"

"Yes, what about her?"

"I'm going to come in at the close of business this Saturday, will Lisa be working?"

"Yes, why?"

"Because, you're going to have her stay, and then like before, you're going to bring me out a pair of shoes, and then we're going to seduce Lisa."

"But I can't do that...what if she complains, I'll be fired."

"No, no Sabrina, I saw the way she looks at you, her eyes wandering over your body, you just weren't receptive to it, that's all."

"You need to trust me Sabrina, I'll see you Saturday."

Sabrina was panicked now, she knew full well that Veronica wasn't kidding. Sabrina hung up the phone, when Lisa came in, smiling at her asking if she was working tonight. Sabrina studied her, she did see to be looking at her with lust in her eyes. Sabrina hadn't even realized how attractive Lisa was before, at least not sexually. She loved Lisa's light brown skin, she reminded her of Halle Berry in a way...the same carmel colored skin, similar features. Sabrina was brought out of her fantasy when she heard Lisa was asking her if she were alright.

"Sorry Lisa, I didn't mean to stare at you."

"Oh, that's OK...I don't mind...not at all."

Sabrina was amazed, Veronica was right...maybe."

Sabrina smiled back saying, "It's...well don't take this wrong, but you're just so pretty and everything, I guess I was lost in my thoughts."

Lisa smiled saying, "Well...I hope those thoughts were about me."

"Maybe I shouldn't say anything, but I happened to be in the back, and I heard you talking to someone."

"And when I peeked around the corner, well I won't tell anyone...I promise."

Lisa had such an impish little grin on her face. Suddenly the door chime started to ring, it was starting to get a little busy, and Sabrina couldn't pursue their conversation any further. Saturday finally rolled around, and Sabrina noticed Lisa come in dressed in a short skirt that would almost be considered inappropriate dress for work, but Sabrina let it slide. The day was unusually slow for a Saturday, very few customers. An hour before closing, Sabrina sent the remaining staff home, asking Lisa to close with her. Of course Lisa was more than willing to stay late. Then right at five till six in walked Veronica. Lisa looked at Sabrina saying,

"A last minute customer."

"Wait a minute...wasn't she in here the other night, and you stayed late with her?"

"That's her, would you mind staying Lisa?"

"Mmmm no, I have no plans."

Sabrina thanked Lisa and then walked over and greeted Veronica. They talked as Lisa got everything ready for closing. Sabrina excused herself and walked over and locked the door, putting up the closed sign. Sabrina walked into the back stockroom, coming back with a pair of shoes for Veronica. Sabrina slipped them on, smiling when she saw that Veronica wasn't wearing any panties again. Veronica looked at Sabrina saying,

"Bring Lisa over, I want to get her opinion on the shoes, and just leave us alone for a few minutes."

"You'll know when to come back, I'm sure."

Sabrina was nervous, what if she and Veronica had guessed wrong about Lisa, it could be disastrous, but then she wanted to seduce her as much as Veronica did. Sabrina told Lisa that Veronica wanted her opinion on the shoes. Lisa walked over, taking a seat in front of Veronica at her invitation. Sabrina watched as Veronica talked to Lisa. After a few minutes Veronica slowly opened her legs, baring her pussy to Lisa. Lisa didn't move, she just stared. Sabrina was waiting for a reaction, but there was none...was she in shock?

Sabrina positioned herself where she could look between Veronica's legs waiting to see Lisa's reaction. She could see her pussy, and just as Veronica had done with her, she was making her pussy lips move, as if they were opening and closing. Moving slightly, Sabrina looked at Lisa's face seeing a smile. She watched as Lisa started moving her hands up Veronica's leg, sliding them beneath her hiked up skirt. Sabrina's pussy was on fire watching the seduction taking place. She as sure this was Lisa's first seduction by another woman, just as it had been for her. Veronica had a way of sensing that.

Sabrina slid her hand under her skirt, moving her hand over her pussy, easing her middle finger into her dripping snatch. Lisa began touching Veronica's pussy as Veronica unbuttoned her blouse, and started caressing her breasts and nipples while Lisa masturbated her. Veronica looked over at Sabrina smiling, then she started cumming. Sabrina knew it was time for her entrance. She walked over as Lisa pulled her fingers from Veronica's dripping pussy. Sabrina took Lisa's hand, placing it to her lips, and began licking Veronica's juices from them, as Veronica brought herself off again.

"Oh yes Sabrina, now show me Lisa's pretty pussy...please?"

Sabrina helped Lisa to her feet, standing behind her, reaching down and pulling up Lisa's short skirt. Lisa was wearing pink lace panties that Sabrina started moving her hand over, cupping Lisa's mound in her hand. Lisa gasped and leaned back against Sabrina as Sabrina slipped her hand down the front of Lisa's panties. Lisa's pussy was drenched with her juices, as Sabrina teased her pussy. Sabrina stopped and started to pull Lisa's pink panties off.

"Slowly Sabrina....slowly I want you to take your time revealing Lisa's pussy."

Sabrina slowly pulled Lisa's panties down, kneeling and running her tongue over Lisa's ass, kissing her cheeks as she helped Lisa step out of her panties. Next she unzipped Lisa's skirt letting it fall to the floor. Sabrina then rose up and unbuttoned Lisa's blouse, removing it along with Lisa's bra. Sabrina slipped her hands around Lisa, cupping her breasts in her hands, toying with Lisa's nipples, while she kissed Lisa's shoulder.

"Mmmmm Lisa, your nipples are so dark, they look like Hersey kisses," Veronica cooed.

Sabrina brought Lisa off she was so aroused just from Sabrina teasing her nipples. Sabrina quickly slipped off her own blouse and skirt, as she sat down in a chair pulling Lisa down onto her lap. With Lisa's legs spread wide, Sabrina continued caressing Lisa's breasts. Sabrina looked at Veronica saying,

"Lick her pussy Veronica, make her cum, just like to did me."

"Veronica moved between Lisa's legs, looking up at her, and running her tongue over her ruby red lips."

Veronica asked Lisa, "Is this the first time you've been seduced by a woman let alone two women?"

"Yes, I've fantasized about it, but I was always to scared to act out my fantasies."

"Mmmmm, then you're going to love having your pussy licked by a woman isn't she Sabrina."

"Yes, you're going to love it."

Veronica leaned forward kissing Lisa, then Sabrina, watching as Sabrina started rolling Lisa's nipples between her thumb and forefingers. Lisa's arousal was growing by leaps and bounds, and the seduction had only just begun. Veronica moved down between Lisa's legs, marveling at her neatly trimmed pussy, running her tongue over Lisa's fat, juices pussy lips as Lisa moaned. Lisa's pussy was flowing, her juices oozing from her sex as Veronica ran her tongue over her labia.

Veronica parted Lisa's folds, allowing her juices to run down her tongue, as she started running her tongue up and down Lisa's creamy slit. Soon she was tongue fucking Lisa while Sabrina kissed her neck and shoulders, while still teasing Lisa's nipples. Veronica eased two fingers deep into Lisa's pussy, working them around while she took Lisa's clit between her lips, sucking it and flicking it with her tongue. Lisa was beside herself, cumming as she raised her hips from Sabrina's lap, her body quaking as she came hard. Once she had finished cumming, Veronica ordered her to suck Sabrina's pussy,

"After all, you've been wanting to do that all along haven't you?"

"Yes, yes I have."

"Well then, tell her how much you want to lick her pussy....maybe she doesn't want you to."

Lisa turned and faced Sabrina,

"Please Sabrina, may I suck your pussy....I've wanted to for the longest time, I just didn't know how to tell you."

"Of course you can."

Sabrina wanted Lisa, she could hardly wait for Lisa to suck her pussy. Lisa kissed her way down Sabrina's neck, pausing to suck her nipples causing Sabrina to gasp as Lisa sucked and flicked her nipples with her tongue. Lisa moved on down Sabrina's stomach, moving down to her pussy, where Lisa started kissing her inner thighs, running her tongue all around Sabrina's pussy, teasing her, until Sabrina grabbed her head, pushing her down between her legs.

Sabrina told Lisa, "Stop fucking around, and suck my know you want to."

Lisa started running her tongue over Sabrina's pussy as Sabrina slide down in the chair, parting her legs as far apart as she could. It was as if Lisa had been eating pussy all her life, the way she moved her tongue over Sabrina's sex, driving her crazy, making her call out to her to make her cum. Veronica in the meantime had been watching, and fingering her pussy at the same time. Veronica loved the looks of Lisa's sweet little brown ass. Getting down on her knees, Veronica started kissing Lisa's ass, running her tongue up and down Lisa's crack, listening to Lisa moan.

Veronica parted Lisa's cheek, and began running her tongue up and down her sexy ass, pausing to penetrate Lisa's ass, tongue fucking her, then moving down to her pussy. After a few minutes, Veronica took her breast in her hand, and with Lisa's ass cheeks parted, she ran her nipple up and down Lisa's ass, poking her nipples into Lisa's ass, as Sabrina was cumming from Lisa's tongue lashing. Veronica asked Lisa to turn around, and spread her legs. Then she moved in between Lisa's legs and started running her nipple up and down Lisa's creamy slit, then teasing Lisa's clit with her nipple. Lisa was soon cumming again.

Veronica moved over to Sabrina, placing her nipple that was covered with Lisa's juices to her lips, as Sabrina licked her nipple clean. Sabrina and Lisa got up, and started whispering to one another. They took Veronica by the hand and led her to another part of the store. They ended up in the employee lounge, where they had Veronica lay down on a large couch. Lisa moved between Veronica's legs, licking and kissing her pussy while Sabrina started sucking her nipples. Veronica was soon overcome with passion, cumming and shoving her pussy into Lisa's face. Then the women traded spots and proceeded to make Veronica cum again.

Afterward, Veronica left the store, making another fifteen hundred dollar purchase. Lisa and Sabrina cleaned up, and finished closing the store. As they walked to the parking lot, they looked at one another, knowing they were going to spend the night together. Lisa followed Sabrina home, where the two women made love until they fell asleep in one anothers arms. Lisa had her first woman to woman experience, and loved it. She looked forward to exploring more woman to woman sex with Sabrina, and maybe Veronica, or someone else who knows, but for now, Lisa was more than happy making love to Sabrina.

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