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a little more nasty this time :)
part 2
this one is a little shorter but i'm trying to build a story here :)

Still being a little lightheaded from the great sex we just had, I was reading a magazine on the kitchen counter. I was standing but I had to bend over a little because the counter was a little bit to low. I heard Linda (that's here name) walking towards me. I didn't pay to much attention to here because the articles where really interesting. Suddenly I felt something looking for my asshole. I looked behind me and saw her wearing a strapon. She had a look on her face that told me that there was nothing to do but to submit to here and let my ass be fucked for the first time.
She started to push a little harder and the first inch of her new cock was inside of me. This part was really painful and the only thing she said was: take it like my bitch would. Again she pushed a little bit hard but now the pain was going away and the dildo was sliding in like it was normal to have something like that inside of me. Then she started to really fuck me and it felt like heaven. I really loved to bend over and be taken like a whore. She had fucked me for a good 15min when she whispered in my ear: i am going to take my camera and film us. You have to jerk of while we are filming because I want you to shoot your load on tape. The only words that could come out of my mouth were yes mam.
She slowly pulled the dildo out and went to here bedroom. I was already missing the feeling of having something up my ass that I reached for the refrigerator and grabbed myself a carrot. It was just about the size of here strapon so the size wouldn't be a problem. I stuck it in my ass, bent over again over the counter and started jerking off. I was really enjoying myself when I suddenly realised that she was filming me. Because I noticed here she left the camera rolling on the kitchen table and walked towards me, pulled the carrot out and replaced it with her cock. Keep jerking she said. Like I was going to do something else. While I was jerking furiously she was licking and eating the carrot. Just after a minute I was about to should my load all over the floor but she didn't think so. She got a salad bowl out of the refrigerator and held it under my cock. I couldn't hold it in any longer and a decent amount of sperm was shooting out of me into to bowl. She instantly pulled out and took another carrot. She was using my cum as a dipping. off course she did it really messy and in no time here chin was again overflowing with sperm. I just looked at her feeling fully satisfied and knowing that this wasn't the last time she got to fuck me.

She invited me to take a shower and who was I to turn such an offer down. When I was walking to the shower I felt the only negative about being fucked hard by a strapon. My ass was feeling quite sore and it make walking a little difficult but somehow I thought this made the whole experience perfect. I entered the huge walk-in shower thinking to myself that this was going to be another nasty experience but I was far from it. She was very nice to my and it felt like we were a couple deeply in love. She washed me, she caressed me, kissed me and so on. She also gave me a blowjob and liked my ass but just for a minute. Like she wanted me to stay turned-on. The least I could do was return the favour so I licked her ass and my god, it tasted really good. I still don't know how she keeps her ass tasting that good.
After a minute or 2 she asked me something: you told me that you also want have some peeing during sex. Can I pee on you now? I would love to try it. Sure I said, but don't pee on my face, I don't know that I want that. She nodded and turned towards me. I sat up a little so she would pee right on my penis. She turned of the shower and suddenly I felt warm liquid flowing over my whole body. It felt really great and didn't smell at all. I was afraid that the smell would be a huge turnoff but her pee didn't smell weird at all. I opened my mouth to let her know that would take it in my face and she didn't say no to the invitation. She aimed a little higher and was peeing right in my face. To be honest, it didn't do very much for me but it wasn't to bad. After she peed over my face she was done. She was really smiling and I could see that she liked it. She really had a strong dominant side and I loved it. We got out of the shower, rubbed each other dry and went to the living room.

While we were watching tv and fondling with each other she told me she had a proposition. She said: honey, if you do everything that I tell you to do for a month, I'm yours forever. You will probably have to do things that you never thought you would do but that's part of the game. If you can make it trough the month I am your sex slave until I die. I will do anything except eating shit. Without a doubt a agreed. Ok, she said, your first assignment is filming yourself jerking off, cumming in your hand and eating it all.
I laughed because I have already done something like this. The last girlfriend I had loved it that I jerked off and shot my load over her pussy. The last time we did this, she dared me to lick it clean. I did it and I didn't thought it was disgusting. Normally I'm not a big fan of salty goods but for a product of my own I gladly made an exception.
I took the camera from the kitchen and placed if in front of me, sat down on the couch and I started to jerk off. I knew it wouldn't be easy to cum again so I asked that she could play with my balls. She took my balls in her hand. Played with them and watched me enjoy. After 10 minutes off jerking hard it was getting closer but I needed something extra. I stopped, took a hold of her other hand. I licked one finger to make it wet and I told her: I need a prostate massage. Her finger got in with ease so I went on with the jerking. She was really hooking her finger because I felt a real pressure on my prostate. It was a weird feeling but it did made me cum. i knew that I had to cum in my hand so I turned around that I was sitting on my knees. Her finger was still inside me and her other hand was playing with my balls. She also started kissing my cheecks. Doing she made me go over the top. I shot my load in my hand. Because I came twice already, it wasn't that much. I turned around again, looking at the camera, I brought my hand just under my mouth. I smelled my cum and licked a little bit of my hand. Just to tease her I did I very slowly like I was really enjoying myself (wich off course I was) after that first bit I attacked my hand and started to swallow it all. She was smiling and laughing so I think I did it like she wanted me to.
She petted me on the head and said: now that's a good boy, keep it up

End of part 2

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best story i read so far!

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