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Dad and mother and daughter think about cousin
The next morning, Julia was walking past her parents' bedroom. Phip had gone out with his friends to play basketball, and she wanted to do some shopping for her Dad and cousin Cindy. The big party was only a week away, and her mother had promised today they would find something. She heard music playing softly, and pecked at the closed door, then knocked a bit louder. Finally she pushed it open and peeked in.

She saw her mother standing naked, her back to the door, and her father watching her as she swayed in front of him, his hard cock grasped in his hand. Her mother's body looked great, but she wasn't prepared for the sight of her father's engorged cock. She remembered the day before when her brother had fucked her, and compared the two cocks, father and son. Her Dad's was thicker, but her brother's might be a little longer. She's have to see them side by side to really tell. She stood there, watching, feeling herself get turned on.

"Excuse me," she said and automatically turned to go.

Both her parents looked at her, as her mother swirled around, her firm tits flashing wickedly into view. Her Dad stopped stroking his cock. "Oh, Julia. I'm sorry, I forgot. I promised to......... Wait, come back, it's okay."

Julia turned back to face her naked parents, the lust in their eyes beginning to swim up in hers. Her Dad's cock looked so yummy, and her Mom's tits so enticing. She took a couple of steps in, halting and staring at them. She heard her Mom whisper something to her Dad, and he began to stroke his cock again. She could hardly take her eyes off the luxurious sight of that sensual rhythm. Her mouth started to water, and she licked her lips. Her mother walked toward her, her tits swaying with the motion.

"Come on in. Sit down here on the bed. We were just talking about what to get Cindy for her birthday," she said. Her Dad continued jacking himself off, a thin bead of perspiration dotting his forehead.

Julia sat down next to her Dad, eyeing his bulging erection. Her Mom stood in front of her, and Julia stared at her dark bush. Then her mother kneeled down in front of her father and pointed to his bulging cock, the veins straining as his hand glided up and down its length. "Do you think Cindy would like something like this?" she asked, eyeing her daughter with a smile.

Julia felt something inside of her let go and her voice shook as she said, "I don't know about Cindy, but I sure would."

That was all Josie needed to hear. She reached forward and grabbed the cock in her own hand. Mark let go, letting her take control. Josie continued jacking off her husband. "Wouldn't you like to touch it?" she said. "Come on, it's nice and hard and Mark'll do anything I tell him to do with it. Anything."

Julia looked in her mother's lust-filled eyes and tried to read what was behind the 'anything,' but couldn't resist the bulging hard-on so close to her. Gingerly, she reached over and placed her hand over her mother's, a thrill shooting through her as she felt her father's cock just under her mother's fingers, pulsing with life. Josie removed her fingers, letting Julia get full access to the bulging cock. Mark gasped softly and watched as both women toyed with his throbbing hard-on.

Josie looked deep into her daughter's eyes, her own swimming with lust. "Let me show you how to suck a cock," she said, holding Julia's soulful gaze. With that she bent to take the head of Mark's cock inside her full lips, sucking loudly as her lips exerted powerful pressure on the engorged organ. Julia held the base of her father's hard dick as her mother sucked greedily at the tip. Julia opened her lips around the stiff rod and said huskily, "Feed it to me. Jack his dick into my mouth."

Julia resumed her stroking, feeling her father's cock get even larger. She thought he might shoot off any moment, and looked up to see the expression on his face. His eyes locked hers, then glazed over as the sensations of having his daughter jack him off while his wife sucked him sent him into a pool of passion. He watched hungrily as the two women worked over his dick, licking his own lips with uncontrollable lust.

Josie let the wet, slippery dick slide out of her mouth. "Umm. Tastes good." She moved to kiss her daughter. "Here, have a taste from my mouth," she said, locking lips with the younger woman and opening her mouth to the probing tongue of her lust-filled daughter. This sent a shudder through both women as their passionate kiss drove them to greater heights. "Do you like the taste of his cock?" she asked.

"Wow. It tastes great in your mouth."

"You taste good too. Nice and sweet. Now how about a direct taste. Go ahead, suck your father's cock."

Her mother's words and her hot kiss drove Julia over the edge. She leaned down and greedily began slurping her father's throbbing dick, sucking it deep inside her mouth, starving for the taste of his raw manhood. The taste of it on her mother's tongue drove her insane with desire. She wanted to suck it all in, to feel him erupt in her mouth, filling her with his hot cum.

Josie watched with pleasure as her daughter ate her husband's cock, taking it deep inside her sucking mouth. She reached a hand to Julia's tit, squeezing it tenderly, then pinching the nipple into solid erection. She clasped her lips over the other tit, sucking the hard nipple between her lips, gorging herself on the sweet mammary flesh of her daughter's swelling breast. Julia let out a gasp of added pleasure as she felt her tits being manipulated. A tingling began at the base of her skull, spreading over her, driving her even farther down her father's cock. She wanted it all in her.

Just then she felt her mother's fingers entering her dripping pussy, and the overwhelming urge drove her all the way down the hard dick she had been gulping at. She felt it push past her throat muscle and bury itself to the hilt in her groping mouth. Her lips pounded against the pubic hair at the base of her father's dick. He responded by pumping his hips, fucking her solidly in the mouth, just like it was a tight little pussy. Julia struggled for a moment, then relaxed to the warm feeling creeping up from her pussy and her mouth. Her ecstasy was doubled as her mother fucked her pussy and her father fucked her mouth.

Josie urged her on. "Oh. That's it. Take him all the way in. Deep throat your Dad. Fuck her mouth, Mark. Cum in her mouth."

Mark was ready at his wife's command. Slowly he started to spurt into his daughter's beautiful red lips, feeling the cum go deep in her throat. He trembled as the orgasm shook him.

"Pull back a little, honey," Josie said. "Don't let it all go down your throat. Get it in your mouth so you can really taste it." Julia did as her mother said, feeling the cock bulge with each spurt. As it popped out of her throat, she began to taste the salty sweetness of her father's cum pumping into her mouth. It tasted so damn good she didn't want it ever to stop, and she felt her own orgasm spilling over as her mother continued to finger fuck her steaming pussy. The best of both, she thought. Can it ever get any better than this? Then her thoughts drifted momentarily back to when her brother had eaten her pussy and cum inside her. It was just enough to drive her completely into spasms.

As her father's hot cum filled her mouth and dribbled out the corners, she exploded against her mother's probing fingers. She had to let go of the dick in her mouth as the orgasm gripped her, and she jerked in pleasure-filled spasms. "Oh God, you made me cum, Mom. I love your fingers in my pussy." As she moved to look down at the fingers still working in her hot cunt, her father spewed another spurt, this one landing on her chin and dropping wetly on her right tit.

Josie rode her daughter's orgasm out, slowly easing her down from the heights of her passion, then moved up . "That cum on your tit looks so damn delicious," she said, and bent to lick the cum from her daughter's tit. Julia felt a new wave of pleasure as her mother sucked her tit, drawing in the remnants of her father's passion. Then Josie licked the bit from her daughter's chin, and the two women kissed again, sharing all the juices still left in Julia' mouth.

As they all eased onto the bed, tangled in each other's arms, Josie said, "Well, let me ask you again, do you think your cousin Cindy would like some hot cock for her nineteenth birthday?"

"I don't know for sure, but why don't I ask her?"

"Good idea," Josie purred, collapsing against her husband's chest. "I bet she's got a sweet tasting pussy, too," she added before drifting off in contentment.

The thought of her cousin's pussy as a tasty treat hadn't entered Julia's mind before, but then, neither had fucking her brother, or her father before the last few days. Now she felt like she was on a sexual awakening and needed to explore every aspect of sex. She thought about calling Cindy, envisioning the cute reddish hair flowing softly over her shoulders. She headed off to the shower thinking of how she'd ask her cousin about the surprise her parents had in mind for her birthday. The anticipation sent a chill through her pussy and shooting up her spine.

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Natalia K - The location is like sotnihmeg out of a storybook. One of my fav pics is the one of him kissing her forehead (right above the first shot of the pitcher) very sweet.

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It is absolutly great too fuck your daughter. Have started with my little girl when she was just 4

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Ohhh a good story. I suck my dad's cock lots. I am 13. I love his hot sperm. He makes me swallow it all. I want him to fuck me but dad says he is tooo scared he might give me a baby.

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ohhh wow...I read just now, what a story. Now I am going into my daughter's bedroom with my large hard on....and let her jerk me off...she's only 5....but I taught her that.

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Wow! This is sooo hot...I am rock hard!

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