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Third chapter of the adventures of 16yo Casey Sheridan and Dan. They are joined by Casey’s Asian friend Kimi.
“Come here and kiss me, Mr. Dan,” Casey pleaded sweetly, her arms out stretched. She was the very picture of cuteness, and Dan gave her a good long look before he bowed to her request. Average looking in almost every way, except perhaps for the fullness of her breasts, she lay there on her back, languidly naked, gazing back at him, tired and happy. Her straight dark red hair was spread across the bed like a wild, tussled mane, framing the huge smile on her face as she raised her chin to meet his lips.

At sixteen, love for her was yet an undiscovered emotion, and she wasn’t sure if it was what she was feeling for her handsome neighbor-turned-lover. She’d been continuously amazed by what he was able to do with her and the pleasure he could send through body seemingly at will each time they got together. But beyond that she felt warm and comfortable and overwhelmingly happy being with him. Now, laying on his bed, utterly spent and thoroughly explored, she wanted to dissolve into him and never emerge.

Embraced in her soft, warm, loving kiss, Dan was beginning to wonder the same thing: is it possible to fall in love with such a young girl? She was simply amazing in her open-mindedness, and absolutely exuded sexuality unlike any other woman of any age that he’d been with in the past. The way she expressed herself, the way she moved eagerly from one thing to the next; it was like she was the perfect lover, sent from nowhere to be his own personal companion. If she was just five years older he would definitely make a relationship out of this with her. If she were ten years older he’d have proposed to her on the spot.

Not knowing they were sharing identical thoughts, they broke their kiss and let their eyes swim in each others for a moment, then another long kiss. He lowered his body carefully down to hers and embraced fully, fingers and legs entwined, skin seeking skin.

“You’re amazing,” Dan finally spoke, then paused to find the words. “I just don’t know what to do with you,” thinking forward, trying to find a place for her in his future.

“Just keep doing me,” she giggled back, warmed by what he’d said.

He laid his head down next to hers and slowly caressed her body while she lay still. The sweet smell of her young skin was intoxicating, and he began to feel his eyes grow heavy amid the tranquility of his afterglow and her perfect nearness. In another moment his breathing had slowed to the steady rhythm of sleep, ushered in by his sense of complete and utter joy at being right where he was, in the arms of a beloved.

He awoke only a short while later to that sound of lightly splashing water, confused by the fading imagery of his dream. He’d been awash in something, a sea, a wave, and while he was helplessly tossed about, the water was warm and perfect, and his breathing calm and natural whenever he went under. When the echoes of rushing surf had gone, he found himself alone on his bed, the light outside turning to evening. The room was quiet save for the gentle splashes coming from the bathroom. He rolled onto his back and threw his arms back over his head, listening to her bathe for a moment before sitting up.

Hearing the rustle, from the other room she called out cautiously, “Is someone awake?” He smiled and sighed, blinking away the last of his nap before getting up to pad across the room to her. From the doorway he just looked at her, sitting happily in the middle of his tub.

“You have a Jacuzzi!” she beamed, as if her discovery would be an equal surprise to him.

“Why, yes I do,” he said, playing along with mock amazement. “And I bet it holds two!” He stepped into its warmth behind her and lay back while letting her recline into him between his legs, her head resting just beneath his chin.

“Mmmm,” she purred. He wrapped his arms around her and began to caress her front, letting his fingers trace all the way from her shoulders to her slightly parted thighs. “Mr. Dan?” she asked in a far away voice, “how come everything you do to me feels so good?” She placed her hands on top of his and followed his touch across her body.

“Well,” he thought for a moment, “partly because I really enjoy making you feel so good, but mostly I think it’s because you want to be pleased, and are eager to find new ways of making it happen. Most people that I know are not so, enthusiastic, as you are.”

“Good!” she said, perking up a bit, holding his hands now to her breasts, “I don’t want to be like most people with you. I want to be your little Casey plaything!” She gave his hands a squeeze as he played gently with her nipples. “And I want to do this as much as we can so you can teach me more and more, and we can get better and better.” She turned her head back around, leaning to one side to meet his face, asking for a kiss, and he lowered his lips to hers. Her kisses were innocent and soft, but so naively hungry at the same time, youthful and urgent. Without having many kisses previous to this to compare them to, she knew them only to be full of either extremes of lust or passion. No trivial things, these.

When they parted he spoke. “We have to keep this secret, you know. It absolutely has to be, or we both get into a huge amount of trouble.” His voice was earnest, but he trusted her, and knew he was reiterating what she already would do. “And if we do it carefully, I think we might be able to keep making each other happy for as long as you want.” Their hands had moved together back down between her thighs, and their fingers mingled, vying for the best parts to touch. Her legs parted a little more, and her hips rocked up.

Still looking into his eyes she said, “Yes, Mr. Dan, I promise, promise, promise to keep it a secret, because I want so much more of you.” She was becoming aroused, although it seemed to come more from her heart than her body this time, and she kissed him once again deeply.

He smiled at her, not knowing fully what she was thinking, but aware that she’d gotten herself into a state again, something she seemed to do at will. “I just hope I can keep up with you,” he said only half in jest. “You never want to stop.”

“Aw, poor baby,” she cooed, “we’ll give you some more rest. There’s plenty of time cause I can stay all night if you want.” She sat up and ran some more hot water while her words sunk in, turning around to sit facing him when she shut it off. “I told my mom today I was going to stay overnight at a friend’s house since I’d gotten lonely by myself. So I just have to check in with her on my cell phone at some point.” They shared a grin at her ingenuity.

“Such a naughty little girl you are, lying to your parents like that.”

She just smiled, happy knowing that the night would go on as long as they could stay awake, and then start up again in the morning. Beneath the water she reached forward and began to fondle him. “I know I’m naughty, mister,” she apologized, “I can’t help it.” She gave him a good squeeze and a tug. “Please make me naughtier. Please?”

“Well,” he said, “if it’s possible, I’m certainly willing to try. Ask and you shall receive.”

“Hey, I do have a question, actually,” she remembered. “Those girls in the videos. How come they don’t have any pubic hair?”

“They shave,” he said bluntly, “or wax, one of the two. You didn’t know girls did that?”

“They wax?! Ouch, really?? I guess that explains it, but I don’t think I’m going to wax for you, mister. I might shave though. Wanna show me how?”

“Sure, we can do that,” he pondered, thinking through the process to be sure he could. “I kind of like your little wispy red hairs, though. Do you want it all off?”

“You can leave a little if you like. Let’s start lower and work our way up!”

“Alright, but you have to get out of the tub to get what we need. In that top drawer by the sink there’s a razor and some shaving cream. Go grab that and a towel then hop back in.”

She stood up and let the water slide off her a bit before stepping out and tip toeing across the floor. Her wet young body was amazing to see, and she watched him watching her in the mirror. She made a little show of wagging her ass it him as she pretended to search for what was right there in the drawer. “Hm, let’s see. Oh! Here it is!” Then she spun around quickly. “Ha! Caught you staring at me, you dirty old man!” He didn’t even bother to respond, just continued to stare at the front of her now.

She grabbed a towel and walked back over, stepping carefully into the tub after putting the items down on the surround. “Mmm, much warmer in here.”

“Well, too bad for you, because you have to sit on the edge of the tub to do this. That’s what the towel is for.” He unfolded it partially and placed it on the lip. “Here you go, little one. Sit here, legs apart.” They shifted in the tub to accommodate one another, she on the edge with her legs wide apart, him in the water in front of her. “Would you like to apply the shaving cream?” he asked.

“Nope,” she said excitedly, “you do it since you’re doing the shaving.”

He put some cream on his fingers, then spread it about her lips carefully as far down as he could, then picked up the razor. “It’ll probably take a few passed to get you nice and smooth,” he said as he began, holding her slippery lips first to one side, then the other. She looked down in fascination while he shaved, rinsed, re-creamed and shaved her agian, until she was perfectly smooth.

“How’s that?” he said, sitting back. She reached down and gasped when she touched herself.

‘Oh my god, that feels so incredible! So sensitive and smooth. Wow!” she just smiled and continued to run her fingers up and down.

“Glad you like it. But let me check something.” He moved her hand aside and leaned forward, putting his whole mouth over her and lapping straight up between her lips. He kissed and sucked her smooth clean skin, only receiving her tanginess when he penetrated her with his tongue.

“Oh, fuck!” she said involuntarily as her body curled at the shock of the pleasure. “Mmm, wow that feels good! Ooohhhh, yeah!” He was devouring her roughly and unforgivingly, almost forcing her to orgasm. There was nothing that tasted better than a freshly smoothed pussy, particularly if it was only sixteen. Almost nothing.

“Ok, that works.” He stopped abruptly, sitting back,

“Hey! Don’t stop now, mister!” she protested. “That felt amazing.”

“We’re not done. Stand up and turn around please.” She did as she was told, not sure what he was up to. “Good, now bend forward from me and hold your cheeks apart. We have to get every last hair off you.”

The sight of her bending forward presenting her wet, spread ass to him made him stop for a moment, but he quickly grabbed the cream and laid it on before shaving her smooth in two passes. He rinsed her by cupping water up to her and cleaned her off with his hands, then told her to keep her cheeks apart for him. Leaning in, he put his tongue directly into her anus, eliciting yet another gasp.

“Oh my, mister! That’s nice, too.” He held her thighs and rocked her body back onto his stiff tongue, savoring anew the clean smooth skin of tight sixteen year old anus and pressing himself as far into her as he could. When his tongue began to ache he slipped it out and returned his attention to her pussy, continuing there as he had been doing before. Now she was rapidly losing control as he ravenously devoured her entire sex, moving from clitoris to lips to anus and back again. When she had to let go of her cheeks to steady herself for her approaching orgasm, he shifted his grip to her ass, holding her roughly as he squeezed her apart. In the heat of his lust he let go and gave her ass a solid smack before grabbing her again.

“Oh yeah!” she said immediately, her voice full of lust. “Spank me like that, mister.” He smacked her again. Then a third time. “Oh, yes please. Spank your naughty little girl!“ Smack, smack. “Oh my god, yes. More! Oh, I’ve been such a bad girl for you, mister. Give me the spanking I deserve. OH!!”

He was spanking both cheeks alternately now, squeezing hard after each hit to set the sting into her and rub it out, reddening her pale skin violently. He was enjoying the force of the abuse as much as she was turned on by receiving it, and he had her right on the verge of cumming. He’d focus on her clit, letting his tongue bounce on it as he hit her, then move to penetrate either of her slick holes before she could cum. He built her up as high as he could this way, wanting to give her an orgasm so big she’d all but collapse back into the water. She was shouting out now, both from the pain of the stinging blows and the incredible pleasure of it, and her knees had weakened so that she was all but on all fours, half out of the tub, leaning her weight back onto his face. With one final and continuous shout she was at last allowed to cum, and she fell forward, shaking, pulling away from his face to escape the intensity of his touch. He let her fall, still holding her, and ran his hands all over her back and her reddened ass and thighs as the shivering orgasm ran through her, enjoying again the beautiful sight of his wet, curvaceous red head, prone and quivering.

“Oh my god,” she said, reaching back between her legs to feel her newly smoothed skin. “It’s so much more sensitive. OO!!” She shivered suddenly from the stimulus of her fingers cupping her pussy, bringing her body upright. “Ok, mister,” she said, slowly standing up and stepping out of the tub, “I think you need to fuck me now.” And with that she trotted back to the bedroom.

“Hey, you’re still all wet!” Dan said, perturbed by the trail of wet footprints.

“I know!” she giggled from the other room, “That’s why you need to come fuck me, silly.” As he quickly toweled off on his way to join her, he walked in to find her tossing the sheets completely off the bed. “Hey, c’mon, you’re trashing the place!”

“I know!!” she said again, jumping onto the bed on hands and knees, wagging her butt at him. Looking back over her shoulder with a precocious smile, she dared him. “What are you gonna do about it?”

“I’m going to teach my bad little girl another lesson, is what,” he said climbing onto the bed behind her.

“Uh, uh,” she said mockingly, crawling away from him across the bed. He grabbed her by an ankle and dragged her back to him, expecting her resistance to end there. But to his surprise, she kept at it, kicking her way free of his grasp, and returned to her hands and knees, her butt still towards him. “I don’t wanna lesson,” she pouted, her eyes smiling. Her words said no, but everything about her body said come and get me.

Her game of refusal had an immediate effect, bringing out his instinct to dominate her, and his arousal at having to fight to get her. He gave he ass a firm swat to bring her under control, and she drew her breath sharply at the sting.

“Behave, little one, or there will be consequences.” He gave her other cheek a smack for emphasis.

“Ow! No! Stop it, mister,” she cooed, “I’m just a little girl. You can’t treat me like that.” She rocked forward a little on her knees, drawing her butt away from him. He again grabbed her, this time by both ankles, and pulled her back across the bed.

“Oh, yes I can. And when I’m done, I’m going to fuck you.” He let go to spank her, and she again tried to wriggle away.

“Uh, uh, mister. You can’t do that. I’m a good girl,” she teased, squirming with one ankle still in his grasp. He landed a series of spanks, alternating sides while he drew her back yet again, this time much more forcefully. Her tiny body was easy to maneuver despite the writhing, and they were both turned on by the roughness of it. “Fight all you want. You know you’re being a bad girl, and you’re going to get what you deserve.”

Yet she still resisted, rocking side to side to evade his free hand, and crawling away at every opportunity. “You’re the one being bad, mister! Spanking helpless young girls just so you can fuck them. Ow! Does that make you feel like a big man, smacking my cute little ass?” At this he landed his hand fiercely on her butt and dug in his fingers, grabbing a firm hold and literally dragging her ass back to him. Holding her tightly, he managed to bring her legs together and straddle her thighs, finally bringing her under control. With her wonderful little butt right in front of him, he again dug his fingers deeply into her soft flesh.

“Stop it!” she said, smiling and rocking her hips back and forth beneath him. “No, no, no.” His hands were rough and forceful, massaging and separating her cheeks, and his control felt wonderful. Her pussy was as wet as could be, and she couldn’t wait to have him inside her again. “Let me go, mister. I’m just a sweet little girl,” teasing some more, “please don’t fuck me and make me bad.”

He was as hard as she was wet, and just as eager to slip it in. He pressed his cock between the closed flesh of her thighs and found her wet opening. He held himself still, feeling the warmth of her slit around just the head, threatening to drive it all the way in. “You want me in there, little Miss Casey.” His voice was deep and full of animal lust. “And the more you say ‘no,’ the more I’ll fuck you into a bad, bad girl.” He waited for her to respond.

“No-,” she started to protest, but as soon as the syllable passed her lips he drove himself fully into her, sliding easily into her moist cavern. The complete absence of hair made her smooth and electrifying, and she was all skin and wetness surrounding him.

“No, no, no, mister,” she was eagerly panting for him. “No, you can’t fuck me,” raising her hips to him, wanting him in as far as he could go. She strained to open her thighs for him, to let her slick pussy feel more contact, but he held her in place, relishing her.

“Yes, take it. Take my cock, little girl, all the way up in your sweet, pretty pussy.” He was driving hard into her at a slow steady rhythm, savoring her along his entire length.

“No, please, I want to be your good girl.” Releasing his grip on her ass, he reached for her wrists and brought them both behind her. Then, easing back from her thighs, he drew her up onto her knees, holding her body in mid air, suspended by her arms, continuing to pump into her.

‘Oh god, no, please,” she begged, wanting more. “Please let me be good!” With her lips now getting more exposure to the air, she could feel the cool smoothness of her shave, and the sticky tickle every time he entered her fully and pulled away. She was going to cum hard, and soon, incredibly turned on by his total control of her body hanging in front of him. “No, no, no,” she panted quickly, urging him to go faster. “Oh, fuck, no mister...!” It was here, the first waves of pleasure shot up her spine, riding the pressure of his full dick inside her. Her head shot upwards, throwing her hair onto her back, then she dropped forward, straining to rest on the bed against his grip on her arms. He slammed her harder and harder, far from his own orgasm still, ruthlessly forcing her orgasm forward.

“That’s it, little girl, just like you wanted it. Take that big cock up in your tight little slit and cum all over it.” She was screaming now as he bounced her off his thighs, pounding her delicious, naughty ass. “Bad girl! Bad Girl!”

“Oh god, stop, stop, please..!” He couldn’t tell if she was pleading as part of the game, or because it was too much, but he obliged her nevertheless, if only for a moment. He released her hands and abruptly pulled out, causing her to flop forward onto the bed in a heap. Quickly though he grabbed her by the calves and spun her over onto her back before she could react. Then he brought her legs together, straddling them, and again pressed himself between her closed thighs to enter her.

“You just keep on resisting like a bad little girl, and you’ll get fucked like a bad little girl should.” He could see her face now, and she was smiling as the words left her mouth. “NO! You can’t fuck me.” She squeezed her thighs tightly together as he forced his slippery dick through them while she tried to squirm away. “No! I’m such a good, good girl,” she eagerly begged, as his cock slid in. “Oh, god!”

He grabbed her wrists and held them out to the sides, leaning forward to divide his full weight onto them and her pelvis, and began fucking her with hard, pounding thrusts. “I’m going to fuck my little Casey, and you cannot stop me.” He had the wonderful view of her pert young boobs bouncing back and forth across her chest with each stroke, and her cute happy face contorted in the suffering of her pleasure.

Her orgasm had hardly abated before it began again anew, welling up from where it had left off. His control over her felt incredible as she let him command her body to their mutual benefit, and he continued with her in this position for several minutes. Her pleasure had reached a new plateau that ran along as one steady cum after another, and she was no longer able to voice her defiance, but merely moaned continuously beneath him.

After a bit he shifted one leg, then the other, in between her thighs, opening her up to him. Then he pulled each of her legs up until she was curled tightly into a fetal ball, her pussy raised straight up to him. “Be a good girl and hold your knees there for me,” he instructed as he placed his arms beside her, encapsulating her. Now, with her completely constrained beneath him and closely bound, he pushed his full weight again down onto her, fucking hard and bringing himself to the point of cumming.

She finally gave in to him, shouting out, “Oh yes, fuck your good little girl, please, mister. Fuck me so good! Fill me up with your hot, yummy cum!” He pressed harder and harder into her, bringing the surge of semen in his balls to the bursting point, then exploded to fill her tiny young pussy yet again with his full load of cum. Each downward thrust brought a new spurt deep into his cute little willing ball of fun.

“Oh, yes!!” she said, happy to feel his warmth in her as his pace gradually slowed. She looked up at him with a satisfied smile, watching as he struggled to keep his eyes open through his orgasm. Breathless and spent, he let himself fall onto her, and she released her legs to embrace him, kissing his cheek as he panted into the sheet beside her.

“I’m your good girl Mr. Dan,” she whispered into his ear, “even when I’m being bad.” He turned his face to hers and they kissed, full of heavy breath and mutual compassion. He shifted his weight to allow her to stretch out beside him, exiting her as he did, then lay down and held her close.

“Mmm,” she purred, feeling his cum slipping out of her. “I love the feel of your cum in my pussy, and how it drips out of me afterwards.” She reached down and smeared his juice over her smooth lips. “And oh my god, it feels so unbelievable to be shaved! Thank you so much for that, mister.”

“Sweetie,” he said, “at this point I’m just happy to be keeping up with you and your imagination. You are the best little lover I think I’ll ever have. And you’re breaking my dick in half.” He smiled and kissed her again, slowly, letting their tongues unite.

They lay there with each other a few moments longer before they got up for some food at his suggestion. The early summer sun was just now dipping below the horizon, and they’d been at it for hours now. He donned a pair of pj bottoms, tossing her the top to wear, and they went down to the kitchen to scrounge some of his leftovers. While he was getting things ready, her cell phone rang in her bag by the door. It was her mom checking in to make sure the sleep over was going fine. “We’re good, mom,” she said into the phone, “We’ve just been playing games and watching TV. We’ll probably be going to bed soon.” She winked at him when he looked up at this.

Over food they sat and talked about the past few days together, recounting some of the highlights. She described the interesting new pleasure of anal penetration, and the thrill of being bald. They both loved the freedom of expression they’d been sharing, and the little games that kept popping up. Mostly, though, they were really happy to have found this new relationship together, as impossible as it would be to continue, outwardly at least.

“You know, for a pervert, you’re a really nice guy, Mr. Dan,” she teased him. “Thanks for letting me seduce you.” He laughed at this and responded to her backhanded compliment. “Why thank you. Even though you’re a troublesome little minx with an appalling sense of decorum, I find myself becoming quite fond of you, too.”

“I don’t know what you just said, mister, but I hope it means we can keep fucking each other!”

“It means just that, Casey. It means just that.”

They finished their snack and returned upstairs to get ready for bed. He had every intention of falling asleep, but she had other plans. “Can we watch more DVDs? Please?”

“How about you watch them and I fall asleep.” He picked up the sheets from the floor at the foot of the bed and reassembled his bedding, then climbed in after removing his pj bottoms. While he was doing this she had run into his office and grabbed all the discs, bringing them back in and jumping up on the bed to go through them. “I want to watch this one!” It was an all girl disc, which piqued his curiosity.

“You’re into girls now, too??”

“Mmmaybe. I just wanna see.” She jumped up and put it in, then started scanning through it as they lay in bed together. The action was pretty hot, with lots of young girl squeaks and moans and plenty of dildos and vibrators. Even some strap-on fucking. It wasn’t long before Casey’s fingers had unbuttoned her oversized top and was playing absentmindedly with her breasts and pussy. He enjoyed seeing her having fun, but had no interest in joining her at this point, his energy entirely spent. What he needed was rest, and he was soon asleep beside her while she quietly masturbated. She watched the disc all the way through, cumming twice, then turned off the TV and lights. Then she curled up to him in bed, sweet and perfect and lovingly, and went to sleep.

They both slept soundly through the night, but she was awake before him, still in her school routine. She lay there awhile listening to his breathing, then slipped under the covers and carefully took his flaccid penis in her mouth, causing him to slowly stir awake. He’d never woken up to a blowjob before, but it was everything he’d thought it might be. He raised the sheet and there she was, smiling up at him with her big soft eyes, eagerly licking away at his stiffening dick. “Oopsie. Did I wake you?”

“Apparently I was already waking up,” indicating his penis. He lay his head back and enjoyed the softness of her mouth around him, gradually moving from sleepy to aroused, until he wanted to join the fun.

“If you’re going to keep that up, I’m going to need something to eat, too. Why don’t you swing that perfect ass around here for me.”

“Oo!” she chirped. “Today’s lesson: sixty-nine!” She did as she was asked, straddling his face and laying onto his chest, giving herself over to his willing and talented tongue before taking him back into her hands and mouth. They spent the next twenty minutes slowly building each other up to deliciously agonizing, ever-building orgasms, much more soft and loving than the heat of all their previous ones. She pressed her smooth pussy gently to his face, squeezing him slightly with her thighs as she came, and he felt the warmth of his slick goo cascading over his balls as she let him cum in her mouth, then allowed it to fall back out over him before taking care to lick him clean again. “Breakfast in bed!” she giggled, turning around to curl up to him again, giving him sweet cummy kisses.

As they lay there basking in afterglow, after a few minutes she casually said, “I want you to come over to my house later today. I want to invite a friend over for you to meet.”

“I’m not sure that would be a good idea,” he said, unsure where she was heading, but definitely not wanting a third party in on their secret.

“No, no, trust me. I planned it all out in my mind last night while you were sleeping. I have a friend in eighth grade, well, ninth grade now, I guess, named Kimi Miyake. She was my stand partner in orchestra, and we kinda talk about sex a lot. You’d never believe it if you saw her, she’s this little Japanese girl and only weighs like ninety pounds, seriously. Anyway, I’m sure I can talk her into coming over. If I can borrow a DVD, I’m sure I can get her to make out with me. And I know her well enough that if she does that, I can make her do whatever I want if I threaten to tell on her. It sounds mean, but I bet she’s gonna like it, and want to keep doing it anyway.”

He was of course skeptical, but the thought of a three way with Casey and her fourteen year old Asian friend was a stunning prospect. After listening to her outline her plan, he figured it would probably work, as long as her friend bought into it.

They got up and had a little breakfast together before Casey gathered up her things and got ready to go home around mid morning, but not before she called up her friend to set her plan in motion.

“Hey Kimi, it’s Casey. Not much, I’m so glad schools out, aren’t you? I know, it’s great. Hey, are you free this afternoon? Well, you’re not gonna believe this. I found a porno in my brothers room, and my parents are out of town for the weekend, wanna come over and watch it with me? I know, right! I dunno, it looks pretty hot. Just tell your folks we’re gonna go to the pool all day and ride your bike over. Like, one o’clock? Cool, awesome! See you then, bye.”

“There you go, mister, she’s totally jazzed about it. So, come over around 12:30 and we’ll figure it out. I’ll leave the sliding door in back open, just come on in.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek before bouncing out the door.

A few hours later Dan found himself standing on the back porch of his neighbor’s house, about to commit himself to something completely outrageous: scheming with a sixteen year old to seduce a fourteen year old. He slid the door aside and stepped in. “Hello?” he called out.

“I’m up here,” he heard her shout from somewhere back in the house. He’d only been to his neighbors a few times over the years and never upstairs, but a house is a house, and he soon found the stairway and ascended. “Back here,” she called out again from down the hallway.

He entered into a fairly large master suite with a king sized bed on the far end of the room opposite a wall with a deep walk-in closet on one side, and the bathroom on the other, with the television console in between. The two other walls held the bureau on one side and a small sitting area next to a large bay window overlooking the hillside across from that. It was here that Casey sat, her chair spun around from the window to face him, looking as adorable as ever.

She had on a short pink jersey cloth skirt, the kind only teenagers can get away with wearing, and even then quite risqu?and a white spaghetti strap tank top, her hair up in a ponytail. She spread her arms out as if to display the room for him. “Whaddya think? Not bad, eh?”

Thoroughly impressed with the room, all he managed to say was, “Nice!”

She hopped up and skipped across the room to him, giving him a big hug. “I’m going to pay you back today for everything you’ve given me so far, Mr. Dan. You’re gonna love it!” She held her face up to his, asking to be kissed, and he lowered his lips to hers. Her eagerness to please him was evident in the ardor of her kiss, and any trepidation about what was going to happen was erased in his mind. His arms surrounded her, and his hands immediately began to play across her body.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she chided, stepping back from him, capturing his hands in hers. “Don’t you start anything, mister. We only have a few minutes until Kimi gets here. So, here’s what we’re gonna do.” She led him over to the closet and swung open the door. Inside was a spacious dressing area with clothes hanging along the sides. In the back corner was a small dressing chair next to a series of drawers and a little vanity.

“I’ve done this before, so I know it’ll work,” she began, with a knowing look. “If you sit back here in the chair facing the doorway with the light off and the door open just a little, you can seem most of the other side of the room and you can’t be seen at all.

“Should I ask how you know this?” He looked at her.

“Oh, it’s not so bad as all that,” responding to his look. “Just the occasional hideout when caught snooping as a kid. You don’t think I spy on my parents, do you? Ew!”

He smirked and sat down on the chair as instructed and she turned off the light and stepped out, swinging the door just past halfway shut. “See how much you can see?” she said, jumping on the bed. It was true, he had a clear view of the entire bed and then some, and the light coming in only reached partly across the large expanse of the closet. He was sure he could not be seen.

Just then the doorbell rang. “Omygosh! She’s here already!” Casey leapt from the bed and stopped at the open closet door on the way out. “Just stay put mister until I tell you to come out. It might take a while, but the show beforehand should be a good one!” Then she ran down stairs. From his hiding spot he could barely hear their voices, so he just sat quietly and waited.

At the front door Casey greeted her friend with a huge smile. “Hi, Kimi!” There was a short pause, then both of them burst out giggling. “Oh my god, I can’t believe you invited me over for this!” She could hardly contain her girlish excitement at the idea of sneaking over to her older friend’s house to watch a dirty movie.

“Yeah, well, just looking out for you, since I know how curious you are about all this.” She gave her a quick hug the way young girls will do, then stood back to look at her. “Hee hee, you wore your bathing suit and everything.” Kimi had on her bright blue hot-short bikini bottoms, and the ties of her top were hanging out above her tight black girlie tee beneath her shoulder length ponytail. “You wanna watch it now?”

“Yes! Oh my god, I can’t wait!” She was almost jumping up and down. Casey grabbed her hand and they ran up the stairs. “Come on, we’ll watch it in my parent’s room, the bed is way bigger.”

“You are SO lucky to have your folks leave you alone all weekend, I’m so totally jealous of you. Wow! Nice room!” She slowed down to take a good look around the room. “This is so cool!”

To make sure she didn’t start wandering about looking where she shouldn’t, Casey held on to Kimi’s hand and dragged her up onto the bed, then ran across the room and turned on the TV, glancing into the closet with a quick smile while her back was to her friend. She grabbed the remote and jumped back on the bed, and they both lay on their stomachs, propped up on their elbows, ready to watch.

Inside the closet, Dan couldn’t believe his luck. He only caught a glimpse of her as she walked by, but this tiny little hottie had the tightest, roundest, most delicate little girl butt, neatly wrapped in short shorts, that hugged her buns perfectly, pressing deep in between her cheeks. He felt himself getting hard just looking at her. When she turned on hopped on the bed he then saw that she had only the slightest rise of a chest, almost entirely flat. And my god, she was so small. Barely five feet tall and would be lucky to make ninety pounds as Casey had said.

Casey had made sure the DVD she brought over would have both lesbian and threesome scenes in it, and the first thing they saw on the TV was two girls in skimpy outfits kissing each other, slowly taking off their clothes and exploring each others bodies with their mouths. On the bed, both girls watched in silence, not really knowing what to say to each other, until Casey spoke up. “I think this starts with just these two girls, but I think a guy comes along in a bit.”

“Oh, ok,” Kimi said quietly, “This is pretty interesting already. They’re so pretty, I can’t believe it.” She was starting to get a little squirmy. On the screen, the girls had made each other come by going down on each other, and were now playing with dildos, taking turns. “Is that a vibrator?” Kimi asked.

“Yeah, or dildo, I don’t know if there’s a difference. My sister has one, wanna see it?”

“Yeah!” Kimi said excitedly. Casey jumped up and ran to her room to get it. When she came back in her friend was sitting up now, cross-legged, and she quickly pulled her hand away from between her legs, which Casey ignored, since she didn’t want to make her nervous or uncomfortable. She hopped up onto the bed next to her and handed her the smooth pink phallus. Not really knowing what to do with it, Kimi just sort of looked at it, turning it in her hands.

“Here,” Casey took it from her and sat back against the pillows, parting her legs a little, and began to rub it up and down the front of her panties. “You do it like this,” watching for her friend’s reaction. Kimi blushed pretty heavily, but didn’t look away. Instead she just stared at the dildo. Her hand was resting on the top of her thigh, and she really wanted to touch herself, but was embarrassed in front of her friend. Casey could see her predicament, and offered a solution.

“Wanna try? Here, come sit next to me,” she said, patting the bed beside her. Kimi crawled over and sat beside her, legs out straight, knees together. Casey put her hands on her thighs and gently pulled them apart. “It’s ok,” she said supportively. “Here. I’ll show you.” She placed the tip of the toy against the thick bikini fabric and press slightly, running it up and down the center, making her gasp. “Like this,” she looked at her friend and smiled. “Isn’t that nice?” Kimi just sat, paralyzed by pleasure and uncertainty. Casey took her by the hand and placed it over her own on the toy, then pulled hers away. “Now you do it,” letting her take over while her own hand returned to her panties.

The room was quiet except for the moans from the television, and they both looked up at it when suddenly there was dialog. A young man had entered, and the girls were busying themselves removing his clothes and sucking his cock.
They sat and watched together for a few minutes, Kimi running the dildo over her bikini, and Casey using her fingers. When the man on the TV turned one of the girls around and entered her from behind, Casey said, “ok, that’s it,” and lifted her hips to remove her panties. “I hope you don’t mind, but I really need to touch myself with no interference.” She began to slip her fingers in and out of her exposed pussy, rubbing her palm over her clitoris, her eyes glued to the screen. Next to her, Kimi was shifting her gaze between the sex on the TV, and Casey’s hand on her own pussy while continuing to play with the dildo. Finally she said, “Can I take mine off, too?”

“Of course, silly! Here let me help.” Without hesitation Casey was in front of her, grabbing the waist of the bikini and pulling it straight off with both hands. “There! Oh my, you have a very pretty pussy!” Kimi instinctively closed her legs, shy even though she was so turned on. “No, no, let me see,” Casey said, easing her legs apart. She hardly had any hair at all over her lips, and a top was a very slight bush of nearly straight jet-black hair. Knowing Dan would want to see this from his hiding spot, she sat back a bit to give him a view. “Use the dildo again, it’ll feel really good.”

Kimi returned the toy to her lips, and let out a heavy moan, completely aroused by the whole situation as much as the new sensation on her pussy. Unable to resist, Casey leaned in to kiss her. There was just a little surprise and resistance since her eyes had been closed, but Kimi immediately relaxed into the kiss, letting her friend open her mouth with her tongue, and soon she was passionately kissing her back, and the toy had even begun to carefully penetrate her own lips.

While they kissed, Casey’s hand found it’s way under Kimi’s snug shirt, caressing her waist and inching it’s way upwards to her bikini top. Because she has such slight breasts it was easy to get under the fabric and find her tiny nipples, already hard but made stiffer by Casey’s fingertips. Kimi began to breathe heavily through her nose and moved the toy deeper into her opening until she hit the barrier of her hymen before bringing it back out and running it vertically over her wet, parted lips.

“Here,” Casey said, breaking off the kiss, “let’s get this off.” With both hands she lifted Kimi’s tee shirt up over her head, causing her to hold her arms up with dildo in hand. Before she could return it to her slit, Casey grabbed her hand and brought the toy to her mouth, sucking it seductively and smiling. “Get it wet like this, then it gets easier. Mm! Tasty.” With her other hand she undid the knot behind Kimi’s neck, and the bikini top fell downwards revealing her small dark nipples atop the delicate rise of her young chest. Allowing Kimi to resume her play, Casey lowered her head to take first one, then the other nipple into her mouth, suckling each to stiff perfection.

‘Oh, my gosh,” Kimi said, “That feels really good. Should you be doing that?” Casey lifted her head and smiled. “They are,” she said, nodding her head to the TV, taking the opportunity to look over at the closet and wink. “And it seems to be working out well for them!”

In the darkness behind the door, Dan sat still in the corner, his fly open, casually stroking his hard cock, playing the precum over his head. He wasn’t fully jacking off, just pleasing himself while things unfolded in front of him, waiting for his turn with the two young girls.

Casey returned her mouth to Kimi’s breasts, kissing all about them and gradually expanding her circle of kisses, slowly descending down to her sternum, her ribs, her stomach. She reached behind Kimi’s back and untied the last knot of her bikini, then continued kissing her way down her abdomen to the fringe of her delicate pubes. She carefully grabbed the toy away, and let her kisses replace it. At this Kimi sat up against the pillows, pulling herself away from her friend’s mouth. “No, no. You can’t do that,” even though it was partially from the electric jolt of pleasure that made her react. Stuck in between wanting and not wanting, all she could do was repeat herself. “You can’t do that. It’s not right, it’s...”

“Shhh, sh-sh-sh.” Casey cooed, “relax sweetie, it’s ok, really. Let me show you. She managed to secure both Kimi’s hands simply by holding them in her own, and brought her mouth back down between her legs, waiting patiently for them to part once again for her. She wouldn’t force them, she would wait for desire to prevail. And slowly they opened allowing her mouth to find the treasure it sought.

Kimi had a delicate musky flavor, slightly stronger than her own; darker like the lips themselves. But inside her, once the mix of saliva and wetness developed, the sweet familiar tanginess bathed her tongue. Casey used her tongue as best she could to penetrate and open her, and to play across her well concealed clitoris. Sure that she could continue now, she let go of Kimi’s hands and used her fingers to open the charcoal labia, revealing the soft pink interior. She eased her middle finger in, softly at first, but probing deeper until she met resistance. Lifting her face she said, “We can take care of this if you like.”

Kimi had become oblivious to anything but the incredible sensations coming up her body from between her legs. Her friend had completely won her over and was showing her things she never knew were possible. Not even sure what this new offer was, she wanted only to let the pleasure continue, and she nodded her response, hoping only that mouth would again find her pussy.

“Then let’s do this,” Casey said, thinking ahead about a potential mess on her parents bed spread. “Scoot down here to the foot of the bed.” Kimi slid herself all the way down the bed until her butt was right at the edge. Her legs were just long enough for her feet to reach the bed frame. “Good, now spread your legs apart wide. Mmm, nice.” Not only had she removed the risk of staining the bed, she’d improved Mr. Dan’s view.

Now she laid down beside her, inverted so that her head was at Kimi’s hips. She placed the dildo carefully at the base of her opening and slowly pushed it in, lowering her mouth again over her clit. Her other hand sought out Kimi’s to hold while she applied slightly more pressure against her hymen. With one firm push and a squeeze of her hand, she drove the dildo inward feeling the internal pop that caused a surprised cry of pain from her tiny friend. She held both her hands reassuringly still, waiting for Kimi to recover before easing the toy slowly back out. Noticing the smear of blood, she quickly grabbed Kimi’s tee to keep the little trickle that followed from dripping.

“Are you ok?” she asked, looking up at her mesmerized friend. “Yeah, I think so. Geez, I don’t even know how you’re doing all this, but it really feels nice.”

“Oh, it gets even better trust me. Now that we’ve popped your cherry, I’m going to show you how much fun we can have filling you up.” Easing the dildo back in to its full depth, she began to slowly fuck her tiny friend while alternating sucking on and fingering her clit, and in almost no time she had her hips moving up to meet her as the orgasm drew near. Kimi was making the cutest little high-pitched grunts with each new penetration, sounding at once innocent and horny. Her right hand had found its way up Casey’s short skirt and was holding on to her ass while she came, squeezing in response to her body’s convulsions.

Casey propped herself up on her elbow and looked up at Kimi, still wriggling with the dildo in her. “How about you give me a little treat now?” She pulled her skirt off and climbed up over her in the sixty-nine position she’d just learned a few hours earlier. Lowering herself onto Kimi’s torso and holding her still with her body weight, she all but forced her pussy back onto her mouth. “Time for you to suck me off, too.” She could feel her chin at the base of her slit, and pressed back until her nose was rubbing her clit. She continued to face suck her friend until her tongue began to do its job, at which point she lifted a little to let her choose where to lick, but kept her body constrained with the weight of her own. “Mmm, very nice. Now be a good girl and hold your legs wide apart for me.” Kimi reached down and grabbed her thighs near her knees, spreading her legs all the way back to the mattress. “Perfect. You’re such a good learner!” She began to pump the dildo back into the smooth dark pussy beneath her and at the same time looked over to the closet. She held a finger to her lips, then beckoned Mr. Dan to come out quietly.

“Do you like this dildo, Kimi?” she asked, pressing her hips back, making an intelligible response impossible. “Mmph,” was all she heard. “Let’s see how you like this one,” she said, squeezing her thighs tightly around her head, covering her ears in the process.

Mr. Dan had slowly opened the door and emerged naked from his hiding place, quietly grabbed a cushion from one of the chairs and knelt down on it in front of Kimi’s wide spread legs. Casey withdrew the toy and grabbed his fully erect and dripping cock, placing it just at her opening. As long as he didn’t drive all the way in, she wouldn’t feel or see that she was being fucked by an actual person, and Casey made sure her head was held firmly in place, unable to see or hear much of anything.

He pressed his dick in carefully, and nearly moaned out loud at how wonderfully tight and wet she was. He controlled his depth by just rocking his hips slowly back and forth, easing in gradually, inch by inch, taking care not to let his thighs brush up against hers, still being held fully apart as instructed. Kimi immediately knew something was different, but didn’t know what. Her muffled moans became much louder and deeper as his thick fleshy dick slid naturally in and out of her, stretching and exploring her virgin pussy.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” Casey cooed to her friend even though she couldn’t really hear. Dan was doing his best to control himself, but it was getting harder and harder to do, especially since Kimi had begun to writhe about with the intensity of the pleasure. Seeing her grip on her thighs loosening, Casey used her own hands to hold them open. It only took a moment or two before Kimi realized her friend was no longer holding whatever it was entering her, and she began to panic beneath her, trying to cry out.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Casey said, pressing her weight firmly back on her captive, clasping her thighs tight around her head. “Lay still and enjoy your fuck. I promise you you’ll like it, but you have to hold still until he’s done.”

This was the signal he’d been waiting for, and he immediately thrust himself all the way up into her tiny tight pussy. His stomach pressed up against Casey’s face as he did this, forcing both girls back onto the bed. He was barely trying to contain himself any longer, having watched them play for so long, and now finally being able to forcibly fuck this sweet little girl. He bounced them both back and forth roughly as he fucked, making Casey’s position shift and freeing Kimi to talk. “Stop it, stop it!” she pleaded, her voice filled with both panic and pleasure. “Casey, what are you doing?? What’s happening to me?!”

Casey sat up onto her knees, keeping her hips over Kimi’s shoulders but freeing her head. She was watching Mr. Dan fuck even harder than she herself had been over the past three days. “Ooo, you’re getting a special treat from my friend here with his big thick cock. You just lay there and take it, or everyone will know what a slut you’ve become.”

Kimi was half scared and half sexually overwhelmed by being helplessly nailed by someone she couldn’t even see. It was terrifying, but it felt so, so good, and really she didn’t want it to stop. It seemed like the cock inside her kept getting bigger and harder, and she was starting to cum again despite her nervousness. Soon, as before, her hips betrayed her and began to press up to meet the vicious thrusts. Then as the waves of pleasure began to move through her, she felt the dick become much larger, and its force grew almost uncontrollably fast, before suddenly exiting her, leaving her with a gut-wrenching emptiness in the middle of her orgasm. But she was quickly rewarded by the dick pressing up against the outside of her pussy, sliding up and down against her clit, which was almost as good as having it inside, and made her keeping cumming. Then she felt the warm wet globs of cum land on her stomach, followed immediately by Casey’s hands rubbing it all over her tummy. Whoever was fucking her let out long shouts, like he was in pain and out of breath at the same time, and she felt his hands on her hips as he pressed his cock against her pussy.

Casey leaned forward, pressing herself ass back onto Kimi’s panting face, and grabbed Mr. Dan’s cock with her cum covered hands, pulling him into her mouth, hoping for a little extra cum. “Mmm,” she hummed through his mouthful, then released him to talk. “How was that, mister? Did you like fucking my little virgin friend? I think she liked it too. Did you like it Kimi?” From beneath her, Kimi let out a little whimper, still uncertain, but definitely thrilled with the experience.

Kimi pushed Mr. Dan back a little from between her legs and gave Kimi’s pussy a not so soft smack, making her shudder beneath her. “I asked you if you liked it, so answer me! Did you like your little virgin pussy fucked open by this nice big cock?”

“Yes,” came her small voice. Casey continued while sucking his softening dick, “Mmm, your juice on him tastes really good! I bet you’d like to taste it on his dick for yourself, wouldn’t you?” She gave the pussy in front of her another, more playful smack, this time rubbing little circles over her clit.

“Yes,” again still as meekly. “Maybe a little later,” Casey said, indicated to Mr. Dan that he should go into the bathroom, which he did, shutting off the DVD which had finished, and closing the door behind him. She then got up from her inverted position and turned to lie next to her friend. She could see the fear in her face, and gave her a soft, reassuring kiss, her fingers gently tracing through the sticky cum on her stomach.

“Kimi, I did this for you because I thought you would like it, and I still think you did. Right?” She nodded without saying anything. “Good. And would you like to play some more?”

“I think so. Are you going to bring more boys in here to fuck me?” She was scared still, even as the remains of her pleasure vibrated through her body.

Casey smiled and kissed her again. “No, Kimi, it’s just the one man here, and you can trust him. He’s been my secret friend for a little while now, and he can be yours too if you like, but he has to be an absolute secret. And you can’t tell anyone about this, or I’ll tell everyone you’ve had sex with both girls and guys.”

After being quiet for a moment, Kimi said sadly, “That’s not very nice, to threaten me like that. Why are you being mean and nice at the same time?”

“You have to understand how important it is that nobody knows about this, because everyone–you, me, my friend¬– we’d all get in a lot of trouble. But it’s all ok if you promise not to tell ever. And if you want to, we can keep playing.” She kissed her one more time, just as gentle but longer, and placed her hand over Kimi’s pussy, giving it a light squeeze. “So, promise?”

“Promise!” Kimi smiled, and kissed her back.

“Ok, now seriously,” Casey said with a much more congenial tone, “Did you like it?”

“Oh my gosh! It was so amazing!” Kimi laughed. “How long have you been doing this? Is there more? Can you show me?” Her little mind was racing now that it had been put at ease, and the girls giggled together, sharing their thoughts. From the bathroom, Dan could hear the happiness in their tone and knew everything would be alright, but remained hidden, waiting for Casey to call him out.

“I have been having such an incredible time with this guy,” Casey was explaining, “He’s so, so good at sex, and he’s taught me, like, just about everything you can do! Plus, you know, even though he’s older, he’s really pretty cute, and he’s super nice all the time.”

“He’s older?” Kimi asked. “Like, how older?”

“Oh, he’s like in his twenties or thirties I think. He’s not as old as our parents. More like a little older than my oldest sister, and she’s twenty five. Or is she twenty six?” She looked off for a second, thinking about it, before shaking her head. “Anyway, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Wanna meet him already?”

Kimi nodded her head vigorously, with a happy smile and an excited little shrug of her shoulders.

“Mr. Dan!” Casey called to him, “Come on out here and meet my friend!” Dan came out and walked straight across the room, meeting the gaze of the cutest little Asian girl he could possibly imagine the entire way. “Mr. Dan, this is Kimi. Kimi, Mr. Dan.”

Shyly, she had dropped her eyes as he looked at her, coming right across the room and up onto the bed. She was still lying on her back, but was propped up on her elbows, and once on the bed he just crawled right on top of her, bringing his attractive face up to hers.

“Hello, Kimi. It’s very nice to finally meet you. And can I say you are one of the most beautiful young girls I think I have ever seen, don’t you think Casey?” he gave a quick glance to a smiling Casey before turning to kiss Kimi, who was blushing beet red, and had melted completely at his seductive power. He whispered to her face, “Thank you for letting me have fun with you back there, I hope you enjoyed yourself. Did you?”

Kimi felt herself gush between her legs, and she could only smile demurely and nod, still unable to speak.

“And did we decide if you want to have more fun with us?” he continued, sitting back on his heels, looking her tiny frame up and down admiringly. She just smiled and blushed again, biting her lip.

“I think you’ve made her a little shy, mister,” Casey said. “Maybe if she’s not going to say anything she can use her mouth for something else.” She pushed him off her and onto his back, running her hands down his chest before taking hold of his soft penis. “Come over here, Kimi, and I’ll show you how he likes to be sucked.”

He grabbed a pillow to support his head, and watched as Casey began to administer her wonderful blowjob while Kimi sat up observantly beside her.

“Come down here and do what I do,” Casey urged, taking Kimi’s hand to the base of his slowly firming dick. Her hand was so sweetly tiny that it made his dick seem huge in comparison, but she was quickly imitating her friend’s motions exactly, and her little mouth soon surrounded the tip of the now stiff cock, stretching open to take him in.

“He likes it slow and slippery, keep sucking just the head and stroke him slowly like this.” Casey ran her wet hand easily up and down beneath Kimi’s mouth. “You can lick it all over to if you want, even his balls.” She lowered her face and joined in the licking, covering his shaft and balls with her tongue while Kimi continued to suck and stroke him. The two young girls were delivering a perfect double blowjob, and he was rock hard watching it.

After a few minutes of this his appetite renewed, and he wanted Kimi to satisfy it. “Kimi, why don’t you swing around and let me see that pretty little butt of yours.” He grabbed her hips and helped her straddle him, positioning her perfect tight round ass in front of him as he reclined against the pillow. Massaging her perky young buns, he parted them and pulled her back onto his tongue, which dove straight into her dark, musky cunt. Because of her short height, she was no longer able to suck on him, but reached forward to keep stroking him with her small hand.

She tasted every bit as good a she looked, a deep earthy tanginess, but just as fresh and clean as Casey. He pushed his tongue in as deep as he could, bringing it out to lick her clit and get her worked up. He reached around in front of her and placed his hand over her tiny breasts, pushing her upwards to allow his tongue a better angle to penetrate her anus. With his other hand under her butt he lifted her by the cheek to control the rhythm of his tongue fuck.

“Ooo!” she squealed. “Mr. Dan, what are you doing?!” He held her body tightly, keeping her delicious butt firmly on his mouth, not bothering to answer her. “Casey, he’s got his tongue in my bum!”

Casey pulled his dick from her mouth and smiled at her, knowing he would do that. “Does it feel good?”

“Well, yeah, I guess. But isn’t it too dirty?” Kimi was confused by her conflicting feelings about it.

“If you think it’s so dirty, tell him. He likes to hear you talk to him,” Casey suggested.


“Talk dirty to him, like this: Mr. Dan, if you’re going to tongue fuck my friend like that, you better be ready to fuck me, too.” She climbed up on top of him, facing her friend, and lowered herself onto his cock. “Oh, fuck yes, mister. Mmm, goddammit that feels so good in my pussy.” She reached down and finally pulled her tank off, releasing her wonderful boobs right in the face of her friend. She cupped them up together, then reached behind Kimi’s head and brought it to her nipple.

“Time for you to suck my big titties, Kimi. Yessss, just like that, good girl.” She’d been watching her friend get all the action so far, and was dying to cum on his cock as she rode him hard, forcing Kimi to suck her nipples while she face fucked Mr. Dan. In almost no time she was moaning and shouting uncontrollably, cumming hard, her hands holding fast to his waist to stabilize herself. After the first big wave overcame her, she continued riding him, easing her rhythm, by now familiar with the recovery time he needed to cum again. Knowing there was plenty of stiff dick left in him and that he would want to fuck Kimi a second time, she didn’t want to let him go while she had him inside.

While she got to a plateau of a continuous series of orgasms, Kimi was beginning to cum on his tongue, squeaking delightfully with eyes shut tight. She was sitting back up now, but had been holding onto Casey’s breasts before she started cumming, fascinated by how much bigger than her own they were. Mr. Dan still had a firm grip on her ass and was eagerly licking her clit, trying to get her over the edge. She came much slower than Casey did, and it was a much longer build, but just as intense once she arrived. And arrive she finally had as her pussy slid over his warm soft tongue. She rocked her hips with each pass, grunting her little grunts as her body shook, spouting repeated “oh, oh, ohs.”

When she got to the height of her climax, he pushed her off his face abruptly. “Scoot down there and get on my cock, Kimi. Let me watch your little ass while you fuck me.” He felt Casey slip off of him, his dick slapping his abdomen as she moved back. Kimi crawled down and Casey helped her position herself over him, guiding his cock easily this time into her soaking wet hole. Her orgasm immediately elevated with his thick cock instantly all the way in, and she cried out, holding on to his thighs as she shivered violently.

He was forcing his hips up into her, pushing her light body up effortlessly. He held her ass with both hands now squeezing it apart, slipping his thumb into her anus, feeling it flex around him as she continued to cum. This sent her off to a new height, and finally got her to talk.

“Oh my gosh, mister, that feels so good in my butt like that. Mmm, please keep doing that. Oh man, my pussy feels so good on you.” Her high pitched little girl voice made him want to fuck her even harder. “Ohmygosh, ohmygosh!”

He suddenly felt Casey spreading his thighs apart, then felt her face between them as she lay down on her stomach in front of Kimi. He felt her tongue at the base of his cock, and knew what she was up to. Her chin jerked downwards each time Kimi descended onto him, her tongue tickling her friend’s clit.

“Oh, wow! Casey, that feels so good, too!” Kimi stammered, “Mmmm, ah, ah!” She was in a nonstop orgasm now that her friend was licking her as she filled herself with cock, Mr. Dan’s wriggling thumb up her butt. After a minute or two of this she began to grow limp, trying to stay up but falling to one side.

Seeing her begin to falter, Dan grabbed her waist in both hands, lifting her up and laying her face down beside him as he disentangled himself from Casey and mounted her from behind, pressing hard against her perfect, tiny butt. All Kimi could do now was moan ceaselessly as he fucked her hard into the bed, his orgasm at last beginning to build. The view in front of him was just as a much the cause of the surge of semen in his balls as was the sensation of having this little girl wrapped around his cock. And after only a few satisfying moments of entering her like this, he could feel his cum starting to commit.

“Oh, fuck!” he shouted, no longer in control. “Ahhh! Casey, I’m gonna cum. Take it for me, please!” Not entirely sure what he wanted, she lowered her face over Kimi’s back and offered her mouth to him, placing her hand on his ass to help propel him. He held on inside Kimi until the last possible second, then withdrew and let himself explode into Casey’s eager mouth, shouting out as the first jet missed her approaching lips, landing on her cheek. Steadying himself with a hand on her shoulder, he thrust his hips forward as his cum flowed out into her mouth and down her throat. Her hand surrounded him, coaxing every last drop out of his slippery dick, catching the strings of saliva and semen that trailed off her smiling lips when she finally took a breath.

“Good job, Mr. Dan!” Casey cooed with delight, sucking more of his cock. “Mmm, Kimi, you should see what you made him do!” Her friend was a quivering mess on the sheet beneath them both, completely spent and blissfully riding the ebbing tide of her tremendous chain of orgasms. She tried to say something in response, but all that come out was a string of mumbles.

When Dan at last allowed himself to collapse the bed, he fell forward onto his back next to Kimi, and Casey climbed over her to his chest, laying across both of them resting her head beneath his chin ina pile of naked bodies. “There, Mr. Dan, how’d you like that, are we even? Now our secret is twice as good!”

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2010-08-29 08:39:20
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2010-08-29 08:31:54
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