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This my first post ever so hope you enjoy!!

One day a daughter goes to visit her dad at work and asks "Daddy, can I borrow the car?" Dad says "Sure but you have to give me a blowjob first." So daughter gets down and starts working on him but after a couple seconds gets and says "Dad your dick tastes like shit!" He says "Oh yeah, I forgot...your brother has the car..."

Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Don't post if your just going to
comment about jow fucked up incest's a joke...chill

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2012-01-06 02:35:33
I've heard this a million times before...

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2011-09-18 16:33:03
It's spooky how cevler some ppl are. Thanks!

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2010-05-11 23:05:17
thats weird he did his son


2010-03-28 07:24:15
no, incest is fine... the joke though, is fucked

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2010-03-24 00:57:08
so how many times did you borrow ur dad's car? how about ur brother?

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