More fun before we go out for the big evening
K and Alice went back to the couch and sat down. K directs John to put in a video that he thinks they will enjoy. The video that John chose turned out to be a bi-sexual group grope type with lots of various combinations of coupling. Once the video was started, Alice directed John to come kneel in front of them and to wait further instructions. K and Alice began to slowly touch, pet and lightly kiss each other. They spent the next hour or so, slowly going over every inch of each other’s body, every once in awhile including John is some way, but not letting him cum, and only including him for short periods. Meanwhile, I stood next to the door, cum slowly drying on my face and hair, with my cock straining for attention. After they had both had a couple pretty impressive orgasms, and the tape had finished, they told John they wanted a light snack. John proceeded to serve them some cheese and crackers and poured them some wine, as K directed, all this time, just ignoring me. As they sat sipping and munching, K asked Alice if she felt like going dancing. Alice replied that she thought that would be fun! I was really beginning to wonder what was going to happen, plus my cock was really getting uncomfortable having been hard now for almost 2 hours without relief. Alice then asked if K knew if her slave could dance. K started laughing, and proceeded to explain where we had started the day. Alice said she thought that was great, and she would have to make sure to take John to watch the next time I performed. But till then, what did K have in mind? K said she thought going over to the City for a night out would be fun. Alice agreed, but said she would have to go home to change first. She asked how dressed up she should get and what she should have John dress in. Kay said she was going to go “nice butch”, and if Alice wanted to do the same, that would be fine with her, or if she preferred to go “strait”, that would be fine to. Alice laughed, but said she thought she would prefer to go strait tonight, so as to not steal any of the attention.

K walks over to me, and after walking around me, says “We’re going to have to clean up this slave a bit so he looks more presentable”. She leaves the room for just a moment, and when she comes back in, she hands a bottle to John and directs him to apply it all over me. I have no idea what it is, but as John starts to apply it, I realize he’s putting it on my arms, legs, chest, stomach, and especially on my pubic area and ass, where he’s VERY thorough,: basically anywhere I have hair growing, except my head. It takes him about 5 minutes to cover me, then stands back. Alice tells him to go clean up the kitchen while she and K walk out of the room. I’m still just standing there, now covered with this lotion, wondering if anyone can see me through the door. A few minutes later, Alice and K come back into the room. Alice tells him to get his clothes on, while she slips back into her skirt and blouse. K directs John to release me from the ceiling before he leaves, then he and Alice head back to their place to change.

K looks at me, “I think you’ll look very cute in the outfit I have in mind, once you’re all washed up.” She then leads me back to the bathroom, and turns on the shower. She unclips the collar and tells me to step in and wash myself off, but to be careful and not touch myself! I take a washcloth, soap it up, and begin washing all the lotion off. And sure enough, as I do, all my hair rinses off also. In a few minutes, I’m finished, standing there all wet, but with not a hair on my body!! Wow, what a strange feeling. K tells me to dry off, then puts the collar back on, and leads me into the bedroom. There, she first pulls out a pair of black lacy panties, and tells me to put them on. I slide them up my legs, but I really have to work to get them over my engorged cock. I finally force it to one side and sort of trap it on my hip. She then tells me to hold out my arms, and she slips a matching bra on, telling me to turn around and hooks it tight. She then slips something into the cups that make it look like I really have breasts! By now I have no doubt that I’m going to going dancing dressed like this, and I’m feeling pretty nervous and feel myself beginning a deep blush. K laughs a bit, “Not sure you like being my little girl?” I’m afraid of trying to say anything. I really don’t know how I feel, and I’m not sure K would let me back out at this point anyway. She laughs again, “I thought you’d be ok with this,” she says, giving my cheek a gentle stroke with her hand. Come on, let’s get you dressed,” and she then tells me to turn around, and she fits a black corset around my stomach and begins to pull it tight. “Suck in”, she says. I follow instructions, and in a couple minutes she lets go and steps back. “Turn around, slowly”. I do as told, and she seems pleased. “You have a very nice build for a girl. I think you’ll be very pretty when we’re done.

She then has me sit, and begins to apply all sorts of makeup. Just about the time she’s done, I hear the front door open, and Alice asks if she can come back. K says sure, and a moment later, Alice is standing there, looking very hot in a classic little black dress and heals. She looks me over and tells K she’s done a very nice job. K asks Alice if she had any that would fit me, and she gives K a bag she’s carrying, which K opens up and begins pulling out shoes. She hold up a pair of black, shiny pumps with tall, stiletto heals and asks Alice what she thinks. “Perfect” Alice says. “Ok, put these on,” K tell me, handing me the shoes. I sit on the bed and work the shoes over my feet. They have really pointy toes and are very narrow. My foot just barely squeezes into it, and the second is no easier. When I finally have both on, K tells me to stand up. I get to my feet, but I’m not to steady. “Try to keep your weight more on your toes, and try walking”. I take a few steps in one direction, then turn around and take a few steps back. “Go out on the balcony and practice walking out there while I get dressed,” K tells me. Oh man, I can’t believe I’m going to do this, but down the hall, across the living room where John is sitting dressed in a nice looking casual leather jacket and dress slacks. I struggle a bit to open the sliding glass door, because I don’t have as much leverage as normal. But I get it open and out I go. It’s just beginning to get dark, but there’s a light in the ceiling over the balcony that makes it plenty light, and there is just a metal railing that won’t block anyone’s view. I begin my walking, up and down the balcony. It’s exactly 12 of my short, careful steps from one end to the other, and then I turn around as gracefully as I can and take my 12 steps back. The heals make that classic pump “click” with each step, and on the concrete floor, it seems to be magnified.

I’ve made about 10 circuits up and back, when I hear a voice shout out, “Nice legs, how about showing us how flexible you are,” from the facing building. I don’t know what to do, so I just keep walking. “How about bending over and touching your toes,” the voice shouts again. I don’t know what to do. Then out of a window, K shouts “Hi Dave, how’re things?” “Fine,” Dave shouts back. “I like your sentry walking up and down there, but can he do anything else?” “Well, were going dancing in a while, so maybe she should practice a bit. Let me put on some music.” A minute later the music starts, and K come to the door, “Practice dancing. I don’t want you tripping and hurting yourself on the dance floor.” I began a little hesitantly. I try to remember how girls dance, and do my best to imitate. “Loosen up some,” comes a suggestion from Dave. “Bend your knees, and loosen your hips,” offers a new voice from across the way. “Come on, shake that thing,” a third voice calls out. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m putting on this show for people I can’t even see. But I know I don’t dare stop, K might have me do something much worse. So I began to really get into the dancing. I’m amazed, but the shoes don’t seem to be much of a hindrance, I just have to remember to stay on my toes. Since I’m beginning to feel a bit like a girl in the outfit, the dance moves seem to feel more natural then they ever have before. I’m even able to do the deep knee bend kind of moves that always look so hot when girls do them in their heals. The second song ends, and I actually get some whistles from the people watching. K comes out onto the balcony, “Any request?” she asks the guys watching. “Diane would like to see more of what she’s packing there in her panties,” someone asks.

K turns to me, “Why don’t you incorporate some of this afternoons style in the next couple dances, just be sure not to finish, if you know what I mean.” I do, and as the music start again, I know what I’m going to do. I began dancing as I was, but I try to be even more exaggerated in all my movements. I turn around and really try to shake my hips and ass, and bend down to grab my ankles and really move my ass back and forth. After a couple minutes of this, as I’m turned around, I pull the panties down over my bottom. I dance like this for a moment, and then start to work them down in front. As I’m doing this, I’m getting catcalls from the people watching, and I can tell there are more, and some of them are women. I then turn around, and abruptly pull the panties down, and step out of them. My cock is rock hard and springs right up, so as I turn around, its proudly pointing strait out. I finish the song, still gyrating and pumping as much as I can. The song ends, and I just stand there as I hear applause and catcalls. K walks out, “That’s it for the show. Keep an eye out for the next one,” she calls out. “Grab your panties,” K tells me, then grabs my cock by the head and leads me just into the apartment. “That was pretty good, and look how hard your cock is. I think it deserves a little attention. John, come over hear and give this cock some loving.” John walks over, kneels down in front of me, and begins to kiss and lick the tip of my cock. I just stand there, knowing that I’m still on display to anyone watching from across the courtyard, as John begins to lick up and down the length of my shaft. He reaches around and grabs my ass with one hand, and begins to work a finger into my asshole with the other, while really starting to suck me!! I know I’m not going to last long, but so does K. “Ok, that’s enough for now”, she says, and John stands up and I’m just left, my cock absolutely quivering with anticipation, and no relief in sight.

“Ok, lets finish getting you dressed. Put your panties back on.” Oh man, I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I step into them, and pull them up my legs and over my ass. But when I try to bend my cock over, it just won’t go. SMACK!! on my ass, as K has really dealt me a spank. “Don’t think you can dally when I tell you to do something.” But the pain has also caused a slight deflating of my cock, and I quickly force it to the side and slip the panties over it. “Come on,” K says, and leads me back to the bedroom. She pulls a blond wig out of the bag Alice had brought, and pulls it onto my head. Once on, she gives it some brushing and then seems satisfied. Next she hands me a bright, almost electric blue skirt which I step into and pull up. It’s VERY short and the fabric is sort of stiff and ruffled and stands out almost like a ballet tutu. She then helps me on with a black lacy top, with long sleeves, a collar, and which buttons up the front. It’s basically see through, and once on, does nothing to hid the bra and corset. “Ok, go into the front room and wait while I get dressed,” K tells me. I walk back to the living room, and Alice comes up and tells me to turn around. “Very nice,” she says. “You better go over in front of the balcony and wait there.” I go over there and stand, wondering of any of the people watching a few minutes ago are still looking out. I wait there for about 5 minutes, till K walks out. She looks stunning in a black velvet man’s cut suit, white shirt, black tie, and sexy black pumps. She looks like a caricature of a business man, except she looks extremely sexy!! “Let’s get going. I don’t think Tera can drive in her condition, but her car is out front, and I’m sure John can drive it.” So off we go, to San Fran to go dancing.

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