Now I really get it from K and her friends
I sort of collapse into Alice’s pussy while John is still buried up to the hilt in my ass, and everything just stops for a minute as my balls continue to pulse and pump the cum out of my cock. It’s been a pretty major orgasm for me and as it finally subsides, K makes a sound that implies approval. She then tells John not to move, but tells Alice that she needs to shift out of the way. I don’t have long to wonder, as K comes around and places a small bowl in front of me on the chair. K doesn’t have to tell me what it is, I now know what I was feeling during my orgasm was K directing my streams of cum into this bowl. It doesn’t look like nearly as much as I would have imagined (no “gallons of cum” erupted from my cock). But when she tells me it’s time I tasted my own cum, it suddenly looks like a huge amount. I don’t react for a moment, just long enough for K to reach over the back of the couch and give my butt cheek a hard pinch that really hurts. She then just says “lick”, and I begin. It’s a very odd taste, sort of salty and slightly ammonia and of course warm. I almost gag on the first tongue full, but I manage not to as I figure that would not get a very positive reaction. As I continue to lick, K tells John to begin fucking me again. He starts out slowly but doesn’t take long to build up his speed till he’s pumping into me with a hard slap each stroke, his balls slapping my ass, which is making it harder for me to keep licking up my cum. But I do the best I can and get most of it licked up via my tongue but I also get it all on my nose and chin.

As John continues to pump away in my ass, K asks Alice if it’s ok for John to cum. Alice says he’s been good recently, and he should be ready to go again with a short rest, so it should be fine. K says she thinks her slave needs a bit of decoration, and Alice just laughs. “Ok John, pull out and come around here” K tells him. And suddenly my ass is empty and it feels so strange. But I only have a moment to think about that, as I see John walk up to where he started what seems like a long time ago. I look at his hard, wet cock and see pre-um dripping from the tip. K grabs his cock and uses it like a pen and begins to draw lines of pre-cum on my cheeks and nose. At the same time, she is slowly pumping his cock and as the head gets harder and more swollen, I can guess what’s about to happen.

John’s beginning to moan a bit and K is pumping his cock faster and faster. “Open your mouth and keep your eyes open and don’t move,” K tells me. I follow her instructions, and wait. Alice is now on the other side of John, alternately stroking and pulling his balls, and rubbing my head and touching my face. Suddenly, John makes a gasping noise, and freezes. K keeps pumping his cock, and then it erupts with the first jet of cum. And this is not a trivial little cum jet, this is more like the porn shots that you wonder if they can be real! This hits me mostly on the nose and splashes my cheek and into my eye, where it stings a little. The next jet K directs mostly into my wide open mouth, and I feel like my mouth is full and don’t know what to do. The following jet, K directs up into my eyes and onto my forehead and gets me pretty covered. I’m thinking (if you can call it that), this is unreal!! I’ve got cum in my mouth and I don’t know if I should swallow or spit it out. I’m afraid to do either. My eyes are stinging because of the cum in them, and meanwhile, I’m becoming covered in spunk because John just seems to keep cumming and cumming !!! I think about then, John starts to slow down. His last few jets are shorter and weaker, but it really doesn’t matter by then because I feel like I’m completely covered in his cum and still have my mouth full!

K lets go of John’s cock and Alice pulls him over to the side and takes his still hard cock into her mouth and gives it a loving suck. K meanwhile kneels down in front of me and wipes some of the cum out of my eyes and tells me I’ve done quite well. She then notices the load in my still open mouth and calls over to Alice. Alice looks over and laughs, and says, “should we have them share?”. K says yes, and Alice tells John to lay down on the floor. She positions him so his head is right under mine, and K then tells me, “I want you to slowly let the cum drip out of your mouth into Johns, and be careful, because any that doesn’t go into his mouth, you will have to lick up”. My eyes are still watering and sort of blurry, so I begin to let some dribble out of my mouth. Of course the first glob misses his mouth and lands on his lower lip. I then manage to over compensate and drip some on his nose. Finally on my third try, I drop some into his mouth. But at the same time, I also have cum dripping off my nose and forehead, hitting him in different places. I finally drip the last out with relief, but know I now have to lick up my misses.

K unlashes my leash from the leg of the couch, and tells me to stand up, while Alice directs John to stand also. This is really unnerving. Up till now, even thought it was incredibly humiliating, I somehow felt sort of protected or partially hidden. But now I had to stand up, with my cock strapped up in a harness, a collar around my neck, and cum dripping and running all over my face and head, and face these people as myself. Well, it wasn’t as though I had a choice, so I stood up. K leads me around till I’m standing in front of John. He’s an inch or two taller than I am, but otherwise about the same build. K tells me to go ahead and clean up my mess. Again, doing this standing up is much freakier for me, but I slowly leaned in and carefully licked at a glob of cum on his chin. As I touch his chin with my tongue, I also feel our cocks touch. This makes me jump just a bit, and causes K and Alice to laugh. “Afraid of a little touching ?” she asks. “Here, I think you should get a bit closer to make the clean up easier. In fact, why don’t you put your arms around him so he know you like him”. With that, she pushes me into John as I put my arms around him. His hard cock is pressing up into my stomach, and I can feel his ball resting on top of my cock. He puts one arm around my back with his hand resting on my ass, with which he pulls me into him, and the other hand cups the back of my head, as he leans in and kisses me. “You better be kissing him back”, K says. I feel his tongue probing at my lips, so I open and once again taste his cum which is still in his mouth, and feel his tongue exploring my mouth. He begins to grind against me as we continue the kiss, and I feel his cock getting harder against my stomach. I’m smearing his cum over his face as we tongue each other, and I’m getting harder myself as it continues. I’ve never kissed a guy before, but to be doing it naked with 2 women watching, with the taste and smell of cum interwoven with the experience, I can’t think strait. My hands have gone down to his butt and I’m squeezing and exploring and grinding against him as much as he’s doing it to me.

“That’s QUITE enough of that for now” K directs. “I think it’s time to cool off a bit”. K takes my leash, and leads me towards the corner of the room, in front of the sliding glass door that leads out to the balcony. She stops me right in front of the door and tells me to put my hands over my head. She steps up onto a chair, and quickly wraps the leash around my wrists in such a way that they are tied together, and loops the end of the leash over the hook. She stands there for just a moment with her big black latex cock pointing at my face, looking down at me, and quietly asks if I’m feeling OK. Its funny how that was all it takes to make me feel comfortable again, and I smile at her and say “Yes, Mistress”. She smiles and says good, and takes the cock in her hand and lightly wipes it over my face and then holds the tip in front of my mouth, and tells me to lick it clean. She then climbs down off the chair, and goes to the drapes that are pulled shut across the door, and pulls them open just enough so I am now in front of open glass. I look out and see the same apartment windows across the courtyard that I saw, what seems like hours ago when I first sat on the couch. But now I imagine people looking across from those windows, pointing and laughing at me, standing there with my cock sticking strait out, and my hands bound over my head. K says, “Don’t worry, that’s where John and Alice live. It’s all college students and a few grads, but there aren’t any kids there, so there’s nothing to get concerned about. In fact, that’s how we met. I saw them on their balcony having some fun, and after watching them a couple times, called over and asked if they might want some company. That was a couple years ago, and it turns out a lot of the people in this and that building enjoy watching what we do, sometimes over here, and sometimes over there.” So there I stood, naked with John’s cum all over my face and in my hair, my cock rock hard from both the kissing and from the cock/ball strap K had me strapped into, and a leash leading off a black leather collar, tying my hands over my head, on display for anyone who might look out of a window across the way. I had never felt so vulnerable and humiliated, and never so turned on in all my life.

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2014-07-21 03:32:00
Not a very nice story, actually I find it revoltingly disturbing, as if a reasonable person would take such debasement willingly for the FIRST TIME.

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2009-07-27 02:24:19
Hello from a friend. I love this story you slut!


2009-07-26 01:26:00
I enjoyed this story alot. Sort of confussing with character names at first, but catches up. Would love to read next posting and hear about the neighbors reactions.

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