My Regan

The following is a favorite fantasy of mine.

I open a door that leads into a bathroom and the vision that meets me is a scene from a movie I've watched a hundred times before. Regan from the exorcist is sitting in the bath her knees drawn up to her chest. Her mother is nowhere to be seen. It's just us. I walk through the door and kneel before her perfect naked form. Instantly my member becomes rigid and presses uncomfortably against my jeans. She turns her head and stares at me with her gorgeous big brown eyes.
'Who are you?' She asks, not alarmed by my appearance, simply curious. Her voice sounds like music to my ears. Almost involuntarily my hand reaches out to stroke her faultless cheek. Her eyes widen at this but she doesn't pull away from my touch.
'I'm a friend sweetheart. I've come here to be close to you.' She smiles the smile that makes my heart skip countless beats. Then she breaks eye contact with me and I follow her line of vision as she looks down to her knees and then back up to me.
'That's okay,' I tell her, reading her mind.
'I'm special. You can forget everything your mother has told you about men not being allowed to see you without clothes on.' With that she's smiling again.
'Would you do something for me Regan?' I ask. She nods and her aura cries out an eagerness to please her new friend.
'Lie back, let me see all of you.' Again Regan nods, then she unwraps her arms from her knees and lies back with her head resting against the edge of the bath. In doing so she hides close to nothing of herself. No amount of fantasy prepares me for the perfection of this eleven year olds naked body.
'You are so goddamn beautiful,' I whisper. As my eyes travel slowly down her body. Lingering over the barely risen mounds of flesh that would one day be undoubtedly perfect breasts. If you liked that but the way they are at that moment is exactly the way I like them small enough that I can cup them entirely in one hand. I almost reach out and do exactly that but I resist, choosing instead to make each moment last as long as possible. We have all the time in the world I remind my self, fighting the burning urge to remove my now cock strangling jeans, jump in the bath tub and ram myself into her virginal fuck hole. Thinking of her preteen pussy my eyes leave her chest and scan quickly over her flat stomach, stopping only when I spy her hairless mound. But I can only see a tiny part of her luscious slit, she still has her knees pressed together. Tenderly I place a hand on her midriff, stroking her tummy.
'Have you ever been kissed?' I ask her. Silently she shakes her head.
'I'm going to kiss you now.' I say leaning my face toward hers until I'm close enough to smell cherry lip balm.
'Open your mouth just a crack and close your eyes.' She does both without question and I press my lips to hers. Marveling at their simultaneous fullness and softness.
'Did you like that Regan?' I ask, breaking off the kiss.
'Yeah,' she says in her childish, almost giggling voice.
'I'm going to make you feel things you've never even imagined. Just keep doing what I tell you to.'
'Okay,' Regan nods.
'I want to be there in that bath with you, stand up for a second.' Eagerly she does what I ask of her. Before I undress I reach behind her and remove the scrunchy, allowing her dark brown hair to cascade over her bare shoulders.
'That's better,' I tell her running my fingers through the silken soft free flowing strands. I all but tear my clothes off of my body and when I'm standing there just as naked as Regan I see her staring in open mouthed surprise at my blood engorged knob.
'It likes you Regan that's why its big like that.' While she is still eying my erection I step into the calf high warm water and place my hands on her hips tickling her abdomen with the tips of my fingers and bend my face once more toward hers, kissing more hungrily this time. Finding her tongue with my own. Still kissing her I trace parallel lines up her stomach until my hands my palms rub across her light brown nipples. The twin bumps peeking out of her young breasts harden instantly at my touch and a soft moan, almost whisper like escapes from her lips. Issuing an answering moan of my own I move my lips to her chin, to the hollow of her throat, and all the way to one of her girlie mounds. She moans again louder this time and her knees begin to buckle, without taking my hungry mouth from her breast I wrap my hand around her waist to keep her standing. When the nipple beneath my flickering tongue is slippery with saliva I take the other into my mouth. And while I explored this new part of her my hands find their way to the small of her back and lower to rub her firm, smooth ass cheeks. Reluctantly pulling away from her, removing my hands from her cheeks I stroke her chin so that she is looking up at me,
'Do you want to go further? I can make you feel so much better than you do now.' She nods distractedly, the heady intoxication of awakening sexuality swimming in her half closed eyes.
'Okay,' I whisper and drop onto my knees in front of her. From this height I'm face to face with Regan's bald vagina and I almost lunge at it but I stop myself. I want to taste and feel every sensual part of her young body before I even touch her there. Saving the best for last, not that everything about her isn't glorious.
'Turn around baby,' I tell her. She does and I see for the first time the perfect almost sculpted ass cheeks. Frenziedly I lean forward and with my hands once more on her hips I run my tongue up and down one of those cheeks and then the other.
'Bend over,' I say and without word she does this. Gently I use my hands to spread her cheeks apart and take in the sight of her sphincter pink and pretty as a jewel. Calling me. And I answer eagerly and the taste of her asshole is heaven beyond description. Regan responds positively and moans again so much louder than before and moves back so my face is pressed even closer to her. Taking my face away I take a finger and push insert it into her tight anus tickling her with my finger before moving it in and out slow at first and then faster as my Regan's breath comes in increasingly ragged gasps. Once again her legs buckle, this time I guide her gently on to her hands and knees and as her first orgasm builds I watch her absentmindedly reach between her legs and push one finger deep inside herself masturbating in time to my probing finger soon, too soon she is cumming, rocking her hips and positively mewing as her anus tightens around my finger. When it passes I remove my finger and she takes hers from her now shining slit. I'm almost ready for her now but first I have one more fantasy to realize. I've always wanted to beat off feeling her lithe naked body pressed atop mine and at this time I was long overdue for a release of my own so I move Regan so that I am lying in the bath with her covering me. She is half asleep, close to exhausted after her introduction to womanhood and rests her head against my shoulder. Then I start pumping, the tip already slippery with precum. Needless to say it does not take long for me to excrete a phenomenal amount of cock juice onto Regan's white back as my knob grows slightly flaccid I scoop up a handful of water and washed my cum off her alabaster skin. She jumps in my arms at this.
'The water is cold,' she explains,
'Can we get out now?' As she said this I realize the truth of her words, the bath water had gone cold.
'Yeah we can sweetheart, you can show me your bedroom.'

If you enjoyed this, if you want me to write the second half give me a good review on this my first attempt at erotic fiction.

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Oh yes write more please . Younger the better

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