This part gets away from the dancing and into some different fun
She walked around behind me and I heard a drawer being opened and closed. Then I heard the water running for a minute or so, and something being filled up. A moment later she walked back into my view and I saw she was carrying what looked like an old fashioned water bottle, with a small hose coming out of it. I had never seed an enema bag before, but was about to be introduced. She hung it up on the shower curtain rod, then walked behind me. Nothing for a moment and then I felt her finger at my asshole, slowly rubbing around the opening, then slipping in. She did that a couple times, then I felt something else, cold and hard, begin to slip into my hole. She told me to just relax as much as I could, and to tell her if I felt any real pain. The next thing I knew, I felt a very odd sensation inside me, and knew I was being filled with something. I probably shivered a bit, more from nerves than anything, and she sort of petted my butt, saying to just relax and enjoy the sensations I was feeling. She then fondled my balls a bit and told me she had almost reached out at the theater to do that, but thought that might not be a good idea.

All of a sudden, I had this desperate urge to void. I could feel little squirts of liquid coming out of my ass. K gave my ass a very hard slap, and said there would be none of that. Two more slaps to my ass before the urge subsided. A moment later, the bag gave a funny little sucking sound, and K said I had done very well to take the whole bag. She told me to slowly lie over on my left side. I did and she reached down and gave my stomach a little rub. She asked if I was uncomfortable, and I told her just a bit. She had me lie there for a couple minutes, as she flicked at my cock with the toe of her boot. My cock was still quite erect, thought not to the extent it had been, but K just lightly tapped and flicked it with her boot toe.

Finally she told me to stand up slowly, which I did, and to walk over to the toilet. I expected her to leave the room, boy was I in for a lot of surprises that evening! She told me to open the lid and seat, and to squat a bit, so I was still quite a ways above the bowl. Then she said I could release. WOW, what a feeling of embarrassment and humiliation !! But the pain was beginning to grow again, and there was little choice, so release I did. A jet like out of a hose nozzle, of brown foamy liquid shot from my ass! It seemed to keep coming for much longer than I though possible. When it finally ended, it was only for a moment, and then the jet came again. After the second expulsion, K told me to flush, put down the seat, and wait for the rest. She said I looked cute, blushing bright red in the face and right down my chest. I began to say something, and she “shushed” me, and said that I should only reply when I was asked a direct question.

She told me to relax, that it would take a few minutes for the soapy water to make it’s way out of me, and then we would rinse me clean. “Sit there and I’ll be back in a few”, she said, and walked out the door. I sat there, quite at a loss, wondering what I should do. But because I trusted K, on top of which I was still pretty excited, I figured it was best to just sit still and follow directions. She came back a few minutes later and asked how I was doing. I told her “fine”, but that I still felt a bit like I had a cramp in my stomach. She said that would pass. She said it looked like I was following instructions and not touching myself, because my cock had shrunk a bit. I said “Yes Mame”. She smiled at that and told me I was a very quick student, and that things going just how they were supposed to. She left again, and before she returned, it felt as thought I might be done voiding, as my stomach began to feel better. When she came back next, she said now that my cock was back to regular size, she could put on my last, new piece of apparel. First she told me to stand up and clean my self. This was another exercise in humiliation!! I wiped a few times, then she told me to use a baby wipe to insure I was clean. This finished and the toilet flushed, she told me to grab my balls like I had on stage at the end, and stretch them out. As I did that, she snapped a black strapped device around them, told me to let go, and proceeded to finish strapping it around my cock.

This done, she said it was time to rinse me out, so the soap wouldn’t be left in, and I’d be clean. So we repeated the process, but this time she had me lube up my own asshole and the nozzle. She inserted the nozzle and began filling me again. As I took the enema, I could feel her pushing the nozzle in further than last time. It felt as if she was pushing against something, but as the warm water went in, and she wiggled the nozzle, all of a sudden it felt like I opened up inside, and suddenly there was no more pressure making me want to squirt. A moment later I heard the bag make the funny little sucking noise and I knew it was empty. She told me to roll over on my back, as she wanted to see what my cock was doing. With the strap around my balls, my cock has begun to grow again. On my back, I was staring up at the bottom of K’s huge phallus. This view along with a couple more flicks with the toe of her boot, was causing my cock to point skyward once again. Even with the pressure in my bowels, I was becoming as hard as I ever had. K picked up a bottle of some sort of lotion and dripped some on the head of my cock and told me to rub it all over my rod. This just made me harder still. But I was beginning to cramp again, and I’m sure K could tell this. She finally told me I could relieve myself, the same as before. I took my position, and this time the jet of liquid was clear. After the initial jet, K told me to sit down and relax. Of course with my cock pointing strait out, I was a little less than comfortable. But it felt good to empty, and K told me I had done well with my first colonic cleaning. She told me to just sit there, and she would be back for me soon.

Sitting there alone, I again wondered what I had got myself into. I was feeling very nervous, quite humiliated, and wondering if I really wanted to go through with this. I knew this was much more than I had ever done, but the stiffness of my cock, and the fact that I trusted K, again persuaded me that this would probably be worth the anxiety. A few minutes later, K came back and asked if I felt I was finished. I answered that I was, and was told to clean up. After wiping, and then using a baby wipe again, I stood there waiting. K picked up the end of the leash and led me back down the hall. Once in the living room, she told be to walk up behind the couch and lean over the back. The back of this couch came just below my waist, so as I bent over it, I had to put my arms on the seat to support myself. This left my cock pushed into the back of the couch, and my ass wholly vulnerable. K came around and took the end of the leash and reached down and looped it around a leg of the couch and hooked it so I was pretty well stuck.

In this position, I was looking across the room and out the sliding glass door at the apartments across a couple of small courtyards. The sun was beginning to go down and was shining in the door. K walked around till she was standing in front of me with her phallus pointed at me. She gave it a couple of strokes and asked it I had any idea what she might do with this thing. I had a pretty good idea, but was having a bit of trouble saying anything. I sort of nodded my head and mumbled “Yes”. She reached out and grabbed my earlobe and gave it a twist that hurt quite a bit, and said I could say “Yes, Mame”, or “Yes, Madam”, but needed to show the proper respect. I nodded and said “Yes Mame”. This made her smile. She told me to open my mouth. This surprised me, as I thought it was my other end that was going to be the target. But I did as instructed, and she place the tip of that big cock in my mouth and told me to suck it like I liked my cock sucked. I begin to lick and tongue it, and tried to take as much as I could into my mouth. This turned out to a be pitifully small amount of the length, but I kept trying. After a few minutes of this, K pulled it away from me and told me I was doing very well, but she would help me a bit. She walked away, then came right back with a tube of something that she squeezed onto the tip of her cock. She said this should help me to keep from gagging. She placed the cock back in my mouth, and I could feel the gel begin to numb and as I kept sucking her cock, I could tell I was taking more and more without gagging. A few more minutes of this, and K told me to stop moving and gently held my head between her hands, and slowly began to thrust that cock into my mouth and truly began fucking my mouth. She began slowly, and didn’t push too deep, but as she continued, she started thrusting harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I could feel the cock hitting the back of my throat, which was a very odd sensation, but it was not causing any gagging or discomfort, and if fact was getting me even more excited as this awesomely beautiful woman was fucking away with this big black cock, pumping into my mouth. She pulled back out and put more of the gel on the cock and went right back into my mouth. A few more pumps and suddenly she gave a hard thrust and I sort of spastically swallowed, and realized she had buried that monster in my throat !! She pulled out and did it again !! Fuck, but I couldn’t believe this !! I was deep-throating !! She now pulled out slowly, and then slowly pushed back in. I could only breath when she pulled out, and that caused a moment of panic, but she pulled back out and told me I was doing very good. She then walked back around the couch out of my view, and I thought, ok, now it’s time. But she just kept on walking over to the kitchen. I couldn’t see what she was doing, and just stood there leaning over the couch wondering what would happen.

I didn’t have long to wait, as a moment later there was a knock on the door. I craned my neck around trying to see, but my vision was blocked. I couldn’t believe K was going to answer the door, but I could hear her walking across the room, then heard the door open, and knew that whoever was there was looking at K in her costume, and if they could tear their eyes away, would see my ass pointed at them. I could tell I was going red in embarrassment, and I wasn’t even really visible. It seemed as thought a million thoughts went through my head, who it could be, were the police there to arrest me (or us) for something, was it a salesman selling magazine subscriptions, could it be the Girl Scouts selling cookies, was it a friend of K’s that was stopping by to say hello. But then I heard K and others saying hello like it was any other day, and then people walking into the room. Now I was truly mortified. What were these people going to say to this spectacle? But K said, “John, Alice, this is my slave Terence, but you can just call him slave. Slave, I’ve invited my friends over because I knew they would enjoy this, so do as you are told.” Then K along with John and Alice, who turned out to be a very attractive couple, walk into view, and K tells me to look up and say “hello” then look down again. I look up and carefully say “Hello Masters”, then lower my eyes.

Alice says that it looks as thought K didn’t want to wait for them to get there, but K reply’s that she just cleaned me up, and did a bit of testing on my capabilities. This gets a bit of a laugh, and Alice says she would like to see what I can do. K asks if she can direct for a bit, and Alice agrees. K then tells John to take his clothes off. He follows instructions and a moment later is standing naked. K then tells him to stroke himself a bit, which he does till he begins to get hard. She then leads him over in front of me and tells me to open. This freaks me out, as I’ve never done anything with a guy before, and I think I sort of shake my head. K says “Alice?”, and all of a sudden, I feel a sharp sting on my ass as Alice spanks me extremely hard ! This happens three more times in quick succession, and then K says, “I hope that doesn’t happen again. Open”. This time I open, and John slides his now completely hard cock into my mouth. I’m suddenly very glad K had fucked me a few minutes ago herself, because John is not quite as large as her strap on, and I can easily take him all the way the first time !!

K tells John to start fucking me like he means it, and in response, he begins to really pump. I can feel his balls slapping my chin and I’m desperately taking breathes when he pulls back. On each pump, my nose hits his hard stomach and his pubic hair tickles my nostrils. I can’t believe I have a guys cock in my mouth, while two women are standing there watching!! I realize I can push my cock against the back of the couch and begin to hump the couch as I’m being face fucked. But I only do that for a moment before my balls are grabbed and given a very painful pull and Alice says “STOP THAT”. K tells John to stop and he pulls out, leaving me just standing there. K says that for that, I really need to be punished, and since she isn’t strong enough, John will administer the spanks. She tell John to take the belt off his pants that are laying there, and to give me 10 good strokes on my left butt cheek. A moment later, John walks around behind me, and as I tense up, I hear the swish and feel an exquisite pain on my ass. John says “one”, and then proceeds to slowly give me nine more of the most painful spanks that I have ever had. It feels like my cheek is on fire, it sting so bad. When he’s finished, K tells me that any other transgression like that, and they might not allow me to play any longer.

Alice begins to undress. She steps out if a knee length skirt, and is left standing in a garter belt and stockings and a pair of black pumps. She then takes off her blouse to reveal a beautiful pair of breasts. She is blond, but quite tanned, and shows no tan lines at all. I now notice that John also has no tan lines on his quite muscular body. Alice squats down in front of K and licks the tip of that black phallus that I was recently sucking. I just watch this fascinated. It only goes on a couple moments, and K says it’s time to see her slave lose his virginity.

She walks over to me, and tells me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I comply, and she squirts a large amount of something onto my tongue. She then tells John to come around, then tells me to slather John, and to do a good job, otherwise I might find myself in more pain that I like. I follow her instructions and spread jell all over Johns hard cock. K and Alice are both watching closely, and once K determines I’ve done a complete job, she takes John’s hand and leads him back around the couch. Alice comments on how cute I am, blushing so red, and I know she’s right, as I feel like I’m burning up with embarrassment, knowing that these two women are about to direct John as he fucks my virgin ass. I next feel something pushing at my ass hole. My balls are grabbed and pulled gently forewords and back, and K tells me to spread my feet further apart. As I spread my feet, I then feel my ass cheeks being spread, reigniting the pain in my left cheek at the touch. Then I feel something pushing harder at my ass, and then pain as a cock slides in!! I feel like something huge is trying to push into me. K tells me to relax, John just has the tip inside me. I can’t believe it’s just the tip, but suddenly I feel it pop out. But the relief is just for moment, and I feel the push and I’m again impaled on a cock. I feel it sliding in and out, just a little at a time. Someone is still tugging on my balls, and then I feel a hand stroke my cock. I’ve shrunk a bit, but with the stroking I begin to grow again. I ass isn’t hurting any longer, it just feel stretched and tight. K tells John to begin pumping a bit deeper, and I have to wiggle my ass around to try to find a position that feels less uncomfortable. K says she likes the way I’m moving and to keep it up. Alice has just been standing there, touching herself a bit, but now asks K if it’s ok if she takes advantage of my position also. K says sure. Alice walks away, then comes back with a chair that she places right in front of me. She sits down, then scooches the chair up so my nose is just touching her crotch. She then pushes into me and says “Lick”. I can hardly concentrate, as the pumping in my ass is slowly getting stronger and my balls are still being tugged on. But I do my best and work my tongue into Alice’s slit and beginning licking.

It’s feeling as though John’s shaft has pushed as far as it can into my ass. Each time he pushed in, it hits the end and I’m pushed forward into Alice. I have no idea how long this goes on. My cock is getting no attention, but the tugging on my balls is keeping me extremely aroused and I’m probably making moaning noises as I’m being fucked. Suddenly I know I’m about to cum, and at the same time K tells John to bury his cock in me. As I feel his cock plunge in, there’s a instant when I feel something give and his balls slap against my ass cheek, and the next thing I know K has grabbed my cock as it begins to pump, and is pushing it to one side and at the same time pumping it to milk everything out of me she can.

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