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THIS IS A TRUE STORY ABOUT ONE HOT AND HORNY HALLOWEEN NIGHT. 6 GUYS TURNING TRICKS FOR SOME HOT TREATS. This story takes place about 1996. This is a true story about my first gay sex party. It was not intended to be a sex party but that’s how it ended up. My friend and fuck buddy Joe was hanging out at my apartment one Halloween night. Joe suggested that I invite some friends over to hang out. I thought that it was a good idea. So I started calling friends.
I called my friend Bill. Bill is a friend of mine who I swapped blow jobs with several times. I also invited his roommate Phil. I called my landlord Sonny. Sonny is screaming gay and we also swapped blow jobs on several occasions. Lastly, I invited Bill’s younger brother John. John was about 20 at the time. John and sonny had fucked around together a few times in the past. Actually we all had had each other at one time or another. it was kind of a party group we had. An NSA fuck buddy club.
About an hour later everyone has arrived. There was some quiet Halloween music playing in the background. I had put out some snacks for my guests. My friends each brought something except for Bill. He was a mooch. We were hanging out talking, laughing and having a good time. Just then Joe started up an impromptu truth or dare game. It was more like just truth. Now we all knew that Bill had wanted to fuck his brother John. I kind of thought that John knew as well. Joe asked Bill if no one would ever find out would he suck his brother’s dick. Bill said yes. John’s face turned red. Joe asked John if he were horny and Bill offered him a blow job and no one would ever find out would he let his brother suck him off. John said yes. At hearing this I could see that Bill was getting aroused. The questioning went on for about another hour. During this time I started to get turned on by all the hot questions and even more so by the hotter answers. But i kept my composure.
After about an hour of that game Joe just stripped naked in front of all of us. He then sat back down on the sofa. We were all in shock and yet turned on by this. Before I knew it Joe had started making out with Bill. Sonny was next to strip. After stripping He gently assisted John out of his cloths. Sonny began to suck John’s dick. Although John was younger than Bill his cock was much bigger than bill’s. Joe seeing John Naked walked over and began sucking john’s cock while John sucked sonny. Next Bill throwing caution to the wind began sucking off his brother. I stood there in amazement. Before I knew it John and Bill got into this gay, incest 69 position. This was wild. It was the first time that I had ever seen incest before except for the time that i fucked my sister. but that it another story.
I thought to myself this is my apartment and I’m not having any fun. I then took all my clothes off and began sucking off Phil. It was known in the circle of friends that Phil and I both had the smallest cocks. Phil’s was about 5 inches hard and mine was about 4 inches. We were all on the floor of my living room fucking and sucking anyone we could. The sounds of sucking and slurping filled the room. Every now and then you would hear the sounds of quiet moaning. My living room floor was a sea of squirming bodies. The scent of man filled the air. SUCKING, SLURPING, KISSING, FUCKING, MOANING, HEAVY BREATHING, HEARTS RACING WE HAD IT ALL. I thought to my self "was this a dream?" All my nasty gay fantasies were coming true this night. And I was Hosting it all !!!
I knew that we were all going to cum soon so I made the announcement that I wanted no cum stains on my floor. Sonny, my landlord who was there laid out a tarp to catch all the cum. I have this bukakke fantasy. So I lay on my back in the middle of the tarp and told everyone that I wanted their cum all over my body. The made a circle around me and continued to stroke themselves off. One by one I heard the words “ I’m gonna cum !!!” and streams of hot cum were shot all over me. I was so turned on by this. I was rubbing the cum all over. Occasionally I would taste it. When everyone finished Cumming on me I had another announcement to make. I told them that I wanted a huge golden shower from them. Again they formed a circle. One by one they began peeing on me. I couldn’t take it anymore and right there I blew my load.
They finished peeing on me. Afterwards we picked up the tarp and cleaned the mess. We all took turns taking a shower. When we were finished we broke off into groups of 2 or 3 and went to different parts of my apartment. John and Bill went to my bedroom to engage in some hot brother on brother incest action. Sonny and Joe went into the bathroom. Phil and I stayed in my living room for more oral action. That was a Halloween that I’ll never forget. I hope that you enjoyed this true story. We all did...LOL. Next time I'll tell you the story about Joe and I sucking off each other and everyone else at a porn store. Until then Don't be a stranger, Just be strange. bye.

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RE Anonymous: do you label yours "breeder" hick?>

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next time label it under faggot

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