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Seeing an old lover and her daughter
I was just stopping at the local bookstore when I ran into an old girlfriend. Or rather my old boss whom I had once had sexual relations with. We stopped and talked for a bit catching up on our respective lives, I asked her about her men (her husband and son who was now 3 yrs into college) she said fine and asked how I was doing I told her I had gotten married, she said congrats to that. We talked about our respective jobs since our last job together. She had gone from Managing resturants to being a clerk and notary for a dealership and I had gone from her assistant to working security. I complimented her on how great she looked and she thanked me as well as complimented me on how handsome I looked.
When her cell rang I figured she had to go so I excused myself to leave when she stopped me by grabbing my arm.
Waiting for her to finish I stood there and waited to see what she wanted.
"Are you busy now?" Deb asked.
"No, why?"
"Is your wife expecting you soon?"
"Nope she's with her mother and sister. I'm free until late tonight, why?"
"Could you come to my place? Paul is out of town and my son's in college so I wanted to have you come over I have a surprise for you.' She explained.
Shrugging I thought maye she wanted to rekindled the old flame once more so thought for a second and shrugged saying what the heck. My wife was bitchy lately anyways.
So I followed her to her house and after we walked in I was surprised to see a young teenage girl laying on the floor watching tv.
"Allison, sit up we have a guest." Deb instructed the girl
Walking with Deb to her bedroom I asked about the girl.
"Who is she?" I inquired.
"Allison." was the reply.
"How old is she?" I wondered
"She's 15." was her answer.
Going back into the room where Allison was I sat on the chair and was admittedly checking her out. She was slightly taller than her mother. But she was nearly a spitting image of her mother in everyway that I could tell at that time. The girl was laying on the couch talking on her cell phone when I saw her. She looked at me as if I had a third appendage on my head and went back to her phone. Shrugging I went into the hall to see if Deb was coming out. Instead Deb calls for me and I figured something was up but not sure so I went to where she said she was which was downstairs in the family room.
Going down I was surprised to see her or rather more of her. She was wearing a flimy see thru white babydoll. Wondering what she was up to as I went down the rest of the stairs I asked about her daughter.
"What about your kid?" I asked
"She's on the phone isn't she?" Deb asked me
"Last I checked she was."
"Okay then well be fine."
Shrugging Iwent to sit next to her as I did Deb moved closer to me and allowed me to put my arm around her. AS I did she leaned to me allowing me also to kiss her.
AS he began to kiss she began to reach down to feel for my zipper, as she felt for it she unzipped my fly.
She and I made out on the couch I soon had her flimsy garment off and she had my pants open and was stroking me to bigger size. Looking at me she smiled and lew me a kiss, as I smiled back she took that as a invitation to move on so she kissed the tip of my cock then moved to the shaft with the kisses.
Looking again she turned back to my cock and began to engulf it into her mouth.
Having recieved a blowjob from her in the past I knew how great she was so I sat there and basked in the wonderful blowjob I was getting from her.
I was enjoying the moment when Allson showed up.
"Mom what are you doing?" She exclaimed.
Deb ignored her and continued to suck me off
"Uh Deb you need to stop." I choked out as I was about to burst.
Deb seemed to sense I was about to unload so she stopped.
Shifting uncomfortably in my prediciment I sat there looking up at Allison.
She began to berate her mom for giving me head, asking why she was doing that.
Deb told her daughter she enjoyed it so she was giving me an old friend head. I nodded that I liked it but the glare told me not to keep nodding. So I looked for a way out.
"Your dad won't let me give him head and hell I have to beg for sex from him." Deb tells her
"Mom I stopped calling Paul dad last year when you told me he wasn't my father." Allison told her.
Hearing this I wondered when and who got Deb knocked up. Thinking back for a second I knew she I went pretty heavy at the sex and back then I unloaded a few loads into her. But back then she was quite the woman and also had been with more men as well. But that's another story, Looking at Allison more closely I could see something more.
"Excuse me, but Allison do you know who your dad is?" I asked
"No mom here never told me."
As Deb was about to say something the phone rang. Seeing an opportunity to have a moment Deb takes the call. Leaving me sitting there with my pants down and her daughter standing there, she leaves saying she needed to take the call.
I started to pull my pants up when Allison told me not to. Looking up at her I still attempted to pull them up when she dropped to her knees and grabbed my pants. Looking into her eyes I saw the desire in her eyes and had to ask.
"What are you doing?" I managed to choke out.
"What do you think?" She asked me as she stroked my exposed member.
Uh aren't you 14 or something?" I asked.
"15 dummy." She retorted. "And mom's not going to care she's busy and I'm sure you need release."
With that she began kissing and toying with my balls and shaft, working me back up. Looking at her I nodded and laid back while she started sucking on my now hardened shaft. I could tell she was Deb's daughter she was almost as good as Deb was.
Allison was bobbing her head up and down on my cock sucking it like she was thirsty for what was inside. I told her I was about to bust and asked if she was ready. The playful bite she gave my shaft told me she wanted the taste.
Not knowing Deb was sitting on the steps watching her daughter suck her lover's cock I groaned as my load exploded in the teen's mouth. Allison swallowed and sucked down as much as my load as she could.
"What's going on here? Allison what were you doing?" Deb says as she came down the stairs, still nude.
"Crap" was all I could utter.
Walking to her daughter Deb smiles at her and kisses her daughter full on the lips getting some of the spunk I jizzed into her mouth. Kissing her mom back Allison grabbed her mom's ass and pulled her tight to her.
Turning to me Deb and Allison both smiled.
"You know tasting your cum in my daughter isn't as good as getting it from your cock but she can suck dick can't she?" Deb informs me getting me to relax a bit.
"Yeah she's not as good as her mother but she is great at cocksucking." I said pleased that she was okay with that.
Next thing I knew Deb had Allison on her back cunt lapping her vagina out and I seeing this opportunity went down to return the favor with Allison.
But Deb had other plans she had me licking Allison's pussy while she went back to sucking my cock.
Allison was easy to get excited she was writhing in ectasy as my tongue worked her pussy over, She clutched my head begging me to do it. Soon with her legs wider and my head positioned I stuck my tongue into her lips penetrating as deep I could with my tongue.
Deb meanwhile sucked feverishly on my dick as her daughter cried out from my tongue lashing on her vagina. Sensing her daughters eagerness for more Deb stops sucking me and comes up to whisper in my ear.
"Stick that cock of yours in her pussy let's see how ready she is for it."
Looking over at Deb I smiled and moved to put the tip of my cock at the enterance of her daughters love hole.
Knowing what was about to take place, Allison begs me to give it to her.
"Ready?" I asked her
"Yes oh yes please I want it, I want it now" She cried out grabbing my cock to guide it in.
Moving her hand aside I pushed my dick into her tight hole and with a with a little forcing I pushed past her hyman taking her virginity with my thrust causing her to cry out in painful ectasy. Once I got my cock deep into her I began to thrust my cock in and out of her cunt.
Deb smiled as her daughter got fucked by my cock. She and Allison kissed each other as I drilled my cock deeper.
Getting turned on by their kiss I grabbed Deb's tit as they groped each other as they kissed while I fucked the teen's cunt.
Soon Allison was clutching my ass as I drove deeper into her cunt. She was crying out in orgasmic ectasy. I knew she was having her first orgasm and I was not pulling out.
Having loosened her up some I pulled out and lay on my back and told her if she wanted more she had to ride me. Looking to her mom Allison grinned wildly as she got on me and within seconds my cock was back inside her as she rode my cock.
With her on my cock riding me, I reached up and grabbed her youthful and large tits.
"Hey Deb her tits are almost as big as yours" I proclaimed.
"I bet mine are firmer." Allison said
"Honey yours are just fine and your moms are good too." I told them.
As I told them that I reached over a fondled Deb's large tit as her daughter rode me.
Feeling a build up of pent up cum ready to burst I told the women this to see where they wanted the load to go.
Laying against me Allison begs me to give it to her, Deb urges me to do so as well.
Grabbing Allison's perky little ass I drill even deeper with my thrust and soon my load launches deep into her.
Moaning in orgasmic bliss Allison collapses as my load floods her pussy. Soon she rolls off me and lays on her back.
"You want more sweetie" her mother asks.
"Not now mom" she tells her
"Okay suit yourself." Deb says as she now goes down to suck my cock that was now wet from creaming her daughter's cunt with her first load.
Letting Deb suck my cock she comments on how she wanted to taste our daughter's pussy with my cock having busting in her.
Later I grabbed Deb before I could bust in her mouth and lay her on her back and fucked her deep and hard. I wanted her to get creamed deep into her cunt as well as her daughter.
Deb took my cock deep into her cunt and was enjoying the deep thrusts I gave her as Allison watched her mom's face contort with sexual bliss. We had spent the next several hours sucking and fucking. Allison got more than her air share but both Deb and I weren't complaining. Allison's pussy was now overloaded with my cum. And Deb's pussy had it's fair share as well.

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2016-05-12 22:14:49
He should have had Deb ride his facewhile Allison rode his cock and then have them trade places

I got rock hard reading it !!

The Mentor

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2011-09-29 11:55:56
Good story. Have both mother and daughter come up pregnant after your session.

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2011-03-18 22:51:48
Great story. In future stories get both mother and daughter pregnant. If daughter is yourdaughter having a grandchild by your daughter would be a great turn on.

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2011-01-24 00:06:05
ok but it is bad sock coak

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2010-12-17 13:32:19
Hot story, I dropped a load reading it. It would have eveen better if it turned out to be her father

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