This is one of my fantasies from my grade 10 year. Both of the girls in this story are real, and I know them both very well. Hope you enjoy it.
She finally slipped her fingers out of her sopping wet pussy. Her moans had stopped, and the orgasm had subsided. She let out a long sigh, slipped her panties back on, and left her room.

Grace was a beautiful 16 year old girl, with long, brown hair and a button nose. She had nice, full breasts, very large for her age. She also had a perfectly toned, firm ass. Everywhere she walked, guys would watch her every move. But she gave them nothing. Not one of them had gotten any more then a kiss. They often cursed her for being such a tease. The truth was, she was ashamed of being a virgin. But at this point she had bigger problems. Not only was she a virgin, but she recently realised that she liked girls as much as she liked boys. More and more often she found herself wet with desire everytime she thought of her girlfriends.

Today, like most other days, she walked out of her room, a warm wetness between her legs, after just masturabting to the thought of being with another girl. But today, she just didn't give a fuck. She actually felt like today was the day she would start embracing the thought of being bisexual.

Walking down the hall, she bumped into her sister, Molly. Molly was one year older then Grace, and shared her large breasts and button nose. Other then that, they just looked like two different people. Grace caught herself noticing Molly's cleavage and well toned legs. The thought "What am I doing!" ran through her head.

"Oh, shit! Sorry Grace." said Molly

"It's fine..." Grace trailed off.

She walked by Molly, trying to force the new thoughts of her sister from her head. Grace was so confused.

They went to the same school and even shared some classes. As a pair, everywhere they went heads turned. Guys would try anything to get just one chance with either of these beauties.

Grace was in the change room, getting ready for co-ed gym class, when her sister walked in.

"What are you doing?" Grace asked.

"Oh I took this class for extra credit. All I have to do is help the gym teacher with stretches and exercises and I get and extra 20% on my final." she grinned.

Molly dropped her skirt to her feet. Grace couldn't help but whatch her sister strip off her clothing. She felt a light tingle in her pussy and her mind began to trail off in thoughts of kinky sex with beautiful girls. Grace's eyes started at Molly's feet, her toe-nails painted lime green, and made their way up her perfect legs, past over her tight-fitting, boy-cut panties, and up her stomache and chest as Molly removed her shirt.

"Grace..." Molly said.

"Uh...what? Oh sorry...i have a shitty head-ache." Grace said.

She forced herself to turn around as Molly slipped on her spandex shorts and tight fitting gym shirt. Grace began to undress, but realised her pussy was wet and soaking though her panties. She descretely covered herself and quickly pulled on her own spandex shorts and small shirt.

Soon they were out in the gym with the whole class doing random exercises and stupid games. The gym teacher stopped everyone for a final stretching before hitting the showers.

"Molly, I think this is your job." the gym teacher said.

"OK, Grace, you want to help?" Molly asked.

Grace stood beside her sister, trying her best not to steal a glance at her sister's body. The sisters were extremely flexible and presented their streches to the class, so they could follow. Most of the guys in the class got hard from watching these sisters touch their toes and do the splits.

The class came to an end and Grace headed for the showers. As she changed she let her eyes wander over the bodies of her female class mates. She watched the girls in the shower and became immediatly wet. She was about the jump into one of the showers, when her sister stepped out, completely naked and soaking wet. Grace stared at her beautiful sister, seeing her perfect tits, tiny nipples and her tight slit shining with wetness made Grace shiver with excitment. She left immediatly.

The second she was in the door of her house, her hand was down her pants, slipping through her wet pussy. She rushed to her room and closed the door. Her fingers had a mind of their own, slidding in and out, up and down, and moving in circles. In a matter of mintues she was ready to cum. She rubbed her clit with her thumb and fucked herself with her middle finger. With her other hand she teased her asshole. The juices from her pussy dripped down to her asshole, making penetration easy. She was unaware of her loud moaning. Her hands moved quicker and quicker, satisfying her desires. As she started to cum, she bucked and kicked, she pulled her finger out of her tight slit and pressed her clit. At the same time she shoved a finger in her asshole. A stream of juice squirted out of her pussy. Another squirt and another. Her intense orgasm made her cum more then ever before. Her bucks slowed and she pulled her finger from her asshole, and put it in her mouth. She had never fingered her ass before, and was surprised at how good it felt. Her inner thighs were soaked with cum and she could clearly see where she squirted on her bed. After catchin her breath, she put her shorts back on and strted to clean up.

The next day Grace was excited for gym class. She had accepted the fact that her she had sexual feelings for her sister. She couldn't wait to see her stripping stretching, and showering again. She had been wet almost all day. When gym class finally rolled around, Grace and Molly walked together to the change room. Again Grace watched her sister strip off her skimpy clothing. Getting wetter with every second. As Grace pulled on her shorts, she quickly slipped her hand thought her legs, pressing her hand against her tight slit, shuddering at the pleasure. Soon it was time for stretches again. Grace felt her juices soaking through her spandex shorts, and had been slipping her hand between her legs all class. She watched her sister closely. Molly effortlessly bent over and touched her toes. Grace gazed at Molly's ass, seeing the outline of her thong. Molly then stood up and pulled her arms behind her back, pushing her tits out infront of her. Grace shuddered again.

Molly then leaned out stretch her leg, but accidently rolled her ankle and fell over. Grace went to her and helped her up. Molly held her ankle in pain and said she was fine, but told the gym teacher she was going to go home. Grace offered to help her get to her car.

Later at home, Grace helped Molly to her room. Molly still hadn't changed, and Grace couldn't help but notice her sisters shorts riding up, giving her a perfect camel-toe. Her pussy lips were clearly outlined by the tight-fitting shorts. Molly sat on the bed and Grace helped her sister take off her shoes. She started to stand but was stopped when she came face-to-face with Molly. Their lips only inches apart. Grace gazed into her sister's eyes, her sister gazed back. Grace leaned in and kissed Molly, gentily and passiontaley. To her surprise, Molly didn't pull away. Molly kissed her sister like she had kissed no other. The kiss only lasted for several seconds, but both girls became very wet.

Grace looked up at her sister with pouty eyes. Her hands slid up Molly legs, to her inner thighs. Molly, pulled Grace in for another kiss. Molly layed down on the bed and Grace stood to get ontop of her sister, their lips never leaving eachother's. Molly ran her hands up the back of her sister's legs, over her ass and up her back. She took the bottom of Grace's shirt and slowly lifted it over her head. Her bra came off quicky. Their tongues touch and rolled over eachother, playfully teasing one-another. Grace's hand made it's way to Molly's crotch, and Grace rubbed her sister's pussy through her tight shorts. Molly let out a small gasp. Molly's hands were squezzing Grace's perfect tits, and Grace's hand slid down Molly's shorts. The first touch of her sister's pussy was the best feeling of her life. She slid her middle finger between Molly's pussy lips, that were soaked with her juices. Grace's fingers found there way to Molly's clit, and to her tiny hole, and Grace gentily penetrated her sister. Molly let out a soft moan. After only a few seconds of fingering her sister, Grace pulled her hand out of Molly's shorts and pulled off Molly's clothes. Molly slowly pulled of Grace's clothes too. Their hands wandered eachothers bodies, every place touch and teased.

Molly layed Grace down on the bed.

"I saw you watching me all week. I watched you masturbate yesturday. My pussy got so wet," Molly said. "All I've wanted to do is eat your sweet pussy out and make you cum."

Grace said nothing, she just reaced down and spread her pussy lips for her sister. Molly's tongue slowly slid through Grace's pussy. Grace bucked slightly and moaned. Molly tongued her sister gentily, fingering her own pussy as she did it. She slid a finger into her sister, and then moved her tongue to Grace's clit. Grace moaned as her sister fingered and ate her wet twat. Soon she was on the edge, and looked down at her sister for the final push. The sight of Molly's tongue going in quick circles around her clit threw her over the edge.
"OH YES!" Grace screamed and thrusted her hips into her sister's face. She bucked and kicked and squirted her warm juices into her sisters mouth and onto her face. Her orgasm was long and extatic, and when it was finally over she went to her sister, breathing hard, and licked her juices off her face.

Soon Molly was on her back, and Grace positioned herself in between her legs. Grace leaned in and smelled her sister's pussy. She looked carefully at it, wanting it more and more with every second that pased. The juices of her slit made it shine, Grace could tell that it was and perfect, tight pussy. Grace couldn't hold back any longer. She licked her sister's wet twat from end to end, and almost came again from the taste alone. They both moaned. Grace ate Molly's pussy quickly, sliding her tongue in and out, smelling and tasting the juices that flowed out. She pushed a finger into Molly's pussy and fucked her untill she was close to a climax, but then she pulled her finger out. Molly's loud moans stopped, and she looked at her sister, confused. Grace took her wet finger, and slowly slid it down to Molly's tiny asshole. She pressed her finger against it, teasing her sister. Molly's moans started again and she yelped when Grace finally penetrated her asshole. Grace fucked her sister's asshole and pushed her tongue into her pussy. Molly came hard, moaning and begging Grace not to stop.

After she finished, they spooned playfully. Grace knew that this was just one of the many sexual experiances they were going to have as sisters. And the only thing on her mind was that she couldn't wait for tomorrows gym class.

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2009-07-26 18:25:20
nice story!! wished it was longer so i coulda came twice

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2009-07-26 13:56:20
damn hot, my penis was so swollen it hurt. Added by the fact my sac was pulled so tight on my balls.

My wife loved the story also. She licked and massaged my balls as she sucked mr dry.She didn't stop till I was done. I came so much she couldn't swallow it all. Shes so sexy with cum leaking from the corners of her mouth.

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