Welcome to my youth, this is the story of the first time me and my sweetheart made love. Hope you enjoy.
Not everything in here is 100% accurate, but its how much I remember of my childhood.

It was a camping trip like all the others, my parents would drag me and my sister up to the Adirondacks for one week with my aunt, uncle, and their daughter Sara who was my age, well younger by several months. I hated going because all that they ever did was sit around and talk, and Sara and my sister Lucy would sit around playing with makeup or whatever it never really interested me beyond the point of "girl stuff." the only fun parts where exploring the trails the last couple years since my parents seen it ok for me to wander off on my own since I was 11, and at this point I'm 13.

Everything started out normal, me and my family got there first as usual and we got everything set up. We got a new tent this year; instead of one room we now had four separate rooms. We brought our other tent as well but seeing as how big this one was we didn't bother setting the smaller one up. I got one of the rooms, my sister got another, and my parents got the other, the middle room was for random things that we didn't want to get wet and stuff.

When Sara and her parents arrived I was down by the river skipping stones when my mom started shouting to help them with their tent. I said "I'll be right there!" But I continued to toss in all the best stones from the pile I made. My mom yelled "Brian NOW!" I knew she meant business so I dropped the stones out of my hand and ran up towards the cars. When I got there Uncle Ben was holding up one side of the tent when he told me to put in the rod onto the pin, which I did, then he let go and WHAM! all I remember is closing my eyes and pain, after a few seconds I was able to open them and see that the rod had snapped and caught me on the top of my head.

"Sara get a towel!" Uncle Ben yelled. Sara hearing my cries of pain ran around the side of the tent where I caught my first sight of her this trip. She had a towel in her hand, but that’s not what caught my attention. She was dressed in a low cut top with spaghetti strings and really small shorts, I thought "OH MY GOD, THIS IS SARA!? The same Sara that always wore jeans, sweaters, and long dresses!?" She was H-O-T! More so than any girl in my school at least. I saw that her curves where really developed, her boobs where as big as grapefruits easily and she had a nice bubble butt that just made me think "DAAAM." Even her wavy brown hair that was tied back turned me on. Even though I was bleeding from the head all this was able to run through my head in the matter of seconds.

Uncle Tom walked me over to the picnic table and took the towel and placed it on my head and asked Sara to hold it there. Sara was saying things like "Oh Brian I'm so sorry! It's all my fault I shouldn't of been leaning on that!..." and a bunch of random words I can't really remember because I was fixated on the pain but more so on her boobs that where now rubbing up against my arm as she talked and breathed heavily. I don't know if it was the pain running through my head or me being nervous because of all the hormones but I couldn't get out a full sentence.

Now if anything couldn't have gotten any worse it started to rain, and not just drizzle a little, I mean really RAIN! And everyone had to go into the large tent that was set up. They had me go into my room of the tent and sit on my bed. My mom was now holding the towel and Sara was helping run around gather the things she needed. Eventually the bleeding stopped and my mother put a bandage on my forehead. But Sara sat next to me the whole time. She was sitting Indian style on the ground and the one thing I noticed the most about her was that her tiny shorts where exposing a clear view at what was my first camel toe experience. All the other girls I've ever seen up until this point had rather flat camel toes, but Sara’s was bulged with huge lips, it really, really was turning me on.

As you can expect it was really hard to carry on a conversation, being a virgin and having something so beautiful and erotic staring at you. But Sara didn't care, she thought it was just the blow I took to the head. She laid down to the left of me and hugged my torso resting her head on my chest, at this point my hardon had been at 50% -100% strength for about 2 hours and the door was closed to the room of the tent. All you could hear was the rain and faint voices of things like "how is he?" "Oh Sara feels really bad about doing it." "Oh it was just an accident." They eventually droned out and I must of fallen asleep because the next thing I remember I was awoken by a huge crash of thunder, which must of awoken Sara too because we both looked at each other. It was dark out and the heavy rain made it hard to hear anything.

I noticed the air mattress below me was kind of sweaty and someone must of come in and placed a blanket over me and Sara because.. well.. there was one on us. My head ached considerably less at this point and I rolled over on my side so me and Sara where face to face. I said to Sara "hey, it's not your fault. It's not like you meant to do it." She looked down and slowly up as she said "Yeah but it wouldn't of happened if I wasn't being lazy." I know that Uncle Ben usually pushes Sara to never be lazy; he has a real gun ho mentality, so I kind of saw why she was so stressed about it. "Don't worry about it. I don't blame you at all." I don't know if it was at first intentional or natural but both of us slowly moved forward as I was finishing my sentence and out lips locked when I was done. We kissed wildly and with passion, I never even kissed any future girlfriend like I kissed Sara that night. It was so natural we both knew what to do and it was our first time kissing, our tongs sliding by one another in perfect rhythm, and we where touching each other all over, it flowed so perfectly it was like it was destiny.

I felt her hand slide in my shorts giving a tickling sensation all the way down as it slid across my skin which in turn made me give a nervous chuckle, she grabbed a hold of my dick I felt like I was going to explode from all the pleasure and sensation but I was able to contain myself and my hand went down as i started to finger her (but with the experience I had it was more of fumbling around and penetrating) with my right hand as I grabbed her left boob with my left hand and started kissing it. I saw her bottom lip curve in between her teeth and she started to shiver too. As I said before this all flowed naturally.. (I don't get it, I never even saw a porno before, but anyhow..) She pulled off her shorts and panties as I continued to kiss her, after they where off I rolled on top of her. Her breathing was getting rather loud and our bodies convulsed as if we where meant to "hump" naturally.

Needless to say I didn't last long, everything flowed together, our body heats rising, our breathing, the soft feel of her body and legs wrapped around me, her panting like she could not get enough air in fast enough. She started to say “o. .ohh it hurts” in a gasping whisper, as I slowed my penetration to a stop, then she whispered “no, I want it.” So I slid it in, her face tensed in pain, but no sound, we where both shivering from over stimulation. The wetness of her pussy around my dick was unbelievable, we gasped as we both convulsed and I "came" for the first time ever. When I saw her smile.. It is unforgettable, the flashing lighting illuminating our bodies and making it even more exciting. I slid off to the left keeping my right leg between hers and we continued to kiss. The feel of my leg between hers, the heat, the desire was life giving. She moved the leg that was on top of mine, keeping it bent back.

It was amazing, every feeling was perfect. Even the feeling of her now wet boobs covered in saliva tight up against me, rubbing me roughly, but still being as smooth as anything I have felt before. Her hips where still convulsing, as well as mine, my left hand behind her head pulling her closer, as if I could not get my tongue deep enough into her mouth, our breathing becoming louder and louder. Her arm wrapped around my waist was now pulling me closer, tighter, she wanted me inside of her again, and I was getting hard.

Sara pushed my right shoulder to turn me onto my back, as she raised herself into the mounted position her left pointer finger pressed against my lower lip. She wanted it bad, I wanted it bad. She guided my dick as I watched her plump pussy lips engulf the head of my cock. A tight but slippery-hot sensation filled me up with energy and I grabbed both of her bubble butt-cheeks and started helping her bounce on me. Trying to keep in all the screams she and I wanted to make made the sensation even more stimulating. We couldn’t be too loud, and we where good at it. She arched her back so her posture was strait up and both of her arms where running just outside her tits with her hands pressed on my hard stomach. She rocked back and forth and started to touch her pussy, rubbing her clit with her right hand. Her boobs bounced perfectly in the flashing night, her breathing quickened and with each lightning strike as she used the crash as a mask for a split second of letting out her heavy panting and moans. She started rocking really fast and the air mattress started to make a flapping sound as if the edges where bouncing up and hitting back down, I was about to say we should slow down when she stopped and squeezed every part of me she could, her legs and thighs squeezed mine while her pussy convulsed and wettened. I couldn’t help but explode at this feeling of desire and stimulation; I knew that this time she felt the same as I, drained but full of life at the same time.

She collapsed on me, still the feel of her warmth and softness was almost orgasmic in and of itself, I felt like I was cumming forever. She laid right there on me still panting, my cock still inside of her, her beautiful sapphire eyes staring at mine with each flash of lightning. We would slowly move our bodies as we kissed, not deeply, but passionately, with the little energy we had left. We seemed to fit together perfectly, she looked up at me after kissing my chest, still laying on me, and said “I don’t want this to ever end.” I leaned up and said “it doesn’t have to” and I kissed her forehead. “Do you think we can get married?” Sara asked, “I don’t know, someday” I replied. After a hour of exchanging whispers we decided to put our cloths back on and go back asleep..

When I thought about it the only reason we didn't wake anyone up was the storm, we weren’t going to have a storm every night.. I had to get creative...

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