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My husband, Paul, and I have offset schedules for work. He starts before I do and comes home at lunch to give me a ride to work. It makes for a nice setup, we both get some alone time and on occasion we get time for a quickie at lunch. Well at least we used to. For the past month or so we have had an old friend of mine staying with us. She just got out of a long relationship and has come back to her home town. Having her around has been lots of fun even if it did interfere with our afternoon sex life. Or at least it did.....

Last Friday, Paul came by to pick me up like always. Jill was still out job hunting, so we were able to have a quiet lunch together. We talked a little and flirted heavily back and forth. He was making me so wet with all the talk about what he wanted to do to me later that night. I always enjoy talking dirty with him but lately it’s been very hard to follow through with it. We try to make love AND keep quiet, as not to disturb Jill. Paul and I both think she is very sexy and often talk about including her in our bed but we just haven’t got the nerve to even bring it up to her. Today’s lunch talk did end up with us talking about all the things that we would do to her together and the things Paul would like to see me do with her on my own. By the time we finished lunch and were ready to leave I was so wet I couldn’t stand it. I wanted him to fuck me right here and now, but if we didn’t leave right away he would be late getting back to work. So I reluctantly said that we needed to go.

It was just my luck; we got half way to my office when I realized I didn’t have my purse. Paul was a little pissy with me when I told him I needed to go back home. We pulled up in front of the house and I just ran in to get it. As I walked down the hall to our bedroom I could hear some soft moaning noises coming from Jill’s room. “I guess she got back in the last few minutes”, I thought to myself. I could hear her getting a little louder so I decided to stay quiet as not to disturb her. I softly walked past her door to get my purse from my room when I noticed that her door wasn’t shut. I stopped when I got to her door which was open just enough for me to see inside. I stood there in amazement at the sight of her. She was completely naked with one hand between her legs and the other firmly gripping one of her perfect 36C breasts. I knew exactly what I had to do now.

I quietly backed up down the hall and ran out to Paul, whom was still waiting in the car. “You know what, honey; I think I'm just going to stay home today. I just don’t feel up to going in to work” I said. “Is everything ok?” he asked. “Of course, babe, I’ll tell you about it later. Now you better hurry off to work or you will be late too” I responded. I was hoping to have some “quality time” with Jill, but if I told him about it now he would want to stay and I know us... nothing would happen. I just couldn’t pass up THIS opportunity.

As Paul pulled away, I walked back in and quietly closed and LOCKED the door. I could still hear her noises of pleasure coming from down the hall. I quickly got undressed down to my panties and bra and put them quietly on the couch. As I moved down the hall, closer and closer to the beautiful sounds in the next room, I could feel my heart start to race and my mind going wild in anticipation.

Once again I was standing in the hall, peering through the crack of the door, staring at my beautiful friend fingering herself. As I watched her get closer and closer to orgasm I slid my fingers under my lace panties and started to rub my clit, hard and slow. I braced myself against the wall and did my best to keep quiet, no matter how much I wanted to scream as I reached climax. I have played with women before but only in a couple’s situation. I have never had a woman all to myself and was so excited about trying to get together with Jill, that it made me cum in a very short time. As I waited till my legs stop quivering I continued to watch Jill.

She was lying on the bed and leaned up against the wall. She now had one hand feverously rubbing her clit and had the other wrapped under her leg with two fingers sliding in and out of her noticeably wet pussy. She was just about to make her self cum when she turned her head a little towards the door. I was so worried that I would scare her if she saw me, that I took a step back but never took my eye off the incredible sight of her. To my surprise, she looked right at me and smiled. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she began to rub herself harder and faster until she screamed out in ecstasy.

“Did you enjoy the show?” she asked with a sly little smile.
“Oh my yes!” was all I could get out at first.
“I‘m sorry if I interrupted you, but when I came home to get my purse I could hear you, so I sent Paul off to work alone.” I continued
“I’m glad you did. I’ve been thinking about this since I first moved in.” she confessed.
“In that case” I giggled “I keep my toys in my night stand. Do you want to try them out?” I couldn’t believe I just said that. But her reaction still makes me wet just thinking about it. She didn’t say a word. She just got up from the bed and walked over to the door. She opened it the rest of the way and walked straight up to me, wrapped her arms around me and pushed me back into the wall and gave me a long and VERY passionate kiss that seamed to last for ever. I used one arm to pull her even closer to me and the other to pull her leg up around my hip. As we kissed we began to sensually explore each other’s bodies. As I squeezed her firm ass she undid my bra. She kept her leg around me but leaned back to take it off and just stood there and stared at my 34DD’s

“Damn, girl. Those look better than I thought, and I have thought about them a lot lately.”
“You look quite amazing yourself” I whispered back.

She then took one hand and began to softly rub my ass while squeezing one of my nipples with the other. I was so turned on by what was happening that my nipples were as hard as I had ever seen them. I turned us around and pressed her against the wall. I began to kiss her neck and run my fingers lightly up and down her side. I worked my kisses down her soft skin till I was able to take one of her small but very hard nipples into my mouth. I looked up at her. She was intently watching me and gave a little biting motion in encouragement. So I lightly bit down on her hard nipple and flicked it rapidly with my tongue. I took turns with this treatment on each of her breasts while caressing her beautiful body. When my hands finally reached her well trimmed pussy I began to rub her clit. Jill’s breathing instantly changed and she slumped slightly against the wall. I moved both of my hands and firmly grabbed her tight ass, lowered myself onto my knees and pulled her sweet smelling pussy to my open mouth. I licked her clit and darted my tongue in and out of her. Just a few short minutes later, Jill moaned loudly, grabbed my head and pulled me firmly against her pussy. I continued to lick her clit as she wiggled and screamed in ecstasy.

As soon as Jill’s legs where sturdy enough for her to stand on her own again, she helped me up and led me the bedroom.

“So, let me see these toys of your” she said as she laid down on the king size bed.

Jill and I climbed on the bed next to each other. As I crawled forward to reach my nightstand, Jill ran her fingers down my side and began kissing me softly down my chest to my waist, giving me chills down my back. She slid two fingers under the band of my silky thong and removed it as I continued to the other side of my large bed. I leaned off the end of the bed and rummaged though the small nightstand to retrieve my three favorite toys. Jill took this opportunity to caress my back and kiss me all over from my neck to my toes. She took extra time and attention in kissing and licking my ass. As she first grabbed my ass with both hands and buried her talented tongue between my cheeks, I arched up sharply and gave her full access to my shaved and now very wet pussy.

Jill was wonderful. To often in the past I have played with a woman whom was not very giving on the other end, so this extra attention from her to my ass and pussy was just about the most wonderfully exciting feeling I have ever had. She continued to lick my pussy and ass, taking care not to let one get all the attention. She took one finger and sucked on it before inserting it into me. Being an experienced woman, she knew just how to give me more stimulation than most guys I’ve been with. Jill now had two fingers slowly working in and out of me, with her tongue dancing on my ass and keeping her fingers moist. I was getting so worked up that I had to drop the three toys I had been holding and grab on to the end of the bed to keep from falling off. When I did finally cum, I pushed back hard against her mouth and she continued to lightly rub my g-spot, with her tongue firmly inserted and wiggling inside my ass. Once my orgasm was complete I collapsed on the bed next to Jill. “That was amazing” was the only thing I could say.

“Ok, beautiful, lets see those toys of yours, I’m NOT done with you yet” she said with a coy smile on her lips.

First I pulled out the “Wild Fire,” It’s a realistic looking and feeling cock and balls that’s about 7 inches long. I pushed her over onto her back and told her “It’s my turn to play again”. I put a nice dab of lube on the end and slowly inserted the dildo in her dripping wet pussy. “I guess I didn’t need any lube”, I thought to my self. I began with long, slow strokes while sucking on her very erect nipples. “Harder! ... Faster!” she moaned, so I moved so that I could eat her out while I played. I started to thrust into her as fast and hard as I could while keeping my mouth firmly planted on her clit. I was licking the dildo off and on as it slid in and out of her sweet tasting pussy. I kept this up for a good ten minutes until she once again began to scream out. As soon as she was able to loosen up and relax after another several minutes of orgasming she said that it was my turn. Jill spent the next little while kissing up and down my body until I said “Stop teasing me and just fuck me!” she didn’t hesitate to oblige. She was great, she knew just how to use that big didlo and her fantastic tongue to make me orgasm in just a few minutes. I’m one of those girls who can come over and over and they get quicker as they go. Paul says he loves that about me.
Next I took out the 18 inch soft double dong. We sat facing each other on the bed and kissed passionately as we fingered each other. I took one end and slid it into my now throbbing pussy and I slid the other end into her very wet and ready pussy. Jill then moved my hand and grabbed it so that she could control the action. She slid it back and forth between us as fast as she could. I did my best to keep from coming. Once I could see that she was close, I pinched her nipples hard with one hand and began rubbing her clit with the other. She came almost instantly. As she continued to orgasm I took over control of the dildo and we both came harder than we had all day.

It took us a little while to recover from that one but once we did Jill told me she was ready for more…

I took out my newest little toy. It’s a short double dildo, about 10 inches long and flexible. “How does that work?” Jill asked. “Well, my dear, let me show you” I responded. I stuck it in my mouth to get it a little wet then slid it into her. I slowly moved closer to her and gave her a deep kiss. Without stopping the kiss I positioned myself with one leg over hers and the other under. I pressed the other end of the dildo against my dripping pussy and rotated my hips to allow it to enter me as well. I pulled away from her lips and leaned back slightly. I pressed my self against her until I was able to rub my clit against hers. “Oh, my, that’s very nice” Jill exclaimed. We both started to wiggle our hips and rub our clits together as hard as we could. We could both feel the dildo sliding back and forth between us and the glorious sensation of our pussys rubbing together. I had never done any “tribbing” before, so this was an amazing experience. We just stared into each other’s eyes as we reached for and played with each other’s nipples and tits. We continued to rub faster and faster, trying not to break the pressure we were forcing on our clits. I was astonished at just how long we both were able to keep this up. The sensation of having her pussy rubbing against mine, and the way the dildo filled us, was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was like being eaten out and fucked at the same time! After what seamed like forever, but was probably only a few minutes we both gripped each other’s hips and slammed our selves together and slowly gyrated until we screamed out as loud as we could. We both fell back on the bed and just lay there holding hands and trying to breath for about 15 minutes.

“Oh my god, that was incredible,” I told Jill.

“Yes, sexy, it was” Was all she could say, in a very weak and breathless voice.

“So, are you glad I stayed home from work today?” I said.

Jill just laughed.

“I think we should get cleaned up before Paul gets home.” I said as, I grabbed her hand and lead her to the bathroom for a sensual bath.

When Paul did get home he found us on the couch watching a movie. “Did you guys have a nice time, Are you feeling better, my dear” he asked.

We just laughed in unison and I said. “Yes Jill knew just how to make me feel better.”

Later that night when we were in bed I told Paul all about our day. He wasn’t upset at all …..but it sure turned him on. And that’s a story for another time


2009-08-02 07:18:11
a very sensual yarn, when is the next one?


2009-07-30 02:45:14
a threesome? - read our other stories - been there done that - it was great!! can't wait to do it again!!!

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2009-07-29 09:45:56
a 3 some would be good

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